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Movie piano battle scene DESTROYED with FACTS and LOGIC

So… So dumb… Hey guys! Didn’t know you guys are there! Welcome back to another episode of TwoSet Violin. As musicians, it’s always fun and interesting to see when classical music is portrayed in movies. You may have seen us in a video recently where we talked about how bad the violin acting was in a movie called “High Strung.” Particular… the ridiculous violin battle “duel” where they literally go sword fighting with their bows. Well, today we’re watching another movie, and another battle. Another one! And this time, it’s called “Secrets” with 2 pianists dueling each other. So let us begin. Yeah, cuz that’s what happens all the time, guys. Yeah, didn’t you know? It’s a piano battle! Of course we’ve heard. If someone’s playing after you, it’s a battle! In your… 20… How long have you played the violin for? 20 years? 21 years. 21 years. 20 years of playing violin. You played the piano as a kid, right? Yeah. I played the piano for like 7 years. Have you ever heard of something called a piano battle? Well, it’s a piano battle, don’t you know? Don’t you know? Oh, no wonder I was in those places! It’s called the piano battle! It’s just getting started. Did that guy just… only address the ladies? What about those poor guys in the audience that just responded? Mr. Ice! Equality!! Why is this guy called Mr. Ice sitting on the piano? Mate, you’re gonna dent it! Just don’t mess up the wood! And also… What is a Prince of piano? I mean… Okay, apparently this film was filmed in Taiwan, and… We grew up in Australia. I don’t know what school is like in Taiwan but… In Australia, if you play an instrument, you’re kinda like that nerdy kid that went to band camp. I know. They do not treat you as the Prince of piano. I wish I was a Prince of piano. I know right? Maybe I would’ve had a career then. Damn it! Could’ve gotten all the ladies! Both: Damn it! Should’ve gone to school in Taiwan and be the Prince of violin! Damn it! Damn it! What was I… I’m not gonna say it. Dude, why… Why does the bad guys always have to look so gangster? I know. So much swag, man. Yes. Just #$%@#^%&!! I’m so not flexible. Ohh!! Let us begin. Ohh!! Let us begin. I’m so badass! Oh! At least this time it looks semi-realistic. Looks like they found actors that kinda know how to play the piano. But then again, they are Asians, so they’re probably all forced to play the piano when they were 5. Doesn’t count, it’s cheating. Can I say that? Am I being racist to my own- I don’t know… I don’t- Ah, what do you guys think? Oh my god, is this going to far? It’s a joke! It’s just a joke. We’re kidding! It’s kind of true though. It’s… yeah. Turning black keys… Oh my god. Is… is that racism? No, no, don’t go there. It’s a joke, it’s a joke! For those of you that don’t play piano, you should know that turning the black keys to white keys is not something impressive or to be marveled at. Yes. It is literally just pointless. Who is this guy? – Don’t-
– I’m Mr. Ice! Don’t miss a key! Apart from how ridiculous it is, that they portrayed music as not messing up a single note. It is kind of… sad… that- – Yeah.
– Certain people in the classical community – still hold on to that kind of thought.
– Yeah. It’s cuz you played a wrong note. Playing music is all about not playing a single wrong key. Don’t miss a single note! *sighs* Here we go… Here we go. His hands are a bit- A bit flat. Is he double-jointed? I N T E R E S T I N G ! Is that possible? I don’t know. I actually can’t figure it out- It looks like he’s kind of playing it. But judging his technique, it looks like it’s not possible. What do you guys think, pianists out there? Does that look legit? Comment below. *gasps* He just changed the black key to the white key! Wow… See! You can find actors that can… play music. Dude, Chopin Waltz is too easy, man. Mr. Ice… It’s all about how difficult it can be while still not missing a key. Like never mind phrasing, never mind how this guy is playing it really heavy right now. – potentially with too much pedal and…
– Yes. – accenting the last note in every phrase.
– Every… accenting like every beat as well. And it’s all sounding uneven. Never mind all of that. For those of you out there that might not be musicians, here are some musical insight for you. Music is not just hard because of a lot of hard notes. Music is hard because… To create a good interpretation, there’s so much subtlety involved. So without us going too deeply into the details, I suggest you just compare it with, say, a recording by Rubinstein. – And uh-
– Mhm. Mhm. – And see if the Chopin Waltz is still easy.
– Yeah. If you need something else to help you here, imagine every painter has the same canvas, and has the same set of rules. There’s always gonna be a painter that can express it better. – That’s a good one. Yeah.
– Colours. It’s how you use the colours, how you paint. Mm. Yeah, that’s right. Ah yes, isn’t he cute? So cute. Play the piano and you’d be cute. Well, I wish someone called me cute when I played violin in high school. No one called us cute… in high school! I was always the nerdy Asian violin guy. Yup. Anyway, on another note- So sad… What is with that adjudicator? He’s pissing me off. Yes, I knew It wasn’t gonna be that easy! Mate, you’re not even playing! You’re destroying a piano. Not to mention that second bit was probably easier. I know, yeah, probably yeah! Let’s keep going. AHHHH!!! *sighs* I give up. Such improvisation skills. Even Chopin didn’t know how to write music like that apparently. Oh yeah. It’s apparently so hard to improvise… something in under 1 minute, right? Do you think it’s real? I can’t tell. Can’t tell? But the fact that we can’t tell means it’s already a pretty good job. Yeah. But also the camera moves in and out, it’s not cutting so it’s like it’s him. Yeah. – Unless it like digitally replaced-
– No, that’s impossible. Maybe he can play. That’s good. Brett: Oh yeah gangsters! Yeah yeah, just why not? Social validation. That’s my friend now, yeah. Are you a musician struggling to make friends? It’s okay. Don’t bother going outside and forming real meaningful relationships. Just practice a lot in a practice room and… And once they hear how well you can play, you will have a lot of friends! Play fast! And also play fast, you make more friends. You can make friends fast. Mm. Yeah, that’s right, Mr. Ice. Bro, that’s gangster! Woah!! I love how there’s a freaking painting behind them two. I know. Is that Mozart’s dad? It’s kinda cool that how they depict musicians as like… the coolest thing. I know. I’ll take that. Guys- We’re actually really cool, haha. We’re cool! Ladies, we’re the Prince of- I was gonna say Princes. Princes of violin! – Yeah! That’s right!
– Ladies, line up. Brett: Ohh… Eddy: Is that real? Brett: I can’t tell… Eddy: Woah! Brett: Woah… Eddy: CGI! Amazing! Yes! So who won the battle? I don’t think there’s a- Come on, Mr. Ice. The prize of the battle is like some rare manuscript. That’s so nerdy. I love it! Here, Bach’s original urtext. Thank you man, the knowledge! All that Ling Ling knowledge. Aww, change the black keys to the white keys as well! See you in class! Guys, that’s how you do it. That’s how you get the ladies, and the gentlemen. And that’s how classical music is represented. Yeah! Battle time! All in all, I thought… I mean, it’s kind of funny. There’s some pretty weird things, but – I’d say it’s a lot better than the other one.
– I think it’s much better. Much better. High chance they could play. Mhm. Even if it’s dubbed over, it’s still really good. And had good music playing. They didn’t need to rely on hip-hop. – Oh no…
– and dancing. Oh no… And sword fighting. And there was not so much like extra sound effects. Yeah. Cool! Let us know what you guys think. And if you went to school in Asia, please comment. I’m actually curious. Is that what it’s like? Yup. Do you guys have competitions everyday? And girls, if you have competitions as well, tell us how that goes as well. Do you get all the guys? Please smash the subscribe button. See you guys next time!


  1. Maya Oganyan Author

    The flat hand in this chopin etude is actually WRIGHT because in the whole etude your right hand is playing on black keys and this induces your hand to flat to just land on the wright keys. I played it so i perfectly know what i’m saying and actually those hands look quite in great posture to me.

  2. Maya Oganyan Author

    Hmmm…the end of the chopin etude by the “new” guy….he played on white keys…just WHY?! Its totally wrong, the whole peace is on black keys….it went all good but he ruined everything at the end NOOOOO

  3. Eugenia Wang Author

    I think someone who can play the instrument is very cute.😀😀😀 Especially play the violin. Fighting!! I like you both and your viedo. (Is my grammar right?

  4. 林小又 Author

    im taiwanese and i went to one of those musical class. you guys really mentioned something right. i think , mostly, the main reason you practice classical music here, is that your parents wants to make you a good kid with cultural conservation, makes them also feel good about themselves for being wealthy or whatever. so when you actually play instrument, people will respect you for those reasons. at school, teachers teach well. we learn how to interpret musics, music theory and ear training. we dont really do battle, but its a bit competitive among some of us. i watched this movie when i was about 10. i didnt know shit back then, but i knew its full of shit. however, classical music movie with campus love, playing fast, and also 'beautiful actors and actresses' , general people love those shit. its just a business movie and it did some damage to taiwanese in cultural ways. jay chou also went to music department.he can really play piano and cello.but yeah, plaease dont disrespect taiwanese. just director who accepted to direct this movie and jay chou for promoting himself but not the classical music. oh yeah, jazz piano player can play with that hand shape. for example, Keith Jarrett.


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