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Movie Scenes That Actors Regret Doing

Acting is a profession that requires a lot
of versatility and willingness to test boundaries. In the act of immersion, sometimes the script
calls for things that the actor himself would never even consider, yet they have to play
it naturally. And sometimes that results in a complete nightmare
for everyone involved. Here are some movie scenes that actors regret
doing. A Titanic drawing Maybe the most memorable scene in Titanic
is the one where Kate Winslet’s Rose character asks Leonardo DiCaprio’s Jack to “draw me
like one of your French girls.” It’s a passionate moment showing her character
overcoming the disapproval of her fiancé and mother to claim her own agency and embrace
the man she’s fallen in love with. “As a paying customer, I expect to get what
I want.” But now obsessive fans try to get Winslet
to sign pictures of herself naked. And she’d love for that to stop. She told Yahoo! News, “I don’t sign that picture. It feels very uncomfortable. Why would you do that?” Why indeed. Give that man a shirt Taylor Lautner played the werewolf character
Jacob in the Twilight series, and his transformations usually left him shirtless, if not completely
naked. Fans loved it, but Lautner worries now that
his pecs might overshadow his acting. He told Ace Showbiz, “If I had to choose,
I would never take my shirt off again in a movie, but I guess that’s not very realistic. I certainly won’t be asking to do it, though.” A change of heart In the 2013 action comedy Kick-Ass 2, Jim
Carrey plays a superhero called Colonel Stars and Stripes who’s gruesomely murdered by supervillains. A few months after the film was released,
Carrey publicly condemned the level of violence in the film after experiencing change of heart
in the aftermath of the tragic Sandy Hook Massacre, which happened shortly after he’d
wrapped up filming his scenes. “I did Kick-Ass 2 a month before Sandy Hook
and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence…. I am not ashamed of it but recent events have
caused a change in my heart.” While that’s a respectable stand to take,
the bosses at Universal Pictures probably wished Carey had figured that out before taking
the role. Icky drunk stuff Passengers is a science fiction adventure
starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. Despite the star-power of its cast, it didn’t
do very well at the box office, partly due to backlash against a crucial plot point that
involves a startling disregard for the consent and personal autonomy of one of the characters. Which wasn’t helped by Jennifer Lawrence admitting
that she spent the love scenes too drunk to remember doing them. She told CNN she had jitters about the shoot
because it was going to be her first time filming a love scene and also felt guilty about
doing so with Pratt, who’s married. “I got really drunk. But that led to more anxiety because I was
like ‘What have I done? I don’t know’… And it was gonna be my first time kissing
a married man, and the guilt is the worst feeling in your stomach.” That leg cross In Basic Instinct, Sharon Stone plays writer-slash-murderer
Catherine Tramell, who uses her wits and appeal to easily manipulate the men around
her, especially in the iconic scene where, by simply uncrossing her legs and *ahem* “flashing
the cash” during a police interrogation, she completely reverses the balance of power. “It’s nice.” Which is sort of ironic, because according
to Stone, the scene itself turns out to be born of manipulation and a violation of consent. Stone claims she was asked by director Paul
Verhoeven to remove her underwear because the flashes of white were messing up the shot. She was assured there would be no nudity visible
on camera and didn’t discover she had been tricked until she saw the finished film — in
a room full of other people. She responded by slapping Verhoeven, who has
publicly denied Stone’s claims, saying, “it’s a lie.” There’s a wall there In The Phantom Menace, Terence Stamp plays
Chancellor Valorum, who’s ushered out in favor of the secret Sith Lord Palpatine thanks to
a vote of “no confidence” from Queen Amidala, played by Natalie Portman. It’s about as exciting to watch as an actual
Senate hearing, but it’s important to the overall plot, or what passes for one. Stamp signed on to the movie for the sole
purpose of getting to act with Natalie Portman. However, when he actually arrived on set,
Portman was nowhere in sight, and Stamp was directed to aim his dialogue towards a piece
of paper on the wall instead. He told IndieWire, “It was just pretty boring.” Which, not coincidentally, also sums up the
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  1. Prashant Bhilare Author

    Sharon Stone's cross leg sequence from the boring "Basic Instinct" is hands down, one of the most overrated, dull, pale sequence ever in movies. Sofia Vergara as Gloria in "Modern Family" perfectly described this movie as "Basically, It stink"!!! ROFL.

  2. Brainstorm4300 Author

    I want to quote Zlatan. "If you think you'll hurt yourself, break your leg then don't do it." As simple as that. Money grabbing glorified whores.

  3. Mardoch Poindech Author

    I think actors don't have anything to regret,cause they do all they want in their movies. Like homosexuality. They even promote that.would they be regret for doing that too?
    I see it's a joke ,well I am ready to laugh now!
    It's sure We live in a shit world!

  4. KRAFTWERK2K6 Author

    I think that Basic Instinct Scene, like no other scene, showed the best that the weapons of a women are the most effective ones. At that moment SHE (the character) was in full control of the situation and she played her opponents like a fiddle. And i think that is an important part of the Characters she played in the Film. Effective, not regrettable.

  5. brian murray Author

    oh come on are you seriously trying to say actors or more to the point actresses do not know what they are getting into or doing well here is a big check to remind them ,they are a bunch of hypocrites

  6. brian murray Author

    so Sharon stone did not know she would flash her fanny when she had no knickers on utterly unbelievable she only got more famous because of it and in the past she actually said she was proud of it again hypocrisy kate winslet moaning too well most of the films she has done she has bared all and I mean all yes more hypocrisy they know fine well what they where doing for fame and a big pay day

  7. Tiki80 Author

    Jlaw statement of getting drunk for sex scene n then not being in the moment while shooting sounded so bad! As if she got raped wtf.. but kissing married man made her guilty. Well sure but your acting n it must be uncomfortable for him too but its been going on for everyone in hollywood or in an acting profession.
    Shannon stones situation made me cringe af.. that director is simply a pig n pervert.. "messing up my camera" I mean really???

  8. Abbas Karanaz Author

    what you write about Sharon Stone is not true completely because I read a book her biography and she said that she asked her father about this scene and both of them convinced to shot.

  9. uknow who Author

    Wait. Sharon Stone has admitted in interviews that the leg Crossing scene was her idea. She simply didn't realize the director would get a close-up between her legs. I wish she would get her story straight.

  10. Bilal Ahmed Author

    The Basic Instinct Scene, where Sharon Stone shows her private part, made her a house hold name. Bet she doesn’t regret it now !

  11. plasticweapon Author

    i wish sharon stone hadn't done it. then she never would have been famous!
    it's okay, i took one look at jeanne tripplehorn and thought "sharon who?"

  12. Raymond Edge Author

    So, Looper…you would have us go back to censorship?  These scenes are so mild that the fact you raise objections to them is what disturbs me the most.  If you're that much of a feminist appeasing wimp, why don't you keep your extremely outdated morals to yourself?  OMG..I took off my shirt???  Really?

  13. Greeneyed Gemini Author


  14. bwtv147 Author

    Sharon Stone would be a long forgotten starlet by now without the "Basic Instinct" flash. The fame is only because she did it in a big budget studio movie with a major star.

  15. Syn het Author

    If you think episode one was a boring movie you are stoopid, you may dislike it but space fight, light saber fights and pod-racing are NOT boring !

  16. stressocean .-. Author

    It is not their fault. They were forced to or they would t be given the role. Just because someone acted a villain in a movie and a month after the movie was released there was a shooting he/she wasn’t even at is accusing them falsely. They could quit acting if they were your favorite as well. Duh

  17. jonathan joe Author

    They need to stop crying, they had no problem spending the fat ass paychecks they recieved. Don't take the part if your gonna need a Wah-bulance.

  18. Skeeter Saurus Author

    Kate Winslet was naked in Titanic…EVEN MORESO in Jude…she clearly doesn't mind showing a LOT of Muff…so not really sure what her hangup is that she doesn't want to be fully dressed and sign PICTURES of her in the past (when she looked better than she does now)…

  19. Joe Sycamore Author

    The backlash against Passengers just proves the hypocrisy of the feminists who complained. Jennifer's character was woken up by Chris' character because he was faced with a lifetime of solitude. I defy anyone to say they would do any differently. On the other hand we have beauty and The Beast, with forced imprisonment, starvation and bestiality yet the same morons that complained about the excellent passengers lapped up this crap and made it a box office smash. Hypocrisy, thy name is feminist

  20. Juan Pablo García Author

    One of my life-long imposible-to-get phantasies has been giving Sharon a nice, juicy, intense Cunilingus job right between one of the most sexiest legs on earth……I have masturbated 85 times watching this leg.crossing scene……

  21. Apollo Holmes Author

    They have all the time to disagree if they think it's unnecessary or against their principle.

    One actor said (not in US or UK) that he doesn't need kissing scenes in his movie even if there are romantic scenes because everybody watching knows you got your lady and kissing doesn't add anything with substance. It's just another way of adding few seconds to the film but watchers didn't gain anything.

    He said that he explains everything he wanted in his most respectful tone so that there wouldn't be a misunderstanding in the end or during the shoot.

  22. VIKINGHUN Author

    Stone did lie. She and her BF would meet up in the trailer after shooting those scenes because she was excited by them,as was he.

  23. Miloš Salva Author

    Well Sharon Stone is actually sort famous because of that scene,but it's just nude 5 second scene.Also other making love scenes with nudity,but she is famous because of that film and sequel!

  24. Rodger Hodgson Author

    Women complain that there is too much female nudity in Hollywood. Well you can see 100 dicks for every pussy in a movie. So I figure they should familiarize themselves with a dictionary so that they know what words mean before opening their mouths. Its almost like women are so pure that they have no genitals. Even here Stone's pussy was edited out which lessened the point of this clip.


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