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Movie Scenes That Terrified Actors In Real Life

Horror films are supposed to scare us, it’s
right there in the name of the genre, after all. The whole reason we line up to watch horror
movies is to experience the safe thrill of being terrified by fictional objects on a
screen. It’s all totally fake, of course, but there
have been times when the scares hit a little too close to home, and some of the scariest
movie scenes have even managed to frighten the actors and actresses bringing them to
life. Here are some iconic movie scenes that scared
the pants off the actors in real life. Alien When that tiny alien burst out of John Hurt’s
chest in Alien, it scared everyone, including the cast. Although the special effects themselves were
pretty shocking, the real magic of this scene is how surprised and terrified the cast appears. These horrified faces are genuine. John Hurt was taken aside during shooting
and rigged up to a device loaded with rancid pig organs. The rest of the cast was brought in unaware
of the device about to spray them with the organs, or why the film crew was wearing rain
gear and protective plastic sheeting. The first take strategically brought the crew
closer to the table by spurting only a small amount of fake blood, so when the next take
left them all covered in blood, their faces expressed true, terrified surprise. “And there’s a master where all five of us
are like… and we’re not acting.” The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The 1974 horror classic The Texas Chainsaw
Massacre is another example of a director strategically designing scenarios to elicit
real terror from the actors and actresses. Director Tobe Hooper kept his star Leatherface,
played by Gunnar Hansen, out of sight from the rest of the crew, so his mask would be
a most horrifying surprise. Specifically, when Jerry runs into him for
the first time in the kitchen, his high pitched squeal is absolutely real. The Blair Witch Project This entire film seems to have been planned
as an elaborate scheme to slowly push the cast into going insane. The directors of The Blair Witch Project gave
the three cast members cameras, supplies for survival, and a place to meet up. From there, the three were essentially left
alone in the woods. A few scenes from the movie are from when
they were actually lost trying to figure out next meet up point. Often times the directors would secretly follow
the cast and break sticks or throw rocks around the unknowing campers. “And every once in awhile when it was dark,
you’d see this red beam and you knew it was the hacksome band of goons running around
again.” Worse yet, the directors gave them less food
everyday to make them ragged, angry, and more on edge. And as the days went on, the filmmakers came
up with new ways to torture their actors. “And they were setting up sound loops of babies
crying and kids laughing outside of your tent at 4AM in the morning.” “Basically it was just us running through
trees going nuts out there.” After eight days of filming, it’s safe to
say that the cast no longer enjoys walks in the woods. Prometheus After Alien, you’d think actors would all
be on red alert anytime Ridley Scott makes a monster flick. But the actors on Prometheus evidently thought
the director’s trickster days were over, allowing Scott to get in one more scare. In one of Prometheus’s more infamous scenes,
a biologist tries petting the world’s scariest space cobra. It doesn’t end well. “Cut it off, cut it off!” A little later, his friends stumble across
his corpse, and when they turn his body over, the monster shoots up out of his mouth. “Ahh!” As you’ve probably guessed by this point,
those screams are genuine. Pulling pretty much the exact same stunt he
used more than 30 years ago, Scott replaced actor Rafe Spall with a dummy, loaded the
alien puppet in its mouth, and connected the alien creature to a wire. He then told everyone on set to keep quiet
and make sure the actors didn’t see the storyboards for the day. When actress Kate Dickie rolled the corpse
over, a crew member yanked the monster out of the dummy’s mouth, causing Dickie to yelp
in alarm. Even tough guy Idris Elba, who was standing
nearby, let out a squeal of surprise. The Monster Squad Directed by Fred Dekker and co-written by
Shane Black, The Monster Squad is a unique ’80s movie that pits a group of kids against
some of the most famous monsters in cinematic history. Of course, the scariest of the bunch is Count
Dracula himself. Played by Duncan Regehr, this Transylvanian
vampire wants to get his undead hands on an amulet that will help him conquer the world. However, standing between the count and unlimited
power is one 5-year-old girl. As the heroes battle it out with the monsters,
Dracula approaches the girl, lifts her up by her chin, and angrily demands she hand
over the all-powerful jewel. The count then reveals his red eyes and pearly
whites, causing the 5-year-old to scream in terror. *HISS*!! While it works perfectly for the scene, the
young actress really was afraid. It was the first time she had seen Regehr
in his full vampire regalia, and the sight of those fangs was more than enough to make
her freak out. The Godfather Believe it or not, some of the very best scenes
in The Godfather happened in the spur of the moment. For example, remember Vito Corleone’s cat? Director Francis Ford Coppola just found that
feline wandering around the studio and decided to put it in the scene. And when Vito slaps Johnny Fontane across
the face, that was Brando trying to shake up actor Al Martino and put some life into
the scene. The legendary method actor was also doing
a little improv in his final scene. Moments before Vito Corleone falls down dead,
he’s playing with his grandson, Anthony. Obviously, toddlers aren’t exactly natural
actors. Since Brando needed to connect with the kid,
he put an orange peel in his mouth and began growling like a monster. But this didn’t sit well with the young actor
playing Anthony. “Ahhh!” The kid was actually scared, forcing Brando
to drop the game and comfort the kid. It’s a nice touch to a sad scene, a unique
moment of improvisation that makes The Godfather one of the all-time greats. Close Encounters of the Third Kind While Richard Dreyfuss is the main character
of Close Encounters of the Third Kind, it’s Cary Guffey who steals the scene every time
he shows up. The adorable 4-year-old played the part of
Barry Guiler, the little boy who’s abducted by aliens. All his reactions seem so genuine … and
that’s because they are. Throughout shooting, director Steven Spielberg
was constantly coming up with ways to encourage Guffey’s performance. For example, in the scene where the boy is
smiling out the window at the UFOs, Spielberg is off-screen, unwrapping presents for Guffey. Later on, when Barry tearfully tells his alien
friends goodbye, he’s really crying because Spielberg told him to imagine his friends
leaving forever. But perhaps Spielberg’s most ingenious ploy
comes earlier in the film, when Barry runs into his kitchen and spots the alien rummaging
through his refrigerator. The space invaders are kept off-camera, and
the whole scene plays off Barry’s face. In a matter of seconds, we see the boy go
from fright to joy. So what’s he actually looking at? Spielberg had makeup man Bob Westmoreland
dress up as a gorilla and hide behind a cardboard partition. When Guffey ran into the room, the partition
was pulled away and he was face-to-face with a scary ape. But then the director told Westmoreland to
take off his mask. Suddenly, Guffey recognized the makeup man
and broke out into a big smile. Spielberg explained: “Even though it was a
trick, the reaction was pure and honest.” Really, that’s a phrase you could use to describe
almost every Spielberg film. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory There’s no denying that Willy Wonka and the
Chocolate Factory is a childhood classic, but honestly, it’s one of the freakiest films
ever made. And that’s all thanks to Gene Wilder. Sure, his version of Wonka is hilarious and
even occasionally soft-hearted, but there’s just something off about the guy. You never know when he’s going to truly lose
his mind. “You lose! Good day sir!” Of course, audiences weren’t the only ones
who found Gene Wilder’s maniacal candy man frightening. As it turns out, the frizzy-haired actor also
terrified his young co-stars. While working on the film, director Mel Stuart
liked to keep all the kids guessing, hiding key details from them until it was actually
time to shoot a scene. For example, Stuart kept the actors away from
the famous Chocolate Room until he was ready to roll the camera. So when Charlie and company step into Wonka’s
wonderland, their looks of awe are genuine. But then there’s the infamous boat scene,
widely regarded as the scariest part of the film. Stuart didn’t tell anyone what exactly was
going to happen during that boat ride. So when Wilder started going on about hurricanes
blowing and the grisly reaper mowing, the kids were scared out of their minds. “And they’re certainly not showing any signs
that they are slowing!” Actress Denise Nickerson, who played Violet
Beauregarde, actually thought Wilder had gone mad. Really, that’s a testament to Wilder’s acting
abilities, and while he’s appeared in several other iconic films, it’s safe to say he’ll
always be best remembered for this candy-coated creepfest.


  1. maggs131 Author

    Thought youd mention jobeth williams in poltergeist and the nasty trick they played on her using real human remains in the pool/corpse scene. Sge was rightfully pissed when she found out afterwards

  2. Lila Seest Author

    You forgot the woman who did the skinny-dipping ocean scene in "Jaws". I watched a "pop-up Jaws" one time where they disclosed that they filmed that famous scene AT DUSK IN THE OCEAN!!! If you don't know, that's when some species of sharks begin to hunt. Yup! You guessed it!! She had actual sharks bumping up against her while filming, so the screams you hear are REAL!!! (BTW, she once revealed in an interview that she has NEVER gone back into the ocean! Hmm, wonder why? 😉 )

  3. Michael Edgeman Author

    Is it raining is it snowing is a hurricane a blowing is the grim reaper a mowing yes the terror must be growing cause the rowers keep on rowing and their definitely not showing any signs of slowing

  4. Fuad Ghani Author

    You missed Alan Rickman in Die Hard. The Hans Gruber death fall. Also Michael Caine's reaction in The Dark Knight, when he first saw The Joker.

  5. Eric B Author

    I think Young Frankenstein was actually his best but you know that's we all have our opinions yeah Charlie the Chocolate Factory Willy Wonka really really work

  6. Caleb Ross Author

    Don’t kill it has the most intense first 10 minutes that I’ve ever seen…. if you haven’t seen it, it’s on Netflix, and it’s really good…

  7. isaachaze1 Author

    not exactly the full Godfather/cat story. Marlon be-friended the homeless cat on the set and got attached to him. It was Marlon that improvised having the cat on his lap because that's how they would be when not filming. They just let him run with it since he's Marlon.

  8. Marianna Aymerich Author

    The entire Salo movie is so disturbing that I will burned every copy around. And I think that every adult who worked in that monstruosity deserved to be put to jail.. becaause the sexual molestation of the teens in the movie.. I mean how can you work in a movie in which they are actually molesting kids…

  9. KatOf X Author

    When Gene Wilder came out they all thought he genuinely had a limp when he did his forward roll the reaction is real, it wasnt scripted

  10. smiley satanson Author

    gene had one demand when he was gonna play wonka… and that was that when he got introduced he wanted the cane scene to happpen… thats all gene wilder… not the directors… he wanted people to never know when he was telling the truth or not

  11. Die Potato Author

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre was inaccurate
    Believe me because I’m from Texas but these folks got 5 shotguns right next to their bed just to blast your face the second you break in

  12. The Miles Author

    The Blair witch project to me is one of the worst movies made. Besides that one where they are stranded in the water throughout the whole movie.

  13. Happy Pon Author

    Child abuse towards a 5 year old in Monster squad. Hopefully thaw actress sues them. And the idiot actor who played the vampire. Hollyweird losers. I am enjoying people waking up to the horrors of it.

  14. Laughter Talks Author

    So you are bragging that a child was terrified? Shame on the people who made the film and shame on the parents for allowing a child to expereince it!

  15. PolarBearDownUnder Author

    It was real fear the director hid the actor of penny wise from the kids till he showed up on scream so that was a genuine reaction

  16. TakersMissy Author

    In the original "Phantom of the Opera" 1925 silent movie, when the Phantom turns around to berate Christine for unmasking him, the horror on actress Mary Philbin's face was totally FOR REAL, because she had never seen Lon Chaney's unmasked makeup until that very moment! Also, when the camera shows Christine on the floor. cowering in fear at the Phantom's angry tirade, Chaney was actually yelling threatening things at Philbin, just to get her to react as she did. As soon as they finished filming the scene, Chaney profusely apologized to Philbin and explained why he did what he uncharacteristically did. Actually Chaney was otherwise extremely kind to Mary Philbin, as she wasn't as experienced in movies as he was and, with the films being silent anyway, he would verbally coach and guide her along their scenes undetected. (**Note: that scene scared ME SO bad I was unable to watch that movie for over 20 years! But that's how good Chaney was, and how much I admire him to this day. MANY people (including a then 5-year-old Gregory Peck!) were and have been scared of that scene, especially when watching it the first time).

    Lon Chaney was one of THE most respected actors in Hollywood – maybe of all time. He worked alongside the craftsmen on set, helped other actors with their own makeup, and was especially protective of young actresses who were being seriously harassed or "hit on" by the directors during filming. He also pretty much called his own shots, once he became the megastar he was after "Hunchback of Notre Dame". Because he (and others in the production) HATED "Phantom" director Rupert Julian, considered an incompetent hack, refused to take any direction from Julian, and reportedly directed his (most) all of his own "Phantom" scenes. He filmed the unmasking scene with only Mary Philbin, himself, and his cameraman present – Chaney was a perfectionist, especially when it came to his own work or project in which he was involved.

  17. Emily Swan Author

    I don’t think it’s right to torment/emotionally scar actors in the name of a good scene. It’s not okay in any other workplace, why should it be okay on movie sets? Besides, it’s called ACTING for a reason 😅

  18. Eric J Author

    Wilder and the boy who played Charlie became friends during filming. Near the end of the film when Wilder got aggressive with his "Wrong, sir, WRONG…!" speech, the boy had no idea it was coming. Wilder later apologized to him for scaring him, but like the other examples in this clip reel, they wanted a genuine reaction.

  19. Connor Author

    5:50 that's the definition of acting though. They were actually crying because they were thinking about something hypothetical and sad?

  20. rjdalchow Author

    Just a small look into how Hollywood actors, producers, and directors are truly horrible human beings. Of course, the studio execs are of an evil all their own. All will be exposed and prosecuted. MAGA.

  21. VampireQueenBrittany Author

    The strangers scared me because it can actually happen. And the original IT scared me so bad I was afraid of clowns, going into the bathroom alone or near sewers.

  22. Future Surgeon Author

    I have been watching this channel for a while, but I just realized that you sound like the adult version of the main character in ‘Sandlot’

  23. Nugget ice Top Squad Author

    Rip John hurt 😭

  24. john giants john Author

    The Blair witch project was the title of my friends and me in the 70s and 80s . We get drunk in the woods every weekend, and never be able to find our way out .😅

  25. Jonny Bjørkhaug Author

    What about the sceene in "Speed" Where Sandra Bullock hits the stroller full of cans. As I understood no one told Sandra about that and she actually thought she hit a baby.

  26. Scorched Earth Author

    For fucksake, who does that to a 5 year old? I understand the director wanted to get a genuine feeling of terror from the actors, but to terrify a little girl out of her wits, that's taking artistic and committed to sadistic and abusive. She was just a little girl, she couldn't even read all her lines without help. The poor wee lamb probably couldn't sleep alone for months. I hope they paid her a big-ass bonus for that scene, enough to send her to the college of her choice, with all expenses covered.

  27. Ginger Snape Author

    What about the scene near the end of Die Hard, when Gruber falls to his death? The director said that Alan Rickman was attached to a harness, and was told they would drop him on the count of three, then dropped him on two. That look of horror on his face is real.

  28. Les Sneaky Author

    I get the actors from Blair Witch could get scared but seeing this movie get credit on other lists for being anything other than terrible is appalling. One of the worst films that wasn’t scary in the least. Far from it and very dull

  29. Alex Suarez Author

    The torturous scene from “The Shining” that made the actress literally screaming to the point to actually calls the actor by his name in the scene (they used a real axe instead of a fake I think or it was supposed to be different with how Johnny bust in) because she was so surprised and scared out of her mind (she literally didn’t know it was gonna happen in such a violent way).

  30. Shatadal Author

    What's the point of talking so much and not showing the scenes? Are we supposed to do research then to find out those scenes after every description on our own? Useless video

  31. KUARZOROSSO Author

    Hmm so Johnny Deep is not the original Wonka? funny, a blonde playing crazy. I guess is the turn of the brunettes if not believe me as a congresswoman Ocasio Cortez … 😉


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