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Movie Spoilers | Anwar Jibawi

-Who are you؟
-it’s me Cufelios.. I love you Cufelios -Unhand my woman -Why should I choose you
-Someday you’ll be mine Princess You poisoned my Princess Stop Fighting..
No.Please not for me Cufelios..We’re gonna be late for the movie “Britney” is out sick.. I wanna need you come in today -No no “Larry” you know I can’t it’s the premiere for “Iron Bride”.
-I don’t care. -I’ve been waiting for this movie all year “Larry”
-See you there di*k What.. what’s up? -Sorry, but I can’t make it.
-Dude this was your idea, man. -You made me wear this dress.
-I’m sorry. I know, look… -I’ll go to work. Wash a few dishes. I’ll come back. We’ll watch a later timing.
-You’re not gonna fall asleep. -You promise?.
-I promise -Hi grandma
-Come Visit me..I wanna see you -Okay, I’ll be right there.
-I miss you
-I love you -See you later
-Bye The movie no no no no no no no no no I missed it I’ll just watch it tonight, it’s all good We’re so excited to have you guys here tonight -Yes
-Yeah -Can we talk about the ending?
-Yes Patiently for its prey… just like in the movie “Iron Bride” with.. -Thank you”Kay”
-In other news the plot twist in “Iron Bride” Hey Did you see the movie? -No, I haven’t yet
-You haven’t seen the movie? Don’t tell me anything No no no It’s so sick I’ve ever seen the way they die is so crazy man -Hi grandma
-Oh, hi Sweetie -How was your day?
-It’s good. It’s good I just supposed to watch this movie last night with my friends, but I guess I’ll just watch it tonight What Movie? “Iron Bride” Oh.. “Iron Bride” -You haven’t seen “Iron Bride”?
-No No -Well let me tell you all about it
-No No No He Dies He Dies Let me tell you about the movie Ok.. I’ll just wait it out Nobody’s gonna spoil it now if I’m in here
just a few hours Oh.. You’re not gonna believe that movie No He needs help No, But the movie No one will find out. I’ll just hide the body, watch the movie, and then just turn myself in in the morning Freeze You in the white shirt put your hands up right now No no no, After the movie
Please, after the movie Yes Yes, I’m safe in here
Nobody can spoil it now Just wait a couple of years, and it’ll probably be on Netflix, too Hey,
I got a copy of the movie -You wanna watch it?
-Yes -Nah
-Let me spoil the ending The ending was crazy You know how the princess died? It’s worth it Yes Yes Yes Yes Get Out of the way -Guess she’ll be my iron bride after all
-No Camilous -No
-She will never be your princess No No I’m not your princess No


  1. Sunny borah Author

    When Anwar opens his grandma's door he directly walks into the room from outside but when he walks out he disappears into another room from there😂subtle

  2. Hana Bellucci Author

    Took me 3 hours drive to nearest cinema to watch Endgame on the first day of release. Glad i did, cuz around noon time on the first day of release, ppl on social media keep sharing the movie spoilers.

  3. Sivolee Paul Author

    at home
    Bro: Hey siv…

    Me: Hey bro…

    Bro: u seen the film???

    Me: Wat film??

    Bro: avengers endgame….

    me: erm… no yet….


    Me: 4:52

    P.S Its tru i actually have seen the film up to this day… and i kept forgetting about it despite wanting to see it….. hopefully i will see it one time…..

  4. Dreamcatcher Author

    I was watching a turkish series were the whole plot was about who's the killer after 100+. Someday I came from college and the first thing my sister did when opening the door was telling me the name of the killer. 3 years later and still didn't forgive her.


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