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Movies on Vinyl – VHD The forgotten 1980s Videodisc


  1. Professor Ignatius Author

    Great video! Such an interesting format and cool to see that player get some use after waiting in a box for 30 years. Laserdisc was the only other disc format I'd heard of back in the day. I really like the caddy to protect the disc and that magazine had some sweet 80's design! Curious to see what was on that Evil Dead 2 segment.

  2. R. D. Author

    I remember watching ‘Tomorrow’s World’ (or a similar programme) where these formats were compared. The presenter picked up a Laserdisc, said ‘this is a Laserdisc’ and threw it to his colleague. He then picked up the caddy (containing a disc) for one of the other capacitive-based formats and explained that you will never see the disc as it would be damaged if it became dirty so it had to be kept in the caddy at all times.

  3. Ian Nonhebel Author

    this is v long winded am not enjoying the tech description it is fast and one wonders what you have really remembered. Punchy points pro/ cons are more to my liking. Tech stuff in detail could have a seperate link.

  4. MJ Brown Author

    And to see the product playing for longer periods would be good it's great that you do your research and get down to brass tacks but show the actual product do its thing

  5. Alin S Author

    Inserting & Ejecting a VHD is bloody satisfying to watch. Probably twice as satisfying to do!

    Best thing about VHD, the eject&intake mechanics. Someone do this with BluRay!

  6. Tellem Large Marge Sent You Author

    The first 3 movies I ever saw were on this format they were a nightmare on elm street and a ghost story and grease

  7. Lump Art Author

    Fun fact: I was a member of the American Star Wars fanclub for a while and as a welcome gift I got a Sew on/Iron on patch reading Revenche of the Jedi. (I hope I remember this well, it was a while ago)

  8. warrax111 Author

    I would rather watch it 320×200, than to have cut something from the movie, like that widescreen bullsh*t on blue ray from back to the future. I have still 4:3 monitor, 4:3 television, and I never want widescreen, rather would be watching old stuff again and again, just to have 4:3, which is my opinion good format as width and height is more balanced. It fit better to mind. Widescreen is psycho non-sense.

  9. pierrekiller666 Author

    АХРЕНЕТЬ!? я даже не знал о существовании таких!!! видео диски были размером с CD диск. но чтобы винил!???

  10. Jade Scribbler Author

    I had no clue any of this stuff existed. I didn't even know what a laser disk was until adulthood. As a teen, I just thought "laser disk" was an early 90s term for DVD, which I thought was just uncommon and very new then. I never had a DVD player, watching everything on VHS, until I turned 13 in 2004 when I got a VHS/DVD combo player for my 13th birthday.
    It's amazing the tech that had come and gone, even in the 80s before I was born, that I never heard of! I love this stuff! Thanks for the video!

  11. Dean Platt Author

    I really enjoyed your video on past Technology! Wow we have really come along way since then! With Digital Movies you now download via Netflix, Amazon Prime etc to any Device 😊

  12. Chris Mayer Author

    Just you wait; in 20 years time, Blu-ray will as old-school as Betamax! (We'll probably be cyborgs with web-connected cyber-players inside our bodies by then…)

  13. brickson98 Author

    At 24:17, I had that motorcycle in the background a couple years ago. Not that exact one, but that model. Mine was white instead of red. It was a 1986 Honda XL250R. Fun little thing.

  14. TheNewGreenIsBlue Author

    Google translate mistook 大 for 犬。They look similar, but the former is "Large/Bigger" and the latter is "Dog". Google Translate usually does a horrible job of translating Japanese. You figured it out correctly, but basically "Louder/Bigger Sound" and "Smaller/Lower Sound"

  15. fred Author

    there's something extremely pleasing about the design of the plastic caddys. very chunky.

    also pvms are cheap these days? maybe i havent been looking hard enough, or maybe the prices have skyrocketed in the past 2 years

  16. Retrobution Author

    Damn I so wish those caddies were made for blu-ray discs for films and games. Would love to see the artwork on them and to keep them free from fingerprints and scratches too!

  17. James Buchanan Author

    According to this:

    Return of the Jedi was actually released in Japan initially as Revenge of the Jedi (Jedi no fukushu) but later was changed to Revenge of the Jedi (Jedi no kikan), as opposed to English-language regions where the title was changed before release.

    Also, per that ad at least, Aliens must've been released as Alien 2 in Japan. Which is weird, considering it wouldn't be hard to transliterate "Aliens" to Katakana…kinda weird.

  18. tHeWasTeDYouTh Author

    CED did not bring RCA down, RCA still had billions save in the bank and a lot of their other division had been doing good. RCA was bought by General Electric who proceeded to raid the bank savings and then SELL OFF the company division by division. Worst case of corporate raiding in a long tme

  19. Jay Swarrow Author

    Another "obsolete technology", that seems to have solved scratchy discs problem, long far ago ~in unknown part of our gala…~ before i was born.

    I mean, back in the 80's they were having their 3D movies, thru completely sealed, automatic unboxing procedure, and here we are in 2019, taking the disc manually by hand from the dusty cracked box, to sticky feeder rollerband, full of "room atmosphere".

  20. Anton Heidebrink Author

    i loved it. i was born in 83 so i had never known aboud the vhd disk, if i haddent seen this youtube channel thanks for the flasback
    if i see somthing on the garage sales i now know what it is

  21. Lawrence Cole Author

    Dude nice collection. MmmmMMMmm old technology. Side coffee 2 =D has been recorded in your" sounds more accurate hahaha. Fucking youtube humping out these old vids when my Bells don't even show.

  22. Sébastien Damé Author

    Hello Technoman and thanks a lot for this videos (and generally for all other videos !). Maybe i didn't see but could you tell me where did you buy your old "new" NATIONAL VHD player. Thanks a lot.


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