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Movies You Won’t Believe Aren’t Tim Burton

– (both sing along) ♪ Everyone
hail to the pumpkin song ♪ – Tim Burton has been
a big inspiration in my life. I’m gonna start crying.
– I’m really good at losing challenges.
– (laughs) Okay. ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we are going to
be putting your Tim Burton knowledge to the test.
– Yes. Okay. Cool.
– I’m excited. – (FBE) We’ll be showing you
a clip from a movie, and you’ll have to tell us
if it was directed by Tim Burton. You’ll write your answers down,
yes or no, on the blackboard when you think you have the answer.
– Okay. I feel like she’s definitely gonna win.
I don’t know. Tim Burton has a very specific style,
but it’s not necessarily directing the way Edgar Wright’s is.
Like, I wouldn’t look at an angle and be like, “That’s Tim Burton.”
– I don’t particularly pay attention to directors and their work.
So, there might be some very non-Tim-Burton-esque films on here.
– I don’t pay attention to any of that.
– I am obviously a fan, since I have, again,
permanent ink on my body. So, I think that kind of says enough
about how much I like it. And I’m really good
at losing challenges. – (laughs) Okay.
So, who knows? Find out! – Oh, Coraline.
This movie [bleep] me up as a kid. – I love Coraline.
– Coraline’s great. – This is one of
my favorite claymation movies. – (Other Mother) Is that any way
to talk to your mother? – Definitely have his vibe, right?
It’s definitely Tim Burton vibes, but I… I’m like, did he…
– You’re right. – …did he direct it, though?
– I don’t think he did, though. – Yeah.
– Other Mother is terrifying. – Mm-hmm.
– This part scared the [bleep] out of me as a kid.
– How much this relates to Tim Burton, I don’t know. I get it.
It’s claymation. It’s creepy. But is it Tim?
– (FBE) See the boards. All right. So, already
a difference of opinion. – Yes.
– (FBE) And flip ’em! – Three…
– Two… – (both) One. – (FBE) “Not Burton.”
“No. By Henry Selick.” – Ah, that’s overachieving.
– (FBE) That is correct! Tim Burton did not direct Coraline.
– Nice, nice. – But was he involved?
– I also wanna say no. – No.
– Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I don’t think he was involved at all.
– It just kind of felt not Tim Burton. It was creepy. I’m sure it was
inspired by Tim Burton’s work, but I don’t think it was. – I’m just happy I got one point.
– Wait. Can I have one of those? – Yes.
– Feeling good. I’m also just excited
to keep watching these, so that’s fun.
– Yeah, same. – So, who directed it?
– (FBE) Henry Selick. – Is he the guy who wrote the book?
– No, he didn’t write the book, but he’ll come up later actually,
Henry Selick. (glass shattering)
– Oh, ho-ho-ho. Oh, wait. Which one is it? Okay.
– Are you gonna make him say the line? Better make him say the line.
Better not cut it off on me. – This was an awesome movie.
– Is this the one he directed, though? – I don’t know. ♪ (exhilarating music) ♪ – I’m gonna get everything wrong.
– (Joker) Where does he… – (Joker and Danny) Get those
wonderful toys? – Ah! Okay. (chuckles)
– Are you a Batman fan? I can’t tell. – Maybe. Just a little bit.
– (FBE) Flip! Ooh, a difference
of opinion here. – Three, two, one. – (FBE) Morgan… you are wrong.
He did direct this move. Jasser gets the point.
– Really?! – Yeah, he directed this one
and the sequel. – Really?! He directed
two Batman movies? – He did.
– Ah! I didn’t think he did the first one.
Dammit. Sad days. – When I found out that Batman
was directed by Tim Burton, I was like, really?
How odd. – So, school has really been
helping me out for this challenge, ’cause I watched this
in my film class last semester, and we talked about Tim Burton
and Danny Elfman and everything. – You watched the whole movie
for film class? – The whole movie.
– Oh my god! – It was great.
– I’m so jealous. – (Centipede) Hey,
that one felt pretty good. – James and the Giant Peach. Wait, no. What the heck?
– Yeah. – I just saw Jack Skellington for like a second.
– No! – Yeah, not him.
– (FBE) Yes, you did. – I did?! Right?
– Where?! – I know. Right there!
– OHHH! – What the heck?
– I just saw Jack in the corner. See–
– (FBE) No, it is James and the Giant Peach.
– Oh, [bleep]. Ohhhh! I didn’t catch
that Easter egg ever! – Ohh.
– Not gonna lie, the spider is so hot.
I don’t know why. – (both laugh)
– I love it. – One of my favorites.
As soon as I got Disney+, I was like, “I need this.”
– This movie scared me a lot, maybe more than it should’ve.
I mean, it has Jack Skellington in it. It has to be [bleep] Tim Burton.
But did he direct it? This is hard!
– (FBE) Let’s see ’em. – Show me Burton!
– I think I’m wrong. – (FBE) Ooh.
You’re in agreement. All right. Well, you’re both wrong.
– Oh. – Thought so. Thought so.
It’s one of those. – (FBE) Jasser also gets the point. He did not direct it.
– Noooo! – Okay, okay.
– All right. – (FBE) Well done.
– It’s not a difference of opinion.
– Come on! – I don’t know facts!
I’m gonna come back. – Yeah.
– I’m gonna tie it up at 2-3. – Tie it up. Tie it up. – You got a chance, Morgan.
– So, we can tie it up. – Don’t give up. Don’t give up.
– We can tie it up. – Oh, beautiful.
– (both sing along) ♪ Everyone hail to the pumpkin song ♪
– ♪ In this town, don’t we love it now? ♪
♪ Everybody’s waiting for the next surprise ♪
– ♪ (hums along) ♪ – Definitely waited two hours
to ride this ride at Disneyland not that long ago.
Only feel a tiny bit ashamed. – ♪ Red and black ♪
– ♪ And slimy green ♪ – Let me just say, one of
the best worlds in Kingdom Hearts. – Dude, every Halloween, I just
listen to the soundtrack all day. – So good.
– (FBE) Did Tim Burton direct this movie?
– You tell me, buddy. – (FBE) Ooh. Confident yeses.
All right. Let’s see it. – This one always confuses me.
– (FBE) Ooh. – We both said no.
– (relieved) Okay. – (FBE) Ooh. – No!
– Yay! And it was directed by?
– Henry Selick, obviously, as I knew before
she wrote that name down, ’cause I’ve heard of it
all of the time. – (FBE) Okay. Well, you’re correct.
– Yeah. (laughs) – What?!
– Yup. It’s Selick. – It’s always referenced as
Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas.
It’s never [bleep] referenced as Henry Selick’s
Nightmare Before Christmas! [Bleep] this guy!
Sorry, Henry. I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re a very lovely man.
I’m just obviously extremely enraged. – I’m so sorry, Henry.
This is one of those moments where it should’ve been you.
– I know that Tim Burton worked on this movie.
– Yes. – But it always confuses me,
’cause I’m like, wait. I feel like he did something.
But no, it was also Henry Selick. – You’re catching up.
– Thank you! I never planned on winning. I just wanted
to hang out really. – Yay.
– Yay! – (alien speaking foreign language)
– What is this? – I actually don’t even know
where it’s from. Mind Hunters or something?
– No, it’s like Attack on Mars or something.
– Oh, okay. – I didn’t know Jack Nicholson
was in this. – (alien) We come in peace.
We come in peace. – I surprisingly haven’t seen this.
– Really? It is funny.
– I need to see it. – See the young Natalie Portman?
– Really? – Yeah. – I have no idea
what’s going on. – That bird’s gonna get shot, right? – Wow. We stan old CGI.
– Yeah. (laser zapping)
– (man gasps) – (snickers)
– This is a great movie. – [Bleep] that bird. (chuckles)
– [Bleep] that bird. – (FBE) So, this was Mars Attacks.
Did Tim Burton direct it? – Although, I’d be surprised
if I was right, but, again, I’m only–
I have no idea, right? So… – Stop saying “although.”
– (laughs) – And stop being so elusive! Do I have to? – (FBE) Ooh.
Let’s see the boards. Flip ’em!
Ooh! – Yeah!
– (FBE) Well done, the two of you guys. That was,
in fact, directed by Timothy Burton. – 50/50 chance. Board five!
– Yay. – Woo!
– (FBE) Yeah, Jasser’s right. – Really?! (laughs)
– If I cry, can I get like half a pity point?
‘Cause I could totally cry right now. I’m not a fake fan.
Everyone’s gonna be like, “Morgan’s such a [bleep] fake fan.
She says she likes Tim Burton, ’cause she has those tattoos,
and she doesn’t know one movie he’s directed.”
– It ruined me as a kid. – This definitely would’ve
[bleep] me up as a child. I’m glad I didn’t participate.
– It would’ve, I promise you. – It seems like all
the animated stuff, we assumed was him,
and all the live action stuff was actually him. So…
– Not Henry Selick in this one, huh? – (FBE) So, here’s the thing.
So, this is only gonna be five seconds long.
– (both) Okay. – (FBE) And because of that,
we’re gonna give you two points if you get it right.
– Oh. Okay. ♪ (dramatic music) ♪
– Oh. – Planet of the Apes?
– That has to be it. – (FBE) Let’s see ’em.
– Mine’s no. Is yours yes? – Yeah.
– (FBE) Both of you say yes. – Ha-ha!
– (laughs) – Please don’t let me lose 7-1.
– What’d you put? – I put NO! (laughs)
– Oh. (laughs) I’m gonna step away
before she breaks something. – (FBE) This is the 2001
Planet of the Apes movie, which he… did direct.
– Okay. Thank God. – Oh, wow. I did not know that!
Wow. Okay. – Yay.
– Hell yeah. – Did we tie?
– No. – You tried your best. (laughs)
– (laughs) And that was like the least comforting.
Like, “You know what? I think you tried your best,
and you still lost 7-1.” – You know what? I think
this is the Mandela effect. I think in an alternate universe,
Tim Burton did direct Nightmare, did direct Coraline,
probably did Wallace and Gromit too, you know?
– I’m so happy. I literally, for some reason,
thought I was gonna fail, and I didn’t.
He’s one of my favorite directors, and his aesthetics are so good,
and I appreciate it. – You for sure know, like,
the next time this happens, you’ll dominate.
– Hey! You wanna know who directed The Planet of the Ape, 2001?
[Bleep] Tim Burton! (chuckles) – I feel great. Tim Burton
has been a big inspiration in my life. I’m gonna start crying.
I don’t know. Something about his art
always just made me so happy. – I really like Tim Burton,
and I appreciate all of his movies. I think they’re incredible. But it’s cool to see
Ary LOVES them, and they’re one of your favorite things.
– I love them. – Well, I think that just says a lot
for Tim Burton’s style in general. You know, his style has become
really iconic to the point where if any other sort of creative
feels inspired by Tim, that it’s very obvious
when it is, you know? – It’s just gonna be Tim. – Thanks for watching
Is It Tim Burton? – On the React Channel.
– Subscribe. – We have new shows every week. – Bye!
– Bye, guys. – Hey, y’all.
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  1. Stolkmen Author

    Shockingly got all 6 (though there were 7 points cause of the last one being worth two). Not a large Burton fan but when he gets stuff right he gets stuff right.

  2. Shaka5620 Author

    We had a project about tim burton in media studies in hs (back in 2013 and it was really interesting to see that he has certain things he tries to include into his movies like e.g. something related to the circus

  3. Justin Keith Author

    Mars Attacks has so many famous people. Jack Nicholson (plays 3 roles), Glenn Close, Natalie Portman, Pierce Brosnan, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jack Black, Danny DeVito, Martin Short, Annette Benning, etc.

  4. Eva Balcazar Author

    Marketing makes Such a difference honestly. They really pushed Nightmare before Christmas as a Burton film. And then when Coraline came out they stated it was from "the director of Nightmare before Christmas" so of course everyone thinks Tim Burton. Poor Selick hardly gets the recognition he deserves for his films and I often hear people get offended when they learn it's not a Burton film.

  5. Admin Jamie Author

    6:04 Wait how come nightmare before Christmas wasn't Tim Burton film that title have his name on it? even he's show up in behind the scene stop motions I'm totally disagree the answers " not Tim Burton " film on nightmare before Christmas

  6. kcallamajaji Author

    I knew Burton directed the 2nd Batman, because for some reason the Penguin always sticks with me as Burton. I didn't realize that he did the first one too.

  7. Luma Shining Star Author

    It's funny how they just caught that Easter egg, and I found when I rewatched it on Disney plus. Might as well reuse since it takes money and time to make random characters.

  8. EmoFishyTeaParty Author

    Tim Burton wrote and illustrated the original "The Nightmare Before Christmas." book, that's why it's "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas." on the movie

  9. Ashley York Author

    I don't care what people say, Coraline is NOT a Burton film. It was made by Laika studios and directed by Henry Selick.

    So this is almost the same mistake people make with "The NightMare Before Christmas."

  10. Hershey_ DaKing Author

    Me wondering when is Corpse Bride Coming up ? Wait it doesn’t all I get are movies I didn’t even existed XD 😂 but for real that movie was good

  11. hominybot Author

    One confusing thing is probably that Coraline was advertised when it was coming out as “from the director of Nightmare before Christmas” without a lot of people knowing that’s actually Henry Selick


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