Mujrim Na Kehna (Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo) Hindi Dubbed Movie | Naga Chaitanya, Manjima Mohan

I’ve fallen in love with ‘I love’. “I love you.” My heart says ‘Wow’! ‘Until yesterday, I used to play
like a kid with everyone, today, it feels like I’ve grown ten years
older in just one day all of a sudden.’ ‘I feel like a man.’ ‘Anything can happen in my life.’ ‘But whatever happens,
I’m confident of handling it.’ ‘We’re here for police verification.’ I can give you anything,
don’t worry about us. Who? Sit. I know everything about you. Okay, forgive me.
– No. You’re not trustworthy.
– You’re mistaken. It’s all because of you, Now leave. Listen to me.
– No, I won’t. You’re worse than I thought you were. Anamika! ‘We’re not police, we’re not thugs
or gangsters either.’ ‘We don’t know what violence is.’ ‘He came in between us
and I bashed him up.’ ‘It was just a minor scuffle.’ ‘I never thought something
like this would happen again.’ ‘Anything can happen in our lives.’ ‘When it happens, the question is as to
whether or not we can face it.’ I am very upset. He followed her all the way
to college to give the love letter. He is behaving like he is nuts. She’s like our sister too. Yes.
– You know where his house is? I know.
– Giri, get the vehicle. Come.
– Stop behaving like ruffians. Come on, let’s go. First, go bring him out.
– Okay. That’s his house, right?
– Yes. Hello, please come here. Hi. Come on.
– What happened? Your approach is wrong. Not only approach,
your thinking too is wrong. You shouldn’t have done
like this with my sister. I’m here just to tell you that
what you did is wrong. Idiot!
– Hey. She doesn’t like you. Giving love letters, waiting at the college, tailing her, we’ve already seen it
in the movie ‘Shiva’. Now, even his son has become a hero.
Mend your ways. Hey. Tell me something. What will you do until then? I’ll wait in that corner. Thanks.
– Don’t get stuck, make it fast. – Okay. Hey! Hi, Divya. Is anyone home? ‘They have learnt that I go
there with Mahesh everyday.’ ‘In the dark, the four looked
like the thugs in a horror film.’ ‘I knew there was going to be trouble.’ ‘Not for me, for them.’ ‘I was indeed a little scared, but I had a feeling from within. ‘The courage to fight them and
the confidence to handle the situation.’ If I go after your sister, it’s wrong, but is it right if you guys come
to our locality and tease girls? You’re right. But not me, just him. Mine is only drop and
pick up service, nothing else. Now, I’ll come to your house
and talk to your sister. Look, you hit me and hit you,
we are even. A few kicks and punch
and all were down. Every punch was so powerful that none could get up. Hello. You’re still not done? It’s turning into a big fight!
Get here soon! What happened? Why did you hit them?
– Come on, get on the bike! What have you done?
– Quick! Shut up! Would I spare them if they beat me? Stop!
– Why did you hit them? When I have son someday,
I will tell him, ‘I was attacked by a gang, but I gave them a few punches
and knocked them down’. Come on. Come!
– Give it to me! Throw!
– Here! Catch! If similar kind of situation arises,
I will handle it easily. Now, I’ve gained confidence.
– Bowl well. Okay.
– Such confidence is very important to make a living. It’s very expensive.
– It doesn’t make a difference to me, Divya will pay the bill. But you will… Hi.
– Who’s that girl? She’s gorgeous. Go on. I’ll tell Divya about this. She will beat you.
– You’re mistaken, I felt she’d be a perfect match for you. Until when will you remain single? I think of you whenever I am with Divya.
Believe me. You’re a good friend of mine,
it hurts because you’re still single. What rubbish! There should be something in us
to handle love and girl or it’s of no use. A confidence of a different level.
– True. And I’m sure it’s not possible by me. I’ll at least be happy until I’m single.
– Is that so? I really lack confidence. Believe me, I mean it.
– I know you since childhood. Alright. Since I have two sisters I thought I knew
everything about girls. I thought they are
easy to understand, but I could know nothing about them. Tell me something.
How do you manage? You see…
– Got it. You don’t talk to each other,
no words, only action. Come on. Flashback. Back to Sukanya. His second love. You didn’t even hold my hand. Rather than dating you, I better date some other guy. Sukanya, please don’t day that.
– This is over. Listen…
– She got emotional. I thought she was a decent girl. Did she ditch him?
– Yes. It’s not so easy. Next, Mallika, his third love. ‘She was from my college.’ ‘She said she liked me.’ ‘And this time, I didn’t
repeat the same mistake.’ ‘She tried really hard,
but I didn’t let go her hand.’ ‘And she dumped me
for the same reason.’ How dare you?
I thought you’re a decent guy. You disappoint me. Please leave me. Mallika, please,
I won’t hold your hand again. – Bye. ‘One ditched me for not holding her hand
and the other for holding her hand.’ Then, I understood one thing. Love is something that comes
into your life searching for you, and turn you crazy. You shouldn’t even know
when you fell in love. That’s love. And it will surely happen someday. Till then, I’ve my first love, anyways. Amazing.
– By the way, she’ll be here tomorrow. Finally, she’ll be here. Now there’s just no stopping you.
– Hey, hang on. Who is your first love? My Royal Enfield, always my first love. Wow!
– That’s fantastic! Leela.
– Who? She’s Maitri’s old friend. Oh! Let’s follow the same rules. Our sisters are like
sisters to all of us, but our sisters’ friends,
they’re not like our sisters. You’re right. Our sisters are like
sisters to all of us, if we consider even their
friends as our sisters we will have only sisters
and remain single forever. That’s right.
– So, we must change the rules at times. Am I right? Oh, no! I covered my body with towel.
– Oh, no! I’m sorry! I need to use the rest room. Maitri said this was her room.
– Oh. Okay. I looked in the mirror
for half hour after she left. ‘I was not worried
as to what she saw, the thing that worried me was
if she liked what she saw.’ I bet it’s him.
– Is it? Do you remember…
– Hey, this is my friend Leela. Hi.
– You’ve met the others. Yeah.
– And he’s my brother. Yeah, I just met him. Did you eat anything?
I’ve made fritters. Or will you have milk? Mom, have I ever drank milk? Give me the plate. My sister’s friends keep visiting, but this girl bowled me over. She looks beautiful. How do I tell you?
– Like you always say. She is different. Wondering if she’s
looking at me or not, right here, between the hair and collar,
I felt a strange sensation. Bye. Tomorrow at 4?
– See you. Okay. Bye. See you. Bye. Did all your friends leave? Hey, she’s beautiful, isn’t she? Who? You saw her. Who? Cut the act. Leela. I see. She. Hey, isn’t she beautiful? Shall I tell you the truth?
– Yes. Maitri, why didn’t you
bring her home earlier? Why didn’t you introduce her to me? Wow! You only talked about Leela, but you never mentioned
that she looked so beautiful. Had I told you, you wouldn’t
have did we in studies. That’s rubbish. If you’d introduced me
to her even in final year, I’d have graduated first class
with no backlogs. I’d have gotten my degree in June. She is not a distraction, she is an inspiration. She’s Leela Joseph
from Alleppey, Kerala. What? I was just kidding. She’s Leela Satyamurthy,
from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Her father is a South Indian and
her mother is a Maharashtrian. Don’t pack your bags and go there,
she is not there, she is here. We’re taking up a course
with the director and she’ll be staying with us. Her father is coming here tomorrow
just to check if she’s okay. I need not tell you,
still I am telling you. Be good.
Do not tarnish my reputation. ‘Anything can happen in life.’ ‘The way you came in to my life.’ Please come.
– Come, my child. What happened?
Why are you standing here? Just like that. Hey.
– Hi. Sorry, you have to sleep here
because of me. She’s a beautiful girl. Last few days are the
best moments of my life. Is it?
– The two of us talked everyday night.
– Your turn. – Be careful, my friend. My focus was fully on her. Listen. Please.
– I am listening to you. Come on.
– Go on. Sorry, you have to sleep here
because of me. No problem at all. I’ve been on the couch
for five years now. Dad wakes me up in the morning and I sleep in my room
for a couple of hours. They’re girls, they need privacy. I will manage. No problem at all. It’s not because of you.
– Must be really nice, you have two sisters. It’s real torture. But it’s nice sometimes. Like right now. Who else live in your home? I’m the only child in my house.
Mom, dad and me. Though this is better, really. It is really boring in my home. Maitri talks about you a lot. She says you’re super cool, protective, calm and many other things. And she also told me about Sukanya. I know her famous dialogue, too. ‘I will never fall in love with you, you better forget me’. Am I right? Maitri will never reform. She embarrassed me. Everyone knows. Even films have been
made on me in Bollywood. I did my schooling here,
Symphony School. My parents decided to move
to Kolhapur after my school. So, we moved. I have completed my engineering, but dad said I need not have to
work unless the offers are good, so, I joined M.B.A. I’ve just completed it
and yeah, taking it easy. ‘But there would be some
conversation every day.’ Every day? Wow!
– Wonderful! Only we two, at times.
Sometimes, Maitri joins us. Wonderful! Such great chemistry! There’d be lot of
empty space between us. I see.
– But when she sits near me, I feel really good. But I’ve no idea how she feels. Brother, even we got a chance to act. He asked us to stand behind
the heroine at the bus stand. Like background artists. Assistant directors don’t just work. They make them stand
in the frame, too. Who is the heroine? We’re way better than her. I see. So you decided that
you’re beautiful yourself? Hey, believe me. Did you both like the job?
No, I didn’t. I like to write.
I am going to be a script writer. She too. We’re going to write together.
We have decided. It will be a big deal if we provide
material to the film directors. And 20 days of internship. Leela and Maitri, the writer duo. We’re getting it registered. We also need a cheap and
best office in a good locality. Find a good place for us. First come up with a good script
and then I will find a good office. Sorry, I’m sleepy. I’m going. You guys continue. Okay. Get going fast. Let me know when you
want to sleep, I’ll go away. Hey, no. Not at all. Relax. Let’s cross the road fast. When will the night come?
It’s been a long day. Hey, you have fallen for Leela.
– Not that. It’s so hot.
– I see. Stop it now. Don’t try to fool us.
– Try to understand. I am tired of wandering with you boys. Is that so?
– I’m bored of it. That’s why…
– I see. This is too insulting. Hey, listen. Way to go out is that way, get going. Get going. I curse you. I said get going.
– Where are you going? I won’t come.
– Let it be, he’s just kidding. I fell asleep.
– I’m watching you. Why don’t you go inside and sleep? I’m hungry. You had dinner?
– Yes, but I had a light dinner. It’s been a while, I’m hungry again. Here you go. Enjoy.
– Wow! My favorite. Thank you. Oh! Really? Maitri told you, right?
– No, she didn’t. You’re not eating?
– I’ve no idea, I just completed my M.B.A. I can’t study anymore. I will plan a small trip I will find a job when I come back.
– Nice. Travel where? All over the world? I am not so rich,
it’s just a small trip. First South India. Actually, I should have
left two weeks ago. My friend Mahesh, h ditched me I didn’t want to travel alone. It will be nice, isn’t it? On the bike, it’ll be great. Seriously? On a bike? Say it softly. If my family finds out,
they won’t allow me to go. Planned up to Kanyakumari. Watch the sun rise there. Will figure out the rest later.
– Wow! Will start next week.
– So, you have a good bike? To go on a road trip? Which bike? What? You have not seen my bike?
– No. Are you serious? I know you’re focused,
you don’t look here and there, but the bike is parked
right outside the house. I have not seen it.
– You should wear spectacles. Come, I’ll show you my bike. This is my Royal Enfield. Isn’t she a beauty? Shall I tell them about your bike plan? Hey, what is wrong with you? You’ll be safe? Do not drive rashly. You haven’t even told them. Take care. Sure. Okay. Goodnight.
– Goodnight. She is so cute. Like A.R. Rahman’s song. Like the song ‘Hosanna’? In that movie,
the girl lives in first floor, but this girl lives
with me in my house. Oh!
– Oh! When she says something, her talks becomes a memory.
– Oh! Love, clean pure love. Hi.
– Hi. Were you busy?
I hardly see you around. No, I had some work in college and
then I went out with my friends. I’m going back tomorrow. I’ll take my stuff from the hostel and board train to Kolhapur
the day after tomorrow. Maitri will be there in two weeks and we will start writing from there. Oh. All the best. Thank you. Even I will be leaving
the day after tomorrow, on my road trip. I asked some friends but not sure, if they would join. They’re busy with their future plans.
By the way, Mahesh said he’ll go, but I know he’ll ditch last moment because his girlfriend
won’t let him go. Whether he is coming or not,
I am heading out, I have decided. On your bike for sure?
– Yeah, on my bike. Without informing your family… If I tell them they
definitely won’t allow. I’ve seen enough of buses and trains, but this time, be on my bike. Me and my RE,
with the wind on my face. Even Maitri is not aware of it. Don’t tell her.
– No, I won’t. I will tell my family Mahesh
wants to borrow my bike, he’ll take the bike and I’ll meet him at
the corner of the street the next day. I’ve told my family I’m going
to Kanyakumari by train. I even bought a ticket to play it safe. So, I’ll wake up early in the morning,
say bye to everyone and start. I’ll take an auto rickshaw till the corner
of the street and then get to my bike. I see.
– Yes. So much better than being at home. I had a great time, seriously. Thank you.
– Hey. You stayed up so many nights for me. You are welcome. Same here. All the best. Ride safe. All the best to you guys.
Write something different. Keep an eye on the bag.
Got the train ticket on you? Yes, dad. Take care, son.
Don’t eat outside food. I don’t like this at all. And where is Mahesh? Actually, he…
– He’ll meet him at the railway station. Don’t worry, Mom. I’ll be fine, okay?
When I’m back, I’ll focus on my future. Actually, this trip is a preparation. It’s really important to me, okay?
You take care. Bye. Bye, Dad, Bye, Mom.
– Bye. I’ve been waiting for him
in cold weather since morning. Where have you been?
– Mahesh, sorry, I am late. Is the bike ready?
– All set. I had a row with Divya for you just for our friendship and
you get bored of her. – Stop it. Thank God dad didn’t insist
on coming to the station, otherwise he would’ve
foiled our plan. Hey.
– Yes. That’s Leela, right? What is she doing here?
– Go find out. Alright.
– Come fast, we have no time in hand. Hi.
– Hi. How come you are here?
Is everything okay? – Yeah. Are you going home? Did you inform Maitri? She didn’t tell me anything. Are you sure everything is okay? Yeah. We’re going triples, I think. Really? Actually, I want to join
you on your bike tour. What?
– Sorry, you said your friend won’t make it, but I guess he’s ready to go with you. Hi.
– Hi. No problem, I’ll go back to my house.
You carry on. Anyways, I had to go back to my house.
So it’s okay. Chill. You have a good trip, seriously.
– Are you sure? What? Will you really come with me on the bike?
– Sure, but I will go next time. The trip won’t be easy. It’s easy for boys,
but you’ll have to rough it out. It’s not going to be easy.
And you don’t know me too well. You’re a girl and I’m a boy. Of course, I am decent, but you know how it is. This trip will be double,
just the two of them. Your friend is here this time,
go with him. He’s a boy, you’re a boy too,
it’ll be great. I’ll be fine. Now, get going, you’re not going.
– Mahesh, my friend, please try to understand. Please try to understand. Please. That’s unfair. You let me down.
– My friend, please. Get lost!
– Anyways, you had a row with Divya. You’re not a true friend. Listen to me.
– I was here with my bag, I also fought with Divya for you. I curse you! Carry on!
– Calm down! – Sorry! I am feeling very bad.
– You don’t worry about him. He’ll go straight to Divya’s house
and apologise to her. He’s a crook. Come on. Let’s go. Don’t worry.
He’ll forget everything soon. He’s an idiot. So, what do we do? I don’t even know your name. What?
– Really. Maitri never mentioned your
name when she introduced us. She always refers you as ‘my brother’. When my father was here,
I didn’t hear him call you by your name. I never heard even your family
call you by your name. I never heard anyone
call you by your name. So, what’s your name? You know what? Let it be so. But tell me something. Why do you want to
come with me on this bike? It depends on your answer whether the bike will go with you or without you. This bike goes with me. ‘I’ve never been on a bike.’ ‘This is the first time.
I always wanted to.’ ‘You said ‘Wind on my face’, right?’ ‘I want to feel it too.’ ‘I like you.’ ‘And if something wrong happens,
Maitri is with me.’ ‘Ever since you told me about the trip,
I’ve been thinking about it.’ ‘If I don’t go now, I won’t get a chance
like this again in my life.’ ‘So, I decided to go with you.
That’s it.’ Awesome! Hey, are you okay?
– Yeah! So, what’s the plan? Where are we going?
Do we keep on riding? Or stop somewhere?
What’s your name? Tell me. We are heading to Kanyakumari,
via Salem and Trivandrum. Since you’re with me now,
I have changed the route. Will decide it on the way. Let me know if I need to pull over, else we’ll keep going till we
need to eat or before nightfall. Because this bike never stops, it keeps going. Water?
– No, I am fine. Do you want to drink juice?
– Juice? Have biscuits. Do you want to have cup noodles?
– What? What about chocolate cake? Did you got to the supermarket
or did you carry it with you? What?
– Nothing. Eat. Enjoy yourself. Greetings.
– Greetings. We’re travelling from
Vizag to Kanyakumari. It’s become dark.
Can we find place to stay? How many of you? It’s me and my sister’s friend Leela. You are our guests. You sleep there and we’ll sleep here. If we ask for a room
in the city at night, they would call the police.
– Yes. I hope we get two rooms. Will you get me wrong
if I said one room is enough? No, not at all. I just want you to be comfortable.
– Just think I am Mahesh. That’s the experience I came for. I want to see how boys hang out. Is that so? Let’s go then. Let’s go inside, dude. Don’t be scared, I was just kidding. Hi.
– Hello, sir. One room… One room, two separate beds. Okay, sir. Two minutes. Nice name, sir. I know. Thanks. This way, first floor.
– Don’t worry, I’ll be there. Hey.
– Yes. Freshen up, I’ll wait outside. Be comfortable.
– Thank you. Take some more.
– Give me some gravy. You’re fond of food. Leela. Leela. Good morning. It’s 4:30 A.M. We can’t miss the
sunrise in Kanyakumari. Sorry, you go. I feel like I’ve found a good friend. Lifelong.
– You are right. I’ll go from here. Thank you so much. I had a good time. You know what?
I’ll drop you home. When I spoke to my dad yesterday,
he thought I was still in your home. I lied to him that I’ll be there soon. I didn’t tell him
I’m on a trip with you. Understood? Even I didn’t tell my family
that you’re with me. Why? I don’t know. I didn’t say anything
even when we left nor when we were together either. If I tell them now,
they might misunderstand us. By the way, we are not
doing anything wrong. So in that case, it’d be unfair
if people misunderstand us. Okay. Give me your phone number. Even I don’t have your number. Take it. 941…
– In what name do I save it? ‘This isn’t just friendship.’ ‘You’re not just a good friend.’ ‘I am dying to tell you
that I love you.’ ‘I’m yearning to say,
‘Don’t go, be with me’.’ ‘I’m yearning to say, ‘You and I will be together forever’.’ Leela! Leela, don’t tell my family about it. Inform them only if I die,
otherwise we will manage. Leela, I might die
without telling you this. My have fallen for you. I love you, Leela. From the moment I first saw you. ‘After the accident,
I was scared I’d die, hence I confessed that I love her.’ ‘But what was even scarier was waking up at the hospital and
finding you weren’t around.’ ‘Later, I learnt that you got me
hospitalised by the name Mahesh.’ ‘But you were gone and I was scared wondering
what happened to you.’ Excuse me. Can I use the phone?
– Sure. ‘Where are you? Who’s number is this? ‘What happened to your phone?’
– Maitri, my phone broke down, so I’m calling from a local booth.
– ‘I called you many times.’ ‘How are you?’
– Listen up. I am fine. My phone broke down. Where are you?
Your in Kanyakumari, right? I must say,
sunrise in Kanyakumari is beautiful. We all must see it together. I must say, it’s amazing.
– ‘You always say that, but you never take us.’
– Okay, I got to go. Tell mom and dad. I’ll be back the day after tomorrow. And tell them I am fine.
– ‘What do I tell them?’ ‘Mom wants to talk to you.’ Make her understand.
– ‘Okay, bye.’ Bye. Sir, this is a government hospital, right?
– Yes, it is. It took me two hours
to locate the hospital. Okay, chill. I am glad I was lucky, otherwise I’d be a dead man. Thank you, God. When I think of the bike,
these injuries are nothing. It was a case of hit and run, Mahesh. That truck driver ran away. If only I laid my hands on him, I wouldn’t have spared him,
I would’ve killed him. Actually, have no clue where Leela is. Are you sure nothing happened to her?
Maybe, she’d just fainted. She got me hospitalised, the doctor said so. She got you hospitalised and scooted. Hello.
– ‘Hello.’ ‘It’s me Leela.’ Leela? ‘Sorry, I couldn’t meet you
for the past three days.’ ‘How are you?’ I’m fine. Where are you? ‘I called up the hospital yesterday
and enquired about you.’ ‘The doctor said you’re alright.’ ‘Thank God.
Sorry, I am not there with you.’ ‘I registered your name as Mahesh.’ ‘I had to leave,
there was an emergency.’ ‘I didn’t know whom to approach.’ ‘Someone attacked my father brutally.’ ‘I am attending him in the hospital.’ ‘The doctor says
he might not make it.’ ‘They also tried to kill mom.’ ‘It’s a planned attempt.’ ‘I don’t understand anything.’
– Attempt? ‘Yes.’
– What? What are you saying? ‘The truck that hit us that wasn’t an accident,
it was sent to kill me.’ ‘When I got you hospitalised, my dad called me up
and told me everything and asked me to
come back immediately.’ ‘While he was talking to me,
he was attacked, I could hear it.’ But why is this
happening to your family? Why did they attack your family?
– ‘I’ve no idea. I am really sorry.’ ‘It’s all because of me.’ ‘Don’t stay there even for one moment, leave to your house at the earliest.’ ‘So, it was a planned attack to
take down your bike with a truck?’ That’s what she said, right?
– Yes. But why?
– She has no idea. She doesn’t know anything. This sounds scary. What’s going on? So many things happened and
you still are going to meet her and you’re going to stay with her?
– Yes. But why? I made a mistake. What mistake? When I was hit by the truck
and lying on the road, I told Leela that I love her. At that time? During that situation? I thought I was going to die hence I told her. You could’ve spoken to
your parents, your sister. You could’ve spoken to me, otherwise. All those thoughts flashed in my mind, but in the end,
I could only see Leela’s face. Her father’s name is Satyamurthy, right?
– Yes. Satyamurthy… Straight down, take a right,
second floor. What?
– Straight? First, answer me.
– The cameras are not working in here. Come on. It’s empty, there is no one here. Leela, who’s that? He’s my friends. You stay inside. Leela, please don’t cry.
What has happened to your father? I’ve no idea. No one tells me. He has lost a lot of blood. He has suffered major abdominal injury,
doctors are not hopeful. They’ve stabbed him
in ten different places. And your mom? She has suffered head injury. She fell down. They tried to kill her too.
She’s in the ICU. I don’t think even she will make it. What really happened, Leela? Can I be of help? Nobody knows anything. Even I don’t know anything. Why did you come here? I asked you to go home. There’s danger here for you as well. Okay. Leela, please sit.
Let’s sit and talk. Come. ‘Never thought there will be violence
in an ordinary boy’s life.’ ‘But it was about to happen.’ ‘My life turned into a violent
action story at the hospital.’ ‘If a situation were to arise,
we can handle it.’ ‘Because we have that
level of confidence.’ ‘That confidence is
very important in life.’ ‘And it was very important to use that confidence on that day
during that situation.’ ‘I remember every moment.’ Leela! Are you Satyamurthy’s daughter?
– Yes. Is this a hospital or what?
What’s with the crowd? Get going. ‘Suddenly he pulled out a dagger and tried to attack Leela.’ ‘Soon after I realised that
Leela was being attacked, I pushed her away.’ Hey! Police! Who are these men? What’s going on? Stop it! You’ve done a grave mistake! Police!
– I won’t spare you! Come on! Are you okay? Oh, my God! Are you okay?
– Who were those men? They would’ve killed you by now! Let’s go from here.
It isn’t safe here. Let’s go from here.
This place isn’t safe. How could they do that in a hospital? Are you hurt? I don’t know what’s happening.
– Are you okay? Are you okay? Listen up!
– Hey, who are those people? Who are those people?
They just tried to attack us upstairs. They attacked her with a dagger.
– Would you let anyone into the hospital? The security is so lose! Where is your security?
– I won’t spare you! What kind of a hospital is this? Where is everyone?
– Why don’t you answer me? Sir, I don’t know anything. What do you mean you don’t know?
This is a darn hospital. Just call the police
if you can’t do anything. Call the police.
– Where’s the police station over here? How far is it?
– It’s takes 40 minutes from here. Hey, it’s police, right? Come, Leela. Yes. What’s the problem? What’s the problem? Sir, her father Mr. Satyamurthy
is admitted upstairs. He was attacked three days ago
and now two men just tried to kill her. Sir, there’s absolutely no security. He is in bad shape and
I can’t move him out. Do I go to the police station?
Or what do I do? Whom should I speak to? My English is weak,
I don’t understand. Darn it.
– Darn it. Why don’t you file a written
complaint at the police station? Ask them for police protection. Who are you? Sir, I am her friend,
I studied with her. Alright. Who is she? She is Leela,
Mr. Satyamurthy’s daughter. Are you from South of India?
What’s your name? No, sir, I am from Vizag. Your name is Vizag? Sir, my name is not Vizag,
I am from Vizag. Do you understand that?
I don’t think so. Who had come? What happened? He hit them so hard that they got scared and ran away.
– You hit them? Why did you beat them?
You could have called the police. I would’ve come immediately.
– Sir, they had a knife. They tried to kill her. They attacked her with a knife,
so I hit him. What do you want me to do? You want me to ask him
to stop showing the knife and pick up the phone and call you? Sir, are you understanding
what I am trying to tell you? The weapons are still upstairs,
you can go check them yourselves. We are afraid. I need your help.
Can you help us or not? I understand English. You can handle everything,
then why do you need us here? You will bash up the goons,
you’ll protect these people, am I right? Why do you need police? We will go! Sir, I don’t expect
a police officer to talk like this. I don’t know why you’re
talking like this. Kamat, come here.
– Can you do something about it or not? Tambe, go check. Okay, sir.
– Not you call Kamat. Sir, he is calling you. They are calling you, Kamat. He’s the same guy, isn’t it?
– Yes. Why did he go talk to him? Don’t be scared. I totally get it, sir.
Now I understand. What did you understand? Come with me. Come on. In English ‘Come, come’. Who?
– Don’t bother yourself, ma’am. Lie down. Sir, we found this weapon here. Let’s look into it later. Okay, sir. Alright, I am here now, I will handle everything. I don’t want a circus here. All of you leave.
Friends, family, all of you. Get going.
– Get going. Leave.
– My parents are admitted here. I will stay here with them. Rest of them can go, if they want. Sir, just the two of us, will be here. Look, you yourself said two men were here,
I get everything. You shouldn’t stay here,
you should get going. Go. No, sir, she wants to be
with her father and mother. We’ll just be here,
we’ll not disturb you. But, there’s permission
for only one attendant. The girl’s mother can become
her husband’s attendant. Now, the girl wants to be here, too. You want to tag along with her, and your friend wants
to tag along with you. You’re driving me crazy!
Get going! No, sir, this doesn’t look like
a hospital that follows such rules. Not the hospital’s rules. My rules! No, sir, I am not going
anywhere leaving Leela. Oh, my God! Don’t you understand
if I told you once? I told you to get going!
– Sir! Why don’t you understand?
– What’s going on? I told you to get going!
– Sir, please! Why are you not going?
Why are you staying here? – Listen! I will handle the case! I have fixed it,
it’s going to bleed for some more time. Is any problem…
– Are you a real doctor? Yes, of course, I am a real doctor. What sort of hospital is this? Did you know what happened upstairs?
– I don’t know about all that, sir. They tried to kill us.
– Sir, you need to calm down. What… – If you keep moving,
you’ll continue to bleed. What are you talking about?
– Just settle down, sir. Please. Yeah. Okay, fine. Nurse, make sure he is comfortable. Don’t stress. Relax. We’ll look into it later.
– Who’s upstairs? There’s only one police officer. The rest were sent away.
– Is he gone? The police officer left. But who is with the police? Forget that. Look after yourself. There’s a police officer upstairs. Listen up! What are you doing?
– Listen up! Why you both are here?
You were here to kill her, right? Then, why did you fail? Look… Sister, what do you want?
Go inside. Sir…
– Close the door. Now what? This is all I can do. Cameras are off. What more can I do? I have also sent the nurse inside.
You expect me to do your job as well? Look, don’t waste much time. Finish them in five minutes,
I am leaving. ‘I shot them.’ ‘I thought I have a story
to tell when I have kids.’ ‘The truck rammed into my bike but nothing happened to me.’ ‘Two men attacked me with a dagger,
but I managed to escape.’ ‘I pushed a police officer
from the stairs, I’ve no idea what happened to him.’ ‘And with his gun, I shot these two men.’ ‘But who tells such
stupid stories to kids?’ ‘How would I tell my kids
that I killed people?’ Oh, my God! Are you okay? Get up. Please breathe! Oh, no! Oh! Please call the nurse!
– It’s okay, just calm down! Wait, I’ll call her!
– You need to call the nurse! Please call the nurse!
– You just stay calm! Oh, my God! Did you kill them?
– Mahesh! Did you kill them? First, listen to me.
– Call the nurse! – Oh, my God! What have you done?
– Just calm down! Yes, I killed them!
I had to kill them! If I didn’t kill them,
they would kill all of us. I had no choice! They’d kill you, me, Leela,
her parents, everyone. This is police case!
– Hey, where is Leela? I have locked her in
the room downstairs. This is the only way we can go out! Come on!
– Take left and straight down! Come on!
– Hurry up! Mom, are you okay? We have no time,
we can make out seeing him. What is our plan now?
Are we going to their house? Honestly, even I don’t know. A little delay and
they would’ve killed them. They are influential people. The police officer is involved, too. Not one honest person
in the police department? Let it be. Let’s think about it later. First , we need to take them home. I am sure they will be
waiting for us at home. We’ll have to admit him in hospital. Hey, check for the nearest hospital. The nearest, it’s Belgaum.
– Belgaum. Belgaum? I won’t go there. Let’s go to the police station there
and tell them what happened. With their help, we can at least
get him admitted to some hospital. I hope he will be alive till then.
– You shot those men. When the police ask you why you did so,
what will you tell them? You think they will believe you? We will explain clearly. Please. Are you hiring a vehicle to go home
or shall I’ll drop you right here? It takes four hours to
get to the destination. I don’t have permission.
– I told you we’ll go to their house. Now, he is refusing to go.
What do we do? Alright, go. Ask the driver to cooperate.
– No… Be careful! Mahesh, what’s happening?
– The driver is shot! Be careful! I think he’s dead! What are you doing?
– What’s happening? Hey! You ran over the driver! How will we control the vehicle? They are coming for us!
What do we do? They are chasing us! Now what? Oh, my God! Be careful! Keep a watch!
– Okay! How’s it possible? It’s just impossible! They are dashing the vehicle! Be careful! What’s happening? Fast! They are dashing the vehicle! Their vehicle toppled!
– What happened? Look straight!
– Are there more vehicles? No, go on.
– Are you sure? I suggest we go to their house! Why don’t you pay heed to me? I suggest we go to their house! Hey! Hey, what are you doing? Look… Bring everyone out of the vehicle. Get down! Get down! Come on, get down. Get down! Hey, bring everyone out of the vehicle.
– Please! Go! Fast!
– 1, 2, 3, 4… Come on.
– So the old man is inside. Anyway, he’s almost dead. Sit on your knees.
– Sir! I said sit on your knees! Put your hands behind!
– Sir, please. Please.
– Should I tell you again? Sit! Put your hands behind! You’re Leela, right? We planned to kill you. He came in between, else you’d be dead by now.
– Please, sir. Please.
– Is the old man still alive? Remove the life support! Go!
– No! Please, sir! Let go! Please! Please, sir!
– Sir, please don’t do that! Sir, please!
– What is it to you? How are they related to you?
– Sir! You’re concerned about them. How is she related to you?
– Sir, please! You killed everyone
at the hospital, didn’t you? Shall I shoot you down?
I will kill you! Shall I? He is innocent!
Please let him go! Did you disconnect the life-support?
Get going from here. You have nothing to do with this.
Get going from here. Do you know why I killed her?
– What have you done? I make the police believe
that you killed so many people. You killed her, her mother,
the nurse and also her father. Okay? Take the gun. Hold it tightly. Leave your fingerprint on the gun. Then, shoot yourself. Do you get it? Here, hold the gun. The way I am holding it,
take a look. Hold it. You wanted to rescue the girl.
– Sir, please. Now, you kill them yourself.
Take the gun. I don’t want the gun.
– Please, sir. – What? I don’t want it. What did you say?
– I don’t want this gun. You got to kill them, take it. I said I don’t want your gun!
I have my gun! That’s fantastic! You’re amazing!
– Mahesh! Are you okay?
– You saved us! You’re amazing!
– Leela, are you okay? Mahesh, check on Leela’s father! Leela, are you okay? Check on father. Is she okay? I’ve no idea.
– Is she okay? Oh, my God!
– Is he dead? Go and ask him! Go check!
– Calm down! How many are left? How many are left?
– Listen to me! We must get out of here
before they come! We must go hide somewhere. We’ll go in the ambulance.
There is one place. Dr. Yashwanth.
– Where? He’s our family friend.
– Where is he? Let’s go to his house.
– Okay, call him. Atul.
– Hi, Leela. Are you okay?
– Where is your father? Did you tell him?
– Yes. What happened?
– Just see what happened. I will see. Atul, wheelchair. Doctor, please help! Look what has happened.
– Don’t worry. How did it happen? Oh, God! How is he?
– Atul! Mom, don’t worry,
everything will be fine. She’s badly wounded, Leela. Is it hurting a lot? Look at your legs,
the road was full of stones. You have wounded your legs badly.
– Buddy… Go sit.
– My hand is hurting badly. I said go sit. She needs to rest, come. I have removed the bullet,
but the nurse is still critical. Your father is very critical, too. We must shift him to a
good place for treatment. And I think we should
involve the police. No, sir.
– No, sir, not the police. Please.
– Listen to me. I know your concerns. Look, whatever you did
was for self-defense. They will understand, don’t worry. Come on.
There are some good police officers. I know some good police
officers in the department. I’ll talk to them. Like ASP Devanshu,
he is a good officer. Are you sure, sir? Buddy, we don’t need police, I don’t trust them. Listen to me. He will tell anything, but we have to think
what we need to do. Once we step in,
anything can happen to us. What do I say?
You have killed three men. They are looking for you to kill you. Let’s call my father
and tell him everything. But what do I tell him?
Should I tell him I am here with Leela? I have to tell him everything. I don’t understand what to do. Until yesterday, I used to play
like a kid with everyone, today, it feels like I’ve grown
ten years older in just one. I feel like a man.
Anything might happen. But whatever happens,
I think I can face it. We’re not police, we’re not thugs
or gangsters either. Now, I have learnt what violence is. A guy teased Maitri
and I bashed him up, but that was a minor scuffle. I never thought a fight like this
would ever happen again, but anything can happen in life. The question is whether we have the
courage to face difficult situations. Today, I have a gun in my hand.
Two, actually. And I’ve killed four men with it. Now, why do you need guns? Give them back, we are safe here. Yeah. We’ll surrender them to the police,
we don’t need them. I am sorry. I’m so sorry, it’s such a mess. It’s all because of me. This isn’t your fault. Stop crying. I was able to help you. Maybe, that’s why we even met. You staying in my home, our meeting, coming on the road trip with me. Everything happens for a reason. And love. After the accident,
I was scared that I’d die. That’s why I told you I love you. I professed my love at the wrong time, but what I said was right. At some point during the road trip, not on my mind, you connected to my heart. My timing is wrong again, but my love for you to true. You’re absolutely right. You can confess your love
at any point of time. I wanted to…
– Leela! You’re sitting here? Come inside, there’s nothing to worry. I have told everything to the police,
they will surely help you. So don’t worry.
By the way, what’s your name? Dad, I’ll just switch on the motor. What happened?
– There’s no water in the bathroom. Wait. I’ll talk to them. That’s it!
I don’t want to hear anything! Just get into the jeep! You hit a policeman,
you also stole his gun at the hospital. And it’s still in your hand.
Get into the jeep. Give me the gun. Is he the good officer
you were talking about? No, I spoke to the
police control room. I asked for A.S. P Devanshu.
– Devanshu has sent me. Don’t annoy me.
Sir, you’re getting into big trouble. These guys are very dirty,
they are bad fellows. Come on.
You can annoy me in the jeep. Now, watch the fun unfold. Oh, my God! You said he’s dead. Hey! Mahesh! Take them inside! Go inside! I said go inside.
– You did such a huge blunder. Now, they are pointing guns at us. Hey, get into the jeep! Hey, how many times
do I have to tell you? Get into the jeep. Atul, do you know them? Atul? Oh God!
– He almost shot me in the head. I was lucky to survive. Dad.
– Atul, what are you doing? Ask him to surrender.
– Look, this is wrong. Put the gun down! Hey! Mahesh, go! What’s going on?
– Don’t shoot! Doctor, you go inside!
– Listen! Don’t shoot!
– I said, go inside! What are you doing? Listen!
– Go! Listen to me! Doctor, you go inside! What’s going on?
– Come out! Listen to me!
– Open the door! Doctor, are you with us or with them?
– I am with you! Didn’t I help you?
Didn’t I save the nurse? Okay. Is there a back door?
Is there a back door? No, there are no other doors.
– Any other way they can get in the house? Are you sure you locked it? Upstairs!
– Doctor, come fast, he stopped breathing! Go check him, please go!
– Open the door! Come out!
– Come out! Why are you hiding inside? Why are you hiding inside? Come out! I won’t spare you!
– Oh, no! – No! Step aside!
– Kill all of them! Oh, my God!
– Old man! We won’t spare you! Why are you killing
these innocent people? What do you think you’re doing? He’s my father?
– So what? Should I dance? They killed Mahesh!
– Mahesh! Come out!
– They killed Mahesh! Open the door! Mahesh!
– Why are you opening fire? What did you get by killing him? Answer me!
– Oh, God! Go away!
– Darn it! If you don’t open the door,
we will kill all of them. Leela! Leela, are you okay? Don’t move! I am coming there! No, don’t come here!
– You killed an innocent guy! I am in a fit of rage, tell your dad to move back!
– Look, this is wrong! I will call the police! What are you doing? Don’t call the police! Come out!
– Hey, you! Hello!
– No! Why have you cut the phone line? Oh, my God!
– Dad, come out! You put yourself into trouble. Leela, come on,
we have to go from here! Look, they killed Mahesh. They killed Mahesh!
– You can’t get away! Mahesh was your best friend. Open the door! Hey!
– Doctor! Can you save Mahesh? Doctor! What will the doctor say?
I will tell you. You think you’re smart! Leela, we will find a way
to get out of the here. Leela! Open the door!
– Stay put, I’ll be back in a moment! Don’t go!
– Don’t be scared! Stop! What do you think you’re doing? Please stop!
– Hey, he turned off the electricity! What do you think you’re doing?
– He’s running! Hey, stop!
– Stop! Where is he?
– You can’t get away! Come on, quick! This way! Go, go! Down! We’ll have to get out of here! No!
– No, listen! This is the only chance we’ve got!
– I can’t! I am not going to die here!
It’s okay! Listen! It’s okay! I’m not going to die here! It’s okay!
We’ll come back from them! No, please! – Just trust me!
No, no, we’ll come back for them! Come on! Come! You! You’re trying to get away from us? You’re trying to get away from us? Hey, I won’t spare you! Let go! I will kill you!
– Let go else I will kill you! Leave him! Take the gun!
– Hey! ‘I made up my mind that
I won’t run away getting scared.’ ‘Fear should fear me.’ Leela, I am going back. What happened? I am getting angry. A police officer attacked us. I never expected that to happen. The police who protects the public… Mahesh! Mahesh! Your mom, your dad, and you. That nurse. They are cruel people. They killed them. Now, I’m not afraid as to
what will happen with me. Whatever happens, I will handle it. I never thought such
a situation would arise in my life. No matter what happens,
I shouldn’t be afraid. Leela, it’s not safe
for you to be here. I’ll drop you somewhere safe. But I’m going after them. I don’t know what I’ll do to them. But I will confront them.
I want to know why they did this. I’m going to kill all of them. They won’t know what hit them. Tell me where you want to go, I’ll drop you there. No, I’ll go with you. I’m going nowhere, I’ll be with you. Let’s go. I’m going nowhere. Let’s go. You’re not police, you’re goons!
– Calm down! Go inside! You killed innocent people!
– Allow us to do our job! Get away! Lock him inside!
– Dad, calm down! You people are goons! Your father is mad!
– Where is he? You people are goons! Go inside! I said go inside! We’re doing our job!
Go inside! Just shut up! Go! Let them go! What are you doing? Why did you get me here? Please listen to me. Where are you taking me?
– I will tell you, come on. Where are you taking me?
Listen up! Dad, come on!
– Listen to me! I…
– You will find out everything, come. Leela, let me know
if you’re getting scared, I will do it alone. Once this is over,
we’ll get plenty of time to cry for those who died for us,
but not now. Don’t cry, I really need you. We’ll take a room here,
I want you to be safe. Keep this gun with you.
Be careful, okay? Use if necessary, it’s okay.
You’ll be fine. I’ll keep it in the bag. Make sure no one sees you, keep low. Call me once you get in the room.
Use Mahesh’s phone. Tell me which room,
I’ll be there in five minutes. Mahesh’s phone is with you.
Ask for single room. Single occupancy, okay? Cover your face,
and don’t be afraid. They would’ve gone inside,
they won’t see you. That’s better. Go. I’m very scared.
– It’s okay, you’ll be fine. Go. ‘I have a plan, we just need to
identify Atul and doctor’s room.’ ‘If I take Atul to task,
I’ll get to know who is behind this.’ My God! What have you done?
– Dad! Dad…
– I can’t tolerate this. What kind of a man you are!
Why did you kill them? Dad…
– You killed them in our house! My house! I am a doctor! I save lives!
– Clam down, Dad! Clam down, Dad. This is wrong!
– Look at me. Relax, okay? Calm down. This is all because of you! Dad, there’s a big problem, okay? Kamat will be here.
I’m only asking for ten minutes. – No! I’m only asking for ten minutes!
Stay put! Dad! Hey, Atul! Doctor! What are you up to?
– Leave me! What are you guys up to?
– Leave me! You’ll see sense if I gun you down! I have already killed men,
it’s easy to kill you, too. Speak! Why did you kill all those people?
Who are you people! Speak! I will kill all of you! Hey, stop! ‘Not necessary that things
should go on as per planned.’ ‘But at times, the plan works
better than expected.’ Leela, come out of the room,
get the bag. Don’t forget anything. It’s all over. All are dead except
for the police officer. Come, come fast.
– Did you hear the sound of gunshots? Don’t worry, just don’t worry. Just come out and we’ll go from here. The sound of gunshots
came from this room. Yes, that’s right.
– I heard them, too. Let’s go check. Hurry up. Come. Oh, no! Come on. Leela! Come with me!
– Why should I come with you? You killed my parents, you killed my friend, too! Go to hell!
– Hey! You’re a murderer!
– Come with me! Come! What happened?
– Nothing. He was a drunkard, he’s gone,
go upstairs. I said go upstairs.
– Okay, sir. There’s a situation.
– Okay, sir. Hello. Yes, Kamat speaking. Note down the vehicle number.
MH102445. A bearded guy,
he’s going towards Balki Chowk. Find him and bring him
straight to the guesthouse. Don’t take him to the police station. Look…
– What’s going on here? Out of the way! Move! If you want to cry, you can cry. No one will come here. I’m sorry. Don’t know how everything changed in jiffy. If I could change whatever happened, I would do so. Forgive me, Leela. I thought they will kill
your family at the hospital, so I brought them out, but I still couldn’t save them. I am sorry, Leela. Don’t say that,
it’s all because of me. If not for you… Mahesh is dead. He came here for me. Everything came to end
in just a second. He is dead. He was just 20! What will I tell his parents when I go to his house? How will I face them? No, don’t shoot, he’s a police officer!
Let’s go! Wow! You guys are hiding here? I know what I should do. Where’s the gun? I threw it away.
– What? You threw it away? Your boyfriend speaks
too much English. Where is it? Where is it? Somewhere on the way. Somewhere? I see. What’s this? And you said you don’t have it? Now, watch what I will do. I wrapped it in the cloth. No!
– Watch how I will kill your boyfriend. Did you see my target? Darn it! Let go! I said, leave me! How dare you raise your
hand on a police officer? Leela! Open your eyes! Leela! ‘I wanted to kill him,
but I couldn’t.’ ‘Because he is a police officer and I’m a common man.’ ‘That’s why Leela stopped me, and because of that mistake,
Leela was battling for her life.’ Leela, nothing will happen to you! Leela, I am with you! Where do you want to go?
– To the hospital! Listen, what happened to her?
– Just a minute! She met with an accident! Look, call the police
only then I will take her. Was she shot at?
– Please listen to me. I won’t go.
– Please, let’s go to the hospital. I won’t go! Hey! What are you doing?
– Listen up! Stop him! My taxi!
– Follow him! Leela, nothing will happen to you! I am with you!
Nothing will happen to you! Don’t do this, just go! Leela, stay calm,
I’m taking you to the doctor Don’t put your life
at stake for me, please. Leave me here and go!
Please, just go! Go away from here! Go away! Please! No, Leela, I can’t leave you and go! I will never do that? Will you tell me
your name before I die? Please tell me your name. I’m not going to let you die, Leela. I am not going to let you die! Leela, just hold on, okay? It’d be wrong if I die
without telling you this. I don’t know what would happen
after me telling you this, but I’m still telling it to you. I love you! I love you! Actually, I love you too! Actually, I am about to die! I am not professing my love
because I am about to die. Since a long time. You know from when? Yes, I know. Since when?
– You fell in love with me after we shared the same room
at a hotel in Kanyakumari. Am I right?
– Oh, God! That’s why even you realised, right? Yes, Leela.
When I looked into your eyes I realised it at once. I wanted to tell you, but there were series of events and we couldn’t talk
properly to each other. But now, I will tell you.
I love you very much, Leela. ‘Two unidentified bodies were recovered
at a private hotel in Kolhapur.’ ‘The guests staying in the adjacent rooms
heard sound of gunshots in the room.’ ‘Two men found dead in one
of the rooms of a private hotel.’ ‘Eyewitnesses from the neighbouring
room told the police…’ – Sir. Zoom in! Stop! I can’t see his face.
This footage is useless. The cameras in the
hospital were shut, too. So no footage there, either. Sorry, sir,
we didn’t get any information. What will he do?
– Come fast. Let’s go.
– Check each and every hospital. What will he do with the
girl’s dead body? Marry it? And if the girl is alive, where is she?
Which hospital? The one who brings
the boy dead or alive gets cash prize of 1 lakh rupees.
Offer valid today and tomorrow. And be happy, no sorrow.
– His name is Mahesh, sir. The boy on the bike,
his father’s here. Sir. Sir, I am Mahesh’s father speaking. Did you find out who killed my son?
– Wait a minute. Talk to him. ‘Police said that they
recovered five bodies from a private ambulance
in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.’ ‘Social activist Satyamurthy,
his wife, the ambulance driver, the nurse and a 25 years old youth.’ ‘They died due to severe injuries.’ ‘The incident has shocked the state.’
– Sir’s in a bad mood. ‘After thorough investigation…’
– And you, bring the file. ‘It is learnt that the 25 years old youth
hails from Vizag, Andhra Pradesh.’ ‘Police said the youth lost his life
trying to save Satyamurthy when he was attacked by goons.’ The local MLA of the area has
expressed regret on the incident.’ Greetings. How are you? Yes.
– I am Kamat from Kolhapur. How can I help you? Sir, a case has been filed
in our police station. The boy who was driving the bike,
his name was Mahesh, but the bike has been
registered under your name. Mahesh was my son’s friend. He borrowed the bike.
He was accompanied by a girl. I guess they were on a road trip
when they met with an accident. Mahesh called me up and
told me about the accident. So, what’s the big deal? Big deal? Where’s your son?
– He’s here, at home. What is his name?
What is his surname? Name?
– Rajinikanth. Rajinikanth?
– Yes. Rajinikanth! Why are you lying? Rajinikanth? Do you think I a fool, sir? Don’t try to mess with me
and if you do, you’ll be finished. Tell him! Okay, just a minute. Rajini! Son, come here! My son Rajinikanth. Are you Rajini?
– Yeah. Actually, there was a guy with Mahesh, we’re here looking for him. Sir, thank you. Thank you! ‘You’ve only been trying
past several months.’ We are trying, sir.
– Tell me. Where should I transfer you to? Sir, sorry. Be prepared,
you’ll get the transfer order tomorrow. Sir, no! That mongrel has ruined
everything I’ve earned in all these years as a policeman! I feel like hitting somebody now. Sir! Sir, let go! Sorry, sir.
– Come here. Sir, these are the
details of new officer. I have urgent work now. What’s wrong with you?
– Nothing, sir. Then, why are you so stressed? Relax.
– Okay, sir. Oh, no! ‘My name is Rajinikanth.’ ‘I am a police officer!’ ‘Girls are a huge fan
of Rajinikanth sir, so I decided to give
myself the same name.’ ‘Rajinikanth.’ ‘There are many people with the name
Rajinikanth in the telephone directory.’ ‘Whether I go to school or college, whenever someone asks
for my name, I say, ‘I am Rajinikanth’.’ ‘Everyone stares at me
an extra three seconds.’ ‘So I don’t tell my name to anyone, because if I do,
they don’t believe me.’ ‘A lot of people react
the same way Kamat did.’ ‘So, this is the first
episode of my life as a police officer.’ Kamat! Since we met last, I learnt a bit of Marathi. Actually, when you came home
looking for me, I came here looking for you. ‘Not once, I came many times.’ ‘I’d stand outside the police station
and check if there or not.’ ‘Not to kill you or see your ugly face but whenever I saw you,
I used to feel very jealous.’ ‘You would do the job as you please.’ ‘Then I thought,
I should be in your place.’ There would’ve been one difference,
I would be a good policeman.’ ‘So, I wrote the Union Public Service
Commission exams secretly and was about to be selected for
Indian Administrative Services, but I chose Indian Police Service.’ ‘After the police verification
at my residence…’ We’re here for the police verification.
– ‘I trained at Hyderabad.’ ‘Then I got my first posting at Pune
as an undercover cop.’ And then I insisted my posting here. A boy who was once
aimless in life, a spoilt brat, he has become a police officer today because of you. Thank you. I wanted to know how this started. I started following you. I wanted to know why you
wanted to destroyed that family. The doctor helped me a lot, but I wanted
to know how his son was involved in this. ‘That poor guy died,
but the doctor had his phone.’ ‘We found a woman’s
pictures in his phone.’ ‘We found the same pictures
in an album in Leela’s house.’ ‘I immediately knew
something was fishy.’ ‘It took me one year
to find that woman, but I did find her.’ ‘Her name is Anamika.’ ‘When I spoke to her, I learnt about
a twenty five years old love story.’ ‘She fell in love with a man
at a political party office.’ ‘Nathuram Dubey was a gangster,
but also a party worker and Anamika was a member
of the same party.’ ‘He wooed her with
talk of his ideology.’ ‘No one knew that
he was already married.’ ‘Even Anamika came
to know about it later.’ ‘They were together
for one whole year.’ ‘One day, Anamika told him that she’s pregnant with his child.’ Anamika was very happy,
but Nathuram didn’t want the baby. He asked her to abort the baby,
he threatened her, but she gave birth to the baby and handed the baby to her sister
and ran for her life. Only the two sisters knew about this,
even Nathuram didn’t know about it. And that child is Leela. ‘Nathuram is a politician, a leader,
he’s second in command in the party.’ ‘If his party win the elections,
he may be the next chief minister.’ ‘When Anamika got to know this,
she turned up at the party office.’ ‘She insisted on meeting Nathuram and told him that he has a daughter.’ She told him that he betrayed her,
he tried to kill their daughter and he has no right to
become the Chief Minister.’ ‘Anamika told Nathuram
that Leela is his daughter and he has to accept her
in front of the society.’ ‘But Anamika made a grave
mistake by telling the truth.’ ‘She forgot what kind of
a man Nathuram was.’ ‘He found Leela in twenty days and gave a contract to kill her
in a road accident.’ ‘Nathuram’s men tried
to kill Anamika.’ ‘Anamika managed to escape,
but no one knows about her whereabouts.’ ‘After a week,
when Anamika called Satyamurthy, he got to know that
Leela’s life is in danger.’ ‘But Satyamurthy didn’t know that
his life was going to be in danger, too.’ ‘And then, he was attacked too.’ ‘Next, you came into
the story at the hospital and then Atul, Nathuram’s right-hand, the doctor’s son.’ ‘He was the root cause
for all the troubles.’ ‘Police officer Kamat, that’s you and gangster Viren.’ Only one villain is still alive and
that’s you, the others got killed by me. What you did at the hospital, what you did at the doctor’s house
and what we did next, is all written in my statement and I have gave it to
the police commissioner. I wanted to take action for which
I had to become a policeman. Your phone will keep ringing. Do you know why?
Because Nathuram Dubey is arrested. I used his aide against him. Many people helped me
to get him arrested. We’re about to bring him here,
your game is over. Two of your police colleagues will be chargesheeted today
for conspiring with you. One of their statements
is here with me. I didn’t have to use much force. He confessed to his crime on his own. You are not a smart police officer. You didn’t know who I was and I made this plan on that basis. All of us planned this together. You avenge you, it took me two years and six months. I had the patience, I waited. I risked it, but I was never scared. Today, I am DCP Rajanikanth! Hey! What do you think of yourselves?
Why have you brought me in? Who is Anamika? If this could happen to me, what can happen to the common man? Give me your phone!
– Shut up, sir! This is a police station,
and this is my station. This is neither your MLA hostel
nor is this your house. There is proof and evidence that
you were involved in these murders. You attempted to murder
your own daughter. Your lawyer is on his way, until then please be
seated in that room, sir. And that’s an order! What statement? What evidence?
– Go inside! Come on! Either you escape or get killed! I have lost my mind! I will take ten policemen down with me! Kiddo, you will teach your father
how to do it? You’re a novice. You’re trying to act smart with me? ‘Mahesh is dead. Forgive me.’ ‘He was very brave.’ ‘I killed him. I took revenge.’ ‘Everything is over.’ ‘You’re okay now. We are okay now.’ ‘You don’t have to be there anymore.’ ‘Come home.’ ‘I’ve spoken to my father,
he’ll bring you to our house.’ ‘I love you.’ What happened? Why did you stop? This place was the first time
you got on my bike. I know. It’s getting dark. We can stay over
in a hotel if you want to. One room or two rooms? Wait, I got to tell you something. Thank you. For saving my life. For giving me a new lease of life. You risked your life for me. I am not sure if I thanked you. You’re my hero, too. You’ve chosen an apt name. Will you stay with me? I will stay with you
until my last breath. Will you marry me? Yes, but I want to say something. I want to marry you. I have become lonely now. I have nobody. I am with you.

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