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Music Rehearsal Advice from a First Time Theater Director

Tonight I’m back for day 2 of rehearsals and tonight and the next couple days we’re just going to be working on music with the cast and I might have a chance to pull a few of them aside and work on table work. Learning music in a musical is Quite challenging sometimes if you’re used to just doing straight plays You probably don’t have much experience learning music or dance for a show but if you stick around with acting long enough eventually You might have to learn a song even if you don’t do a musical you might have to learn a song for a show Or do some movement calls. So it’s also good idea to brush up on your music learning abilities. I I can tell you– music rehearsals are often really tedious they’re usually the first thing you do in a musical and you spend hours and hours and hours sometimes pounding out harmonies and blending with different parts and learning difficult passages and it always seems like a really challenging thing sometimes to get your head around some of these harmonies and then a few days in suddenly those harmonies click and they become melodies to you and So that’s how it always works for me is like once I sing the harmony as a melody It clicks into place and it makes it easy to do it For these music rehearsals as a director, I’m just sort of kind of sitting around I come to the rehearsals, but I don’t really participate I just sit in the corner and I try to envision The dance numbers and the staging of these pieces It gives me a lot of time to think about the show and the blocking and the problem spots I become more and more familiar with how the music sounds and when I start hearing the tones and the Excitement of the music coming together and and the pieces it fills my mind With lots of ideas about how I can stage these pieces so that’s a really exciting time of rehearsal and it may seem like I’m sitting there like a lump but my brain is just going On overdrive as I’m learning these songs along with the ensemble and occasionally the music director will Ask me a question. Like where do you want this or who do you want to sing this part or what? Are you gonna do who’s on stage during this this part of the show and suddenly? I’m forced to have to sort of make some decisions about some things that I might not not have even considered so far So that’s an interesting part of it, too. I don’t have it all planned out. I’m kind of guessing So hopefully I’m making the right decisions as we go along

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