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My Gaming & Home Theater Setup – v1.0!

Hey guys this is Austin. Welcome to my new
gaming and home theater setup. The star of the show is absolutely the Samsung Curved
SUHD TV and I’ve got to give a big shoutout to Samsung for sponsoring this video. At 65
inches this really fills out the setup but there’s more to it than just the look, with
a 4K Quantum Dot panel it’s hard to argue with the picture quality. The color is on
point and it gets surprisingly bright, even in a relatively well lit room it holds up
and a lot of it is thanks to the HDR 1000 tech to really maximize dynamic range. Paired
with the Quantum Dot display you’re getting solid color accuracy. As a TV in 2016 it of
course has smart TV features and while I usually end up just ignoring these Tizen on the 9
Series is actually pretty quick. Something cool is that you’ve also got PlayStation
Now built-in, pair a DualShock 4 with the TV and you’re ready to play. As with all
cloud gaming setups this is reliant on having a decent internet connection but I was pleasantly
surprised at how usable it was even over Wi-Fi. You can rent games individually or subscribe
to play the entire catalog and there’s a decent selection of some of the best games
on the PlayStation 3, it’s a nice addition to the TV and you’ve also got the option
of using Gamefly streaming as well. Gaming on it is solid as you’d expect and with
a coax input I was even able to go old school with an Intellivision to get some retro gaming
in on a 65 inch TV. The remote is simple and clean too with voice commands that actually
work and there are cool little features like the TV automatically recognizing what’s
connected to the inputs. I also set up my gaming PC which for now is the Hadron, it
outputs a clean 4K signal to the TV which not only works for video but also gaming,
especially when it’s paired with an Xbox controller it works well as a 4K couch gaming
setup. Speaking of my main gaming console is actually the Xbox One. It might not perfect
but there are quite a few Xbox exclusives I enjoy such as the Forza series. For audio
I use a Samsung J450 Soundbar, not only does it pack a serious punch for being so tiny
but it also has a wireless subwoofer which I’ve got off to the side and the entire
audio setup turns on and off automatically along with streaming audio wirelessly. It
might be a small thing but when it comes to all of this tech in a single setup cable management
is a serious task. To help everything pop a little I’ve got an Osram LED strip run
behind the TV, not only can the color be changed but it just does a lot to make everything
look cool. Making sure everything stays running nice and smoothly is the Google OnHub router,
I live in an apartment with a ton of Wi-Fi networks and the OnHub does a killer job of
cutting through the noise to keep a consistent signal going. I’ve also got most of my console
collection out on display, I haven’t worked out a way to get all of these consoles connected
at once mostly out of fear for the enormous cable job but it’s easy enough to hook something
up when I want to play. Probably my favorite console ever is the lime green Game Boy Color
and I actually did an unboxing of this one brand new a little while back but nothing
brings back memories faster than some Pokemon Red. I have a few unopened consoles around,
mostly from picking them up outdated as they were on clearance like this PSP and PlayStation
TV along with a couple DS models. I’ve also got the Fallout 4 Pip-Boy edition out on display,
I’m usually not one for collectors editions but they absolutely suckered me in on this
one. I’ve still got a lot more work to do here but sometimes I’m just happy to take
a step back and enjoy the setup as a whole. So what do you guys think? Let me know in
the comments below especially if you have any suggestions for future upgrades, this
is only version 1.0.


  1. turtlesonfleek Author

    Your Setup:
    4K Curved 60" TV with a PC hooked up with pretty much every console ever

    My Setup:
    A tiny desk with a really good PC, a TV from 15 years ago with a PS3 and WiiU.

  2. George lippitt Author

    great set up not to sure about curved tv ive got lg 55" 3d 4k led smart tv. ps3 ps4 3d 5.1 lg surround sound works well and sound good with deep bass.

  3. N.D. Strider Author

    One suggestion I have for hooking up multiple retro consoles is to buy a composite switch box on Amazon (mine has 8 inputs) and connect any consoles that use coax into a VCR (and output the video and audio through a single composite video connection).

  4. Steffen Rasmussen Author

    Why the fuck does people use those soundbars. They cant deliver. Get 5.1 or 7.1 real surround system. The gaming experience is totally different

  5. Freddy Twotimes Author

    I’m old school and enjoy 5.1, even at low volumes for the channel separation. 5 independently recorded channels is great in video games as well as film.

  6. Mark Magorrian Author

    My gaming setup: Xbox one is connected directly to the TV. Ps VR is connected through the Xbox. PS4 is connected to the tv. To play PSVr I unplug it from the tv and into the back of the box. My setup is a mess


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