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My Profits from Bag of Ice Machines

Hi, Everyone! My name’s Mariel and I am a Bag of Ice vending
machine owner. I wanted to tell you a little about my machines
and how much MONEY I’ve earned in the past 6 months. Just to let you know, I was new at this, and
I had a friend who had gotten into the business. It seemed too good to be true, but when I
ran the numbers, they – simply put – worked… I was sold. I was so sold…I bought 2! I’ll tell you more about the process in other
videos, but for right now I’m going to show you my profits. I installed my machines in June of 2016….a
little over 6 months ago. And one machine is almost paid off! Here are the profits from only ONE WEEK in
July last year. As you can see, I made over $1000! This is not typical, and – I’ll be honest
these profits are seasonal because of my location. These machines are in completely different
types of areas – and one it making a lot more than the other… See my next video on How
to Choose a Location for more information on that. But as you can see, that’s not too shabby! If I could have changed anything, I would
have bought a bigger second machine as it kept running our of ice! I could have made more! You may be asking if this trend lasts. Well, because the type of location I chose
was seasonal, the trend doesn’t last… As you can see here, profits in the off season
are *really* down. But again, that’s because of my location. I purposefully chose a location where I pay
rent based only on the number of bags sold and utilities are included…so when I have
a bad month, I’m not in the negative. Here’s my QuickBooks statement for the year. As you can see, my profits are amazing. Even when they start to dip as the season
ends, I’m happy. Why? Because my bottom line is higher than I predicted! So what are my plans? I’m moving the first machine to a new location. It’s relatively easy with Bag of Ice machines. I only need to rent a forklift and a flatbed truck. I’ve been thinking of moving the first machine
and placing it next to the second one, or to another location similar to the second. Right now I’m doing my Spring Cleaning on
my machines and I’m looking forward to another great year of profits! Look for an updated video with profits from
2017 as well as more informational videos! I love my Bag of Ice machines, and if you
get into the business hopefully you will too!


  1. Lanford Mims Author

    You mentioned in your video you moved your 1st machine and would make an updated vieo on how that went. Have you had chance to make the updated video?

  2. Leo Grana Author

    How much did it cost you to run water and electo your maker?
    Also are you leasing the land? And if so how much do you spend for that?


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