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Did you know that Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been cancelled four times and Joel Robinson doesn’t sleep much during the process of filming the series? Hi, it`s Alex and you are watching HOW THEY CHANGED. Three decades, a smartass janitor and some robots riffed on bad movies — and kicked off a sarcasm-comedy revolution In the not too distant past – a moderately successful stand-up comedian named Joel Hodgson slipped on a jumpsuit. He then spent a few hours on a Minneapolis UHF station making fun of the terrible movies Invaders from the Deep and Revenge of the Mysterions from Mars, alongside a couple of handmade robot puppets. Only a handful of lucky Minnesotans were watching KTMA that Thanksgiving night, 30 years ago. They all saw the birth of a pop culture phenomenon: a charmingly cheap-looking show that, no joke, changed television. Joel Robinson doesn`t sleep much. While some viewers assumed he was high, and most others didn’t think too much about it at all, it turns out Joel just needed a nap. When the original Mystery Science Theater 3000 pilot was recorded for KTMA, Joel Hodgson had been awake for four days straight getting things ready — building props and sets, writing skits, basically creating the entire show from scratch. By the time the cameras rolled, Joel the actor was running on nothing but caffeine and determination. There were only two guest stars. Mystery Science Theater 3000 has been a cult favorite, basically from day one. That doesn’t mean the show didn’t have its celebrity fans, though. But while many viewers fondly remember Adam West and others guest-starring on the show, they didn’t actually. West was one of many guests brought on during the bumpers for the Turkey Day marathons. The show proper only had two guest stars: Leonard Maltin and Minnesota Viking Robert Smith. And that’s all interesting facts about Mystery Science Theater 3000 for now. Hope you enjoyed this small review. Next episodes are coming soon. Leave a like and take care friends!


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