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Naachiyaar Tamil Full Movie

Hi ma, thank you so much for planning to
take me on a vacation… to UK and Switzerland. Come soon! I’m waiting. Fool! Don’t you see the signal? Crackpot! – Hmm..Stylish pants, shirt, goggles!
– You alright? The baby’s safe? – Oops! Police!
– Where’s your helmet? Sorry madam. – Greetings.
– Drive safe. Its ok baby. Keep moving! (H1 Police station?
Control room calling) You guys.. listening to FM? – Attend the walkie talkie!
– Ok madam. (H1 police station receiving) – Where’s Feroz?
– Yet to come. Oh! What are you doing?
Fostering these men? – Go and remand them!
– Ok madam. Why is she in mufti? – Sir, is madam there?
– Why? – Just to pass an info.
– She’s busy. Wait. Usha. – Madam?
– My leave letter. – Hand it over to DC’s office.
– Ok madam. Madam, remember me? You came for an
inquiry the other day to the hospital. The corporation hospital. You came
looking out for a girl, Arasi. – Yes.
– I saw that girl. She is sitting alone at the
Palavanthangal railway station. Madam is taking the vehicle.
Rush! How long have you been
working in that hospital? For 2 years, madam. Where did she say she is from? Initially she told she
is from Royapettah. Then she changed it to Chrompet. Make it fast. I have
been looking for you. – Told you not to step out alone.
– Mama (brother in law), no! Come. Get inside. Go! Madam, she is going in that car. Are you sure? Yes. That’s her. Ok. Get down. So Naachiyaa, you said
you are going abroad? Not yet started? Forget it! The accused in minor rape case
that you were searching for, did you catch him? Not yet. Durai has
gone searching him. Why? What’s up? Go! Bro, police! I will take care. Go ahead! Faster! Go fast! Kill him! Arrest that dwarfy! Keep moving! Hey..Stop! Stop! Run! Run! – Get down, you dog!
– Madam, please. Madam, she is my sister in law. She is my sister in law. What are the charges? Those two for snatching. His highness for rape case. – Got him?
– Yes sir. Remand those two. You, come here. Undo your trousers. Do it! Hands up. Whoa! How is it possible? You should be more responsible
being a motherless child. How can you trust a rascal… Forget it. Don’t hide anything from me. Who is he? Where did you meet him?
How did he cheat you? Tell me everything. Look at me. Don’t be afraid. I’m there for you. That rascal, who is responsible for
your plight must be sentenced to life. Please don’t harm
him, akka (sister) He is a good chap, very innocent. He is not the sole culprit. I am also a partner in it. – Hello.
– Naachiyaa, free to talk? Tell me, Feroz That guy, the rapist has
accepted everything. – Did he accept out of thrashing?
– No, doesn’t look so. What is the girl’s version? She also has clearly
accepted everything. Both are partners in crime.
Damn Chemistry! This must be filed as a minor
rape case since she is a minor. That rascal is not
sure of his age. Bloody Lillyput! Yes! He looks so. If we mention their age, it has
to be filed as a minor rape case. Let us surrender
them to the court. In that case we need to talk
to the public prosecutor. You better talk to
that crooked mouthie. Also, we have to deal the
case off the record. Poor kids. Publicity will ruin their life. We need to take care of it. Akka, will he come there? Who? Him only. Its long since I met him. Nobody is allowing us to meet. Let me see. – Sir. Sir.
– What is it? He grew up without the care of parents.
An innocent kid. Kid eh? How can a kid rape another kid? Mind you! Sir, please its all because of
his adolescent infatuation. He won’t repeat it. Please
forgive and leave him. Forgive him? Try saying the
same at the court. – Who are you guys?
– Friends of Kaathu. Close friends? Do you want
to go to jail with him? Get lost! – Don’t stand here. Leave!
– Sir. Please. Sir, please. Kaathu! Sir! Hey buddy, where are
you chilling out? Where else? In the court only, Saibu.
Tell me. Wherever you wander, you
have to end up with us. So true! We can’t get rid
of you itchy blisters! Gotta keep scratching life long! You better keep scratching! Come on! This is a bit serious. A minor rape case.
Naachiyaar is dealing it. Since they are minors, she wants
to keep it off the record. Thought as much! You are a bit humane
since it is Naachiyaar’s case. What now? You want a
signature from the judge? If it is forwarded by Naachiyaar then the
judge will blindly sign it as an autograph. – No worries.
– Ok. I will complete the ground work.
Are you coming with the accused? Sir, will you bring my
lady love also here? Saibu, very good case! Hey, carry on dude. Hello Naachiyaa, still
waiting for your promotion? It won’t come that easy because
you are a sincere officer. You better sit down. Bring that lucky brat. Is that him? – Have you got both their statements?
– Yes, your honor. Give it to me. What happened? Is that so? Look at your paunch. You! Bloody Romeo, stop romancing there.
Come here! What’s your name? Kaathu. What’s your father’s name? Why are you blinking
at this question? Ok. Tell me your age. You neither know your father’s name nor your
age but you are a master in everything else. Little rascal. Here you go…You, social workers. After doing all these naughty things, even
here he is playing with cupid’s arrows. If this is the case, how will
you safe guard this society? Nobody can take care of anybody. Excuse me, sir. Can I take custody of this girl? Why? My husband is a gynaecologist.
He can take care of her delivery. Does he run a hospital? Yes. Aathma women’s foundation. He runs a hospital free of
cost for the less privileged. I see. Do one thing, ask your
husband to file a petition… to handover her from the government
hospital after the delivery. If something goes awry then you will end
up in soup in spite of your good intention. Why do you want to earn trouble, put
them in your purse and lament later? Oops! In your case, why put
them in your pant pocket? Why do you take a special
interest in her case? Your honor, the girl is victim. So she is in good custody,
that is for good reason. Ms.and Mrs. Naachiyaar, asst. commissioner,
good protector..err..sorry, good productor. This is very, very
important your honor. So, please put her
below Naachiyaar. This is my judgment. You
please give me same judgment. Which division?
Thenkalai or Vadakalai? Father is South division and
Mother, North division. Thought as much. Naachiyaa, assess his history
first and get his age certificate. Yes sir. Tell them to keep him in custody for
some more days and inquire thoroughly. Take him. – Get the order done.
– Ok sir. – Indeed so.
– Indeed so. Look, who is joining us.
The joker. – Look at him, he is crying.
– Another one, also weeping. Now, look at him, buddy! What’s the charge on you? – Why are you dumb?
– Answer him! Careful. Madam… this is the order to be
handed to the hospital dean. This for the court. Arasi. Don’t cry, Arasi. You better attend this. What happened? Don’t cry, Arasi. What happened? Why are you crying?
Tell me. Hey come on. What’s wrong? Hey Arasi. Don’t cry. I’ll come out soon. Why do you cry? Tell me. Please, don’t cry.
I will be back. Arasi! Arasi! You! Quick! Move the vehicle! Don’t cry, Arasi! Please don’t cry, Arasi. No, don’t worry. He will be out soon.
Get up. Make it fast! Move! Arasi. Listen to me. He will be back. I said, he will be back. Feroz, start the vehicle. Make it fast. Get inside. – Go.
– Greetings sir. Greetings! – Mind you!
– Yeah right! Keep moving! – What’s your name?
– Shivraj. – Age?
– 16. Go inside. Go! – What’s your name?
– Kaathavarayan. – Your name?
– Bharath. – Age?
– 17. Get lost. – And your name?
– Kumar, sir. – Age?
– 16. Why do you take blood sample? To check if you are infected
with women’s disease (STD) Women’s disease? Its suppose to be women’s disease. Why would I get it? I am a man. Soon I am
gonna be a father. Fine! Happy news. What did you do to that girl? Come on. Open up. We saw
her crying yesterday. Buddy, instead of asking
what he did to her… – ask him how did he do?
– How did you do? Stop troubling him! Walk in a line. Go. Proceed. I said, move! Ayah, serve him less food. Why? Its for your welfare. He
is very sharp fellow. Hey kiddo, do you
want us to feed you? Feed him. Here, open your mouth. Stop fighting. Hey, no! Don’t fight. I said, stop fighting. I’ll kill you! I said, leave him! Stop fighting guys. Stop it. Hold on! Let go of me or I’ll bite you! Move! – Get up!
– Sir! Sir! – Clear the place!
– Sir! Sir! It was him! Started your mischief,
as soon as you came? Sir! Sir! It’s paining. Drag him down. Sir, he is a notorious rapist. You better get up and run away
otherwise you will be a victim. Let’s see who rapes whom! Sir, please. Sir! Please don’t beat me. Please! – Who dragged me down?
– It was them! Rascal! Scoundrel! It was them! Please
don’t beat me. How dare you? Womanizer! Behave properly or else I’ll
thrash your bones to bits. We guys have been loitering
happily doing petty crimes. Indeed! Do you think they can tame
us behind these bars? Look at this oldie, taking
food for the rapist. Buddy, I guess you gave
him a good bite. Listen dear. Dear… forget him. He is a brute.
Here, have your food. No sir. Why? Are you not hungry? No, I’m really hungry
but I don’t want. Is it paining? Not at all. But I’m hurt deep inside. Stop talking like a wise man. No sir, thrashing was not painful… but he spoke ill of my mother
and that hurts me badly. Let him! The sin of speaking ill of your dead
and bygone mother won’t spare him. No sir, I did mean my mother. I
am talking about my lady love. My lady love is my mother. Why are you confusing me? See, for boy like me, our
lady love is our mother. – Power house?
– Please get in. Hey, the auto rickshaw is here. I’m settled. I’ll be there soon. Is this your mother’s lap, to
jump and sit like a monkey! If you want to travel
comfortably then buy a car. Why don’t you get one?
Nicely dressed in a suit! Duh! As if this is
gift from your father! You crackpot! Move! I said, move! – Please stop!
– Please stop! Get down. Err..look at that now! Here you go. I don’t have change. Settle
his ten bucks with my due. Let’s go. Hello! Excuse me! Why do you wanna cuss me? I said “Excuse me” I don’t want your English.
Shut up and follow me. As if you are Lord from London. Samosa! Samosa! Hold on a minute. Akka! (Sister) Do I look like
your elder sister? Why are you so picky?
Getting offended. Give me my money. I’ll get a
samosa and some change also. You are the first customer.
I have no change. Samosa! Samosa! Looks like you will run away
with my money at this speed. Crackpot! As if I am gonna build a big
palace by the beach with your ten bucks! Why do you talk like an oldie? Hey…What’s your problem? Initially you
addressed me as Akka and now as an oldie! Watchout! Then what? Don’t you underestimate
the value of ten bucks! Listen, what all can be
bought for ten bucks! Two Samosas or else four Chappathis
and two Idlies from Amma hotel, If not that then rice-cake,
then two Parottas, Tapioca or two fritters, even an egg fritter costs ten bucks!
Do you know that? Glutton! Glutton! Keep a distance away from me.
People might mistake us. You are clad in a men’s shirt
, who will mistake us? Come again! Nothing. Give me back my money quickly.
This is where I need to go. Here? I am also working here. I’ll go inside, get change from
somebody and pay you back. Ok? Captain, look there, he is already
started his game with a chick. Let him come. I am going
to hit him for a sixer. Hey, look here…. hope you won’t cheat me. Get lost! Hey Kaathu… is this your wedding? Wondering since you
came with that chick. We traveled together in
the same auto-rickshaw. Why? Didn’t you guys
get a chariot ride? Do you know who is that? He is the
main player, her mama (brother in law) If you are into any mischief with her then
he will fry your bones in a frying pan. He is a don, don’t
you mess with him. Arasi, why are so late for
your sister’s wedding? Where’s your father? Appa (Dad) is little unwell. Mama
and thambi (nephew) have come. Go meet Farhana first and
then get on with the work. Ok Bai amma. Ok. Hey Kaathu… – Tell me Bai.
– When did you come? – Just now.
– Go and work in the kitchen. Why aren’t you all ready yet? – Make it fast.
– Ok. We will be. Arasi, what sort of a dress is this?
Don’t you have better one? – Give her some nice attire.
– No. No, its ok. Shut up. Give her one. “The land of Arabia is
fragrant with piety and values” Arabian soil is fragrant with
piety and values. What a lyric! Ajju bai, Inshallah, all well? Uncle, get lost! Hey fool, spread that sack. – Why?
– Do it. I’ll tell you. Place these on it. Now, lift it up. They are already set with the
holy bundle to the pilgrimage. – Lift it up.
– Push it up. – Oh Lord…
– Iyappa! – Oh Lord…
– Watch your steps. Hey! What’s wrong? Tell me! What happened? My trousers are torn. Please, don’t disclose to anyone. As if its a breaking
news to be on air. Just pull down your
shirt and carry on. No, I can’t. Why? Well, I haven’t worn innerwear. Crazy fool! There is a room downstairs.
Come over there. But after sometime. Ok? Hey, why are you twisting and turning?
Got an enema? My trousers are torn. Whoa! Torn trousers! Get lost! Inshallah! All well? – Yes bai.
– Yes bai. How foolish? He
shared this with her. Fool! Didn’t I tell you
to come a bit later. Give that to him first.
Let him go. Here, wear this. – Hey! Go change in the bathroom.
– No, I’ll change here itself. As if you are a Superman. Ewww! Yuck! Hey Kaathu… Look at that, Ayah (Grandma).
Nice and clean clothes. Come on! – For you?
– I had. Kaathu, I have to go for household
work at the landlord’s house. Would you pack me some
Biriyani when you return home? Chicken or Mutton? What ever? Better if
its Beef Biriyani. My taste buds have been
yearning for some delicacy. Ok. You leave. I will bring. Hey, have a drink. – No thanks.
– Why? Don’t you know my name? Why do you address me
like I’m a nameless dog. You haven’t told your name yet.
Ok, what is your name? Torn trousers? Kaathavarayan. Ok Kaathavarayan. Have a drink. Assalamualaikum,
greetings everybody. The groom is Mohammed Sabir S/O Haji Khaja
Moideen of Kalladaikurichi, Tirunelveli dt. The bride is Farhana Beevi D/O Latif Baasha,
7th Well street, Royapuram, Chennai. Providing a dowry of 100 sovereigns,
the marriage is being solemnised. – Do you agree?
– I do. – Do you agree?
– I do. – Do you agree?
– I do. Sign here. Congratulations. Excuse me, there
is no meat at all. – Some meat please!
– This is all that is left. Shut up and eat! Just a minute. Why do you shout for meat? Here! Eat your heart out. Don’t compensate this
for my ten bucks due. Eww! You cheapo! Arasi, come here. Why are you burdening
yourself with all the work? – Sit and eat now.
– Its ok Bai amma. I said sit. Come on. Enough Bai amma. Eat well. Growing kids have
to eat now, if not when? Inshallah! All is well here. – Thanks.
– Its ok. Hey, what is this? Biriyani Bai. Ayah left without eating
hence I’m taking a parcel for her. Why parcel? Take
the whole vessel. Didn’t you eat like a pig? You beggar! Given the space and you
would take things for granted. Don’t you have some sense? Would you
just like that give if he asks for it? You come all the way drooling for
a wedding in any Bai’s house. Don’t you dare to do anything
without my concern. Return it! Having emptied all the vessels, he wants to pack food
for his Ayah and sundry on top of that. Get lost! – If we feed him mercifully, how dare he pracels more home.
– Kaathu! What’s happening here? Kaathu wanted some Biriyani for his Ayah
and I gave some. Bai snatched it back. Why are you so cruel? Get lost! What is this? You are supporting
that boy and driving me out? – What’s wrong, mom?
– Rafiq, look what this Satan did! Bless me Allah! Aiyo Allah!
Allah Allah! Hey, stop. – What?
– Why have you left angrily? So what? You didn’t eat properly. You are still angry. Aren’t you ashamed? You slog like a cattle, can’t you afford to buy some
Biriyani for your Ayah? Why get insulted? I didn’t. Ayah only asked for it. Would you beg if she asks for it?
Get lost! I won’t be like this hereafter. – Why should you have to tell me?
– You are the one who left in anger. Here you go. Get some
Biryani with this. Not at all. I, myself will buy. No jokes please. Here. Have it. Please stop. Come here. Why do you follow me? Just like that. Don’t you do that. Why not? If you do I will beat you.
Is it ok? Leave now. Why do you trouble me like this? I will beat you for sure! Its ok. Listen, you should not
follow me here like this. Then where else can I follow? Hmm…I, myself will write the
place and give in a bond paper. Crazy fool! Ashok. Greetings. Move away. Hey kiddo, instead of sitting lazy,
give me a hand in holding this. Listen you half trouser clad,
is this an age to romance? – Never mind Akka.
– Did you just call me Akka? – Akka, I’ll come tomorrow.
– Ok. How long have I been waiting for you?
And your just not minding me at all. Oh! Is that you? Since fair, I
thought some North Indian guy. You also look like a village
girl in this new half Saree. Didn’t I recognize you? Gift? Would you like to eat Chappathi? I gave you a Chappathi. Why are you
eating it like a cow gulping brawn? How many times have I told you
not to come closer to me? Why make a fuss? As if you
are a cinema heroine. Why? Will you be attracted
only to cinema heroines? You doggy! What? A doggie? – Bow wow!
– Bow wow! I have nobody but you. We are children of God. How to name this bond? Soon we will be together beyond. Palms together… the breeze …
interchange our fingerprints. Our unison is for good.
For what our hearts yearned. I have nobody but you. We are children of God. God bless you my child. You are my mother…reincarnated! For thousand births…
my foot steps join you elated. I gazed up….
Wonder…Where’s the sky? Under your feet…
Not so high. The earth blooms…
The Gods bless… The Midas touch is…
You, me and us! Apple, Orange, Pineapple,
Grape and Guava! Hey! Who’s that? Playing tricks….that too on me? Apple, Orange, Pineapple,
Grape and Guava! Who’s this? Hey mechanic! Don’t you dare mess with me.
I warn you. What did I do? Why do eat and then
throw the seeds at me? When did I throw? Are you gutsy enough to mess with
me in the police quarters itself? Look, I didn’t throw. If you talk
too much, I won’t keep quiet! – Dare you do again…
– I swear, I didn’t. Arasi… Hey Arasi.
Make it fast, dear. – I’m coming.
– Its the 3rd whistle. Go check. Ok akka. – Come fast. Taking a long time! Like a woman dressing up.
– On the way. Hey, need some fruits. Be reasonable with the price. Akka, why should I be calculative? For you, I will be
totally generous. Master of flattery! Choose some good ones and hand
it over to the maid at home. Akka, have you become wealthy
enough to hire a maid? Shut up you fool. Ok, I don’t have change right now.
I will come and pay you later. Mechanic, keep an eye here.
I’ll be back soon. And you need me for all these. Hey Ashok, what are you
doing sitting here? – Chitti (Aunt)
– Chatti? (Pot) Who are you? What do you want? Who’s Jatti (innerwear) are you? Oh! He doesn’t know us.
Better clear the place. I won’t go. What will you do? I’ll hit you with the seeds. Guessed as much. Come on, I say! Hit me. Will you? – Hit me.
– Leave me. I said, leave me. Wait and watch me. It looks like she is an
innocent minor girl. Jesus! You have to save these kids. Its a baby boy, madam. – How is she?
– She is fine. Here. Sir, why have you
come personally? Nothing, that boy’s Ayah came to
the station and gave some clothes. Thought to hand it over
myself since it is en route. Sir, I shall carry it. Why is he sitting here? Kaathu. Hey Kaathu! Come here. Sir. Look up. What are these bruises? Who beat him? You! Come here. – Sir.
– Why did you beat him? He picked up a quarrel with fellow prisoners,
abusing them, as soon as he came in. He is a liar. Who? Did he lie to you? If you repeat this… I’ll see to that you will
be on streets begging. Get lost! Your Ayah has sent come clothes
and snacks for you. Take it. Don’t get involved in
unnecessary quarrels. Got it? I was quiet but there was a guy who
triggered me with nasty questions. If you are ashamed this much then imagine the
plight of the girl with a just born child. Did you ever give it a thought.
You senseless fool. Sir! Sir! Sir! Has the baby born? – Yes.
– Is it a boy or girl? How is my lady love?
Is it a boy or a girl? Its a baby boy. I want to see my child and my lady love.
Please take me there once. You can’t see them just like that. Then when do I get to see them? Let them grant you bail first. When will I get that? It might take some time. How long will it take? You empty headed imp! You should have thought
about this before touching that little girl. Poor little girl. Is this
an age to bear a child? Pity her plight with that baby. Sir, I will take good care of them. You will say all these rebellious blabber when
you are young then happily will ward off later. – I know you all.
– Sir, I am not the one. All you scumbags say
the same thing. Sir, I promise. I
won’t cheat her. Ok, so I presume you are a gentleman!
Let me wait and see in the future. First, let me work for your bail order.
You can go now. Just go away! Sir! Sir! Pass on my love to my
child and lady love. Oh yes. I’ll do it. You carry on. You promised us that you will come
on a holiday trip for ten days. But right now, you
are here with a kid. Do you remember that
we have our own kid? Did you think about
her disappointment? Don’t stare. It doesn’t
make any difference. Move the cloth a bit and hold. – Hello.
– Good morning, ma’am. I’m calling from MM labs. Which lab? This is regarding the DNA report. What? DNA report. – DNA report?
– Yes ma’am. Can’t hear properly.
Just a moment. Hello. Hello. – Ma’am can you hear me?
– Yes, I can. Now tell me. Ma’am, the two blood samples
that was sent do not match. Can’t get it. Please repeat. Those two DNA samples don’t match. What do you mean? Make it clear. Ma’am, that boy’s DNA doesn’t
match with the child’s DNA. So, it is confirmed that he is
not the father of that child. That’s all ma’am. We will send the DNA report to your
personal mail, ma’am. Thank you. Just a little bit. Enough. Appa bye. – Bye.
– Aarthi. What? I’m sorry. I’ll definitely take you for
a trip during Christmas. Ok? Promise. Just stop it! You know…trusting your
words, I informed my friends in my school. Now, how will I face them? This is not the
first time. You keep breaking your promises. Only your job matters to you. Go, pick garbage with your criminals.
Soon you will end up becoming one. Why should she be angry if
you keep up your words? Listen Naachiyaa, be clear with this… Don’t instill any faith into
children with false promises. If you disappoint them, that pain will
be etched in their memory forever. Ignore Aarthi’s thing… hiding the truth in this
girl’s matter is a huge sin. You better let her know soon. Akka… what is it? Nothing. Give me the towel. Give it to me. Arasi, is it painful for you
to be away from him? Yes. Only for few days. He will be back. Have you been separated
like this before? Yes. Once. When? You can get plenty of jobs here itself.
Why don’t you continue to sell fruits? I’m leaving you thus far, only to get the lump sum
amount due for me from Munniandi annan (brother) So for that will you go like this in
your half trousers? Aren’t you ashamed? If not, am I supposed to wear
silk Dhoti to run errands? At least, don’t you have a pair of pants?
Who will respect you if you go like this? It’s enough if you do. Here, have this. Get a
decent pant and shirt. No need of money. You, yourself are toiling so hard to earn your
living. Your aged father is also struggling hard. Give this money to him. Come on. Load it up. It is pretty difficult to get
a catering order for us; While I have to bend backwards for an order,
these stupids are romancing carefree. I have money, Arasi.
You better keep that. Listen, I will buy a pant.
I promise you. Hey, get inside the van. See you. I understand you guys went
to Villupuram for catering. Then what is the problem
with Munniandi there? 3, 4 , 5… Thanks anna. Is your wallet spilling
out with money? Why does an errand boy, like you,
who clears left overs wear jeans? When will you give me salary? Go and sit in the van. Will give later. No anna. Adding this, my salary for
four previous orders is pending. Settle it here itself. Will I abscond with your money? I know when, where and to whom
I should give your salary. No! Pay me right away. Don’t you be gutsy enough to interrupt me.
Get in. Will give later. No! I’ll come by myself in the bus.
Pay me up! You’ve gone out of wits
since you met her. Plan to squander the money,
chilling out with her? Don’t talk unnecessarily. Give me my money.
I’ll come on my own. Not a penny. Do whatever you can. Anna, throw his money. Why
rub shoulders with him? You shut up! How dare you raise your voice against me?
You dwarfy! You will never get your money. Go to hell! Start the vehicle. Anna, I demand my due only.
Give it to me before you leave! Haven’t you had three meals?
Your salary is digested in that. You didn’t feed me. The
marriage party took care of it. Oh, is that so? Then they will take care of you
through out the year. Enjoy your free meal. Try your best to reach home. Let
me see if it works out. Now, go. – Anna, I pity Kaathu.
– Shut up and drive. Hello. Ramesh, this is Kaathu. I know. Tell me. I came to Villupuram for catering. Munniandi annan chased
me away without payment. I don’t have money right now.
So, I am just walking home. Oops! Why did you go all
the way empty handed? Now, do one thing. Get some
lift en route and keep coming. Will finish my work, call you,
pick you up from wherever you are. I have come to deliver medicine.
Get back after I’m done. Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. Hello darling, how are you? Who is this? Mmm…its your Ayah!
No. No! Your wife. Hey, where are you calling from? From Jain’s house. Where are you? Me? I’m literally
walking on the road. Why? Because they left me in the
lurch after my job was done. Then what? Hence, I’m literally on the road. Fool! You had some money with you.
Didn’t you? No. I spent that to
buy a jeans pant. Tch..then how will
you come back? Remember my name? I’m Kaathu (Wind).
I’ll fly along the wind. Ok. I’ll call you later. Arasi, you can leave if you
have finished your work. Madam… can you spare me 200
bucks in advance? What? She wants an advance payment
of 200 bucks from her salary. Why are you making this as a habit? Calculate the loss of interest if you
keep paying like this in advance. Do we have to mind the interest
rate even in her salary? Listen Arasi… no more pestering like this. This is the last and final. Got it? Koyambedu stop. Get down. Where can I locate the
bus to Villupuram? There it is. – The problem is with some of us.
– Anna. – Will this bus go to Villupuram?
– Yes, this is it. Get in. – That’s what I mean…
– Are you sure it will go to Villupuram? – Where do you want to go?
– To Villupuram. It goes there. Get in. Tickets please. Ticket! Ticket! Are you sure it will
go to Villupuram? Yes, it will! How many tickets? Only one. When will it reach? I said, it will go! Anna, please hold on. What time will it reach Villupuram? I don’t know. I will get
down at Chengalpattu. Akka, at what time will
it reach Villupuram? No idea. Anna… at what time will
it reach Villupuram? Actually, where do
you want to go? To Villupuram only. Oh god! Some more time to reach.
Just go and sit! But how long will it take? Gosh! Only by 5 O clock! Won’t it reach before 5 O clock? Is this an aeroplane to fly fast?
This is a bus! Just shut up and sit! Why are you crying, dear? A guy who is known to me is walking
all the way back home without money. He can’t bear hunger. Would you like to
give him a call? Thambi, I’m taking a left
turn to Vikravaandi. – You better get down there.
– Ok anna. Anna, bye. Anna. Om Sakthi. Om Sakthi. You go Sakthi. – Anna.
– Om Sakthi. Is this Villupuram? Are you going to
Villupuram, Sakthi? Its just straight road from here.
Dindivanam and then Villupuram, Sakthi. Ok anna. Keep going. Anna, please stop. Please. Hey, stop the van! Who is this? Pull over the van. Akka… I want to see his father, badly. Why are you digging up
all these details now? When will you bail me out? I want to see my new born baby. Don’t cry. Hey, stop crying. Bloody F…. Scoundrel! Am I playing a bioscope
here, to watch? Get lost! Why don’t you thrash him
after formal enquiry? This is my style! Give him some Glucose. Why so much anger and haste? When young, I was also like you – making hasty
decisions, resulted in seven suspension orders to me. Here, at least have this. Here, drink it. Handle cases with some patience. Why should I? Aiyayo! Aiyayo! What happened? Why have they thrashed
you like this? Did you steal? Bluffed? Tell me! Sir… How many times do I
have to tell you? Why should you trouble yourself at this age?
Your grandson will be out soon. Don’t worry. Sir, I have not come for that issue. Then what? My grandson worked under him. He always took care of him
like an elder brother. Fearing, if paid directly my
grandson may squander the money. He would hand over his salary only to
me, without my grandson’s knowledge. He is a real good soul. He was the one who safely brought back
Arasi when she was stranded the other day. Gave the salary and
explained everything. I was the one who advised him not to take
responsibilities and insisted to drop her back. So, we took her back to her home. Sir, trust me even my
grandson may be a culprit… but this good soul would never have
done any such terrible things. How to proceed? Ok, don’t cry. I said don’t cry. You may take him with you. Just forget that. I feel that we
are enquiring with blinkers on. Searching out for the Ghee elsewhere
when you have the butter in your palm. What is this crap with Ghee,
butter and Dalda? Nonsense! Thank you! What I mean by
butter… is that girl. Do a proper enquiry with that girl. Nothing would have happened
without her knowledge. Believe me you can trust those
Whatsapp, Facebook girlies… but never these
uneducated dumb heads. Tricksters, they know how to seduce
men and then leave them in quicksand. Quenching their lust with one guy
and dumping the sin on some other guy. Excellent Aarthi. Keep it up. Sure Ma. Thanks akka. Arasi… come, sit here. Do you want to meet his father? Yes, you can. But before that, you have to answer
truly to some of my questions. Ok akka. Have you been acquainted with some other
guys like Kaathu? Say, in your workplace, nearby your home. Anyone like that? Ok. Have you every stayed
overnight, away from your home? May be in your relative’s or friend’s?
Something like that? Listen! Stop nodding vaguely. Give me an open, sound answer!
Got it? If you have any such outings…. don’t hide it from me. Tell me the truth. I promise on my baby. I
am not hiding anything. Come on stop! You crazy. Do you have to promise
on your baby for this? Stop crying first. I said, stop crying. I wanted to take a photo
ever since you came here. Wipe your tears. Do it. Now, smile a bit. Smile. Smile nicely. Put the baby to sleep now. What’s happening? What do you mean? Why are you playing
games like this? Ultimately, you want to get your promotion
by solving this case. Isn’t it? Aren’t you using this cheap
drama as stepping stone? Hello! Mind your language. If I’m just greedy about my promotion, she
would have ended up in a home as per the law. Think twice before you speak. I am not convinced with your deeds. If you are so upright… you can reveal that Kaathu is not the father and
ask her straight – with whom had she slept? She is a minor kid. How can
I be so direct and open? Won’t she be heart-broken? If you hide the truth
from this minor girl, it will ruin all three lives
including this new born baby. I don’t have nothing much to say than this.
Just be a little careful. Don’t you understand
what I mean? Your new born grandson is not sired by
that fellow, according to the doctors. No, I’m sure it is him. He
was the one behind her. Many have witnessed that. When did you know about it? One day she fell sick suddenly and I
took her to the Corporation hospital. There the nurse confirmed
her pregnancy. I was totally lost hearing the news. Why should God trouble us
with such a big burden? Of course. God also
needs some time-pass. Mmm…God gives
us only troubles. The same god assures that he will
pardon us after all our atrocities! But no God punishes that One
who kills people with bombs! No worries, we will have our
own fresh new ready-made God. After that what happened
to your daughter? I was helpless. I immediately rang up my elder son in law.
Since, he is the decision maker in my family. Mama (uncle), you better go home.
I will see what is to be done. – Let me be here.
– Krishna, accompany mama. Better leave. Poor girl. She is pregnant.
Why should you beat her? This is so common these days,
routine like your breakfast. Come aside. I know a private hospital wherein… you can abort secretly. Your father in law has messed up
further with a police complaint. Poor minor girl. Her life will be in pits.
Let us shift her away from here first. Rest I will take care. Well, you may leave. Will you drop me back home as you picked me up,
in an auto rickshaw? I have arthritis. – Perumal!
– Sir? Fix up an auto rickshaw. Lakshmi… can you lend me 100 bucks? Kick your… Already you owe me 400 bucks.
I’ll rip you apart! Veena dear, lend me 100 bucks. I’ll
return it as soon as I get my salary. The irony…Perumal
himself is begging. – Sir, what did I do? Leave me.
– Come with me! – Sir, why me? Leave me.
– Shut up and follow me. Your husband is on a pilgrimage
to Sabarimala for your sake. But you are an accomplice in this crime – making obscene videos
of women and blackmailing them, teaming up with the cable guy Looking so complacent? Munching
right royally! Get out! Do you realize why are you here? Did your father in
law give any hints? Yes, he did. But I wonder
why I am brought here. Don’t play innocent with me. Out with it. Where is that hard disk and your
eloped husband – that cable guy? The truth is out. It was you
who has raped that girl. When that minor boy came into
picture, you made him a scapegoat. Poor fellow, he is in soup now. If I jam it inside, your mouth
will be totally shattered. Who is this gentleman? Sir is the main accused in the Arasi case. Her mama (brother in law) – Taking him inside and hang him upside down.
– Ok madam. Madam. Madam. Sir,
please leave me. Madam knows me well. She knows me. Please leave me. Listen to me. Please leave me. Madam, don’t you recognize me? I
have been beaten by you once. Is it a proud thing to boast about?
Shameless creature! Its me. The same guy whom you overtook
in the outskirts and thrashed. Remember you were in a black shirt,
black pant and a goggle on your head. Come to the point. Do you accept the charges on you? Sir, don’t confuse further. True
that I had an eye on her… but the charges are false. Then what she told was true. Didn’t you threaten her that you would make
her pregnant if she refuses to marry you? You are mistaken madam. I’m not of
that sort. It was the minor boy. But he swears its not him. And if it is not you
now, then who else? Don’t hide the truth! Come on sir, you talk as if I was
the witness watching everything. Madam, I’m innocent. Trust
me, I’ll fall at your feet. Please leave me. I want to do something
really good for you. The court will abide by what we submit
– the evidence, the certificates. If you want us to be in favor of you then
you will have reciprocate accordingly. Got it? What do you mean? You want everything to be explicit. Madam… give us a minute aside. I’ll be back. Thank you. Come with me. Come! Don’t hesitate. Madam… often we have heard about this
adage ” Cunningness engulfs you” Watch it happen live here. Ok I understand that
neither of you did it… but somebody has misused
her in between. Unable to find the culprit, this lady
is trying to fix you up in this. But why sir? Can’t imagine you are so innocent.
She is expecting bribe. Try to mobilize some 5 lakhs and I’ll
see to that you are out of this mess. I don’t have that much money. Ok. How much can
you mobilize now? I can try to mobilize 3 lakhs
from a doctor known to me. Who is that? He is a family friend. He will
give me any amount of money. Can you give it by evening? Sir, give me some two days time. Stop. This is the place. Here you go. What is the matter Shivanandi? Doctor… lend me 3 lakhs. Its very urgent. What is this? Always
pestering me for money. How much more should I give you? Its not for me. Its for the police. Sister, please wait outside. Why should you have to
give money to the police? He is in Fathima clinic. Didn’t I tell you that we
better abort her baby secretly? You were the one who said it was
a sin because she is a minor. Having done all this, that
scoundrel is sitting in the jail. And the police demands
bribe from me. Otherwise they threaten
to put me behind bars. Don’t be louder. I pity you doctor. Your bearing all the burden
for my family’s sake. Ok madam. Madam… have you come for abortion? I have a better place.
Cheaper than this. – Are you ready?
– You moron! I’ll hit you. Get lost! Thanks madam. After accepting the bribe, hope the
police won’t show their true colors. No way. He is a good
samaritan, just like you. I think he is also a bai. Even when he asked for a bribe, he was so
friendly with a warm hand on my shoulder. Why do you give me a
prescription instead of money? Tch…hand this to the address mentioned
there. You will get the money. Sivanandi… don’t ever leak my name if
there is police enquiry again. Why are you talking senseless? You
have done so much good for my family. You are like a God to me. Ok madam. Tell me sir. How long have
you been in this business? Madam, may I know why you people
are treating me like this? Spoken English! Show him the photo. Do you remember her? What do you mean
by just nodding? Do you know or not? Ok. Out with it. How many years…
in this profession? Past 15 years. I’m not asking you to include
your compounder days. How long have you been a doctor? Shall I tell you? Three years ago, you worked as compounder
under a lady doctor in Ranipet. She is an abortion specialist. You learnt the ropes of
this trade from her. Am I right? Do you think I’m bluffing? If its a lie, tell me. Lets presume its a lie. Recording. – Seems like he is so alert.
– Hey! Who are you? Who are they? What’s
happening here? – Who’s that?
– Who are you? I am a maid here. Madam, she says she
is a maid here. Maid? Show her the police first aid! Get lost! You did your schooling at Kaatpadi government
school. Failed thrice in the 12th grade. You desired to earn a degree in
correspondence but that too flopped. But now, you are a doctor? So far you have a track
record of 100+ abortions. A girl from Chengalpattu died
because of your quackery. Madam, you got a wrong person. Don’t misjudge me by fair skin and face with niceties like ”
Hi”, ” How are you?”, “Very nice”, ” Cho chweet”, “Cho cute” Gutsy to slit your throat. If you accept the truth on your own,
at least your limbs will be spared. Or else if I put you behind bars
with all these available evidence… You are forty….two now. You will spend the rest of your life
there… to come out as corpse. Madam, you can’t mess
up with me that easy. Most of my clientele are the
daughters of big shots. In fact… many parents from your department
have brought their daughters to me. This is very common now a days. Don’t
wash your dirty linen in the public. That’s all I gotta say. Then its up to you. These
sort of enquiries… Come again. Warning us not to
wash the linen in the public? No! Madam, I have not
done anything wrong. Madam, please! Please! I did not use a condom, doctor.
Will there be any problem? Don’t worry, sir. If anything
goes wrong, I’m there to abort. Won’t I take risks for you?
Don’t worry. Easy, sir. We make money only if we abort.
Why is it otherwise now? In this case we make money
only if we don’t abort. If that oldie toyed with the minor
girl with the arrogance of money… you had ruined her life while
planning to plunder money from him. Isn’t it? Everything’s fine here. I’ll talk to you later. How dare you step in to enquire
me in such a filthy case? How dare you enquire about
sweepers and scavengers to me? Shall I bring some juice? Did anybody ask for it? Go
and mind your business. Tell me. Only the truth. Idiot! Do you realize where you are sitting
now and to whom you are talking to? This place where I was born and
brought up is a holy place! Where you go and worship is Temple for
you but where I reside is a Temple. Everything is equal before law.
Be it a temple or trash. I will file a defamation case against
you for your arrogant behavior. I warn you. Better go and
meet your senior officers. Nope. They will order you and
you better follow it sincerely. Get out. Get lost! Had it been an ordinary person, you would
have hung him upside down by now. Isn’t it? Already received four calls from
DC’s (Deputy Commissioner) office. His brother, that doofus… one who offered juice… would have creased the palm of
the whole department by now. Its her. – Hello.
– Hello madam. Why should you be tensed up for these insignificant
people? Ultimately we are the power holders. I’ll deal this right away. Relax. – She is very much here. You want me to pass the phone to her?
– Yes. One sec ma’am. Yes ma’am. – Report to me immediately.
– Ok. Congrats. Dump all your evidences
into Hundial. Also, shut up your mouth with
a cloth while you return. – Oh! Sorry. Sorry.
– Come on! Start! Where’s your cap? Forgot. What is the problem between you
and that automobile financier? Nothing personal.
Just an enquiry. Look what she is up to. A guy has
accepted that he raped that minor girl. She also concedes by. Even after that she has busted up the girl’s brother in law
and a doctor to get a statement against that financier. But the DNA result differs. Don’t argue. Do you
know the basics? Any blood test should be done thrice. Repeat the blood test
for the boy again. But repeating the blood test
will have the same result- know. Do as I say. Leaving the real accused scott free, you dared to enter into a
reputed man’s house and behaved arrogantly in guise of an enquiry. Listen, its a fate that when an elephant
marches on, few ants are prone to die. That is the Philosophy of Power. Its the fate of that minor
boy and the minor girl. I can’t explain everything in
detail to you. Try to understand. Excuse me! But the boy is innocent – know. Hello! Don’t talk in sheer arrogance of
straight appointment as soon as you graduate. I know who I should
pass on this case to. Now, I’ll send the third memo
to your higher officials. You deserve that. You will be served you suspension orders by
tomorrow morning 10 O clock. Go and receive it. Now, clear out the place. Why are you irritating our madam
right from the beginning? Clear out now. Madam, please. If you drag us to court
then our business will be ruined. We are financiers who
lend money for interest. Already, many who borrowed money
from us are awaiting our death. If this matter leaks out then
no one would return the loan. I have bribed the higher officials
and everyone is pacified. Hope DC madam would
have briefed you. Let bygones be bygones.
Please hush it up. I am willing to give any amount
of compensation for that girl. Settle her. What’s your… What’s your bargain? Property or cash… your choice. Don’t worry about your suspension orders.
I’ll see to that it is canceled. Nothing can be done.
Rotten system! That DC is just a
mediator in this system. By now all the deals
would have been done. Tch….This filthy
money is like Methane. It will dive deep down the earth
and destroy everything totally. What will happen hereafter, you will get your
suspension order by 10 O clock tomorrow. The case will be handed over
to someone else immediately. Blood test will be done again and it will be
proved that the minor boy has sired that baby. Case will be totally closed. This is the ‘Reality show’ Nobody will care about the pathetic plight of that minor girl
with baby to look after and that minor boy after release. In fact… Including you nobody will care. What do you mean? Let me hit the bulls-eye. Do
you want justice for her… or something good for her? I don’t get you. You can’t handle the case from
tomorrow morning 10 O clock. But you can do one good
thing before that. Whatever compensation they are willing to
offer, just accept it and give it to that girl. Let them live happily with that money. Are you trying to settle
the case off hand? Listen to my words of wisdom. Hey…Naachiyaa…. Just a minute. Just a minute. – Hi aunty.
– Hi. Thank you. Bye. – Go and play that side.
– Ok dad. Did I say anything wrong? Your daughter, right? Suddenly grown up! Girl child… Better take care. Why don’t you reveal
it now at least? I didn’t mean now. May
be tomorrow morning? Yes, what do you want? Who’s that? Turn around! Relaxing eh? Help! Help! Help! Help! Help! Welcome. Are you an avid
fan of animal channels? Those hunting games of
the wild predators? Occasionally, sir. For time-pass. Oh! What you have done recently
is also a time-pass for you? Did a tremendous job off the record… Can’t imagine that man can
be butched off like this. Are you a police officer or a
professional thug? How did you do that? Seem to be thoroughly knowledgeable…Which
nerve to be severed to make important parts immobile. Already people are distancing themselves
from us, as if we were Aliens. To cement it, you have
committed such brutal act! He is just a breathing vegetable now.
You might as well have killed him! Madam… What can be done with her? No second thoughts, sir. Only suspension
can teach them a right lesson. Perfect but the government itself has
rejected all the memos you served on her. Looks like your wishes
won’t be fulfilled. Sir, I don’t have any
personal motives against her. Can you please stay outside? What can be done now? Before these Human Rights
people make a hue and cry… the only trump card that we
have is ‘Transfer order’ There exists a fanatic, uncultured casteist group who kills
their kith and kin in the name of Honor and Pride, ruthlessly. You better go there. That
is the best place for you. Show your valor to them. You will get your order soon. Go
and join then. You can leave now. What did you say? When an elephant walks, few ants are prone
to die and there is nothing wrong in that? Remember, a small red ant can drive a huge
elephant mad when it gets inside it’s ears. Get lost or I may hang you
upside down and skin you alive. Go get a memo even for this, exhibiting
your broker skills. Get lost! My sweety pie. Wake up. Your father is waiting
out there for you. Sweet heart. Prabhu… hope you heard. Do you still want to
reveal the truth? Yes, we have to. For
their good future. I will go and tell him first. You better
tell her and handle it in a mature way. I beg you! Good job, sir. Finally his
prayers are answered. The Lord must have sent you here. You will be blessed if you
help him to have a happy life. Don’t cry. Appa will
be here with us soon. Arasi. Akka. Does she know about this? She does know. Gather yourself and move on. Have you told her? Why did you reveal this
petty matter to her, madam? I know her madam. She wouldn’t have
done anything wrong knowingly. She is just an
innocent child, madam. She has given birth to this child,
thinking about me every second. In that case, who is the
father of that baby? Its me, right? Indeed me! I am the father! Its me. I am the father, madam. You have made a grave
mistake, madam. I’m upset with you, madam! Come here. Listen, I have a daughter. She is also like my own daughter. I haven’t revealed anything to her. You better keep quiet. She doesn’t know the truth. Don’t confuse yourself
unnecessarily. You are a great soul! – Sweet heart! My darling! My sweety pie!
– Ticket! Ticke… Three tickets please. Only two, right? No, three. My, wife, my son. You, yourselves are half-tickets Now, you have your own son? Great! Digital India is born!



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