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Naanum Rowdy Dhaan – Tamil Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi | Nayanthara | Anirudh Ravichander

Pandi! I was looking all over for you.
And here you are. This is not the place to sit. Right?
Get up, now. When your mummy comes, I’m telling on you!
– Please don’t tell her, sis. Told you so many times not to sit there. This has become a habit. Get in. Remove the “hand”, you! Shut up. Is this tea? Or booze? Put that down.
Get in. Don’t touch me. I’m Raja, mind you. Go on.
– Stay locked up, Raja. A pencil. Whose could this be? Uncle.
– Yes? Who are you?
– The pencil… This is not a juvie prison.
How did you get in? My mum is a cop here.
I sneak in when there’s no one. Your mum is a policewoman?
– Yes. So you’ll study to become a great cop, huh? I’m a little confused about that, Uncle. Uncle, who is greater – a cop or rowdy? Good question. I’ll tell you a story.
In the end, you decide. Okay? Okay, Uncle. Once upon a time, there was a cop and a rowdy. One day, there was a huge fight between them. Mongrels like you shall hide in fear
when they come to a police station. Not stand here with nose in the air.
Got it? What’s funny? Why do you look so blue? A cop’s blow.
Lost a tooth, did you? My tooth didn’t fall off… Chiclet! So what the thug did was… When the cop was walking on the road… In front of everyone, even his daughter,
he bashed up the cop so bad. Let go.
– When a cop comes out… …Especially with his little one. Shouldn’t you be more careful?
– Hands off me! Dad! A rowdy’s blow! That’s your real tooth. Make a wish to tooth fairy. Hold on to the teeth you have left. So, you know what the angry cop did? He pulled out a gun and ‘BAM’, shot the thug. Did the rowdy die? Not quite! That flop cop misfired and fled. Lawmen are like serpents. Once they coil your leg, they never let go. But we shall be one step ahead. The next day,
the rowdy sent a big gift to the cop. Sir? Who is it? A package for you, sir. Why a gift? Listen up… He planted a bomb in the gift. The bomb exploded and the cop’s wife died. The terrified policeman bolted out of the town. What’s happened to him, sir? There was a gas explosion at his place. He’s getting transferred to another town. It’s tough being a cop
when you’re a family man, right? That too for a sincere police officer like him? All the best, Ravikumar. Thank you, sir. Sir, I’m opening up a new liquor store.
You must inaugurate it… From liquor shops to politics… He became a big shot in town,
and settled there. You tell me now. Who won?
The cop or the rowdy? Rowdy is greater,
but you’ve been locked up in a cell. He must be locked away somewhere, too. Just count to five. 1… 2… 3… Yes! 4… We just arrested him,
and you’re here already? 5. Open! That’s all, my boy.
Take it. Your pencil. Ta ta. Buhbye. My own Angel of Justice!
Thank you very much. I don’t want your pen. Only finger printing. Yeah. See you, my boy. I’ll be back.
Let’s go. Mummy, Kuzhali sister asks me to
sit inside the cell for no reason. Really?
– Yes, mummy. Okay. I’ll handle it. Shall we go home?
Get your bag. Careful, son.
– Ma’am. One minute? Your son always sits inside the cell. He doesn’t talk to any of the cops here. He only talks to the criminals and crooks. Normally, cops’ children turn into…
– Hold it! I don’t want to hear your stories. I know about my son.
He came and told me everything. Another word about my son… And I’ll personally drag you into the cell
and pummel you. Okay Ma’am.
I won’t say anything. My son WILL become a cop. I know how to make it happen. Bye! A rowdy is a good person. A man with a conscience. One who would even dare to give up his life
for those who believe in him. But a cop?
He wouldn’t. So you’ve got an issue.
You take it to a cop and a rowdy. Or even God. Who would get down and address the issue? It’s the rowdy, right? Boss. You know I am right. In most movies,
rowdies are the heroes, right? So who is the hero?
– It’s the rowdy, boss. Correct. Hello? Brother, a bad policeman is like a rowdy. A good rowdy is like the police. I just want to be a good rowdy. Go on. Arms up. 179. Next… Breathe in. 80. Raise your arms. 84. 87, right? Yes, 87 kg.
– Are you done? Next! Hi mummy!
– Carry on. What’s his weight?
– 87 kgs, Ma’am. Don’t write such a big number.
It will jinx his health. Weight is the one thing
he has gained on his own. Reduce it a wee bit.
– What shall I write, Ma’am? Maybe 60 or 70. Shall I write 70?
– Great. Do that. 70 it is.
– Okay. Be it fear or respect;
You do feel something. They make you shiver. Whereas when you see a cop,
you pretend to respect them. Rowdies are awesome. Got it? Hello? Boss! Run fast and they’ll make you a cop.
Then you can’t become a rowdy. Slow down a bit.
Or they will make you a cop. So… What did he clock in the 100 m sprint? Thirty seconds, Ma’am. That slow?
– Yes, Ma’am. Make it lesser, please.
– You tell me what to write, Ma’am. Maybe 5. Or 6 seconds? Ma’am, Usain Bolt’s world record is 9 seconds. Oh. Is it? Write that down, then. 9 seconds?
– Yes, good. How are his vital stats? Please be mindful.
– I will, Ma’am. He’s a playful boy. Need to make him a policeman, somehow.
– Okay, Ma’am. Dude, you’re all healed.
Why don’t you take that off? Look at my bandaged face. Looks pitiable, right? People who come to hit me
take pity and let me go, dude. Dude! Our job is all about being macho. Get rid of it.
– You can fool the world, but not me. Boss! Boss… I was listening to everything you said. I want to become a great rowdy.
Like yourself. I looked like a rowdy to you? Yes, Boss. Aren’t you one? You are appointed. Lights off! Here is ten grand. Treasury, take it from him. He should suffer like I’m suffering.
– Hey, stop. Got WhatsApp on your phone?
– Yes. You’ll receive pictures tomorrow.
– Okay. Hey, Kada.
– Yes, Pandi? Collect the details.
– Okay. Keep it in our safe…
– There’s 500 rupees extra in it. It says 10 grand to break the arm,
15 for the legs… But 25 grand to talk over the phone? Dude, show him a sample. Someone you really hate.
Give their phone number. 9-5-6-6-2-3-1-4-9-4 Mr. Computer, put me on speakers. Hello? I’ve got Six tickets for Sixth Sense.
Want to come? What? Also have three tickets for The Three Musketeers.
Come for that? Who the hell are you? Cheap biscuit.
If you won’t come for the movie, just say so. Who the…?
I’ll tear your face apart… You’re swearing at me?
Try being polite instead. Don’t know who it is.
– Let me talk to him. Who are you?
What do you want? I want you. Will you marry me? “How could the Moon rest;
With the sky burning…” To set this song as your caller tune,
Press 1. It’s some customer care guy. Press 2. Press the person sitting next to you. I’m going to kill you, man. Boss. I need a favour.
– What? I’m in love with a girl.
She’s a white woman. Got a photograph? Show me.
– Here. We’ll get hitched. Boss! I meant, get you hitched. Yes, Mummy?
– Boy… Mummy has the night patrol duty. Will you come get the house keys? Okay, mummy.
I’ll be right there. Okay, dude. Bye. Bye! I’ll go see his girlfriend. Ma’am?
– Yeah? This girl was standing alone on the road. When I tried to enquire,
our arms accidentally brushed. She called me a “Brainless oaf”, Ma’am! She was correct. She even raised her arm! She raised her arm?
– Yes, Ma’am. Bring her to me. You! Come here. Miss, what’s your name? Miss! What is your name? So arrogant. Ma’am is talking to you.
Answer her. What is your name?
I’ve been asking you. Kadambari. No, Ma’am.
I was minding my own business. She came and knocked my phone down.
It’s broken, see? So?
Is that any way to talk? My dad is a policeman, too. It was her fault. Who? What is your father’s name? Ravikumar. Ravikumar? Your father was posted in Mahe, right? He’s retiring in two days? Yes.
-You’ve come here for that? Where is your house? I’m talking to you.
Where is your house? Mummy. The key? Here. Don’t drive around on patrol all night. Park the car in a spot
without mosquitoes and sleep off. Take care, sis. Boy!
– Yeah? Don’t you know your mummy? I’ll come home and sleep
if I feel sleepy. Leave the door open.
– Okay. Here, take this. There are rice cakes and fish curry in this. Eat it. If there’s leftovers,
leave it in the fridge. Okay.
– Okay, bye. And mummy, something I wanted to tell you…
– What? Okay, forget it. Okay. Bye, Mummy.
– Bye, sweetheart. Saw my son? Such a gem of a boy. There’s a girl standing next to me.
He did not look at her once. You’re always criticising him. Someday, I will drag you to the cell
and pummel you. Keep driving. Go, go, go! Overtake the car. Can’t see a thing from here. Keep going. I can only see Kuzhali sis. Go on! Stop! Ride away when I tell you.
Hold this. Mummy?
– What is it,Pandi? Isn’t Mummy here?
– No. I had to tell her something. Go, now. I told him to wait,
but he left! I noticed. I’ll sit in the back. Drop me home.
– Okay, Pandi. Sis! You’re here? Okay, I’ll sit in the back.
Drop me home, okay? Whoa! Oh boy. What a girl! Hello? Excuse me. Who would want to talk to YOU?
Turn around. Hello. Excuse me. My name is ‘Pondy’ Pandi. Your name? Wow, what a ears! So many piercings. But it looks great on you. Are you from around here? Never seen you before. How are you so fair? Hullo, Miss White! You speak only Hindi? “Hum Aapke Hain Kaun”. “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge” So. What’s the matter?
Could have come to me. I’m the Don around here. Why did you go to my mother?
Hello? I’ve been talking for so long.
Won’t even say hi? You don’t know my clout,
so you’re insulting me. Sir, pull over here. Please. My house is here. I’ll get dropped. Go away. Nobody cares anyway. Smile! Won’t you at least say goodbye? Hello! Look here… Let’s just drive away, brother. Stop, brother!
I didn’t really mean it. Hello? Excuse me?
– Ya. Can I borrow your phone? I need to make a call. My phone broke. Just need to make a call. Please? I kept talking to you in the car,
and you didn’t say a word. Now you want my phone? No. I cannot! You spoke to me in the car? Sorry, I didn’t notice. Why? Why, I say! Are you blind?
Can’t you hear? I said, can’t you hear? My ears… can’t hear. I was kidding! Here you go.
– No. Really. I really can’t hear. Don’t tell anyone. Are you serious? Seriously. But you get what I am saying,
and you reply. How? That… I can read your lips while you speak. That’s how. You can read my lips? Let me say something.
Can you repeat it? Roses are red. Correct. That’s exactly what I said. Phone?
– Here. Call anyone you want. They’ll answer and talk.
Can you say it for me? Please? Who are you calling so late? Who are you calling at this hour? Dad. Phew! Then okay! Where has he gone? He went to meet a friend.
He still hasn’t returned. So, I am scared. There is no answer. He didn’t answer? Thanks. Hey!
I’ve got an idea. Maybe he didn’t answer because
mine is an unknown number. Let’s insert your SIM card and try? Brilliant, right? Give it to me. No words of praise? Did you see that? Some punk is out at this hour… Standing on the road and talking to some girl.
– Madam! Calling your own son a punk? That’s your gem of a boy! I’ve asked you a million times
and you haven’t answered. Hello? What’s your name? Kadhambari. Eh? Kadhambari. Kadhambari? Had this name all along? What are you doing here? At this hour, with this girl?
– No, mummy. She wanted my phone, so I helped her. Don’t start imagining things now! Remember your promise?
– What promise? That you’ll marry the girl I pick for you. Everyone else is like your sister. Why bring it up now? Just wait…
– Boy! I don’t like the way you’re shaking your head. No such thing, Mummy. No. Call her your sister, now.
– Mummy. Call her your sister. Don’t, Mummy. Please. I said, call her your sister. NOW! Sist – sweetheart!
– Sweetheart? What did you just say?
– I ate a fly! Okay, bye. I said sister and she left. Let’s go. That poor girl is hearing disabled.
– Who is? Just wanted to help her.
– What are you talking about? Phone… Oh no. Dad will call me. Oh no… He has left with my phone. Wake up! Hang these to dry. Go. What did you say
about helping with the girl’s phone? Sweetheart, you’re the one;
The one I’ve seeked all my life Darling, someday…
Someday I will make you mine One night, I saw this damsel:
Rowdy turned fully romantic I’ll pave a way into your heart;
I will lure you! I will, I will The way you made my jaw drop;
And the way you sent me soaring up Chasing you, I am such a nag;
Won’t somebody come hold me back? Your have breathed all this colour;
Into my life that was so grey This rusty old body of mine;
Finds it’s nerves set on fire Oh, that face of hers! And her shape! Now I am… You temptress! I’m swooning. Act like I broke your arm. They just need to believe
they have avenged. Smile brighter, won’t you? Idiot. your arm is broken.
Why would you smile? Make sure he sees you with the broken arm. Act like you’re in pain.
– Okay. Don’t fold your hand that way
when he’s looking. Tell me. What’s on your mind?
– When will I get the phone? You don’t look at me;
The way I look at you, girl I’m saying all these mushy things;
But you can’t hear them, girl You’re the woman of my dreams;
The apple of my eye, it seems Even when I become a big wig;
You will always be my favourite gig Girl, I want to be yours;
In this lifetime and next There are school children around.
Our bloodshed will scare them. Let’s call off the scene.
– Dude. The scene is for them. A tiger would rather starve than
graze on fields. If a tiger is hungry and there’s grass,
it should eat it. Eat the grass; Survive.
Then eat the enemy who made it eat grass. Brother, he is the one. Hired a rowdy to spook me? What’s your name?
– Ramesh. Your name?
– I told you the other day. When there’s a scene happening,
you gotta answer anyway. Let’s start over. What’s your name?
– Ramesh. Your name?
-I told you the other day. Dude.
-Punch your face! Tell me your name, boy. I’m Suresh. How many years into love? Ten months. And you?
– Ten months. English, huh? How many gifts have you got her?
– Fifty. You?
– Fifty, brother. Match is a Draw. Have you got evidence?
– Yes, I have a selfie with her. What is your rank?
– Third in my class. So is she. You? Answer me. Answer him, brat. I failed. Good boy.
– Thanks, Brother. You’re finished. The girl is yours. But, brother… If a smart boy and a smart girl get together,
you’ll get too cocky. And you’ll have fights.
Then break up. But a bad student will adjust
for the smart girl. Bring a girl who flunked.
I’ll bless your alliance. The scene is now over.
Pay the fees and disperse. Come on. Does that girl have an older sister?
Or a young aunt? Tell me. What’s on your mind? When will I get my phone back? What is your problem? I’ve handled such big scenes since morning. You have nothing to say about it? Keeps saying, “Where’s my phone? Where’s my phone?”. Your phone is at the service shop. Your SIM card is in my phone. Your dad can call you if he wants to. Why pester me for your phone? No! I need to speak to my dad. Your dad has gone to see his friend, right? I’m sure he’s safe.
He’ll come. No…
– You’re crying for your father like a kid! You see… My dad… Didn’t go to see his friend. Where, then? He went to shoot a man. Yeah… What happened? Thank you, master. Shall I take my leave? We’ll meet later. This scent of Pondicherry booze! Pull over, Dad. We’ll buy some. No need.
– Why? Not when I’m in uniform. I’ll go get it, then. No. Dad, this is Pondicherry. Brother, two beers. Get two beers. Is it chilled? Yes, Miss. What’s wrong? What is it? I saw him, dad. Who? It’s him.
He’s in there. That face… it’s etched in my memory, dad. He’s happy. What are you thinking, Dad? We can’t do a thing to him. Let’s go. Mom, where is Dad? Look in his room. Dad! Dad! I’m hungry, dad. Dad!
– Kadhambari Is my little one hungry?
Let’s eat. Who is it? I was asked to deliver this, sir. Who sent you? Our boss. Wait up, boy.
-It’s a mixer, dad. Wait, child. Don’t know what it is… Who could it be? Wait, let daddy do it.
– I’ll manage. Sharadha, see what’s in it. Hello? Where is the Inspector..? Mom! Kadhambari! It hurts!
My ears hurt, Dad. Let me see… Dad, it hurts. Let’s go. Don’t cry. Come. All these years in this uniform,
didn’t do squat. They’re asking me to retire already. If only I had managed to kill that man,
I would have retired happily. Dad? Dad… He’s calling out to you. Miss, he’s calling… Why is that girl walking alone
at this hour? Where is your house? Hey, I’m talking to you. Brainless oaf! You broke my phone. Raising your arm at a cop? Come with me.
– Let go! If anything should happen to my dad… I cannot live with it. Hello! What you said wasn’t wrong.
Your father is not wrong, either. All this panicking is wrong. Okay? We’ll handle it. Come. Anwar! Coming, Pandi. Take her upstairs and get her food. Is this place good enough?
– It’s fine. Kadhambari! Wait for five minutes.
I’ll finish something and come back. Here, order anything you like. This guy? He’s my grandfather.
He falls ill very often. So I’m always by his side. What is your name? Kamakshi. What? Kamakshi. Kamakshi?
– Yes. What’s your problem, dude. Listen to me. Look, I think her dad’s in a situation. Everytime his name comes up,
she gets upset and starts crying. This is her phone. Save your number under her dad’s contact name. Hold on! Listen to me. Madam, tell me your order.
What would you like to eat? Madam, I’m talking to you. Hello, Madam!
I’m asking you… Excuse me?
He’s calling you. Where’s your mind? Madam, what will you eat? One portion vegetable fried rice. Chef, one fried rice! My ears are… Slightly… Don’t tell anyone else? I won’t tell anyone, Miss. Dude, listen carefully… If that girl calls or texts your number,
let me know. Do as I say, okay? We’ll get caught. We won’t.
She can’t hear her phone ringing. We’ll definitely get caught, dude.
– Dude! We’ve secretly done rowdy-ism
in this area for so long. There’s a cop right at home
but we’ve handled so many scenes. Did we get caught then?
So what if we get caught anyway? We’ll handle it. Why should we handle it?
Are you in love with her? I don’t know. But as long as she’s here,
she has to be happy. You do as I say. When she asks for her phone,
I’ll give it to her. I’m off! Bye. What happened? I knew something was wrong. My dad has texted. I don’t know what to do. I’m really scared. This is a cop related issue. This is a cop related issue.
We need another cop’s help. Shall we ask my mother? No! No cops, please. Cops don’t always help other cops. Or they would have done something
when my house was bombed, right? Most importantly… My dad is about to retire. His reputation is at stake. This has to be dealt with in
some other way… Can you help me? Can you take me to a great rowdy? Someone really terrifying and brave. Take me to a bold rowdy, please. Okay, tell me. I told you!
Take me to a rowdy. Tell me, how can I help you? Tell me, how can I help you? I told you. Take me to a rowdy. Come with me. LIGHTS ON! Tell me now.
How can I help you? See, you had asked for a rowdy, right?
I’m a rowdy. But don’t be afraid.
No one knows. My Mum would be upset,
so we’re doing this secretly. Tell me what you want,
I’ll give you a discount. Why are you laughing? Sorry, couldn’t hold it… Why did you laugh? Is there a spelling mistake?
Or is my costume not working? You’ve been with me all day.
You saw what I can do. Please, ask them to turn
these lights off? It’s hurting my eye. Don’t we look like rowdies to you? No! You’re not a rowdy. You’re a fraud. Rowdies are different from frauds. Turn the lights off, guys. Hello. You can’t see it in these lights. What are you trying to say? Rowdies are really brave. But frauds just fake bravado. Rowdies don’t deceive anyone.
But frauds are very deceptive. Like what you did this morning. Real rowdies stand up against
men taller and stronger than themselves. Unlike you, they don’t hit small children. Only frauds would do that. How could you be a rowdy? Please wait. Stop! Stop… What is your problem? If I hit someone taller and stronger,
you’ll admit that I’m a rowdy? Be ready at 10 tomorrow morning. There are so many people here. Pick anyone you like. I will hit them.
I will stand up against them. See? There’s a tall guy in a green shirt
walking towards us… I don’t see him. Dude. Him. Him? It will be violent… It will be a violent fight. No problem. No, you’ll get scared. You go hide in there. Just watch me hit him. Go. Dude, he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’ll squeeze out your insides. Look at her eyes.
Sweet, right? Do what you must, dude.
Worth it. Ready! Let’s kick it!
– Dude. He’ll surely thrash me. I think he’ll thrash me badly. If my life is in danger… I WILL COME SAVE YOU! Dude! Your priority is to make sure
she doesn’t see me getting thrashed. Okay, dude?
– Okay, dude. Let’s rock the world, dude. Go, dude! Who are you? Who am I? What’s your bloody problem?
-Problem, huh? I’ll give you a problem. I’ll show you what a problem is?
– Show me. Wait!
I’m just talking. Please! I’m just talking. You’re not hitting him? Who the hell are you? I’ll kill you!
Rip your face apart… Don’t know who you’re messing with. Kada, hit him! Think you’re a big shot
just because you have a beard? Yeah, what can you do?
– I’ll shave you. I’ll kill you with my voice. I am Tamil Nadu’s favourite voice. Your days are numbered… You shall get bitten by a serpant, you sinner! Just because you’re tall.
One punch from me and you’re finished. That’s enough. That’s enough! Go. Go! We won the match, dude. Brother, they hit me. They humiliated me in the market
for the world to see. I’ll call you. They’re as terrifying as you were
ten years back. Do you remember?
– No, Brother. Do you remember their faces?
– Yes, Brother. Snatch them. Here, make fish curry for our Brother. You caught them in the sea?
– No, the sewer. Hi, Mummy. How are you? How was your interview? It was alright. Just alright? It was okay, Mummy. Here, drink this. One more thing… You know that deaf girl? Don’t talk like that, Mummy. Yesterday, they found a corpse in the sea. It’s her father. They’ve taken it for post mortem now. No family member has claimed
the body yet. It’s a policeman’s death
is an embarrassment to the department. So they’ll cover it up. They’ll say something about
investigation… but it’s all a farce. If you see the girl, bring her here. Hello! Heard you thrashed our man? Brother is really pissed. Your boys and the girl are in our custody. He asked me to bring you in. And if you refuse, to drag you in. Let’s go? You’ve tied ME up? Just ungag me if you dare. Why have you tied me up?
Let me go. When my dad’s back,
I’ll ask him to lock you all up. Miss… Think we’ll stand by and let your dad
lock us up? You, Red T-shirt!
Stupid mongrel. I remember your face. You remember the face-
– You’re so dead! Can you hear me talking? Dare to touch me?
Stupid mongrel. Stop shouting, my ears hurt! RED T-SHIRT! Who is she swearing at?
Who is the mongrel? You can’t escape. No one will escape.
We all shall die one day. But you’re screaming your lungs out. I’ll kill you, Red T-Shirt! Hello, Sir. I don’t want a bank loan.
Go away. No, Sir! You’ve tied us up! When our don comes,
you’re all dead men. I’m the don he’s talking about. Don? If you’re a don, what am I? You’re a DON, sir. I’m a don, sir. RED T-SHIRT! See what happens when I tell Pandi. Who is that? It’s me. I was looking for you.
Sit down. I said, sit. So, why did you hit my guy? Sir. It was just a game. Your guy looked like softie. So I thought
I could get away with hitting him. He looks like a softie to you? He looked soft earlier. But today, he looks frightful.
I was just… Rascal! You were playing? We look like jokers to you?
– No, Sir. You played?
You must pay a fine now. How many of his people are here? There’s eight of them. Cough up 800 thousand and take them. They’re not worth so much, Sir. Then pay 900 thousand, including yourself. I’ll give you ten days’ time. As you pay the amount,
I’ll send them one by one. But that girl who’s yelling?
I’ll send her last. Wait till Pandi comes. Go! Please, Sir.
– I said go! He’ll beat you black and blue. Stuff her mouth with cotton. What are you glaring at? Not glaring, just looking. Are you blind? Just go. Red T-Shirt, you dog…
– Shut up! Ask that Red T-Shirt to change
his shirt. Just a million?
No big deal. Pay the guy off.
Throw this money at him… Okay. What?
– What happened? Where’s the money for lease?
– It was right here. Stop!
– Sir, let me go. Wait. What is it?
Forgot something? No, Sir. It’s the money. Yes, the money.
I gave you ten days’ time. Arrange for it. I’ve got money, Sir. You’ve got… the money? Yes. I’ve got it, sir. Come here. Come, son. Come on. He says he’s brought it. Red T-shirt, you dog!
I remember your face… Aathma! Kumar… Get here, guys.
Count it. Count it. Don’t let the boys get away
while you’re counting. Be careful. How much is it? A million, Brother. A million?
Son, we only asked for 900 thousand. I just grabbed handfuls of it.
I didn’t count it. Grabbed handfuls? Look at that gesture!
He says he grabbed handfuls! Sit down. Just be seated.
We’ll talk. Where did you grab it from? You asked for the money.
I gave it. Let them go. I hardly make ten thousand these days.
How did you get a million? No, please let us go.
I’m scared, sir. Scared?
What, of me? No, Sir. Him. Who? He’s glaring at me.
It’s scary. Him? God, come with me.
I’ll tell you a sad little story. No, sir! No, no no!
– Out of my way. Come this way.
Don’t be afraid. Stand here.
Closer to him. Touch him. Just touch him. So you touched. Did he do anything?
– No. Now, thump his head.
– No, sir. Just thump him. Thump him hard.
Go on. Did he do anything? He went to sleep a long time back. I can’t afford his medical treatment. Just hold his head this way.
He’ll hold it still. Where are you going? Sit down.
– No, sir. This is your rightful place. Sit. Sit down. Greetings, sir. Greet him properly. GREETINGS, SIR. I’ll do anything you say.
But just… You wouldn’t have done this
if my dad were here. Why are you doing this to me, Miss? What does the girl want? Sir, that’s my girl. She thinks I’m the man. She keeps yelling about this Red T-Shirt.
If I can have him… I’ll just thrash him in front of her. You do that. Red T-Shirt. Where is he?
Where is he..? Here he is! Come here. Brother, I’ve been shirtless all day. Why did you remove your shirt? Hands off me. Remove the blindfold when I tell you.
Okay? Okay. Red T-Shirt. You dog. I told you! Apparently, she told you. Of course you did.
Not once, but a million times. Kadhu! Are you okay, baby? Why is he speaking in sign language?
Oh, she can’t hear? Darn, I’ve been yelling all day. Thank you very much. Please go. Is it confirmed?
– Yes, it’s her father. How do I tell her? I can get the girl to say it. Okay, get her to say it. Don’t you trust me?
Ask her to say it. Kadhambari, shall I get this done? Listen, it’s wrong to hide it from her.
Just tell her now. Sit. We can go later. Tell her. Your dad… Dad? What happened to Dad? It’s fine, just tell her. Your dad, uh…
Four days ago… What happened to Dad? Hey! Your dad wants to talk to you. He asked me to stay by the phone. Don’t just start crying
every time I say “Dad”. Call your dad. Dude, you’re hiding her father’s death.
– What do I do? Why didn’t he text me? When she gets to know, she will cry anyway. Go answer the call. Dude, this is plain wrong. Hello, sir? Dad! How are you?
When will you come back? You could have messaged me. He says he’s fine.
He wants to know if you’re okay. I’m okay, Dad.
When are you coming? Tell me. He says he’s coming back tomorrow. There’s some problem.
So he’s getting delayed. What’s the problem, Dad? Oh no…
– Are you hurt..? It’s nothing major.
He says he’ll come see you soon. Dad, please come back. She is crying. This feels terrible. He asks why you’re crying. Don’t tell him!
No, Dad. I’m not crying. Sir, she’s crying. Don’t tell him! She says not to tell you. Smile, then. Dad, I’m okay. What will you do
when she finds out? Listen to me, man. This has to stop. Tell her the truth.
– I’ll take care, sir. Pandi, this is wrong…
– Don’t worry, sir. Your dad is perfectly alright. He just needs his daughter to be happy. So please smile a little. Smile, please. He’s not a good boy;
He’s not a bad boy. He’s a bit of both;
Our boy is. Pandi, Dad texted he will be back in two days.
– See, that’s it. Superb right?
– Super! Happy now? Not a great don like Basha;
He’s not so great Not a wrong-doer like Ranga;
He’s not a baddy No guns, no blood;
But he’s a rowdy now He’s got the time for love;
He’s a rowdy He doesn’t like violence;
Though he’s a rowdy He’s a real fraud;
He’s a rowdy anyway I’m a rowdy, too. I’m a rowdy, too. Ten birds in a stone;
This guy hit them all Chop to pieces in a single blow;
He can do that, too Is there a small scene?
Our man will stand by and watch Is there a big scene?
He’ll talk it out If speaking the truth
Would cause you pain He’d lie to you;
Just to make you smile I know it’s wrong. But there’s something right
about it. Right? She’s happy now. Let her cry when she finds out
that her father is dead. Go to hell, dude.
– What’s your problem? What happened?
Let’s go. It’s nothing. Let’s go? Chorus start! He won’t blow smoke
On your face He won’t get drunk
And be a pain He won’t do mischief with girls But I swear to God;
He’s a rowdy Sit down. Look at me. Five to six days back… Your father passed away. I asked Pandi to inform you. I don’t know why he didn’t tell you. If you have any family,
I’ll drop you at their place. It’s not nice to roam around
with these boys. Did you get what I just said? Did you? No… That’s not possible, Auntie. I spoke to my Dad over the phone
just yesterday. He always does this. He keeps travelling on
one case or the other. But he always comes back. Pandi knows all about it. Ask him. Pandi… Didn’t we talk to Dad yesterday? She’s saying terrible things. Tell her, Pandi.
– Miss. Look here. This guy… He knows everything. He didn’t tell you or tell me. He used my name to
do the cremation. Pandi. Dad is alive, right? She is lying, isn’t she? Relatives… I have no family. I will manage. What is your problem? Kadhambari! Call her. Go closer to her. Miss!
He’s calling you. You’re laying hands on a cop? Lawmen are like serpents. Once they coil your leg, they never let go. He’s a cop. Pack this properly.
And wash it.. Can’t trust anybody. Nobody saw us, right?
Let’s go. Pandi, come on! She’s crying. I feel helpless. Of course, she is! Pandi, why are you crying? Then who will take care of her? I’ve brought you food.
Eat and take some for her. Pandi! Look at me.
I want to talk to you. What could I do, Kadhambari? I chose to lie and get you to smile… Rather than telling you the truth
that would make you cry. You kept saying you would
hurt yourself if your dad was hurt. What was I supposed to do? You were bound to find out
about your dad’s death someday. But I didn’t want to be the one
to tell you. Your dad’s been dead for six days.
But weren’t you happy? I was hoping these six days… Would span into six months
or six years. I know you have no one. I also know that I’ll be your person
from now. I’ll take much better care of you
than even your dad… That I’m sure of. You must cry when you dad dies.
That is the right thing. Sit and cry it out. But I can’t bear to see it. When you are done crying,
I’ll be there for you. I’ve brought you food. Eat up. If you need me, message me.
Or call. I’ll know what it is.
I’ll come over. Pandi. Tell me. I would have liked to see him
one last time. Forget everything.
Eat and get some rest. See you. Pandi! Pandi, have you left? I haven’t left you anywhere.
I’m right here. I’m alone, Pandi. I’m right here. Will you always be by my side
and take care of me? I promise you, I will. Are you going to kiss me? Will you do anything for me? I will. There is one person in this world
that I hate the most. He must die. By that, I don’t mean
shooting from a distance… Or hiring a hitman. I want you to hold him from behind. And I want to stab him. How could I be happy while he lives? How could I be in love
when I’m not happy? How could I kiss you
if I’m not in love? If you can do it… We can kiss for however long. If you can’t… Go ahead with your life. I’ll go after him
first thing in the morning. This is my life now. You tell me. Okay… I’ll surely try. You hesitated for ten seconds. You can’t do it. I will do it! No, I’ll handle it. I was thinking how to… I’ll see you in the morning. I’m going to sleep now. I knew you had an issue. I would have helped you sooner. But you went to Pandi first. It won’t be nice if I butt in. That’s why. You’ve come to me now.
I’ll handle it. Don’t worry about it.
Come on. Why would this girl go with him? Pandi? I’ve sorted everything out. They are the big shots
in this hood. They’ll do a great job.
Okay? I’m here. I’ll handle it. Fish gravy? Smells great.
– I’m sure. You only come home for food. Sis, who is that chick? She’s a cousin.
We’re arranging your marriage. Will you marry her? Shut up! There’s a girl involved.
Looks like an important affair. We’ll handle it. Let that fish go. Let go. Helping me with gravy…? You’re talking too much.
I’ll handle it. We must leave immediately. Why? These people can’t do anything to him. No, these people are the big guns here. What?
– Listen to me, you fool! You oaf. She’s not even alone.
She’s come with a guy. She’s come with a guy? Yes. I didn’t even notice him. Sis.
Now she’s alone. Anwar. Anwar, get up. We must leave. Anwar, get up. Oh no! It’s alright. He’ll wake up in five minutes. The last I saw a girl like you
was at the malls. My boys would never believe my luck.
Let’s take a picture? Just for evidence? Smile. Hey, where did you go? Brother, she’s my girl. Anwar, wake up! Wait a second! Who are you?
I don’t know you. I’m from the hood. And who is he? He’s my friend, Anwar. Who are you, then? I’m the guy. Her boyfriend. She’s my girl. Who am I, then? Don’t know that.
She didn’t know. No problem. Now we’re both friends. Okay, you’re friends! Superb. Let’s go. Bye Brother.
– Wait! What is it, brother? Don’t make a fuss…
– Okay. I was looking at her… Just once…
– What? Ask her to hug me once. You’re kidding?
Go on, Brother. Anwar, get up. Let’s go. Who’s kidding? Ask her to hug me. Or I’ll knife her face. We were just talking.
Why flash a knife? Am I serious enough now?
Ask her to hug me. I’ll tell her.
First, drop the knife. Suresh, what are you doing? Hug him like he were your brother.
We can leave. No other go. I don’t care what you think.
Just want a hug. Okay, go ahead. It’s okay. I knew you’d like me. He hit me! Let’s go. Who are you? Why are you running? I heard Granny is ailing. How is she? Let’s go! Are you out of your mind? He’s a nobody,
and you went there with him? Is that any place for you? What if I’d come a little later? I wanted to kiss the girl I loved. And you demanded that I
stab a guy and kill him. Anyone would need ten seconds to think. Definitely would. You’d say I’m a waste,
a good-for-nothing, and walk away? I’m talking to you! Kadhu… Look at me when I’m talking to you. I can’t keep repeating myself. Are you out of your mind? I can guess what you’d have said. You don’t have to repeat yourself. Kadhu. Look at me. There’s this girl I like the most
in this world. I’d never refused her anything. She asked me for something… I thought about it for ten seconds. It was my mistake. It wasn’t such a big deal. There is this guy she hates. She wants him dead. I should hold him from behind… while she stabs him. That’s how he should die. I’m going to do that. So… If you’re okay with that,
you can kiss me. No problem. If you are not… You’ve come close enough. So just kiss me and go. Aside the fact that my lover
asked me… I have to do this, right? I’m a rowdy, too.
Right? Dude! We’ve done small time jobs till now. But our Kadhambari has brought us
a big assignment. Superb! The job is… We’re all going to commit
a murder together. Awesome! Who? When?
Where are we doing it? Punch your face! No, keep that fire burning. Are you serious? I’m serious.
We’re going to commit murder. Murder, like in the movies where
the villain stabs and blood splashes? Like… I’ll hold him back and Kadhambari
will stab him. That’s all. Her? She can’t hear squat.
She’ll commit murder? Dude. What should I do? Dude, we’re plotting it together. We’ll plan it, dude. Like that? I’ll plot it. Then she’ll do that guy. Then you’ll… Fall in love and marry her. That’s all. Is everyone okay with the plan? Pandi. What’s your doubt? Kamakshi is sick. Oh no! My Kamakshi is sick? Dude. MY Kamakshi is sick.
I’ll go get her medicines. Take care of sister. There’s no one to man the shop.
I should get going. Grandpa hasn’t eaten lunch.
I’ll get him something and be back. Grandpa… Let’s go.
– I won’t go with you. Go with him now, Grandpa.
I’ll WhatsApp you the plan. Keep this fire burning. Okay?
– Okay, WhatsApp me. I’m waiting. Kadhambari… What did you think? That we’re real rowdies? We’re something else. It’s a thin line. On this side of the line,
we’re the dons. Step to the other side,
and death awaits. You ass!
Just shut up. Kadhambari… Tell us whom to kill and where.
We can start planning. Look. There’s no point talking about him here. The three of us shall go to Chennai. We will draft our plan there.
Let’s go. We’ll need a car tomorrow. Call 4000 4000 for a cab. Pandi, I’m sorry. Anwar. If your friend loves a girl,
you should just let go… And go away.
No matter how much you like the girl. But talking to her when
I’m not talking; Sending her messages
when I’m not messaging; And calling her when
I’m not calling… Taking her out
when I’m not… There’s just one word for it. Cheap. When you’re in love,
there will be problems and fights. We will drift apart. But that’s when I will begin to miss her.
And she’d miss me. We’ll love each other more.
And our bond will be stronger. If you try to butt in
and use it to your favour… You won’t get squat. Wherever she goes, she’ll come back to me.
Because, my love is true. Sorry, dude. Get lost, man. Dude? This car is killing my revenge mood.
– That’s the point. Get into the love mood. What if it rains? We’ll eat fried chillies. Are you okay, baby? The time when you and I
Are together There is no blue in the skies;
It’s white, white everywhere. As we go
These roads they stretch before us The clouds kiss my skin;
With the softest of raindrops I will let go of all my fear;
And all my greed Through good times and bad;
I will be yours I’m the day and night;
You’re my sun and moon Your pretty umbrella;
Cloaks me from the rain I’m the day and night;
You’re the silver moon During my slumber;
You’re my sweetest dream I want you…
Always, everywhere. You’re all I want. In the dead silence;
You were the sweet melody That filled the air You whispered words of love Silence has no language;
Your eyes strung words together Your eyes strung words together I want to live
An eternity with you My home yearns your presence All I want to get through life…
Is you, my love Baby! Baby! Hello, mic testing. Wow! “Every dog has it’s day;” “Vote for us, we’ll make you day!” Next? “If your wife contested in elections…” “What would you do?” “Do for me, what you’d do to your wife.
I’ll protect your home.” You shall contest in this election.
But relax now. This is called baby-sitting. I’ll go meet the Leader. Don’t be jealous, you oaf. There’s a case filed against you.
You can’t contest. I’m not contesting.
Baby will contest. Babies can crawl.
And suck their thumbs. Mansoor, don’t interrupt me. You haven’t won even once
in these ten years. How will Baby win? Leader, people in the hood
respect Baby’s big heart. You should see the way
they look at her. They look at her, alright! Shut up, man. If Baby contests, we will win. My decade long toil
will bear fruits. Your won’t get fruits or veggies.
Only nuts. I’ll chop you off! Listen to me.
Let it go this one time. Let T.B.K contest. Trying to scare me?
– Leader… Just this one time…
I will make my Baby win. You threaten me but you beg him! Talk to me like that again… I will kill you, man! Let go, idiots. What’s this behaviour?
Fighting like little kids. Go away! What happened?
– It’s nothing. Go inside.
Just go! Should get rid of them first… Look, there’s fifteen days left
to file the nomination. Whoever is alive in fifteen days’ time
can be the contestant. Meanwhile, go fight elsewhere.
Get out of my sight. She’s brought us to Killivalavan’s area. They’ll bury offenders even for
the smallest issues. Go! This way.
– No, that way. Don’t confuse me.
– Okay. Pandi, come here. Saw this? A man from our hood
is now ruling the whole of North Madras. If her target is one of his boys,
just divorce her. Or let us part ways. No such thing. Wait! Kadhu, dear!
– Go closer, moron. Kadhu, come here. Tell me if the guy we’re looking for
is one of his men… Tell me if it’s one of his men..? Not one of his men… Jolly! It’s him! Him. This tiger will attack. This tiger will pounce. This is a legend! I just pissed every last drop
of water in my body. Right? I know, right? You got drunk.
Why should I throw up? You’re my friend, right? Right? It just won’t stop flowing. Right? You gave her your word
because you have my support. I get it. Okay. We’ll do it.
– Dude! Superb! Thanks. But ask her for some time. How many days? Ten years? Ten years is the least.
He’s middle aged now. He’ll be in his old age in ten years.
We’ll kill him. You’ll get married by then. You’ll have babies. Her maternal instincts will kick in
and she wouldn’t want revenge. Won’t you stop yapping? The car is here. Be vigilant. Do your parts. I’ll take my position. Okay? She’s crazy. Did I say something wrong to the Leader? Yes son, you were wrong. Well, I know why I laughed. But why did he laugh that way? Look, you’ve just
become the villain. He’s been a villain for ages. Don’t go by the usual routes.
It’s not safe. T.B.K might have sent his men.
– So? We need to watch out… Someone’s coming!
– Go check them out. Stop! I can’t do this. Let’s just tell them the truth. Okay, I will. Drop our Brother back home.
– Okay. What are you doing here? We wanted to take a tour of these
boats and ships… You tell me.
Why are you here? Isn’t that why we came here? And him? The girl…
– What girl? Stop, let him talk. Shut up. You. Talk now. TALK! I came to buy flour. You came to buy flour? My granny makes pancakes
from this flour. Go straight home. Don’t loiter here. Who are they? They came to buy flour. Brother, watch out! Who sent you? Die! Kadhambari. We’ve seen all that we need to. Let’s plan and come back? Shut him up. Press him down. Let’s go. Baby, are you okay? I’ve been waiting in this saree
for so long! You went to meet some woman?
– Darn. I will finish T.B.K by daybreak.
– Who is T.B.K? You are always so hasty! That’s why so many cases have been
filed against us. So we won’t get a nomination this time? What are you talking about?
I won’t get nominated? I won’t be able to contest in the election? What do you want me to do now? Wait for ten days. Want me to hide like a wuss? I’m asking you to be smart. I wanted to be the Chief Minister… Look… The Leader either wants you dead. Or file a case and lock you up
if you kill T.B.K. To avoid these two scenarios,
you must be patient. I didn’t mean it when he said
they’d bury people alive. But he did! He buried three men in three minutes. It’s over. I have a question. When a boy and girl are in love,
what do girls usually ask for? “Recharge my phone” “Hit ‘Like’ on my Facebook pictures” Or “Buy me clothes at the spring sale” But what do you want him to? Kill someone. And he’s like a dark Hulk. HE is supposed to hold him back? He will hide. That’s what he’ll do. Look, a boy will do anything
for a girl he loves. Does that mean you can ask for anything? Is that fair?
Do you have a conscience? Are you crazy?
– I look crazy to you? Tell me this. Whenever you go home,
you have a mother and family, right? They are always there, right? But when I go home,
there is no one. You’d understand what I’m saying
only if that happens to you. Do you know the last sound
my ears heard? It was a bomb blast
and my mother screaming. My dad went somewhere.
But never returned. I know the person who caused all this. But I’m a girl! So I should just sit
and cry before his photograph. Is that what you’re saying? I can’t do that. I want to do something to him. I want to kill him!
– Kadhambari. Don’t mind him. You keep quiet, man. Trust me. I’m there for you. We’ve only just seen him. I will plan it properly and
bring him to you. Trust me, okay? Brother! This hand, right? I’ll break the arm
that betrayed me. I’ll break your limbs.
– They’re lying! You gave me the child’s doll? Oh no! I broke a limb. Get that hand! And the head. The other hand… Get it… Give it to me. Thank God!
It’s okay. It’s nothing. It’s fixed. See here?
Take it. Daddy was just playing
with your doll. I’ve told you not to use her toys. Not in front of the kids.
Take them in. Go on. No crying, sweetie. Wash him out. Greetings, Brother.
– Welcome! It’s been years since I last saw you. Don’t worry. Just travel with me for a day.
You’ll understand everything. Come on! There are three important traits
that make a rowdy: His gait, wardrobe and attitude. Gait: You should set things aflame
with your walk. Next, wardrobe. When you go to a store,
do you buy shirts and chains like these? No, Brother. Do you know what this is? What is that? This is a tattoos. This is a beauty! This is an important asset to
any rowdy. You can hide a weapon in it. Many will fear you for it. Then comes attitude. Have you eaten? Yes, Brother. Now ask me. Go on, ask me. Have you eaten, Brother? You’re asking me?
What do I look like? Do I look starved?
Like I’m begging you for food..? Sorry, Brother. I only asked because you told me to. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. You got scared?
– I swear I did. Awesome! You should always be haughty. And speak in riddles. Don’t be scared. I’ve added a new equipment in this. If you fire, there won’t be any sound. Meow! Meow! You’ll only hear a “meow”.
I’ll show you a demo. Saw that? There are many such equipments. I will arrange an intelligent gun
for you tomorrow. What’s this? That’s the wrong door number. Yes, Brother. It’s door number 19. Moron! We needed door number 9.
– We are at the wrong place. Are you stupid? You should have told me sooner.
So irresponsible. You had shot him already. What were you thinking?
– You were talking… Go away! Get lost. This is why you should talk
while committing murder. Concentration goes for a toss. I got confused and shot the wrong guy. I’m scared, you go ahead. I’m right here, bro.
Stand next to me. Sir?
– Yes. Are you Rajasekar? Yeah. The advocate?
– Exactly. See? This is the man we were looking for. No harm in asking him first. Sir, please wait.
– Why? That’s all. If you’re cool and confident,
nothing will go wrong. You want to do a big gun now. He’d have a small weakness
that makes him weak. You’d possess some strength and
that makes you strong. Use that to
take him by surprise… And attack him
by planning a clever “sketch”. He is surrounded by problems
from all sides. Use that to your advantage. Boss is coming to Pondicherry tomorrow.
– Okay! Make sure everything is ready.
– Okay, sure. I’ll go get him now. Hey, stay alert. I’ll leave now. Greetings, everybody. I have a problem. I like to do things for people I like. I do. I thought you would, too. My bad. I will snatch Killivalavan. For the ones still interested,
here is my plan. Be it a little bird or a lion,
it can’t be touched in it’s territory. We have to lure it into our territory;
Into our comfort zone. Killivalavan is a big shot rowdy
in Chennai now. But he started off in Pondicherry,
our area. The job he left behind still survives. He’s coming to Pondicherry in two days. He owns a petrol station in Pondicherry. I will smash rotten eggs at his car
while he’s here. One minute, Pandi. I will smash eggs. You smash those eggs… He will call someone from the station
to wash the car. I will go disguised as the station guy.
With petrol instead of water. Nice! I will pour petrol all over his
car in the pretext of washing it. Okay? My friend works in that bunk. I will go disguised as the worker
and rub petrol in his car. The petrol will dry out in ten minutes. I will burn the car before that. Pandi. He is jobless anyway.
He and I will do that. We’ll hide and burn it. No one will suspect us. I understand, Pandi.
Kamakshi and I will do that. Killi and his men will scatter away
from the burning car. I will hit his men and hold Killi. This is a bit risky,
I’ll do that on my own. Pandi, I don’t care how many men he has.
I will hit them. No, Kada. That’s too risky.
I’ll handle it. Pandi… You don’t worry about it. No matter how many men there are,
I will hit them. When Killivalavan is on his own,
I will hold him at a gunpoint. Oh no! What if you accidentally fire?
I am supposed to stab him. I can’t fire with that gun.
I can only hold him. I will hold him back,
you stab him. Okay? What’s this gun that I’ve never heard of? I’ll tell you tomorrow. Hi. Brother asked me to give this to you. Which of you is useless? Him. Go, man. Not in front of Kamakshi!
– He does look useless. This is the latest technology.
It’s called the net-gun! I’ll go next. You’ll have to point and focus. Shut it.
– Okay. My turn next, please. They were supposed to murder.
And they’re playing games. I’ll give everyone a bluetooth headset.
We shall stay connected. Give it to everyone.
– Okay, Pandi Does everyone remember the plan? Keep everyone posted. Okay? I am well prepared. The bag is too big, though.
How’s that? You’ve got one. What about us? I will talk.
– With who? I’ll inform Pandi on what I hear.
– Enough, man! You are a rowdy? Give me one! This is a bluetooth earpiece.
Not fancy earrings. It’s not meant for you. Give it to her. Kadhu, honey. Put it on. What does she even need it for?
– Can you hear me? Can you hear me speaking? I can see it. He’s at the main road. Get ready. I’ve started! Get ready, quick. Dude, something is fishy. That guy is parking his bike
in the middle of the road and sleeping. Is he your guy? There’s a well dressed young lady
running towards him. She is lying down, too. Now there’s a third guy!
Triplesome. Something is happening.
We should watch out. You leave now.
You leave, too. See what’s wrong.
– Okay, Brother. There’s been an accident. Who is it? There’s a man and a woman. Bring the woman into the car.
Run over the man. Not a great looking woman, Brother. Why are you watching it
like it’s porn, then? Shove them aside. Son, the car is coming! Over. Who are you talking to, man?
– No one is coming on line. You’re just sitting there.
Do something. Okay, Pandi.
I’ll take care of it. Grandpa! I told you not to bring the Oldie. He’s gone!
– Where is he going? What’s happening there? You’ve come to our area
and beat up our men? That won’t happen while Rahul is alive. Who is Rahul?
– I am Rahul. Change your name. Kill that guy… Dare to touch me? Squash him right there. Gramps is a goner. Over. Gramps! Catch him. Brother, who is this random guy? Here, take this. Catch him. Old guy… Gramps got away. Success! Phew! Still on track. Hey, stop. Who is that old man? Why haven’t they cremated that corpse? Surya, don’t screw it up
like gramps did, wait… Why are you going after him?
Come here. Is that whole family crazy?
Why did he come now? Did they smash eggs on your car? Oh no! You’re from my fuel station, right?
– Yes. Wipe it down. Okay, Brother. Where are the man and the woman? Don’t know, Brother. Don’t know where they went. Don’t know where they went? So mysterious. How come he’s prepared
to wipe the egg? It’s over. Over. Catch him.
– Wait. He’s got away.
I can see his head bobbing. Something is not right here. Get into the car! Get in, quick. Bomb! It’s a bomb. Why did you bomb? Is everything okay? Kadhu! What happened?
– Are you okay, baby? It was a miss! Call the lorry driver. Snatch him! T.B.K has the money to buy bombs? Pandi, the car hasn’t arrived yet. The lorry guy is coming so fast.
Dip your lights. Take those shades off and look properly.
He’s coming to run over us! Turn this way. Why’re you going back that way? Pandi, the car is here. Get the matchbox. Here… What’s this? There was a bomb blast.
I got scared and confused. Pandi. He’s screwed up. Hold this.
– Give it to me. Careful! Give it to me. Careful. Stand back.
– The car is here. Come on! Brother! That tyre is aflame.
Let’s go, Brother. Stop the car now! Brother, get down.
Quick. Quick! I’ll follow him. You get the net gun. Okay? Go. Makes me happy to watch you run. Being cocky? I want to shoot you down
just for this cockiness. What? Answer your phone. It’s my wife. Hello, dear! You have gone chasing someone? His men are holding a knife
against my and the kids’ throats. There’s a call waiting?
Answer that. Hello.
– T.B.K? I was impatient the other day.
Changed my mind. Let Baby contest in the election this time.
– I love you, Leader! You’re letting her contest? Say one more word about Baby,
and you’re dead. The Leader knows best.
Hang up now. Mansoor, you are an ace villain, alright. But right here, right now,
I’m the villain. Why do you stress yourself
in this old age? KILLI: Why don’t you shoot yourself?
PANDI: Where are you? You are ruining my life. You shall die. Catch him! Killi! I am going
to kill you today. Come on! Where the hell are my side kicks? Shh! He is right here. Hey, Killi! You’ve got me trapped in a net? I won’t let you go. Hold this. It’s my loincloth!
Don’t do that, it’s embarrassing! Come here! Come on, quick! Come here! Come here! My loincloth. Yay! Give it to me. Where is he? He looks like anaconda trapped. You’re some big shot rowdy, huh? You have my loincloth.
Where is your face? That’s his face. No, the other way? Nuisance! That’s not my face.
It’s my wee wee, idiots. What are you doing? I’m drugging you. It’s so strong!
I’m losing consciousness. I know. You will faint! What if the drug kills me?
– You’re slurring. Die! Rahul, watch out.
I’ll bring them. Stupid! Kadhambari! You doubted us, right?
Now you’ll see. He is the man… Keep quiet. You’ve got the knife?
Get it. Knife.. She’ll do it? I have it. Remember. Stab him in the chest.
– In the chest. Stab him! His chest. Not elsewhere. She knows what to do. Okay? Let’s go. Okay! But if I stab him in the chest,
he’ll die immediately? Shall I stab his throat? Talk to him.
He’ll be bored to death. So I should stab his chest.
– Just go stab him! Let’s go!
– I am ready. The car! Boss! The car is gone. Pandi.
What do we do now? My car is gone? It’s my car. Brother. What happened to you?
Where did you go? We got scared. Someone kidnapped me! I got away somehow.
Find the guy. Shut the gates. It’s over. My picture is in the car. They’ll know I’m a rowdy. He looks like a clown.
He couldn’t have kidnapped you. It’s written all over my face. You’ll get away. But they’d be threatened by me! Angel face… Don’t start off about man, woman,
Anil Kumble and all that… Hey, stop. What is your problem?
Your grandpa will be back. This was all your fault. Don’t ask him not to cry.
His gramps is missing All will be okay. I will handle it.
– How could you say that? This guy…
– Brother. Yes? He’s come to buy flour in our hood. Wait for a day. He will come to us.
I will snatch him then! I’ll run away then.
You have fun with your lover. Don’t talk to me like that!
– Don’t touch me! Just shut up, man. Kadhambari, everything will be okay.
Trust me this time. He will come to us.
I’ll snatch him. I’ll do it this time.
Not like earlier. Do you trust me? Yes, get everyone killed.
Then live happily with her. Get to hell, man.
– I don’t need you. Don’t go out alone. Listen to me, dude. Hey. Dude. I’ll handle it. Listen to me.
Your gramps will be okay. Kamakshi! I’ll take care of everyone.
Trust me. Brother, there is a babe at the door.
– See who it is. Who are you? What is it?
– Look, I give up. You’re all big shots.
We can’t do anything to you. We tried and failed. Do anything you want.
– What? Do anything you want,
no problem. Either he dies, or I die.
One way or the other, this ends today. Go to him… Brother.
– What? A really hot girl has come here.
And she says “You can do anything”. What are you saying?
– I swear. She said “You can do anything”?
– Yeah. She actually said that?
– Yeah. I didn’t call anyone. Do one thing. Take a selfie and WhatsApp it to me.
– Okay, Brother. Take a full shot and send it.
– A full shot. Okay. Hey.
– Yes? Does Baby know that I’m here?
– Don’t know, Brother. Brother wanted your picture.
Can I click one? Take it. She’s worth millions, dude. Show me. No peeping. Ask her to come. This is very exciting… Tidy up the place.
Bring my perfume! Get out. All body. What is the matter?
Tell me. I want… You want? I want to do you, sir. You want to what? I want to do you, sir. I just have to do this. Go away, rascal. Well… Why? That… Why is that? Ever since childhood… This is the one thing my dad wanted. Damn. I had no idea I was sought after. I’d been rattling that tin box called Baby. I want to stab you to death. Okay. I don’t mind Let’s do it. How can we not?
– Brother. What is it now? Our location has been revealed. He will send at least fifty to sixty men. Are you sure of the information? It’s confirmed, Brother.
We know. How many of our men are here?
– Hardly ten. Wait for me. You interrupted a fine moment. Why are you guys torturing me? You’re all killing me! Sorry for the interval. Forget it. Let’s talk. It’s not my phone. Your phone is ringing. What happened, Pandi? Where is mom?
– She’s not here. Not here?
– She didn’t come in today. She’s not at home either.
– She didn’t come to work. Know where she’s gone?
– No, Pandi. Your phone. Talk. Brother. What?
– Come here. Don’t take this away from me. I don’t care how many of their men come.
Or how many of our men die. Don’t come upstairs. I don’t want to be disturbed. He’s yelling! Tell him I’ll stab anyone who interrupts. Bring everyone. Hello! Kadhambari! Can you… well… Pass the phone to someone
next to you. Kadhambari. Please…
– Pandi… I don’t know if you’re yelling…
…or crying… I can’t hear what you’re saying. But hear me out. I’m sorry for troubling you and your friends. Don’t look for me, Pandi. There’s no point.
– Don’t be silly. Hand the phone to someone.
Don’t do something stupid! I’ll take care of myself. Is someone there?
Hello? Kadhambari?
Hello? Go away.
– Have you left? Kill every last one of them.
– Okay, Brother. Don’t disturb me for half an hour.
– Have fun, Brother. You’re quiet when you’re sitting
and hot while standing. I sent everyone away. Just you and me now. You can do… This is what you meant by “doing”? I had my doubts.
You’re too hot for me. Baby, I’m sorry, Baby! Don’t get hurt. Carefiul, Brother! Who is she? Tell me, Brother. Get lost. Tell me, Brother. I said, get lost. Chop her to pieces. Adding to my troubles… Wait. Lock her up inside. Shouldn’t let this go to waste. Hello? Kadhambari? Is anyone there? I’m here. Who is this? Thanks, sir. That girl is trying to stab this guy
called Killivalavan. He’s a mediocre rowdy in the hood. Tell her I’ll chop him into little bits
and gift her the pieces. Tell her that. Can you repeat that? That girl is hearing disabled, sir. She’s trying to murder this guy
called Killivallavan. Tell her that I’m so pissed off… I’ll chop him into little bits
and gift her the pieces. I don’t know how to tell her that.
Where are you now? Just tell me where to come.
I’ll be there. Let’s do this.
I’ll send a guy to you… He’ll bring you here. You can tell her that yourself.
– Okay, sir. Thanks. Please take care of the girl.
I’ll be there. Okay? Please, take care.
– Okay. Who is this guy? Find out. Bring him to me. What’s all this? One chick comes to seduce me.
Then this guy calls up. What are you goons here for? Go! Do your job. She can help cool me down… Greetings. Oh! Good morning. Come. Sir… Kadhambari… phone… Can you repeat that? I was just joking around, sir. She can’t hear,
so I was passing a message. I didn’t hear the joke. Can you repeat it? I’m sorry…
– Just repeat what you said. Tell him. I’m a little pissed… So if I find the honourable Mr. Killivalavan… You weren’t so respectful. You were so cocky and stylish.
Say it like that again. Sir, I’m sorry.
Let us go. Say it.
You want to do what? I’m so pissed off now,
if I find Killivalavan… I will beat him… He hit me while I was talking! Say it now
or I will hit you. Say it. Speak out. I’m so pissed off now,
if I find Killivalavan… I will beat him… Ask him not to hit me in the head. I’m feeling woozy. Not so soft. I said harder. What you glaring at? Not glaring. Just looking. Just looking? What did you do to the girl? Let her go, poor thing. Do whatever you want to me. What could I do with you? Let the girl go, sir. Poor thing. Do whatever you want to me. Let the girl go! Let the girl go. Kadhambari! Oh no… Is she gone? Have they killed you too? I told you not to go… Kadhambari! Why did you do this? Kadhambari! I’m okay. I’m just hiding here. Pandi. Don’t worry. I’m here now.
Everything will be okay. We’ll plan and kill him. No, Pandi. Just go away.
– I’ve planned everything perfectly. Okay, it’s okay. Don’t be scared. I’ll take a look
and be right back. Go away, Pandi. Hide here, okay? Pandi, don’t. You go away, Brother. I’ll make sure no one comes up. Go away, Brother. Excuse me! Watch the door.
– I will, Brother. No one should come upstairs.
Everybody, go down. Who is..? What are you looking at? Not looking. Then? I’m glaring. Come closer and glare at me. Catch him. Kill that guy! Come! Come on, come on. Come on! I will kill you all. Brother. What?
– Another ten men are here. Twenty more
on their way… All our men are dead.
Listen to me. Run away! Let that guy go.
Go down. I will go. Just go. Go down, now.
– I’m going, Brother. I told you not to come after me.
I’d have minded my life. Why did you..?
– Slap you! What? You just went away. You thought I was kidding?
That I’d just let you go? I will come for you. I will look for you. Fool! You’re killing me. Crazy woman. I told you not to come. Sit! Tell me.
– Where are you? I’m with Kadhambari. They’ve snatched your mother. What are you saying? Yes. They’ve snatched your mom. We should go look for you mum,
just like we looked for her dad. You went after the girl. Now when you come back,
none of us would be alive. Just go. Mummy! Pandi… Pandi, what happened? Pandi, what happened? Tell me. It’s nothing. Just wait and see. I’M SO PISSED OFF RIGHT NOW,
Still repeating the same dialogue? Is it him?
– Yes. There’s a riot downstairs. I’m hiding this way for the first time
in my whole life. You don’t know how embarrassing this is. What is your problem, Miss? Boy, at least you tell me?
What’s your problem. You got the wrong address? I have never seen you before. You’re fighting for no reason. Be quiet till I tell you. What is it? Her dad was a cop.
You were a rowdy back then. You had a fight, so you gifted a bomb
at their home. Her mother died at the blast and
this girl lost her hearing. So her dad came for revenge. Wasn’t he right in doing that?
That’s the correct emotion? But you didn’t co-operate.
You killed him, too. This girl is a poor orphan now. Then she and I fell in love. So when we were about to kiss… The girl tells me… No… you gotta kill him first. We can kiss only then. What would you do?
You would kill, right? That’s why I tried to kill you twice. Please co-operate.
– Just stop! I did that out of anger.
I’m sorry. Sorry! I’m angry now, too. But to wash away my sins,
I’m letting you both go. Just run. How do we kill him without a knife? No time to sit and think now.
There must be booze bottles lying… What would I do with it? I’m letting you go even though
you hit me back. What are you mumbling about? Please understand my problem. Look, you go to that room. That’s your room and this is mine.
Let’s not bother each other. When everything is sorted downstairs… We will go our separate ways
and live our lives. Get it? Get out of here, anyway. Kadhambari, I’m holding him. Come on. Find something. Look around. Let go of me.
You can’t do a thing. You don’t know how strong I am. Get that pipe! Listen to me, boy. You’re testing my patience. Quick, quick, quick! Quickly, Kadhambari! What is your girlfriend doing? Break that. Careful. Grab a sharp piece. Take it. Come, Kadhambari.
– Let me go! Get a sharp piece. Don’t be afraid. Don’t shout, you’ll confuse her. Come on, Kadhambari. You can do it.
Come on! Come on. Stab him. Fool! Don’t be afraid. Don’t close your eyes.
You can’t hear then. PANDI :Kadhambari, are you ready?
KILLI : Put it down. Shut up, sir. Kadhu dear, do it. Stab him! Stab him! Kadhu… Why did you kill my dad?
You could have let him go. Why did you do it? I can’t hear. But I can hear you screaming. Let go, Pandi. I won’t kill you. But you will die. Let’s go, Pandi. Someone will kill him for sure.
– Kadhu… Let’s go, Pandi. Kadhambari, don’t go! She’s walking away.
What is your problem, man? Listen. You too should walk away,
or I’ll bury both of you. Killi, you son of a gun! You’re done for. You became a politician by pimping! Listen to me…
-Sir, I can’t let you go! I told you. I told you to go. I told you to go. You..! Come on… Hiding in the toilet? Come on! Do it. Who are you, son? I came to kill him, too. You stay right there. Come on, kill him. My knife is going to see action, today. Run away. Or I will chop you to bits. Kill him. Come for me. You stay there! Who are you to kill? Taking up a knife doesn’t make you a rowdy. The knife should take up to you. That’s an original rowdy. The knife seems to like you. You’re doing everything for a girl. Do it. Do it! Kadhu… Come. Look inside. Both of them are dead. You made me kill two men. It’s okay. That’s the life of a rowdy. Can’t keep count of the dead. Kadhu… You wanted a great rowdy.
Do you concede now? Are you okay, baby? Sure? Let’s leave? You’re bleeding! Blood all over.. Come on… I’m here. Hold on. Take this knife.
– Give it to me. Go inside. Everything will fall in place.
– Really? Can I hug? No. Control your emotions. Miss… She doesn’t understand my feelings.
Get her a hearing aid. You go. You leave, son. Go, I’ll handle it. Just go.
I’ll handle it. I’m here now. You don’t know about me. You’re lying down here? Oh my god. They’re dead? There are corpses inside. Have you left? This is the knife used to kill?
You’re giving it for my finger prints? I don’t understand. Let’s talk it out… Boy! Mummy. Remember your promise? That you’ll marry the girl I pick for you. Everyone else is like your sister. Did you see my son?
Such a gem of a boy. Mummy! Mummy! I let you down, Mummy. She is a really nice girl. Just like you… I didn’t even thing about you. Mummy, I am starving. Who will cook for me now? Mummy! Mummy? Who is going to feed me now? Even after dying,
you make the best gravy. Boy! I’ll slap you if you don’t
stop blabbering. It’s last night’s gravy.
I’ve heated it up. Show me your legs. What is up with you? You’re okay? He said they’ve snatched you. It scared me and I’ve been crying.
– No such thing… Why are you crying now? Your phone was unreachable too… I had gone to the Head Office
to talk about your job posting. My phone ran out of battery. My gem of a boy… Has become a cop! I’ve dreamt about this for years. Phew!
You’re a cop now. That’s enough. Police? Don’t take it up. How can you be a cop? Look… A cop is something;
You’re something else. A cop actually goes around
arresting criminals. But what would you do instead? You’d call your friends
and ask them to pretend like criminals. You’d go around
fooling the entire Police Department. So, how can you be a good cop? Kadhu, I am…
– Boss. Brother asked me to fetch you. What is it?
– You come, Boss. Just come, and you’d be our don. You will be the rowdy. Everyone is waiting for you. Come on, Boss. How dare you come and
talk like this to a cop? If I ever see you around here… Leave me Boss… I’ll shoot you and your Brother… Sorry, Boss. Saw that? I like it better
when you’re a rowdy. Kadhu… Listen carefully. Cops are awesome. Rowdies are nothing. Come. So… Rowdies are heroes in
most movies, alright. He might be bold, too. But who kills him in an encounter? It’s the cop. Then the cop is the hero, right? Careful. Wearing that uniform is a
special feeling, Kadhambari. Look at me. How do I look? Very ordinary, right? But you should see me in the uniform.
I’d look grand.


  1. Merri Kuwait Author

    I like Vijay sethupathi movies…
    Nayan nalla act panni irrukkanga…
    Real life la kathu kekkama our ponnu vazhurathu eulau avamaanam, eulau vathanai nu enakku than therium…😭😭😭eulau porada vandi irrukku nu.
    Samuthayathil kathu kekkathavangalukku kidaipathu kevalamana parvai mattuma.. sethupathi pole oru nalla hero kidaippathu arithu..

  2. Sevisha Visha Author


  3. Sevisha Visha Author

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  4. hakuna matata Author

    One of the top actresses that has a good sense of humour is definitely Nayan.A big beauty transformation from her earlier movies.Not forgetting VS looks best in this movie.

  5. Praveen Ravula Author

    perfect combo of art, comedy,emotion and the grapph of the movie is amazing ..background score is amazing…very well made movie

  6. Kate Robbinson Author

    what happened to the mum then? im so baffed lyk did they save her or did she die? or was that a lie constructed by his friends?

  7. Thillai Nataraj Author

    இந்த மாதிரி படம் எடுக்க செலவு செய்த பணத்தை நல்ல திட்டங்களுக்கு செலவு செய்திருக்கலாம்

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    VJS super nadippu but avarukku yaarum Award kodukkamattanga. Nayan, Vignesh vankittu poiduvanga. idhu dhan reality.

  9. Lots of Love Author

    After watching Mr local…I think that’s the difference between Vijay Sethupathi and Shivakarthikayen…Vjs is respectful towards Nayanthara and Sivakarthikeyan thinks he reached higher level than Nayan…

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    படம் சுமார், ஆனா இவ்வவு கேவலமா நினைச்சுருக்க கூடாது தமிழ் மக்கள

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