Natalie Portman Teaches Acting | Official Trailer | MasterClass

Be free. Make mistakes. Try things. This is a job about
your imagination. You’re making a movie
influenced by life. You’re making a character
influenced by a human, and you want to make it
as human as possible. What is their desire? Desire is at the
root of everything. I have not been to a
traditional drama school. I’ve been working for 25
years, and I learned by doing, and then I pieced
together different things that are helpful for me that
I want to share with you. Green-screen acting is
kind of the purest form of acting because
you’re inventing both what’s outside of you
and what’s inside of you as an actor. We’re going to do a scene
where I’ve just found out my boyfriend’s cheating on me,
and I’m entering his apartment. You want to scour
the space to see what you might use that would
be emotionally relevant. Help the camera catch
what’s being read. Get very close to the camera,
to give a feeling of what you might be going through. [MUSIC PLAYING] When I was asked to
play Jackie Kennedy, I was terrified, which is always
a good reason to do something. I always work with
a dialect coach. For Jackie, every
single syllable, every breath had to
be exactly the same. When you see where
the breaths are, you can read what is sort
of happening underneath what the person is saying. This is a joyful,
creative process, that you don’t need to be
afraid of making mistakes. [SNEEZES] Thank you. That’s how you sneeze on cue. [LAUGHS] [MUSIC PLAYING] Your job is to imagine
someone else’s life. That is what we do. We say, I wonder what that
person feels and thinks, and that’s the experience
in a movie theater. We’re sharing this
social experience with other people
for two hours, caring about someone else’s life. It’s the act of empathy. I’m Natalie Portman, and
this is my MasterClass. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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