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Natasha Leggero Reveals Sexual Harassment by Hollywood Producer


  1. Daniel Smathers Author

    I've been listening to her comedy , and she is so intelligent and funny , thats very rare for women , good to see she's having a child and a family

  2. tomitstube Author

    at least toback didn't grope her but what a nut case, makes an actress grow 4" arm pit hair and has to hump a tree after seeing it? i hope like hell this guy's career is over.

  3. Edindro Whitehall Author

    Shouldn't do any of the things he did, but I don't know how empowering it is to treat women like victims when they feel uncomfortable or see a thing they don't want to see. We don't treat men that way.

  4. Mondo Shredder Author

    Film producers, hedge fund billionaires, politicians, this is just all insanely out of control.
    If people, and women in particular, start destroying fancy cars in golf course parking lots across the country, I would fully understand them.

  5. Gravyman Author

    Sounds like she just met a super weird guy and hung out with him because she could've been in a movie. If he followed her around or touched her then that's harrassment. Otherwise she just got played by a mental patient.

  6. Mike Knight Author

    She got Bobby lee attacked multiple times by an unhinged Hebrew fella who she cheated on.. and it wasn’t even with him. He got collateral ass beatings buy that jealous monster

  7. DrDomich Author

    So, he never did anything to her… He was just being pathetic and quite unattractive and then she left… Jeez. He should go to prison, I guess.

  8. I Play One On T.V. Author

    LOL! She may not have been in that guy's movie. But, another actress with the same first name, "Natasha," was in the movie.

  9. Ali Saleem Author

    She might have been sexually harassed (I gusss?) but that Tree definitely has a case for sexual assault.

    I've heard that humans rape mother nature but this guy was on another level.

  10. wetlazer Author

    SO, if that actually happened she was cool with him humping a tree, and presumably would have been cool with it if she'd been given the part. Oh yeah, that's so sad… MEH.

  11. Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea Author

    Was she the one that made the joke about the ugliest friend being the most afraid of getting raped, or was that someone else?

  12. anders damin Author

    She felt like she was walking in Central park with Woody Allen, a creep who took a picture of his 17 year old stepdaughter's genitals.

  13. nickj84 Author

    That's not really sexual harassment. The guy is just a weirdo. He didn't ask her for sex, or sexually proposition her. While reading the comments to this video. It amazes me how pathetic some people are.


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