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Netflix’s Hollywood Rivals Are Spoiling for a Fight | WSJ

(crowd cheering) – [Narrator] With 149
million customers worldwide, it’s no secret that Netflix is the world champion of streaming video. (bell dings) But new competitors are entering the ring, among them Comcast, AT&T, and Disney. Now, those traditional
media giants are gearing up to launch subscription
streaming services of their own, entering a crowded field alongside Amazon, Hulu, Apple, and others, and
they’re ready to duke it out for who will distribute your
favorite movies and TV shows. – I say bring it on! – [Narrator] Netflix is no ordinary foe. It spends $12 billion a year on content, and it’s a magnet for top
Hollywood producers and actors, but most importantly, it has a head start of more than a decade, but the three new entrants
have a secret weapon, TV brands and movie franchises
people know and love. They’ve licensed a lot of
their classic programming to Netflix over the years, but now, they’ll wanna bring their hits
back to their own services, and that could pose a
challenge to Netflix. (rhythmic rock music) First up, Comcast. Comcast Corp.’s NBCUniversal
has plans to launch an ad-supported streaming service by 2020. – You need to play to win, but you also have to win to play. – [Narrator] The company hasn’t said much about what will be on the service, but viewers can expect lots of content from their film and TV franchises. Executives are already
contemplating bringing back The Office, Netflix’s most-watched show, since the contract expires in 2021. Parks and Recreation is another show Comcast might wanna fight for. An ad-supported service will be available to around 54 million customers
that already subscribe to Comcast Cable and Sky
and other cable providers that offer NBC channels, and
those without traditional pay TV packages will be able
to subscribe for a monthly fee, but to be competitive,
Comcast may also need to pump some cash into
original programming, but will that be enough
to challenge Netflix? (bell dings) The next challenger? AT&T’s Warner Media.
(rousing electro rock music) AT&T’s recent acquisition of
Time Warner, now WarnerMedia, means the company has bulked
up into a major producer of film and television content, home to the Warner
Brothers Studio and HBO. With movies like The Dark Knight and shows like Game of
Thrones in their corner, they could prove to be a major contender in the streaming ring. WarnerMedia streaming
service is expected to launch late this year with
content from HBO, Cinemax, Warner Brothers, and original programming. Warner chose to keep licensing
reruns of Friends to Netflix through 2019, but Warner has
the right to take the show back once it launches the new service. The company previously had a three-tiered pricing plan in mind, but
after reviewing the landscape, chose to pivot before launch. – Pivot!
(audience laughing) Pivot! – [Narrator] The last challenger? Disney. Before long, Disney will be operating three separate video streaming services, Hulu, ESPN+, and a new
streaming service called Disney+ set to launch in November 2019. The company said is plans to
price the new Disney+ service at $6.99 a month, almost half the cost of a Netflix subscription. – In my call, that’s a good fight. – [Narrator] Disney+ will
be anchored by programming from Disney’s biggest
franchises, including Star Wars, Marvel Studios, and original programming, and Disney brought in other big titles like The Simpsons from its
$71 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox’s
entertainment assets. – Now, family, put on the mouse ears. You only get one chance to
make a first impression. – [Narrator] Now, Disney
is aggressively removing its top programming from
Netflix, but that move means losing $150 million a
year in operating income, which Disney hopes to recoup in subscription fees from Disney+. The challengers will be
working hard to get Netflix on the ropes,
(bell dings) but a big challenge will be making up for the hundreds of
millions of dollars loss from licensing programs to Netflix. That means signing up lots of customers and keeping Wall Street happy, easier said than done. (rhythmic hard rock music)


  1. Rang Rez Author

    You should focus on Indian YouTube market, you can achieve a fast growth on you tube as we want international news from a reliable source like you are

  2. 3DM Author

    Screw comcast and AT&T. They are the reason Netflix became so popular. Disney maybe the only real competitor. Either way big ISP will not get anymore money from me.

  3. Bichr Salhi Author

    I’m most excited for the Disney one. Being able to relive your childhood through those programs coupled with the new additions at a push of a button is exciting.

  4. Leonardo De Vinci Author

    All these streaming services are going to loose to the best one of all Pirated content. People are NOT going to pay all the service fees just to watch certain selection of content. They are willing to pay a nominal fee to get all you watch content from one source. There are hundreds of them out there with their own apps. We are starting to see it now

  5. wuerzelburg Author

    If I may add one of Netflix's advantages, at least for European subscribers. In Netflix you can find spectacular European TV series. British TV series like Sherlock, Broadchurch, Line of duty, Land ladys etc. Great German series like Dark and Dogs of Berlin. Great Great French series like Dix Pour Cent, Glacé, Plan coeur etc. Very good Scandinavian crime series. Italian police dramas. Spanish eloquent soap operas like Gran Hotel. Last but not least Casa de Papel. Also a lot of really good European films. And you know what? European TV has become as good or even better, in many cases, than US TV productions. What it lacks in Special effects it gives back in Acting, Cinematography, screenwriting. Personally I am tired of the Superheroes epidemic and endless "one of the same" action series.
    What I wanted to say as a conclusion is that pluralism makes it so attractive to stay a subscriber. A streaming service with content only from one corporate source may lack this pluralism. Especially in non English content.

  6. darkflighter100 Author

    I'm not subscribing to 15,000 different services if this happens. Put it under one roof like it pretty much is now or I'll be finding other ways to consume your media, whether you get paid or not.

  7. Lala Reed Author

    Netflix supports black and smaller content creators which is a reason they’ll always have costumers. HBO didn’t want to give Beyoncé 60million for her documentary but Netflix had no problem doing so, I think that’s something that will keep them afloat.

    They also have good ethics canceling certain shows when a scandal arises but the money they would have made from the show continuing is something they need and I doubt would have made them lose any subscriptions and they need good content right now.

    I’m going to stick with Netflix and watch other tv shows online on putlocker.

  8. Rylac Zero Author

    Use Torrents instead of buying subscriptions.

    Philosophy: More content is being produced by these companies than can be consumed by the people and it is an arms race between these fools. I believe this money can be used to provide actual value to society which empowers the weak instead of preying for their attention. Use Torrents, f* the market they are wasting wealth of humanity on.

  9. Oliver Allen Author

    All these striations make things just annoying for consumers. “People don’t want more options;they want options they can be more confident in.” -Scott Galloway
    I’m renewing my wsj & audible subs. I might try criterion.

  10. Jazz E Author

    I am totally getting a Disney+ subscription. I just hope they have all Disney's movies. Either that or switch every 3 months. 4 subscriptions, 12 months in a year, 1 subscription per 3 months.

  11. Anthony Marquez Author

    I only see people signing up for Disney and at&t streaming services but if at&t is going to have a tier then they are going to be in for a rude awakening

  12. First Class Citizen Author

    Netflix just raised their rates again to $15.99/month for 4K content . At what point do we say enough is enough? It's getting a bit ridiculous. Undoubtedly in another five years, it'll probably be upwards of $25/month. For some people, it's worth it. I get it. They love their shows and can't do without it. But with so much subscription fatigue from so many sources, it becomes overwhelming on the wallet. Maybe it's a wake up call to now ditch a majority of subscription services and focus on real life things and experiences instead.

  13. We The People Author

    Won’t touch Comcast, Fake News Outfit. Netflix makes is own movies. Plus I have cancelled all my cable subscriptions 2 years ago.

  14. kippo tang Author

    As soon as Netflix blocks Georgia and support Anti-Life baby killers , they should look forward for bankruptcy filing . Because they will loose all the Pro-Life members. Once you loose 15% of your members and new competitions are on, Netflix light will go off. Good luck Netflix

  15. Rohan Naik Author

    In next 5 year Netflix is dead since it will loose in India which is most populated in the world and the one who succeed in India will survive .

  16. Sebastian Martinez Author

    Disney gunna destroy nextflix in a couple years especially for 6.99 but i cant believe u guys pay for this shit. Its free somewhere if u put the work into looking for it

  17. uindy4 Author

    Unless all the new services work in the same countries as Netflix on day 1 all over the world and have good pricing globally maybe. But if they stay only in the USA Netflix will always win. Because we wont be able to have them.

  18. Bilal Pervaiz Author

    so I need to pay every company separately for their content instead of paying only to netflix, bullsh*t, if there will be companies like netflix offers all brands content unver one brand name like netflix then competition will be good not like that every company is making its own streaming service just for their couple of movies.


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