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“New Cut” of Avengers: Endgame Coming to Theaters Isn’t What You Think! (Nerdist News)

– Why that new cut of Avengers: Endgame coming to theaters isn’t as
exciting as you think it is. Looking at movie ticket
sales, it’s not a lie to proclaim that this
is the summer of Disney. In fact, you might as well
nickname the box office the House of Mouse. Between Avengers: Endgame, Aladdin, Dumbo, as well as the upcoming
Toy Story 4 and Lion King, there won’t be a week that’s gone by without at least one Disney
property in theaters. But despite all its offering, it’s really been Avengers: Endgame that has been leading the charge. On top of raking in huge
amounts of dollar bills, it’s also been the water
cooler talk of the summer, drawing together the hardcore fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the casual observers resulting in an eruption of tears
that hasn’t been seen since Disney’s Up. (somber music) Sorry about that. In fact, while Avengers:
Endgame is still in theaters at the moment, that’s not
stopping Kevin Feige and company from keeping up the full court press. In an interview with Feige
for Spider-man: Far From Home, the folks over at
got a delicious tidbit about how Marvel is planning
to rerelease Avengers: Endgame in theaters with additional footage. “We are doing that,” said Feige. “I don’t know if it’s been announced, “and I don’t know how much. “Yeah, we’re doing it next weekend.” Holy hell! A new cut, are you kidding? That’s awesome, right? Well, maybe not. There is a bit of a catch to
the whole extra footage thing. In fact, it was the
cats over at Screen Rant who got some clarification on the whole rerelease from Feige. “Not an extended cut, but
there will be a version “going into theaters with
a bit of a marketing push “with a few new things
at the end of the movie. “If you stay and watch the
movie, after the credits, “there will be a deleted
scene, a little tribute, “and a few surprises.” A deleted scene. A little tribute. And a few surprises. After the credits.
– Yeah. – Yes?
– No. – No offense, but what the (bleep)? This isn’t even a director’s cut? They’re not even adding the deleted scene into the movie itself? It’s literally just
scenes added onto the end after the credits roll? Not gonna lie, this sounds like Blu-ray bonus features to us. So why would Feige and Marvel do this? Why would he put Avengers:
Endgame back into theaters, and potentially put
the film in competition with other flicks that
would also be in theaters, like Toy Story 4 and
Spider-man: Far From Home? Well, while Avengers:
Endgame has literally made billions of dollars
at the box office, there’s a little film
you may have heard of still holding the number
one spot of all time. Avatar.
(creature hisses) – My only curse is you.
– With Endgame sitting at 2.743 billion dollars
in worldwide receipts, it’s currently behind James
Cameron’s 3D spectacle by about 45 million. One might say that the box office record is Kevin Feige’s own personal unobtainium. Avatar has held the honor since 2009 and recently went back to theaters to nab another 10 million dollars. It’s clear there’s a
bit of a thing going on between Feige and
Cameron, and to be honest, it feels like this whole
rerelease with new footage is clearly a ploy to push
Endgame over the edge and make it the biggest movie of all time. And hey, we get it. Being the best is cool. – I’m the best.
(metal dings) – Of course, it is worth noting that now that Disney owns Fox,
who distributed Avatar, no matter who loses this Titanic match up, Disney ultimately wins. Nonetheless, is seeing the rerelease of Avengers: Endgame worth it, maybe. If you wanna see the film on
the big screen one last time before its home release, then yes. It’s definitely worth it,
but on the other hand, if you were expecting a whole new cut or even new scenes just added in, maybe you should wait and just pick it up on Blu-ray or digital. While we can’t say for certain
that a few new surprises won’t be something awesome, it’s safe to say the deleted scene and tributes will be available as bonus features. Either way, it will be interesting to see if the extra footage
will entice fans enough to help push Endgame past Avatar as the number one movie of all time. But what do you folks think? Are you going to see
Avengers: Endgame again? How many times have you seen it, and do you think Kevin Feige
has an Infinity Gauntlet, but all of the stones have been inscribed with the records of
Avengers: Endgame has broken? – There’s a chance.
– There’s always a chance. – There’s always a chance.
– Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching, be
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movie news for you, check out our breakdown
on why Men in Black failed to light up the box office or whether or not Toy
Story 4 sticks the landing. (bright music)


  1. Kazuma - kun Author

    Avatar is just a space rip-off of Dances with Wolves. It's shameful that that's our number 1 movie. Let's make our country's number 1 movie something to raise the flag for.


  2. eline blom Author

    i hope avatar stays best… it "more original" in my eyes. not just that Endgame and marvel are based off comics.. but superhero comics were also not very original… and CGI and story-wise avatar was phenomenal, especially for the time it was produced and released. the CGI is on par or even better than CGI in newer films.

  3. josef nikolas Say Author

    There are 2 possible scenarios here. 2 very possible scenarios.

    1. Kevin Feige is eager to beat avatar knowing that they almost did.

    2.They just finished something that came out a little late to include with end game. Something that involves the recently acquired characters. Knowing KF is so excited about those characters, he already wants to hype everyone.

    I hope it's #2. I love Marvel more than anything else really. But Avatar really owns the #1 spot. That really is a very good movie. Marvel can beat avatar in the future, it's not impossible, but not like this

  4. Yinheero Author

    there's a hardcore fan that already watched the endgame a hundred times, then now new cut version is about to release, imagine how he feels 😆

  5. Kenneth Boyer Author

    Who gives a shit!!! Disney has seriously fucked up a lot of stuff in the last couple years. Have nothing but contempt for the DASOBs at the mouse, FUCK'EM!!!

  6. technicalleon Author

    I don't mind watching it again just for the extra end credits stuff. Pretty sure they'll only release it for one weekend anyway.

    Honestly, I just hope they release it in my country…

  7. Eddie Lee Carlisle Jr Author


  8. Andre Esters Author

    I wouldn't mind seeing Endgame on the big screen for a 2nd go… then again, I'm secretly hoping someone on youtube will just post the new footage and I'll get my blu-ray eventually.

  9. Byron Harris Author

    I'm there for this. Yes I am a sucker and a Disney shill, it's my money and I can blow it anyway I wish and least I'm not snorting or smoking it away. So don't judge me.😏😁🤓🤑😜🤓

  10. 곽선 교 Author

    We lost (to avatar)
    All of us
    We lost money
    We lost time
    Today we have a chance to take it all back
    We'll watch it again
    Whatever it takes!

  11. M. ABDURROKHIM SYAFI'I 2014 Author

    avengers endgame (2019) Available 1080p full moviet » (link:

    айлык алгыныз келеби? Бирок сиз бала менен уйдо

  12. Jacob Reyes Author

    I just wanna see it to see it on the big screen one last time. Come on guys, it’s one of the most iconic endings to an iconic era.

  13. Mike W Author

    I support this….Feige is like Scrooge McDuck…Avatar is more Flinthart Glomgold…it's clear that Feige and Avengers DESERVES to have the top worldwide movie….they've EARNED IT.

  14. JJ4628 Author

    When Endgame wasn´t able to surpass Avatar so you have to play it again

    Endgame to Disney:
    You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me

  15. Stigs Aussie Cousin Author

    I was gonna see it 4 times but could only see it 3 times but if it comes back out again I’ll definitely see it again


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