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New Dell Cinema

People are changing the way they’re consuming their content. Today, we know that PCs are the number one device
[ALEJANDRO MADRID, GLOBAL MARKETING SENIOR DIRECTOR, DELL] to stream their preferred movies and TV shows. That’s why we actually developed Dell Cinema. [DELL CINEMA] To deliver a cutting edge media experience,
[SINEM GULBAY, PRINCIPAL ENGINEERING TECHNOLOGIST, DELL] we’ve put together three components. We’ve delivered amazing visuals, great audio and fast streaming so that customers can enjoy their media on their PCs. [DELL CINEMACOLOR] CinemaColor is a technology that brings dazzling brights, very vivid colors and the deepest blacks, so that your visual feels like it’s from the real world. Dell is bringing you a great viewing experience
with Dell Color Profiles software. The reason we’re really excited about CinemaColor is because it truly enhances the viewing experience
and the colors of your system. [DELL CINEMASOUND] CinemaSound is going to improve your audio experience on your PCs, on the connected speakers, on the connected headsets, so on any device you are using your audio on. It brings sound to life,
[CINEMASOUND] [ENHANCED BASS] and higher volume.
[CINEMASOUND] [MORE VOLUME] What makes Dell Cinema sound so impressive is, it brings together the hardware Dell is famous for with audio processing Waves MaxxAudio Pro brings to create a really immersive cinematic experience. [CINEMASTREAM] CinemaStream actually helps by optimizing the resources of your system and delivering a smooth streaming experience. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting buffering while you’re watching your favorite movie, your favorite TV show. What’s behind CinemaStream is a really smart software that understands when you’re streaming a content — it identifies it and prioritizes it. So, you experience less buffering and you experience a video that has better resolution. Each one of these three technologies are great independently, but it’s the true innovation, it’s really combining them together to deliver that great viewing experience and immersive experience to our customers. Dell Cinema actually captures everything, packages it up, and delivers that great experience to our customers. [DELL CINEMA]


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    I need to see the details of the laptop not pretty picture for some one dancing and video for jungle and people talking about it, why do you doing this dell 🤬


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