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New Generation This young man is our hero, Karthik Our hero is so talented Karthik There is no special reason why his
parents had put a name ‘Karthik’ A good name that’s all His hobby is bike race Not simply hobby it is his passion That’ll be more correct, what is seen
here is the pratice for Delhi race A real representative
of new generation That is what Karthik is Now over to heroine of the story Induja! Even though there is modesty in
name but in character it is not there She is bold, bubbly and energetic If not, the boys in the campus
will they name her ‘war horse?’ Mother!
Hey girl, can’t you drive properly? Are you driving without seeing the
signal, zebra line and turning? Look coming here and hitting
and talking non sense is it? What? I was on the right side Look girl if you shout also, you
won’t get a single penny from me Because the mistake is not on
my side, I wasn’t over speed also When the higher up in traffic got
changed, it is same as usual Child we both had made
mistakes, we both didn’t notice Coming and hitting and
then he is justifying that one Hey man take it and go!
Morning itself coming To create issues The power of this horse
who has got the power to react We’ve witnessed directly,
Indu is also a gifted singer Her singing talent gave her- – in the music competition
conducted by ‘Sky blue channel’ Presented her a flat
worth of one crore My goodness sister! Get on! All though she is having
lot of positive qualities In her character there is a big minus Asking what it is no? She believes
fully what is seen on internet Thank you sister Today also Annu has
got ice cream with her Where did you get her Indu?
In front of that ice cream parlor When she saw
me, she was shrinking! If you eat ice creams daily, Ammu’s
teeth will go, you’ll become a grandma I’ll bear that Uncle, you take
care of your teeth She is very smart Uncle, what is up
with the daughter’s marriage? What to do child, all the people
who are coming have high demands Child, don’t you know by toiling
here day and night, what is gained? Now everything is in
the hands of God Child, shall I go there? Mother, tea! Earlier there was a
mildness, now it is an order Wants tea, wants this, wants that! Comes when she likes,
goes when she likes! I shouldn’t ask anything
Her tea! Here, drink it! What happened? Today
Ramana Amma is really angry I was late, is that the problem? Or did you think I was
roaming with Karthik? I’ve no problems when
you go with Karthik By the way what is your plan? Either me or his family
is against your relationship Everything is your obstinacy;
marriage is after getting a job His family is rich to
satisfy any of your wishes Then why do you want a job? My mother in today’s world,
only if females have a job Husband will respect! Hey girl, will you get
a job in this century? What is it girl?
What are you doing? Look mother, I got a
job in this century only Do you where it is? In the
famous ‘Sky Blue Channel’ They have put one lakh rupees
in the account – One lakh? They offered this job on
seeing my stage presentation – – and my talent to sing Mother, you wait
and see I’ll just rock! My God! Look your prayers
are accepted, but one thing That stupid ‘scooty’ which she is
using now is a mis-match for her beauty From the salary which she has got
she will buy a good two-wheeler You shouldn’t deny
that, it is my order Yeah Rajana! Rajana!
Coming grandma Okay, come fast my dear Why are you not coming here? Grandma, I got a small job
Is it so? My gift, grandma you must bless me
What is this girl? God, give her a good life God! Why are you taking
grandma for your favor? Rajana, give this money
as offering, send it fast It was send as a money order, no? Lord is a big person,
he has got a bank account I’ll transfer the cash Grandma, you don’t worry,
if the post office isn’t here I’ll go to a place where it
is and I’ll send the money order The cash I gave let it be with you For me? God, shall I go?
Okay grandma Come on tell girl This is for you, to buy
the text and guide Hold it
Tell the truth, did you win a lottery? Lot of kindness
Come, I’ll tell You come, I’ve told about a job, no? That was through over the net?
Received the advance of that Anyway you got a
job that you wished Now what is the next
plan of Karthik and you? Will there be wedding?
Go, girl Wait, now only received the job Now let me stand in
a ‘self-stand’ are you coming? Wants to buy a surprise item – I
would have come but grandma is alone Mother has gone to Tanjavoor
Never mind that one By the way, how much
does this surprise cost? Almost 50,000 Then I’ll in the place of
that stupid ‘scooty’ of yours You are going to buy a new one Hats off to you, your intelligence
though you are a fool By the way, wait to
say scooty is stupid I’m planning to give that to you Also monthly rupees
thousand as petrol allowance See, look at the way he looks On seeing will know he is a flirt This is latest model
135 cc And that black one?
This is our prestigious model mam 55,000 Indu, see that one Mileage is 60 kms, it is a
very good moving vehicle Good, no? What to do? Will take this, no? Girl, how beautiful it is to see this? On this price you won’t get
any other good vehicle Vehicle is’ TVS’, no? Take
it boldly nothing else to think Girl grandma is all alone, you settle
the things here and come there Okay then you may
leave, I’ll come with the vehicle Mam, shall we fix this? This will do Okay man, I’ll call hey..! Sajan?
Indu! -Where were you? Which is this girl?
My marriage is over It was in the last June Then what, your marriage, on
that day crow will fly other way It is true girl, can’t you see her
wedding chain on the neck? Hey man, earlier also you used
to entice girls who are married! You have not
spared even the teachers Hey girl you look at the
stills of marriage function Did you see? Now I’m convinced But still why didn’t you inform me? After all I was arts club secretary
and you were my assistant, no? Nothing more to say for the last two
and a half years I was at Bangalore As told by a friend of mine I met her
through what’s up. name Mangamma This lady, I never thought
it’ll be a danger like this She is 7 years older than me When the on line love got high, I
went to Mysore as per her invitation On a wine yard I’ve
made all the setup for love talks I went to her house to pick her up Like how discovery chanel shows I entered into a den of a lion Her family made me
to marry her by force! Her father is the chief of hit men I was trapped -Didn’t you see
the photo of this old lady? That is more interesting They have put the photo of
Nagamma who is 17 years old Everyone will fall for her on seeing
Nagama’s figure and glamour Everything is lost Leave it man one day you come What is the best now? Leave I’ll come Why madam? You are really angry Move, I should go Why so hurry?
At least mind me Why should I mind you? How many
days it has been since you left? Did you call me? Did you
send at least one message? No, is it? My dear I’m sorry, I was
busy with the race Then son, you do one thing Full time you
remain hugging the bike Let me see whether I can get a
person who minds and calls me Move back
Indu, Indu! Mom, look a message has come My first job is to interview a
person for ‘Sky Blue channel’ God, at last you
heard our prayers Daughter, at first we’ve to
repay that debt of Sudeesh Has heard that he has
returned from Gulf Mother will repay all that It has been 15 years
since your father has left us After that I managed
the things till here You have got fame
and a flat to stay And now you
have got a job also Mother, why do you want to
say all this things now? I’ll tell, perhaps tomorrow
when I’m not there You should take each
step forward carefully So when your father
returns with sweet words Will you accept him? Mother don’t you have
anything else to say? The program director that
is mentioned in the email Listen carefully what I’m saying Day after tomorrow is the best
business man award function- -at Delhi To receive that Rakesh Menon of
Danalakshmi group has gone there Next day Menon will return back To interview him, is
the Indu’s first task But sir I’ve heard that
Menon sir is a busy person Will he accept an
interview immediately? That is where you’ve
to show your smartness If have selected you
after studying your talents Then talking while talking
sweetly with modesty Anyone will fall on it, no? Sir, over there for
this whom should I contact? Over there, there is
an executive secretary One Niveditha She is handling everything You should take
her into your favor Girl, to whom are you
saying a sweet bye? That internet programs director Mother do you know whom
I’m going to interview? Who is it? The great business
man, Rakesh Menon The business awards are distributed
as allotted by central government At a function held
at Business Bavan Awards are distributed
by central industrial minister The award for best business man Sri Rakesh Menon has received it Headed by Menon himself Danalakshmi group at Trivandrum
secured the award for best – -business establishment As I was not here for
3 days today is a busy day Send to my cabin important
or very urgent files only Sir, you’ve promised the
inauguration of a detective agency The time is on 11 O’clock today Today itself they’ve
called 2 or 3 times Thanks to remind me.. A central minister from Delhi
has told me to attend that function I’ll tell them, sir will start immediately Today boss is very busy.
If anything comes divert it to me. Hello, is it Niveditha madam? My name is Induja, I’m
working for ‘Sky Blue Channel’ Hi Induja, tell me Madam’s voice is also
just like the name I am sure that you are
a very beautiful lady See, I am predicting without meeting you. There is nothing like that
by the way why did Induja call? If you want life we should
pray to Brahma, is it not? Niveditha Madam
should do one help To interview Rakesh Menon sir,
channel has delegated me for that First of all, boss has come and gone
out to attend an inauguration function And for 3 days as
he was out of station He is very busy Shall we try it for tomorrow? Madam, doesn’t mind
if it gets late today Camera man, one assistant
and then myself Only 3 of us, we’ll wait
at the reception Child, what can I do?
If you say like this Shall I call you sister? Calling this sister to
work out on sentiments, no? No, all though over the phone
feels an intimacy towards sister I’m allowing this by risking my job First of all let me say
this when boss comes Your interview will be
just before the boss leaves That too only if the boss allows You should wait at the
lobby down stairs only Come up stairs only when called Thank you my dear sister This ‘blue tooth’ Vappachan
also known as Saji Vappachan On the matter of
friends blue tooth is rich The new avatar of
‘Theetta Rapayyi’, Jumbo Giraffe, John and then Jacky Care taker of Jacky Shan Only in the bath room we can see
Vappachan without Blue tooth When son was doing
a good job at BSF In the mind of father Vappachan
a wish sprouted immediately Son should be a IPS officer And at last the job
at BSF is also lost Didn’t get IPS also Father’s next wish was that son
should start a detective agency That wish was fulfilled
He has come Look, the scissors, they had come
Make everything ready Is everything ready?
Everything ready sir Hello Sir…. I’ve expected a huge crowd We dont believe in huge publicty,
we believe in doing. I aprecite that.. This detective agency
headed by Satesh kumar By wishing all success I
conduct the inauguration of this Fellow, what a watch is this? Uncle, why no ice
cream and Kit Kat? That is all there, but it is
for the next branch opening Okay all of you go -He brought us
saying all this will be here Everything will be there, next year Come here bit early Otherwise he will eat everything If he gets free, he’ll drink acid also! So you got a job
with a good salary Today you are going to interview
business magnet Rakesh Menon Don’t know when is our matter what about us? So don’t you intend to wed me? Just wait to fix all that It depends on how I perform
on the interview regarding my job First of all let the job get fixed
after that comes the marriage No, You will rock the interview Any way you won
that secretary is it? But still Everything will be all right Time is going Hello, Niveditha madam it is me Indu I’ve told earlier today is a busy day Can we come and
sit at the upstairs? When sir gets free
shall meet immediately At last it is as if giving
space for the camel Will I lose my job? Okay come up stairs Can you recognize me? The owner of such a
sweet voice will be a beautiful girl At the most 30
There you went wrong Any police will make a
mistake, akka we are there mam.. Only 10 minutes if it is
finished or not boss will leave Come I’ve met you some where For the same channel, on
the play back singer program- – I was the winner You got the flat, right? We have heard of Mayavi – – who converts
everything to gold on touching In stories But on the business
firms which he undertakes Only gives success One of the biggest
business man in India And also for business firms Is gifted with golden success, here
is Rakesh Menon on an exclusive- – interview for our channel Menon sir, please tell How long it has been after
building this business dynasty? It has been around 20 years Last and final question Which is the power
source behind this success? My family especially
my wife And also my staffs in my firm My well-wishers all of them had
supported for my success So have all heard what is the
secret behind Rakesh Ji’s success? To him and Dhana Lakshmi Group Niveditha madam who controls
each and every moment in the office And to Damodar sir
who is the senior most staff By giving wishes Along with camera man
Ajai your own Induja I’ll hand over edited copy
tomorrow to Niveditha madam I’ll tell the telecast date at that time How was your exam? It was good dad Sir, it is good flowers
Got from there, no? Come From where is this bouquet? When telling in true sense, more
important than the award received- – from Delhi, this bouquet
is more important to me That is given by Damodaran
who is the senior most at the office I’ll get fresh and come
Okay Okay come son Yes, forgot to mention one thing Today for a channel’s interview Few people had come The news about receiving
the award came 2 days back, is it? Yes that girl is known
to our Niveditha For the singing competition
at the ‘Sky Blue Tv’ Has gained flat, no?
It is that girl Indu, a smart young girl I don’t remember that Do you want to listen today’s thing? When I was really tired That girl had come, there
was a flow of positive energy Tiredness and boredom had gone If she is that smart why
not give her a job over there? That will benefit the company totally All that can be thought later By the way today’s program
will benefit the company In a way it is a self-marketing That is the result of
offering to Lord Ganapathy Now did you understand
the power of that one? It went upto gaining an award
Yeah understood! Mam, Iam here Within one day without any calls has
reached before executive secretary Not only this group, if at all
mam becomes UN secretary There will be no
questions and answers When I ask akka won’t say no Then why to waste that much time? Okay, today also are you
planning to disturb the boss? My dear mam, I had come to give
the edited copy of yesterday’s interview This is sir copy & this is your copy Till it gets telecasted do not circulate
this and create a bad mark for me So is it that bad program? No, no, mam you see this And tell how is this sister’s program Right now there is no
time, time for boss to arrive I’ll go home and watch it Okay then mam, shall I go? Must watch and call me
Bye Are you serious. sir told, to give that CD Where did boss see her that
girl who came along with him? Our boss saw that girl
when he was coming down in a lift That girl told she had
handed over some CD here Boss told me to
collect that and come So, that is it
By the way Who is this new avatar
along with boss? body guard-Karunakaran The new body guard
that was recruited by boss Sir! I’ll watch the program
when I get time Generally how was the feedback?
Sir, everyone in the channel liked it Because of that they had
given me a new assignment What again shooting?
That is not required Sir, you don’t have to
do anything on this Sir, at present you are the number
one business man in India How will be one day of sir, that is
what this program is all about That is… Along with sir, camera
of the channel also travels Shoots in one day, it is shown
on channel for one hour Will it affect my privacy?
Never sir Sir, won’t even know
we are with you I should think over this and decide Okay, this is my card Call me after 2 days – But sir the
decision should be positive, okay Let me see, smart and beautiful girl For the time being you may go Like that, that is over
What to say? Girl, come to flat and go I’m not there your mother
looks suspicious on me Which is like taking an X- ray
I’ll melt – Go girl! Hi aunty Should I help? No need , I can take all this Aunty, tell Ammu that
I’ve accepted her friend request She is in an angry mood Angry? What is the reason? In between this purchasing,
she says she wants Pizza Where is time for me to go there? That is okay, I’ve also ordered pizza Tell her I’ll give one to her also
Indu, you are the one who pamper her Pamper? Where to get
such a nice girl at this age? For me to buy all this, only
you people are there, no? Then what about me? Hey Brahmin girl, you
are my dearest, no? Then shall I go daughter? Can’t her husband
do all this purchase? Then she’ll starve and die He won’t even help He is an addict to
cybersex and online gambling Have we reached the flat?
No sir No Tell me on reaching
Okay sir You control and put the brake Okay Okay then That person is our character how are you
fine uncle Last week on TV
I saw your program What was its name? Yeah, lover’s corner..
That was superb Is there any new programs? I’m planning one, that
will be coming soon Aunty, had come just now Did that devil come? Uncle, if you do this purchasing
together, won’t it be fun? You are right. But daughter, she won’t come She won’t come to this
bar and queue in beverages That is the problem, no?
I didn’t mean going to bar Then? This items for the house To shops that sell rice,
turmeric, chili, vegetables, is it? That is her job, not mine Even otherwise there is
Ammu with her for the help, no? You dont have to ask this silly
questions, ok Girl, how is my neighbor? -Hats off
to aunty and daughter for bearing him How can we save this family? These people will have the
addiction that gets cured- – on getting a beating Do you know what his hobby is? When aunty is not there,
checks her face book For everything makes
a mis-interpretation It has been months
since they talked each other My head is spinning on hearing it How was your program? His personality is higher
than what we heard and known Sir, is there any change
on that one day program? There is a change – I’ve informed
the program director that you had agreed Then Indu, you inform
him one more thing That you are going to join
the Dhana Lakshmi group Which means you
are leaving the channel -What? Sir, how is that possible? Sir, you have not
mentioned it earlier to me Why? Is there any legal
agreement with the channel? Is there any financial dealings? Yes sir, they have given
one lakh as advance Dont worry about that
Repay that tomorrow itself If Indu is willing from the next day
you are my personal secretary Sir, I need to think over it What is the problem
in saying that now? Sir, there is an offer from Dubai From Dubai, what about paying
an equal salary of that offer, here? Mother won’t be alone at home also Sir, that is… When you say okay, tomorrow itself
appointment letter will reach home Your salary will be Rs 75000 With 7 years, Niveditha’s
salary is only rs. 50,000 Accepting it Okay Indu, immediately
forward your bio-data to me Okay sir I don’t think I can finish all the
programs assigned by channel Indu had told me that
Menon has agreed And now what is it? Now Menon sir is telling me To join with him in
Dhana Lakshmi Group How is that possible? Indu has
received the full advance The advance which I’ve received
will be repaid by Menon sir That is not possible, Indu we’ve
planned lot of programs with you Now, when you say you are
joining in another company..! What is our profit? I’ve given word to Menon sir But again we may require
some other helps from Indu At that time you should help me
Sir, what is that you mean? Please if there is anything
like that, leave me Indu, is joining
Dhana Lakshmi Group Indu obeys our instructions
also which we’ve given before By the way, you don’t have to
repay the advance immediately In return do some
things which we tell And Indu will get benefit of that Why Narendra oflately
the roaming is more? From the district court sir is dropped
at home, I’ve just returned back I’ve come here because an
appointment is going to take place now Without any notification and
interview which appointment has- – taken place in
this group, Narendran? So far has not taken place, what I
told is, it is going to take place now Are you so sure?
That is good Who is that influential candidate? You just see the festival
that is going to take place Or you know it by hearing…rupees..dollor..” I’ll be bit late to arrive By 2 O’clock send
Narendran to home Then one more thing, immediately
make one appointment letter All the details are there on my mail Let Jeevan sign that and
send it to concerned party So is she that candidate? I know she is a tiger! Are you happy now? Asking whether I’m happy? Then you join tomorrow itself I’ll reach by 10 O’clock Good morning akka ( sister) Akka ( sister) from today onwards
I’m to take charge as Menon sir’s- – personal secertary Good Your appointment letter was
drafted by me and send it to you And then you are
telling me about it! Akka, do you know I rejected a
good offer which came from Dubai And I accepted this job That too Menon sir compelled me Indu I really appreciate you With a short span of time, you got
a job in a reputed company like this Menon sir is calling Indu Madam Sorry akka I thought my
arrival will make you happy Okay Indu, so we’ll start Discussion room, big discussion Business center Along with this business
will also take place Why man are you laughing?
Are you mad? Not for me, I think many
are mad here Hey fellow tell clearly
How many years it has been – – since you joined with Menon sir? It has been around 15 years How is this sir?
What do you mean? My dear brother when asking how is
Menon sir? Which means that one! Don’t talk non sense Get lost man It is not there but now it is there Menon sir has appointed
that girl, no? Induja What is the reason, why
Menon sir appoint her so fast? You think that one There is something wrong on that
What is wrong? Now when I went to
sir’s room with a file That girl and sir.. My dear brother in the
name of God, I saw with my 2 eyes Brother you come here, I’ll tell In the office many people
had started talking about this About what? I’m telling this to you because
it shouldn’t spread more As you are faithful to sir Now you do whatever you like Hey have you gone to Saturn?
Which Saturn? That red planet No – What you told
now, if sir knows about this He will take you to Saturn If not there, you
will be send to Mercury Thursday, Friday, Saturday Sunday,
you can return only on Sunday Sunday it is a holiday, no
beverages, your life is lost! Brother..sorry..dont touch my legs..
Brother don’t tell anyone My dear brother I have not told
anything to you or you’ve heard anything It is a truth that you
have not told anything But I have heard everything Brother!
Go, go man My God I got busted! I would have believed that
Hell with him! Then mother has told
to say thanks to sir What is that for? – If
hadn’t given this job to me By leaving alone mother
I would have gone to Dubai No Indu, it is your talents
which made you reach here Indu, deserves it, your aim
should be the growth of the company According to performance
the salary will also increase This going, there is
something wrong in that I also felt the same She has got some calculations The moves are very precise While thinking even our
boss got trapped in her net You are the main
reason behind that She was brought here For the shooting you
only introduced her to the boss By the way after shooting
it is 5 to 6 days – Yes it is Now the time for telecasting
has come, no? – Yes it has Will do one thing,
just call in that channel Ramarajan!
Yeah coming, I’ll come now So, please connect itto editor incharge.
Please stay in line please.. Sorry madam there is no reporter
named Indu in our channel or office We’ve not done such an interview We’ve not delegated anyone
to interview Rakesh Menon We’ve not done such an interview.
Someone has given you wrong message. What is it? Channel people had not given
permission for such an interview Sudeesh, how is mother?
No problem aunty To walk there is some problem Will it always take
this time for Indu to come? She has just entered the job, no?
She’ll be late By the way when
are you returning to Gulf? Aunty nothing is decided, planning
to do some business in native place I’ll come now Hello, yeah tell me
girl, no, I’m only there Not yet time for her arrival But I don’t know
whether Indu will be there I’ll definitely come -Aunty
Yeah – I’m leaving Okay then fellow Yeah you tell That I’ll check at night and
give the report in the morning Call me when everything get okay
Yes sir Hey girl now what is the time? You should think that
you are a matured girl How long you have been
talking at the down stairs? Mother that is Rakesh Menon
sir, he came to drop me here We’ve been discussing
some urgent things at office Right from the days when father
was not there, I grew you up- – without any bad name You shouldn’t create
a bad name for me Mother, I’m the personal
secretary of Rakesh Menon sir Sometimes I may have to go
on a long journey with him Perhaps may come home late also I thought mother will be
having some common sense Did you call me here
to watch face to face? I should go to office I’m going to say a
thing which you don’t like Yesterday there was
a call from Delhi Is it regarding the
race? You should go for that race Then aren’t you worried? When asking do I? Yes there is For some days I’ve to part you, no? For me you are important sure dear.. I’ve called you urgently
to give some business assignments Must enquire about a Bombay
based company’s stability and reliability Has given a big order Give us the name and the address of that
company Within a week sir will get
the details needed on this table Will that be enough? I am going forward as I trust you
Mr, Satheesh kumar Company’s name and details you
will get from the legal section, here Ok, I will take care of that sir.
see you ,.. I will send the details Sir, I need to talk about some
things about Indu to sir I know what Niveditha
is going to tell That can be told in some other time Where is Indhu. tell her to
ready the documents We are only going back,
after tomorrow’s hearing I’ve arranged your
accommodation here Okay sir
Okay, come Sir, this is for the first
time moving from home Indu, it’ll be like this
for several days Thats the duty and responsibility
of private secretary This is the key for your suit The dinner will be served
at your room at 8 O’clock Yea Suji
Husband, you don’t get tensed I’ve called to say an important thing Today morning along with
newspaper there was a cover Those are some photos of bed
room scenes of husband and Indu! That is not true You send it to me immediately
Okay I saw it Suji but this is fake May be I doubt your secretary Indu you call her
and threaten her This morning is not that good What is this? Sir, what is this? That is what I want to ask Is it done with your knowledge?
Sir, what are you saying? After dinner came to the
room, rest of the things I don’t know I won’t leave them,
whoever it is behind this! I am going to end your service for me. With a person who doesn’t
trust me I’m not interested to work These photos will affect me more,
than sir because I’m a girl Because of that I’ll find
out who is behind this Is there any truth in that what
Ramarajan has told? Is there any
relationship between them? What is it to me? A person made an elephant
to fall down, who is that guy? Stop there girl! What is this girl? This all created in fake Are you saying it is a lie? Where
did you both stay yesterday? That was in a resort So, do you mean
to say it is not true? 100% I’m saying this
because you are my mother When a girl becomes a bit bold While talking to a male Will the virginity of
a girl get lost mother? Mother do you still doubt? I trust you But one who created
this bad name for you That Menon is there, no?
I’m meeting him today itself I’ll catch by his collar and ask Why did he do this to you? Mother don’t do that Keep quiet, I know what to do Who are you?
What do you want? I’m a journalist wanted
to meet Menon sir Is there Menon sir? Uncle, you may sit Greetings
You may sit Who are you?
I could recognize you? Sir, I’m Srikumar, MD of
evening sun newspaper Yes Mr. Srikumar
what is the purpose of visit? There is a concern sir, this cover
and some details were received- – today morning in my office Sir, you can open it and see Without opening it
I know what is inside that Like this a cover was received
to my office and to my wife Okay, okay but to a newspaper
office if such a cover and- – photographs comes, you might
know the consequences, is it? Definitely, without making it
public and you came to meet me That is a big thing Tell me what should I say
about this matter? I’m the owner of a
evening newspaper – -which has got 2.5 lakh copies I’ll charge rs. 10 per copy You mean 25 lakhs?
Yes For these photos I’ve put a
price which is mere Rs. 2 . 50 If that is okay for you
you can return with that I’ll get the money which I’ve asked And sir will give that to me What if, if I don’t? In my newspaper these photos
and details on this will be printed What sir has built in all these years
will be demolished within a second Mr. Srikumar what is seen
today all this I have achieved By overcoming the challenges So, no need of your
threats on me Please get out from my house.. On this sir will feel sorry for it What is it girl? – On calling father,
he is not getting up He must be got drunk and sleeping What is the use of saying it here? You go and tell the security Simply to create problems to others Where did you and
mother go, to roam? How many times did I call father? You didn’t answer at all If I don’t answer once
you should call again That is how kids should
grow up, did you understand? That is I…
To Indu akka’s.. Came to tell her
And did you tell Indu akka? Did Indu akka tell you
she will set right everything? Go inside you girl! She spoiled my entire mood Don’t cry you girl, go inside I say! After drinking lost the senses
why do you want to get angry on me? Stop there you girl
Stop there I say Girl, whom am I to you? Who is it?
Father Is it how a daughter
should talk to a father? Father! What is going on here? What?
Are you mad? Madness is for your other person One person has left you and gone,
no? Not being able to bear you That person he is mad Hey you! That is my daughter,
I’ll beat or kill my daughter Who are you to ask me that one?
If you shout at my flat’s door! If I shout what will you do, lady? Will you give order for killing? -Over
here drinking and shouting is not allowed So you are so strict, no? I’ll drink over here and shout You show what you can do Leave the hand from the bottle Hey lady my scotch! You spilled my scotch, no? What is this?
Go man Hey man what is the
use of you being here? Madam, that is.. Sir
You don’t interfere, go man I’ll show you
I’ll show you lady Hey lady stop there
Sudhakaran sir, what is this? You don’t interfere, leave me Lady stop there I want to meet your
boss Rajesh Menon His name is Rakesh Menon Whichever Menon he
is I want to see him You go and meet that madam What will he do, If I meet him? I don’t fear anyone, I must
meet your boss Rakesh Menon Without knowing who and why? Then that shouldn’t be left out I’m Prameela, mother of
Induja who is working here Sir, Induja’s mother has come here.
She is a little violent.. Okay, okay I’ll tell
Yes lady I’m voilent enticed my daughter and
created a bad name for her, no? He is in a meeting inside Whatever meeting it
is, I must meet him Told can’t meet you get lost This Prameela has not
come to just go like that I’ll go only after meeting
that stupid Menon! Then I’ll show
Don’t leave her inside Don’t open it
Leave I say I’ve told you not to open it – I want to
meet him, I’ll go only on meeting him Move back I say
Can’t go inside Move back
Leave me You are not allowed inside Move back, you
should not go inside I must meet him, leave
What is it? What is the problem here? Hey man! Leave! Hey man, I won’t leave you
I’ll show you who i am I’ll show you I will not leave you Leave me, leave me!
What to do? You come here With these photos and with photos
received before, a continous serial Behind the brutal
killing, business king That is good – You come
we’ve got some job This is the picture drawn
as per the instructions from Indu Apart from, he following you Did he initiate any talk? Or any kind of challenge,
anything of that sort? I had felt that he is
following me for 10 to 12 times He has got a peculiar
stare! That is hard to bear Sir, he is the person So, you are the person, no? What is your name fellow?
That is sir.. Sasankan – Rascal, tell the
truth why did you kill Prameela? Prameela, who is that sir? Have you shown your revenge
for not marrying Indu to you? My god what is this sir saying? Grudge?
What grudge? Then why do you want
to follow this girl like a shadow? So that is it no?
I’m a big fan of this girl During the time of
studies, I liked Indu a lot After completion of
competition in the channel My love also increased Sir, each day if I don’t
see Indu, I can’t sleep See, take a look at this All this is full of Indu’s pictures Sir, not Indu I can’t hurt
anyone who is related to Indu I like Indu a lot Sir, is there any rule that one
shouldn’t like a person? Okay you go
Take it Thanks a lot sir, shall I go sir Induja, you may go,
we’ll contact you Sir on the day when
Prameela was murdered In the evening Prameela and
her neighbor Sudhakaran, had a quarrel After some time along with
Prameela, he also went out There is a statement
from watch man Then did you arrest that Sudhakaran?
– Yes sir He is waiting
outside, he is an alcoholic Hey Manikkanda bring
that Sudhakaran here Hey fellow Sudhakara, come inside What hey fellow Sudhakara? Do you know, who am I?
I am not a silly guy, IT professional. Leave me man This was SI, no? Sir, what is the problem? I’ll tell what the problem is
Sir, you must tell On the day when
Prameela was killed Did you quarrel with her?
There was a quarrel After that you went
out along with her Yes I went out – Tell the
truth how did you kill her? I liked that one, DCP sir you
keep that intelligence with you Keep it with you, I
killed Prameela madam is it so? Okay, okay, okay! Hey fellow why did you
go out along with her? Why did I go out, I don’t
have to convince you people If I go after Prameela madam,
does it mean that I killed her? Hey fellow are you
arguing before the police? Sir you go sir Sir, I’ve seen this threat a lot Did you understand? If you don’t get the accused – – you make the
person that you got as accused Don’t show that on me okay I am not a silly guy.
I am an IT professional Hey man put him inside that cell When the thief is not received, will
make the caught person a thief Show it to this IT professional Okay, okay, leave me I say Leave me
Take him DYSP Alex was enquiring on it All the details on Prameela murder
case, is inside this file sir Any clue regarding the murderer? Sir Prameela’s neighbor, one – – Sudhakaran is taken
into custody by police Like that Rakesh Menon
and Prameela’s quarrel- – police has received
one video clipping Without getting any clear evidence
don’t give any news to media Like that Rakesh Menon also He is a reputed business man Without any clear evidence
don’t take any action against him Any way let me study this case What is aganist
Menon is situational evidences DCP had just now
called and hung the phone I think DCP has got some
interest to trap Menon on this case On a program conducted by police I
didn’t take sponsorship for 15 lakhs From that day started
his grudge towards me Coming to my office a
lady who challenged me Will I kill? To understand this
only common sense is required But some has captured
that scene on a mobile That is send to the police station
Sir, trap is over there Any small kid will understand
it is a planned drama Any way you may take an
anticipatory bail – For what? I am not guilty.. May be but this bail will
help you for the time being Investigation is going on, no? What truth is there
which is not proven by time? Okay, then I’ll call my advocate Okay Mr. Menon Sir, what is the matter?
Who is he? He is my body guard
So you’ve started to fear Knew that you’ve taken
an anticipatory bail On The FIR as it was not an
intentional murder you got the bail Don’t be so happy -It is given
in bold letters, did you see this? It has got the news to trap sir I’ve expected this the grudge for
not paying rs. 25 lakhs as bribe When a false news comes,
nothing is going to happen to me I’ll deal this legally – The murdered
lady challenged you at your office Police has received the mobile
video clips, your people dragging her Look sir when a lady comes to my
office and shouts, I’ll never kill her Any person with common
sense can think like that Very good sir Sir, do you think
police men are fools? You are getting some privileges
because commissioner is your friend When commissioner
sir changes his attitude- – our language and
character will change I know sir, this is the reason why
ordinary people lose the trust on police Other than police there are several
agencies that can prove this case There are investigative journalists,
there are strong medias Sir, you prove it, we’ll be here only! Shall I go sir?
Come man What I’ve told is, right from
arrival of Induja for interview – – to yesterday’s things
which have happened Menon sir, from this one thing is sure Behind this, there
is a crooked master brain Sir, if we threaten that
Indu we’ll know lot of things Exactly Giraffe
I also felt that She is playing for someone – Is sir
having the mobile number of Indu? Yes Today itself that number’s- – prepare a letter demanding
the call details of 2 months Along with detective
agency’s license copy Within 10 minutes letter will
be ready, with that let Jumbo go Menon sir, do you’ve
CC TV in your office? On getting 2 weeks
recordings of that We can trace who has
taken the photo on the mobile You go to sir’s office and
collect those video clippings I trust you. I hope your team will
solve this case soon…sure sir. When this bureau was inaugurated I
never thought it will help on my case Sir, you may remain bold,
this is our first investigation To prove this we’ll use all our efforts Sir, letter is ready With this letter go
fast to the mobile office Who is it? Chandran Pillai?
Yes sir Show us that Indu’s appartment Sir, that girl is not here for few days There is no chance for
that Chandran Pillai chetta! Where else she’ll go? How will I know that? She had left without saying anything
to people who stays upstairs Can’t you try on her mobile? Her number is switch off What is the next plan? Either Induja or some other
person who knows A to Z of her I’ve read about your
firm on newspaper Actually I’m a fan of self
independent establishments like this we apreciate that. Why we had come
now is, we want your help Sir, what is that you mean? Will tell, Induja was
your best friend, no? Since few days, there
is no information on Induja She is missing
I had gone to her house But it is locked, on calling
her phone it is switched off That is true as a best friend of Indu You may tell whatever
you know about her That is difficult to
mention it over here Tomorrow I’ll come to your office Then we’ll meet over there Okay Got the Indu’s call list, okay But on the CC TV visuals, on the
day of incident visuals aren’t there That might be removed
by someone intentionally That is true Ranjitha you wait outside, I’ll call
Okay sir Excellent detective
agency, shucks! Hey fellow, who is
the director of this one? I’m the one sir, name
is Sathesh Padmanabhan Then sir you may ask the
questions in a decent manner What if, if not?
Sir please This is a firm that functions as per
laws and rules in this country Sir license? – Here is
the copy of license Sir, none of us are from Pakistan Not only that all are above 21 years
of age and they are Indian citizens I came to know that you’ re
investigating Prameela murder case And also you got some evidences We want that
That is good That is like saying
fishing without getting hands wet! Sir, after the incident
after 5 days only Menon sir is handing
over case to us At first this case was investigated
by team of DYSP sir, no? For us to get an evidence what
proof did sir’s put there and go? We detective are investigating the
case through intelligent inferences Sir, intelligence can’t be purchased We want the proofs
which you have found out so far We must get it! In that case we’ve to
ask one more person – – whether we should
give the proof or not Good morning sir,
I’m Sathesh Padmanabhan Your DCP and SI has come here
and they are playing police here They are asking
the file of investigation Hey Saji, you
give the phone to DCP It’s your DGP, collect from him! Sir, it is DCP
Hey man At the BSF he was a person
with a higher rank than you – – do you want to
‘lock horns’ with him? -That is.. By the way, their investigation
is directly under my control If you try to intervene on it, I’ll
see that you are thrown from job! Here The uniform which sir is
wearing I’ve wished it a lot And I tried for it That was not to
create trouble for others I am sorry sir. we underestimated you.. So it is not Indu alone Her lover Karthik is also missing This case is really
getting complicated What?
What happened? I can’t I’ll fall down now No, that is not allowed,
daily should run 10 kilometers Why today there is a new
PT which was not there so far? First obey..ok Sir, why is he looking
there and barking? Who is staying there?
Generally he never used to bark If Jacky barks like this, there
might be some reason for it Come, we’ll check it
Come, come Come, come Look there, look there No one is here Come, look there
In that room Slowly, careful Heard one sound Come Sir, come here Hey fellow! Catch him, don’t leave him Karthik! Karthik! Come! This is the background
of this case Karthik, for the investigation of this
case, Karthik’s help is required Please co-operate with us Within 2 days this case will be
proved, that is what I think The real brain of
this is still behind the curtain If he is also caught on
custody only then – – we can remove all
hurdles of this case Karthik? Where were you? Indu was really upset because of
not seeing you, do you know that? By the way, there is a good news,
Indu was received over the phone She is at Hyderabad
What did she say? She had told me everything, by tomorrow’s
flight she’ll reach native place At what time is the flight?
Morning 9:45 Why don’t we go to Indu’s flat? No need sir, it is
difficult to stay there alone That is why I went to Hyderabad Come with me girl, over there, there
is grandma, mother, father, uncle – – all are there Rajani, over there it is not possible
we need to ask lot of things from Indu Then we’ll go to
agency, that is good Not only that we can
give Indu one surprise also Surprise? What is that girl? All that we can see directly Reaching the target and conducting
the party – It is them! Come man! Who are you? Yes DGP sir Who are these people?
They had kidnapped Karthik What they kidnapped him? And where is Karthik?
He is coming Karthik where and all
I searched for you? I know everything Right from getting
the job through internet I’ve told all the things
till going to that resort So, Indu have you not seen that
program director face to face? No – Was all the
assignments through phone? Yes, but now his phone
is switch off Not only that, that
web site is not activated now Indu that was all fake sites Channel interview and one day
coverage was only a means to – – employ Indu in
Menon sir’s company Then who is that third party? Anyone who wishes
the failure of Menon Immediately, check the bank
account of that company watch man Sir, Jumbo is smart on that
Giraffe, is also not bad You both roam and come
Yes sir We’ll reach now itself Sir, I got an information in phone.. This is the model which I told Yeah, sir – Najeeb.. where
is the thing which you said? How did you get this one here?
Mobile was brought here by a taxi driver I don’t think he is the
owner of this one Leg got stretched Sir this much?
That is enough Who is this?
This is our item How are the things
going on brother? What news? Who are
you ? I don’t recognize you? You don’t recognize
us but we recognize you! Here one murder
has taken place, is it? How far is the investigation on it? What investigation? That was
over at that time itself, no? That can’t over like that brother After the incident on the third day You have taken 1.5 lakhs from the bank In the same bank, you’ve
deposited cash of Rs. 50,000 twice I’ll pledge or deposit
money, I’ll do what I like Who are you to ask all this? You are only going to
understand who we are! Tell the truth, are you police? If it is police there is
some means to escape! But we are higher
than police, we are CID’s Have you seen CIDs in films and what they
do with criminals? I’ve seen We will torture you more than CIDs
do in films To prove the crime we’ve
with us several brutal means If you tell the truth- – you can be turned
approver by pardoned defendant Sir’s what do you want to know? If you can save me I’ll
tell all the things which I know This load in this
heart for several days Like that it will be gone Got the report, all
the details are there The details on web site
we got from cyber cell Now all the doubts
on the case has ended But the guy who created this
web site is till in under ground What I can’t
understand is another thing What is the benefit for the
guy who planned this one? I’ll tell, best business
man award is for me The best business firm
is my Dhana Lakshmi Group There are people who
doesn’t like this growth Their aim is to destroy mine
and my company’s reputation Knowingly or un knowingly
Indu got trapped in this I know when the
case comes at court We can make her an turned
approver by pardoned defendant I’ve already discussed
with the advocate But before the press conference,
the thing I mentioned yesterday Sir, it must take place That is true sir, detective
agency has got limitations With the government
approval only police can do it DGP has asked for
minimum one weeks’ time Within that time
everything will be set straight What is the problem sir?
That will be told later For the time being best
business man get into the jeep What is the matter? Sir is it not wise to know what
the matter is? And enter into jeep We’ll tell you which is wise Just obey that, by the
way don’t call DGP and minister Sir, let me talk to my
legal adviser. That is a right given by
constitution to an Indian citizen Do it fast Sir DYSP has come
and he is creating problems One minute I’ll give it to him It is the advocate Hello sir, I am advocate in high court.
Why are you playing this drama. You come to city police station Will give the details from there Come on walk man
Move away man Come on get in – Sir, is he the
accused in Preemala murder case? Sir on what basis is this arrest? On this case what are
the evidences on him? Is this arrest to safe guard the
face of police? – Will talk later You may disperse Sir, plese say something on this
Please sir Move back Gentlemen, 3 weeks back A murder which shocked this city All the suspicions surrounded by it You are all aware of it In the various stages of investigation Police had to face
several challenges But in all those areas where
the police was helped by One who couldn’t
make it to police department Very intelligent moves
made by 4 young men Their excellent detective agency Lead this investigation
on the right track or else- – could have gone somewhere else Sir, does this denote the
ineffectiveness of police force? Never at all, to prove the truth
police can take the help of anyone There are several cases
in which people had helped That smart young man is here itself The rest of the questions
you can ask him directly Mr. Detective sir, please come This is the first case
under taken by us In prameela murder case Mr.
Rakesh Menon has no role in it To prove that, was our first aim But as the investigation
moved forward We had to investigate
several things related to this Before entering into details
of Prameela murder case I’ll introduce another person to you Come man Sir, who is he? Sir is he the culprit?
I’ll tell This is Sreedhara Nambiar, owner
of Nellical group of companies In many of the business fields Out beating his business group This Menon sir who
has reached higher He had a hard
grudge and jealousy For that murdered
Prameela’s daughter- Indu, in the role of
a channel professional He had send her
to Dhana Lakshmi Group As he had expected Indu, received a
job in Menon sir’s company By using Indu, his
plan was to get company secrets But because of
Prameela murder case His plan didn’t work out Sir, what is his connection
with Prameela murder case? He doesn’t have a direct
involvement with that case But as per cyber law
a case is taken against him hand him over to the police On this case police had first arrested
murdered Prameela’s neighbor – A person named Sudhakaran Tell Sudhakaran, what had
happened on that day? I’ll tell sir On the day when
Prameela was murdered It is true that we had a quarrel I had anger towards her also After some time when
Prameela went outside I also went along with her But that was not to kill her Because of anger and hate towards
her, I went to drink some more alcohol From the police investigation it was
clear that Sudhakaran is innocent But because of this case
there was another good thing Police admitted Sudhakaran
in a de- addiction center Because of the
treatment over there His drinking habit
was completely stopped But sir who is the real culprit? Will tell that, in the
middle of investigation We’ve received a link
which was ignored by police Shashangan Finding him as only a
fan police had freed him But on this case we got a vital
evidence from Shashangan’s tongue When I went there I saw Prameela Amma passing a car Behind her, a person went
to other side on a bike A blue car striked me
off and went after them Sir, then why did police
arrest Rakesh Menon? He was arrested on a sales tax
case, fabricated by Sreedhara Nambiar Sir, is it a part played
to save Rakesh Menon? No, no Mr. Sreekumar
you hear the story fully In Shasangan’s and Sudhakaran’s
story, both didn’t notice a character One car! Sir, whose car was that one? Tell fellow, how did
you kill Prameela Amma? I’ll tell Right from childhood
I loved Indu a lot Many a times I didn’t have
the guts to reveal that to Indu For that first of all I wanted a job I got that, during that time Indu
had participated on a reality show At the same time I openly told about my
love to Indu to Prameela mom She agreed my love and promised
me that she’ll marry Indu to me Then why did you kill Prameela? I’ll tell sir On hearing the list of things what
she did to me, you’ll also do the same Hey fellow tell that list to everyone To participate on a reality
show lot of money is required Several times I’ve given lot of
money and helped Prameela madam But after winning on the show Prameela Amma’s
character changed Very slowly she started to avoid me When I say the marriage matters She tried to say some excuses In between this Indu
and Karthik were in love Premeela
accepted their relationship also 2 days before
Prameela got murdered I reached at Indu’s house So, that is the thing When everything was set on
track, I became a ‘useless’ What are you saying? What did
you do here, which so big? Aunty, don’t think that I’m a fool I’m going, tell daughter also On that day I and Prameela aunty
talked about marriage – – and ended in quarrel She said once and for all
Indu won’t be married to me! I tried a lot to forget Indu But I couldn’t do that I decided to meet her again Just for or my Indu Prameela Aunty!
If you don’t allow her to marry me In this world, no males
will accept her For that reason only I made
fake photos of her and Menon! You cheat! so you are behaind all of this By giving money to varghese
he deleted CC TV visuals The quarrel scene between Menon
and Prameela, he captured in mobile He handed over to police But however he tried to cover it One day truth will come out This detective agency Has done a remarkable job In this age also his
energy level and enthusiasm That is an inspiration to youngsters Also like that, was trapped
in the cheating of internet What had happened to Indu Internet is spoiling
several young men’s life When used in a proper manner
internet is a Knowledgeable guru And also a trustful friend Also a honest path finder you can use internet,
but dont misuse it..

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