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New Publix Super Market Opens in Downtown Hollywood

We are so excited to open our new store here on Hollywood Circle This is a long-awaited project that the Publix family and our customers have been just so excited about so we open the doors today and welcome everybody to our Brand new store double the size of the old one and and just excited to have everybody in What a great feeling to walk into a new Publix a fresh new store the latest modern Publix with all the amenities Of course for downtown Hollywood in the lakes neighborhood and the beach This is a brand new Publix that I know everyone’s going to enjoy every day I think for all of us that live nearby myself included. This is my Publix You know we go to other places, and we see these new Publix. They’re nice and now We finally get our own and I think for the neighborhood for this area. It’s wonderful. It’s beautiful so good. We really need it in neighborhood. We’re excited to have it here You’ll find that in this war we’ve got expanded Departments we’ll have new products more products more services. Everything is bigger fresher and newer You know we know where we’re located We know our Hollywood community we’re part of the Hollywood community So the idea of coming to this store and not only being able to find something you could picnic with but beachwear and coolers all of that you can find here. It’s a real important day, and this is a big piece of our development and a big key part So we’re real excited about. We really of course hope that you know We are the impetus to a lot more investment a lot more activity downtown. I never thought I would see today It’s gorgeous, and it feels fresh and clean and new and beautiful, and it’s very exciting for Hollywood.

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