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New trailer for Maurice – back in cinemas from 27 July | BFI

– You’re Durham aren’t you?
– Yes You’re living in college now?
I have seen you, though. Hall isn’t it? – Hall!
-Here Hello Durham – Mother, this is Maurice Hall
– Welcome to Pendersleigh, Mr. Hall Every human soul has at some stage,
beheld an excellent being – You’ll understand then, I don’t have to explain
– Understand what? That I love you You and I are risking everything we have,
we’ve got to change There are other ways to be happy Clive Durham is engaged to be married I have a private notion he’s in love Glad to see you down again so soon, sir I do begin to see what you mean He’s got me in his power,
I’m walking on a volcano I’m an unspeakable,
the Oscar Wilde sort You must know to be alone
with you hurts me I do beg you to resist the return
of this obsession Durham I love you,
I think I have always


  1. Zachary Antle Author

    This is nice and all but the music screams Life Is Strange to me, seems a little inappropriate for the time period dontcha think? Lol

  2. OutrageousThings Author

    I’m curious to know why the BFI decided to erase Richard Robbins’ haunting original score from most of this trailer to replace it with a bland sub-Call Me By Your Name pop track. It’s clear the overdubbed music is aiming for a CMBYN ‘feel’ – but Maurice isn’t CMBYN.

    Robbins is one of the soundtrack composing greats. His orchestral soundtrack for Maurice is an integral part of the film; it has a following in its own right; and at the 1987 Venice Film Festival it won a special (non-annual) award, the Golden Osella (alongside James Ivory’s Silver Lion for Maurice’s direction, and James Wilby and Hugh Grant’s shared Volpi Cup win as Best Actors).

    The BFI is supposed to be a leading film-heritage organisation. Surely its remit is supposed to include respect for the creative integrity of the films and restorations it re/releases and promotes?


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