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Night Sight: How Google’s Pixel phone can take pictures in the dark


  1. Supo jaya Author

    2019 apple: so hello guys today we are so excited to showcase the iPhone ( whatever) that can capture night photos just like your day light photos can be.

    A typical isheep: OMGG that's so freaking awesome, haha Android can't do that.

    Android user:bruhhh, why am I still alive.

  2. Akshath Nair Author

    This is really cool… But I don't get the point; if u want a photo with more light take the photo during the day… The results aren't gonna be exactly the same but still

  3. shouryen ingle Author

    Night mode is amazing but I won’t bash out $799 just for the camera.
    I think the XR is a great deal considering it had the same camera as the XS and the A12 chip

  4. Brian M Author

    People are being led to believe this is some sort of technological magic. It's far from it.. It's just a setting. Go into Pro mode on something like a Samsung Note9 and set it permanently to 640 ISO and 1/4 shutter speed with its f1.5 aperture and hey presto you have a "night sight" photo that's far superior to this Pixel. Other flagship phones also have this feature.

  5. sprakful Author

    If this was done by apple everybody would have said wow what a camera apple invention is nu real blah blah.Atleast appreciate the hard work of company instead of saying it's bit fake.stupid people

  6. Nilanjan Mukherjee Author

    Back when Nexus was a thing I never imagined Google will one day beat Apple at their own game : Exceptional Cameras. The latest Pixel 3 also beats pretty much every iPhone at image quality, color accuracy and now, taking pictures in darkness.

  7. Nick Motsarsky Author

    Google didn't "invent" a way to see in the dark. That's just silly. All the phone does is take a long exposure shot at night. That's nothing new. Been around since the beginning of photography. It's the electronic stabilization and software stitching that prevent image blur that's the impressive part of this..

    Btw, the Huawei P20 Pro was the first with Night Mode.

  8. Fardinza Machmud tosapati Author

    why i dislike iPhone ?
    1. battery life
    2. the price it self
    3. iSheeps

    my family using apple product since the apple logo's still rainbow based

    i know that apple product are good, but sorry i won't buy it for my self😝

  9. Andrew Nibbi Author

    Essentially just good HDR. Honestly it can’t be too long before Google has an ai which will just automatically synthesize a photo based on something you tell it.

  10. Lu G. Author

    Many Android phones have had this feature for a long time now. What's the point in saying the Pixel can do it? Promote Pixel? Sorry been living under a rock. Is Pixel an American brand like Apple? Is this the point: If you dnt like Apple, you can always get Pixel. Both are American brands.

  11. normie x Author

    Total BS. They combined longer exposure time+ multiple exposures+some image rendering auto editing to make it appear the phone "can see in the dark". This gimmick does not work in complete darkness(obviously) and otherwise the image quality is severely affected, decrease in resolution, very high image noise masked by wiping out the details etc. Artificially brightening an image never was an issue, just use a photo editor on your computer and play around with the brightness curve….

  12. Bruce Lee Author

    Et bien je vois que Google à devancer tout le monde!! Bien jouer! Je suis un utilisateur d'iPhone6 mais je dois avouer que là je suis impressionné !! Les pixels 2 ne m'avaient clairement pas convaincu, mais là je vais faire un tour chez la concurrence je crois bien

  13. Stéphane Brandes Author

    Maybe that’s why photographers have such an expensive equipment and work hard to capture the photo and not just waiting ‘till the A.I. assemble something cloth to….

  14. MotoGQ Author

    All these Pixel nut swingers saying Huawei may have done it first but Google did it better. You all sound like iSheep saying Android may have done it first but Apple did it better.

  15. Akshay R P Author

    What's the matter with people calling it fake.. Does it even matter if the end result is good? As said in the video, would you rather have a dark image or a slightly better one using software? Besides, even if you think it is too punchy for a night shot, the tech is pretty good and they most certainly will improve upon it.

  16. fly(H)unnies Author

    Huawei did it first, but I prefer the resolution here. iPhone will yell about "creating" it within a year or two. Samsung will quietly improve until it matches up or is close.

    I don't care either way. I'm Black so any phone where I'm not phasing into the darkness is a win/win for me, thanks.

    This technology should have been here ages ago. It probably just wasn't as important once flash was introduced and even then, the depth and range of darker skin tones wasn't always properly on display. Kudos to Huawei and Google for literally bringing all colors to light.

  17. Kyo Chan Author

    What is real will be decided by the majority of the population. The same goes for the moral values. If you want something real, you should be prepared for something uncomfortable.

  18. Lee Cason Author

    4000 dollar dslr camera😂 it's a canon which is known for the worst low light full frame companies when compared to Nikon and Sony. My A7iii which is 2000 could take better shots than that. Add an f1.4 lens and the optical stabilization it has in body and a shutterspeed of maybe 1/13 and maybe iso 25,000 and it'd look a lot better than the canon.

  19. Photo Art Author

    Look I will admit I am iPhone user (I’am not saying it’s the best but I like eco system)are you people joking with this night sight it’s okay but it’s still pretty crap photos. I take several photos at a high ISO on my DSLR and then stitch them together on photoshop to remove noise and I will say results are fair not great this is probably doing a similar task automatic with software the results are blah at best for what I have seen.
    God you sheep both apple and android are just sad (in the future it might be good) it’s pretty average at the moment.

  20. TheNickle Author

    'Shots that $4000 DSLR cannot capture without a tripod and some photoshop skills' yes that's because you don't know how to use it.


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