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No.1 Businessman (2012) – Full Movie – Mahesh Babu – Kajal – Prakash Raj | Hindi Dubbed Movie

Sir please tell -keep media
away please move move.. Move.. As I promised! By 2012 We have wiped out the whole
underworld from mumbai. In this matter police.. Fully managed. Because Daud Ibrahim is
now settled in pakistan Chota shakil is in active Chota rajan is working
for government agencies Abu Salim in jail. And we all know Arun
Gawli is in politics! Yesterday we arrested
Ravi Pujari also.. I am proud to say.. Rather my whole department
is proud to announce That there are no more
underworlds in mumbai. No more underworlds That’s why Encounter squad is
also dismental. Everyone will see peaceful
Mumbai from tomorrow We made your dreams come true I will kill the one who will
enter into the world of crime lf anyone thinks of crime
l will shoot them… No one can enter underworld, l
will not let anyone enter… Hey Surya! You are here…
Welcome to Mumbai.. Lakhs of people come here, but only
one person can get everything…. lf Mumbai starts giving lt will
give everything and anything… ln Mumbai you can get food for Rs.
10 as well as for Rs. 10, 000 Half of the people here live by eating
vadapav(indian burger), it costs only Rs.8 We are so lucky because we are the
greedy people in the world…. l struggled a lot when I came to Mumbai,
l had no money, no place to sleep… …people used to ask me to leave no
matter where I sleep… Here have it! Surya! You are so lucky because
I am here for you l will find a job for you so you can
settle here slowly you will also settle l did not come here to settle slowly!
Then what? I am here to shake whole Mumbai I will be the one who
will rule over Mumbai What a great dialogue,
that’s great… l am going to work, do
you have any money? Take this money, you either cook or eat in the
mess, l will be back by evening! Keep this. Where to do you work? l work in a
Phynoil company, as a supervisor… How much do you earn? Rs. 12,000,
why are you asking me all this? From today onwards you are my
assistant l will give you Rs. 25,000 stop working elsewhere… You want me to stop working! l am your assistant? you are
going to give me Rs. 25,000…. You came here with my money, you can
eat only if I give you money… You have no money even to eat,
how could you hire me…. l am telling you again, I
came to shake Mumbai… You are my assistant, your salary is Rs.
25,000… You are not going to work… Are you scared? Yes my friend! lf you are not scared of me how
could Mumbai be scared of me… Let’s go out! Come.. l am afraid of you, why
did you come here? To do Business, what type of Business?
Crime… Crime! please go back home l will
put you in a train this evening… Do not go near them they are rich people,
these are the kind of people we need… Who is he? Hey! Who are you? what
are you looking at? Police. Assistant commissioner
of police! This is the same number
plate that was used in Mumbai Blast, did you use
or gave to someone… No no sir! this is my car. I am not a terrorist! What is your name? Kasab! No sir i am not that Kasab! l know you are not that Kasab, but to
take you in your name is enough… let’s go, let’s go to
Dadar police station Come. No sir please
listen to me please! Prabhadevi police station Come here… l told them l am S.l., do not
tell them that I am an ACP… do not over react… l got them here with suspision,
go take bribe from them… lf they give bribe bad people.
if not good people… Go… -Ok sir! We need your fingerprints, to compare
with the ones’ we have in our records… This is a very strong case… Sie please! -C’mon we need your finger
prints. – No sir please leave us Do you have money?
sir, work is done… Keep observing that car, how much
did they give? Rs. 30,000… You keep Rs. 5,000 and give the rest of Rs.
25,000 to him… Sir! Be in touch! Sir
feed my number.. Super. That is your advance,
are you happy now… l do not understand all this… lt is easy to earn money, but it is
very difficult to find a pretty girl… Yes, it is very difficult… l came to rule Mumbai, so
this King needs a Queen… l need a Queen right?
yes you do need one… Do you know who
is my queen, who? Mumbai City Commissioner
Ajay Bharadwaj’s daughter… Chitra… How many times l have to
tell you, not to chase me… l told you that l do not like you,
how many times I have to tell you… what are you talking about?
just shut up! why are you sending me so many
messages and missed calls… You phoned to my London office and
told them that we have an affair… How could you do this! even my
dad asked me who is that girl… Just shut up! 100 messages
if I open Facebook… all messages from you, l am
afraid of opening Facebook… why are you using such
a bad language… I am feeling ashamed to read,
are you a girl or not.. who gave you my phone number? l go to different
countries everyday… Each and every trip of
mine is confidential Are you born to destroy my
company or to love me… Are you that rich sir… Tell your friend to stop
all this nonsense… l do not know… Hey stop, just
shut up and stop crying… l will stay ten
days in Mumbai… lf I see you in the beach, or if you try
to meet me at the Marriott Hotel… l will bury you in
that lobby itself… Hey sir! hi sir. Sorry sir, l do not know that my
friend disturbed you so much… By the way my name is Aisha And this is my card. You can call me anytime! l do not mind calling a girl
like you, but not that girl… Tell your friend to stop
all this nonsense… Ok sir. Yes! Yes! He is flat on me. Let it go, why you want to disturb
him when he does not like you… He is a good person that’s why he said
he does not like you. Just shut up! l did not disturb him at all, l
do not even know his name… Why are you silent then… He did not let me talk, he
was shouting like a dog… l could not control crying because no one
screamed at me like that since l was born it’s ok let it go, so many
people must be after him probably he got confused
with someone else… Forget it now. (Crowd shouting)… Where can we go with
these kids sir… (Crowd shouting)… Look!… You took loan from our bank
to build your houses… but you guys never paid back,
bank is giving you one month… lf you do not pay in one month
we will take everything… Come on. l feel very sad for you… When those guys are throwing
ladies and children outside… l feel very sad, none of the families in
Dharavi should come onto the streets like this And should not cry like this… ln ten days all of your
problems will be solved… None of your houses
will be in mortgage… l will clear all of your loans,
this is Surya’s promise… How are you? where did you come from?
l came from Aurangabad… What the hell can you do? Since
you came from Aurangabad… You are born here right?
what did you achieved Everyone who achieved something
good came from somewhere. Every time someone new has
to come and do something…. l came to Mumbai in the same manner, l will
do something and will host the flag… Do you have a loan? yes l do. When your loan is cleared, come and give
me a hug, remember my name is Surya… Let’s meet here after ten days. And let’s celebrate,
and host the flag What happened to you, we are
dying to pay room rent… Do you how much big Dharavi is? Do you know how much
is their loan… How could you pay all that,
are you out of your mind.. Let’s not worry about whether
l pay their loan or not… so many people
believed my word… but you did not believe me, you
should be ashamed of this… Hi! Hello! why are you calling him? He is rich kid! -So what! Come! l will see! Hi! you guys are here! l am
looking for you guys… For what, you want to bury
us in the Hotel lobby… Just shut up! l do not know
who you are and vice versa… You do not know about
me, just shut up! l was crying all night for
all the stuff you said… l even got early
morning dreams… Shut up! why are you shouting like a dog
without listening what I am saying… like a dog! l am
here to say sorry… You want to say sorry, for what? l found out last night that I
screamed at you unnecessarily… How last night? that girl got drunk,
came home and created nonsense… then l understood that
you are not her… Sorry! I am Surya Chitra! is painting your hobby? Not hobby, we are professionals! she
is an artist and I am a flutist… why are you painting with
hand, Cant you buy a brush? There is no need of brush, hand
made things are more valuable… Ohh! l don’t know much about paintings, but my
dad is more interested in paintings… l remembered that my dad bought
Picasso painting once… l think it is in our
Paris farm house or… it may be shifted to
our house garage… In garage… how could you leave the
Picasso painting like that… Chitra! since I am very busy with
business since childhood, l am not in touch with
artistic world… When I see people painting
like you l feel happy When I see someone play flute, l
feel bad that I cannot play flute… Really it hurts a lot Dont worry sir l am here to play the
flute, you do not worry… I like you l feel like encouraging
you a lot… Thank you so much! Good morning sir Good morning sir, how come you are
here without security… ls this our madam
sir, Namaste madam… Bye! -Bye! Come here… Sir…. What is your name? -Tukaram! Did you read the newspaper today…
yes sir l did… Ex minister Lalusa…
what’s that matter? Munshi was arrested for old
murder cases and kept in jail… Munshi wants to become eye witness, if
he does that Lallu will be in trouble Do you know Lallu’s secretary? yes sir l
do know he is from our village Satara Take appointment from him, but do
not tell him that it is for me… I understand sir hello, is Lallu sir here?
yes, inside.. Who is it? I need privacy to talk with sir Go on! l told you I need to speak in
person, don’t you understand… get out everyone, out… Are you done with checking? what is this then! This is why you are in
this stage today… Do l need to tell you specially? l will not hear anything without him
or talk anything without him… Oh, then you sit down… I love you Lalu sir l am a big fan of you… l wanted to meet you when l came
to Mumbai five years ago… But l wanted to meet you,
when l get some range… Now l have a gang
and a full setup… Everyone in Mumbai
knows who is Surya! So what? I will finish
Munshi in the jail itself… Do you need anything else! How much do you need? l want friendship with Lallu… l know you will pay whatever
l want for this work.. But l do not want anything I love you l want 5 lakhs for
guys expenses… Sir, the I love you he said and the
5 lakhs he asked do not match…. He cant do anything don’t give any bloody ideas… you and I will be fine, he is the
one who will be locked up… Since you joined him, he has
been suffering from problems… are you the one who delt
with that Munshi, correct! do not go into depth… sir, l think this
guy can do it.. l am impressed with this guy’s
confidence and information…. it’s okay, let him
deal this issue… Who gave you such a
big amount of moeny? I am going to Dongri Will you come with me?
-Why are you going there? that is a dangerous area, Gangsters
and Criminals live in that area…. we are going to that area… where is Shakil? do you know who I am? No! why did you beat me?
who the hell are you? it does not matter whether I
know you or not, to beat you…. why are you looking
like that bloody… what do you think of yourself,
how dare you to come to us… Are you threatening to
me coming here in Dongri do not go near him… l told you… Remove the rod and go l do not know how it feels
like when I beat someone, except for listening
about it from others… now you know how
it feels like… Since l came to talk to you, I
did not hit you heart fully… where is Shakil? Don’t confuse me like this by rounding up
Because l well hit you guys more in confusion Where is Shakil, l
need to talk to him… why are you hitting us,
Shakil is in jail… Oh, Shakil is in jail, then l
need to talk to you only… Guys can you please bring
wet towel and ice cubes… Since there is no Bhai in Mumbai,
you guys have no work to do… from tomorrow onwards I am your Bhai!
how could you be our Bhai? l know you guys will be asking me this,
That’s why l hit you unnecessary… tell me if you are cannot convinced,
l will beat you all again… we are all Criminals, we all
have to live by doing Crime l will give you all work, work
for me without any ego… Give Rs 50,000 to
each one of them Take this! l want meet to all the guys that work
with us, no matter where they are… Arrange one lawyer… that lawyer should get the Shakil
and all out guys released… the day before Shakil
comes out of jail… he has do one work… can you talk to him or you
want me to talk to him… I am impressed. -Thank you! Thank you. -You are welcome! Hi, how are you.. Again she started… Hi good to see you what is this? our painting exhibition… how many paintings
did you sell… 99%. looks at them, but very
few buys them like you… why does this painting look like that?
this is an Abstract painting… What? Abstract art is a style of painting where
color and form make up the subject… of the painting rather than it
representing tangible objects of people the painting looks pretty than
what you said, l will take this… Really! Thank you so much how much is this painting?
20,000; that’s all… it’s only $20,000! no, no yes
sir it is just $20,000 only… 20000$ means… Its really very cheap. -Yes sir! Not even 10 lacs give it me, what? check book, what is check
book? you did not bring check book… Actually… Its okay! can bring the swiping machine! l would
like to swipe my credit card… Sorry sir we dont have
the swiping machine how could you not have
a swiping machine! So embarassing pal Its ok no problem. -No
Chitra one second… Aeysha! -Yes sir! l will call you and let you know the
place, come and pick up the check… Thank you. -Chitra! you do not how much l really
like this painting… l will keep this next to the Picasso
painting we have in my house… Do not keep my painting next to Picasso
sir, no I am doing it, that’s it… if necessary l will throw Picasso
painting outside and keep ours… No sir please! there are great artists here,
very talented people… At any cost bring them up Kabadi..kabadi.. (Its a
name of sports game)… The Kabadi competition held in the central
jail, for the occasion ofAugust 15th… took one person’s life… Lalit Munshi, who is in jail for many murder
cases died in the kabadi competitions… since everyone fell on Munshi, he was
unable to breath and died on the spot… Victory of Lalu Sir…
Victory of Lalu Sir… Hey Surya Bhai! You had them play Kabadi
Kabadi very well Surya Bhai… Kabadi..kabadi.. (Its a
name of sports game)… come inside… Kabadi..kabadi.. (Its a
name of sports game)… you relieved all my tensions l had for the
last three years, tell me what you want… do I look like Gunda to you… or do I look like a murderer
who takes money and kills… l did all this because
l love you… l really like you and have a crush on
you, if you like me just keep me… what.. you know how to take
care of a keep right… you have to give a car,
house, bank balance… Keep it sir, he is taking advantage on you, why
not, you are taking advantage too… l can tell the number of houses you
have and the bank balance you have… Sir, just keep him.. just keep me brother, l
will go now, the kabadi team is going to be
released today from jail… “Or plan is working”… “We will destroy everything”… Shakil, are you the one
who played kabadi… Superb! l promised Dharavi people that
l will clear their loans… the bank that gave loan to all of
them is the Bank of Maharastra… since we cannot pay that much amount, we
will do robbery in that bank itself… we do the robbery tonight… do not take such decisions… l cannot live with you anymore
l am very scared of you… l came here for
that reason only… l want some of you to go to Bank
of Maharashtra and observe… why did he ask us to come to this
slum area to give the check… maybe he bought this entire slum area, and
probably planning to build an lmax… How would we know! ok, call him… Hi sir, where are you… look up.. Hi! Great sir you are
looking handsome come eat samosa… Dont eat such kind
of street foods You will spoiled your health Take care eat two samosa, I will tell
you some good words… What sir? l am not giving you
the check now… are you giving us cash…
yes, I will l will tell you a good word… l really liked you when l saw
you for the first time… l really wanted to
be close to you… l really wanted to
draw your attention… l do not have any offices or
companies, like you are expecting… everything I said about Paris,
Picasso, all are lies… l live in this slum area!
so you are not a rich kid? l am a road side kid… l do not even have a bank account,
how could I give you a check… the truth l did not tell
you is l love you… aren’t you ashamed
of lying to us… no I did not feel that way… l usually never feel ashamed,
who should I feel ashamed of… l think they are not any great people
to look at and feel ashamed of… at least don’t you feel that
it is wrong to cheat us… Shall I tell you the truth? when l said $20,000, you both agreed and
came here to take ten lakh rupees right… Isn’t it a cheating? Actually, we all are
fishing here… l will try to catch you and you
try to catch someone else… there is always truth from your point of view,
and some truth exists from my point of view… the movie belongs to the person who takes the
movie, and he is the hero of that movie… this flutist had so
much hope on me… that is why she is
more upset than you… l will wake her up, see
how well she speaks… Are you okay? how could you cheat
innocent people like us… how could play with
innocent people like us… why you are still talking
to him, let’s go… Cheater, he spoiled my dream stop looking at me
so negatively… think of how you can
change people like me… think of how you can love me,
and make me a good person… you made me open my eyes, now l
understand that I am a stupid too… Chitra, why are you still
listening to his nonsense Come on lets get out of here if we stay here longer he is
going to make us more stupid… Dangerous fellow very
dangerous fellow do not touch even one
rupee in this bank… break the lockers… take all the original
documents… do not leave any accounts… make sure you destroy
all the computers… burn all the records… distribute the records to
everyone in the village “This city belongs to
innocent peoples”… “The one who can
sacrifice his life”… “Its Mumbai”… “The one will survive in
the world who is brave”… “The one who is
alive can shoot”… “Its Mumbai”… From today onwards Mumbai is my Den!
All the streets belong to me. Life is in threat! Mumbai… Works goes on the whole night
Let me know whom should l kill? You never know when you will be arrested!
Mumbai…. “Once it gives kingdom”… “The other way it takes it”… “Its Mumbai”… “They will scared if you
threaten to them”… “Its Mumbai”… “Who is strong will become
the rich in the world”… “The one who is brave can
build his own empire”.. “The one will die who gets scared
and the game will finish”… “This city belongs to
innocent peoples”… “The one who can
sacrifice his life”… “Its Mumbai”… “The one who dares can
survive in this city” “The one who is
alive can shoot”… “Its Mumbai”… sir, my name is Shailender
Singh, a builder. there is construction going
on, l need to talk to you… you always say that there
is no Mafia in Mumbai… but l am getting threatening calls
for extrotion, from Bhai… No! there should not be any Bhai
in Mumbai, but there is sir… who is that? Surya Bhai… He threatened me in my office.. he has a big gang, please
do something for me sir… did you come to the temple? do you come to temple too?
why, I am not allowed to come? l loved the good in you, l do not know
that you are this type of person.. l lost all the good
impression l had on you.. Why? -You are asking me this? worshipping God is
a business deal… business deal? yes! if we know that God does not give
us money, success or health,… then no one will worship God… no one will worship, people give offerings
only when something good happens to them… people who come to temple always request
the God to take good care of them only… does anyone ask the God how he is
feeling and how is his health… No! Selfishness! All humans
has become selfish. You are also among them. l don’t need you or your love!
Go to hell. Bye Hey listen Hey listen You came by yourself and disturbed me and now
you are going saying that you don’t love me? ln the meanwhile how much
i struggled do you know? How much should I think! and
cross check your behavior? Since l met you till now… what did I tell and analyze things
and make a project report.. when l about to say yes,
if you leave me how? l am trying to think positive about you
and why are you posing like a hero? even though, my time is good. l
have a doubt on your character! l am supposed to say that!
Not you! God please cut some of his
brain and keep him in control! Even if he becomes
mad I don’t mind. Please do this one help. Also please take good
care of your health! Hey! who is Surya Bhai here?
l don’t know. He live this area
don’t you know? l don’t know sir! l will handle this you go.
They are police! l will deal with them you go. Come on everyone Hey! Do you know Surya Bhai here? No. Where do you stay? Here.
Then you should know? ls there any rule that I
should know about Surya Bhai? What is your name? Surya! You denied about knowing Surya
You asked me about Surya Bhai! Not me! What do you do?
l am free. Let go to the station? Which station?
Police Station. You don’t look like police! lf I
beat you then you’ll come to know. You don’t have latiees! l would’ve
come at least if you have those. Do one thing go and bring latiees or
come in uniform then I will come. lf police beats me okay, But if you
guys try to beat me l will retaliate. Hey where have you beaten me.
You… l have respect towards police,
But don’t act like them. We are police. l
don’t believe you. l am sure this is not a police
punch, That is different. Why are trying to stab me?
Are you a mafia? You… Again you guys have started! Won’t you live us
peacefully in Mumbai. Don’t you live us peacefully? He doesn’t believe us that we are police!
and he is calling us mafia… Surya Bhai! What you have
asking for extortion… Sir I saw your interview in TV and
came here to live peacefully. l came here just one month ago! lf
you want you can ask my roommate?.. Yes sir! When police are trying to arrest
you why public is protesting? …that’s their good heart sir. So you don’t know anything? Yes sir.
You did not warned anyone? Yes sir. Call Shailender Singh ls this the guy came
to your office? They had kidnapped me, please don’t
tell anything against him… He is not the one sir.
Thank you very much sir. Shall I go? You came new here and hence confronted
with police try to calm down. I will sir. lnstead of roaming free, do some work.
I will sir. Can I leave sir? Bharat! -Keep an eye on him! He is like a milk boy
who say he is Bhai sir? Does Dawood looks like don, he wears
sunglasses and looks like a playboy! Do what I say? -Yes sir! What you like him? He must have done
some magic on you in my absence. Useless fellow He is penny less. He doesn’t even have credit cards.
How you will live with him? lt’s him! l will
give him a shock! Chitra is not here even if she
is here l will give it to her. Do you have car parking space? Why?
l want to gift a car to Chitra… What car? Tell me if you
have parking space or not. We will park it somewhere first bring it.
What happened? Do you know what? Your slumdog became millionare.
-What? He is bringing car for you Are you serious. Yes. -Wow! Oh my god look at this car. He came with the car This is amazing Surya Its so beautiful Where did you get
money suddenly? Every dog will bark one day!
Today is my turn. Oh my god I cant
believe this Surya! l never thought that I will ride
such a costly car in my life. Thank you so much! I love you lf I gift a Rs- 2 crore car
any girl will fall for me. Get lost. I dont
want your stupid car Why are so angry? he is right anyone would
say l Love you for such a huge gift. l would say it for a small gift. You just shut up l expressed my inner feelings not
that you gifted me this car… Then why didn’t you said it earlier? After
gifting this you said it so I thought like that. Don’t compare me with
everyone l am different. l am sorry. I said I am really sorry! Surya! l am saying it
now l Love You…. l will not use this car in my whole
life if l do hit me with your slipper! Then you don’t need this car? Yes.
l too don’t need this car! Leave it. l am more
stubborn than you! I dont care Lovely car Hey! please park the car inside,
if not she will steal it. Just shut up and go to hell You both fight I
will use the car! Surya l don’t know what you do! l have to
become the next mayor for Mumbai. Become. -How will he become? Opponent is Arun Goklay,
He has strong connection Continue two times he has won Now he is in hattrick lf he stand he will win!
What if he doesn’t? Naseer, Give a strong warning! Withdraw from the Next Mayor election…
Bhai said so. Who is that bhai! – Surya Bhai. Till today l haven’t
heard that name? You will hear it soon! Do you
know to whom you are talking too? l am the Mayor of this city! But
bullet doesn’t know who is mayor. Tell your Surya Bhai that l
will be next Mayor too.. He is not listening,
Shall we kill him? No, but he should realize
that we can kill him. Greetings sir What’s happening here?
take me away from here. Security… He said he doesn’t know me!
Now see… My name will conquer in Delhi… Someone called and threatened me.
Who is he? Surya Bhai! He warned us means either he
has guts or lost his mind! Why are you crying? l just
saved my life today sir. l just came back worshiping Siddi
Vinayak…-Dont be foolish! Stop crying you’re Mayor!
That’s not the matter sir… You don’t about him! So
what you will do now? l will not stand in the next election!
lf not I will kill you. l will not contest. What lf I kill him then will you contest?
First kill him, l am getting tensed… He will be killed in two days, l am
sending my men from here, guide them. Is it okay? Sir you are right! We followed him
he is not Surya, He is Surya Bhai! He is running a gang He is very dangerous He is very dangerous because
he trapped your daughter… What? -Yes sir She is in love with him Where does he stay? Greetings sir! Greetings sir! What the hell is happening here? You only suggest not be idle, That’s
why l opened this office sir. Surya exports and imports.
-Impressive! Very impressive! Who are these people.. My staff sir… Staff! These people have just missed in my last encounter
What makes you gather all of them here? Hitech! You have gathered all the data of big
people in Mumbai, what are you doing here? Business sir! Those
people are our customers! Shut up! Don’t play drama!
Talk to me straight. lf you can bare I will
tell the truth… Some crores of transaction
have been cancelled. Most of the issues that can’t be solved by
your police and courts, are settled by mafia. they will not let
such Mafia grow… What did Mafia do sir?
Are we killing public? Are we raping any one on roads?
No. We are dealing with only rich people
in lndia which you can’t deal. What is your problem sir? Sir no one will feed
us if we are hungry! lfwe call and threaten by using
a cell will fetch us millions.. Will fetch millions in half hour!
l came here for that! l am here to shake whole Mumbai I believe in war. Not in morality Person who is afraid of
battle will talk about rules. lsn’t it immoral to say that
wherever l go belongs to me? Everywhere its only my empire… I will kill if anybody
interfered me in between l believe in
Ashwameda Yagam sir. We read about this in books,
and I am doing this sir. l will make Mumbai flourish with
mafia and I will show you this sir. Wish l had a sword if so your head
would have departed from your body. You can’t to that sir. Rules will stop you
from doing it sir.. Beautiful face of your daughter
will be in front of you Your daughter is in
love with me sir. l know you are the barrier for me in
Mumbai that’s why l trapped her sir. Please don’t do
anything to me sir. Poor Chitra! She will die sir. Come sir! You don’t have any proof to arrest me sir.
Even if you try you will get calls from Delhi. You don’t know who is behind me sir!
They all need me . You are the only one who
is unhappy with me sir. Hello! Chitra! One minute.. Please don’t try to encounter me sir!
Don’t use special force on me sir. Thank you sir! Chitra, You never told
about your family? What is there to tell you!
No mother, me and my dad. Why don’t you stay
with your dad? My dad stays in Town side and my college
is in Juhu, I stay with my friend in Juhu. What is uncle? He
is commissioner. What commissioner? City
police commissioner! Police… Why didn’t you tell me before?
What happened? Most of the police people are against
love what if they book case on me? Who will book a case on you?
You dad Chitra! lf my dad does it do you think I will
keep quite? What will you do Chitra? l will come inside the cell and hold
your hand and take you away from there! What will do with me?
l have my plans. Are you ticklish? No. Leave! “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “My life got changed when
you came in my life”… “My heart became crazy”… “oh my beloved”… “My life got changed when
you came in my life”… “My heart became crazy”… “Now my heart will
also grizzle”… “It will run behind
you my beloved”… “It will never seperate from you
and will be always with you”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “I dont know what my
crazy heart asks you”… “Do whatever you want to
do with me my beloved”… “Please come my beloved”… “Listen my beloved this
its a season of love”… “Give me some
gesture of love”… “we both are made for
each other my love”… “My heart become restless”… “The gesture you gave me”… “I left whole world for you”… “I cant leave without
you my beloved”.. “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “My heart became crazy
in love with you”… “All my heart belongs
to you my beloved”… Ten people came into the city to kill you,
central minister Jaydev had sent them. What time they planned?
Tomorrow evening at 4 pm.. What if we kill them before. Sir we just arrived if you send his photo
and details we will finish him and go. l will send few boys
they will guide you. Fresh up in meanwhile. -Ok! Alfha one speaking Surya has just arrived! l just called you, how did you come?
I am little fast! Sir asked me to give this money! Keep
the beer case and biryani inside! How many people you are? – Ten! You should have brought another five men!
None of your business, Give me his photo! Surya photo! we should
know how he looks like! Photo is coming they are
printing, …30×40 size.. Why such a big one? you have
to recognize him properly! ln the meanwhile have
beer and biryani. Hey! What is your name? My name is also Surya! Sorry boss biryani
didn’t blast properly! if it would have blast you
wouldn’t have see me like this! Fire! Why are you here? What are you doing here?
Come let’s go… What are you doing here?
Why are you holding a gun? Why did you come this late here?
l came for you! l wanted to see your reality! l did
not believe what my father said! Come on move, move! ls your love is fake? ls this all a cheating? Drop the gun I will
kill you Surya! Drop the bluddy gun! Yes l betrayed you l
thought l can use you.. Your father is right about me!
but my is not fake. l am loving you truly,
l just realized it. Don’t look at me like a
cheater, l can’t bear it. l don’t care if this world believes me or
not, but lf you believe me that’s enough! Even if the world believes you I won’t,
even now you’re using me to escape. Get him! Dady! Hey! Look at me… l Love You. Hey! you, Look into my eyes. I love you! l don’t know what you do but Surya has
to come out! It’s not possible sir. My commissioner is very serious sir,
Your commissioner will listen to whom? He is not in a position
to listen to anyone. Idiot! File a charge sheet on him! Book as many cases as you can! He should not go out.. hello yes Chirta! Sorry dad! I loved
him unnecessarily.. l troubled you a lot! l don’t
know he is like that dad! Don’t feel bad sometimes such kind
occurs in life. we can’t help it. Dady!.. Chirta! Chirta! What’s happening there Chirta! Who is that? My people took Chitra Rip all the case papers you
filed, Book a small case on me. l have to get the bail in one day.
whenever l am out Chitra comes home. lf you want Chitra to be home today,
then file a traffic case on me. like breaking the signal
or over speeding anything Sir please. Leave him sir!… How dare you kidnap my daughter?
You had destroyed all my dreams Sir everyone has different dreams,
you may like mine or not.. That’s why peaceful world
dream remains as a dream sir. Dream about yourself or
about your daughter! Poor girl must be crying there sir! You
and l don’t like if she cries Sir. How dare he emotionally
blackmails me? Sir please listen to me, don’t make this a
big issue, Yes sir don’t make it a big. Your dad is a good person!
He freed me. Are you a human? Do you
have any humanity? Do you have any morals? We all watch discovery channel,
One tiger chase a deer.. by seeing the visuals everyone prays
god that the deer should escape… When deer escapes everyone claps
with joy and switch off the TV. They will butcher the
chicken and enjoy it. they don’t have any pity
either on deer or chicken. because they can’t do anything to the tiger
that’s why they say pity or humanity. They all are humans, that’s why
they talk about humanity… Come let’s go home… your dad crying to you… I would like to say only one
thing at the end of the show I love you Where will you escape now?
Tell me? Sir give me permission
I will shoot him here. lf you shoot me whenever or wherever
what’s the difference between us. Are you all humans? Don’t you have any morals
or at least humanity! Why we have to pity you? Sir
order me I will shoot him! Who is Bharath here? I am! Your
mother went to temple she is with us. After l go she will return… You Rascal! Please dont irritate me please We all have families also have
sentiments, we all are educated… l am not against department!
Please don’t envy me. Happy! -You… Sir let me ask you one thing
in front of your force.. l loved your daughter for real. l will do anything for her!
Will you marry her to me? l will stop everything.
That’s not possible. Then you won’t do
anything for your dream? Chitra! Do you want me or not?
l hate you. Say it again! I hate you That means I can do my work?
You don’t have any objection? Sir I am telling you that
l will make mafia legal. ….neither you are you
system can touch me. Then l will come and take your
daughter, if you like it or not. We couldn’t do anything to him! Police couldn’t do
anything either.. He is outside, Should I stand
in the elections or not? You have to stand only, take as much money
as you want buy all the votes in Mumbai. You have to be the Mayor of Mumbai again.
Understand? We have no money, How? Within two days elections are
held what should we do now? Where do they get money from? From Delhi! When?
Tomorrow morning! Who is getting money? Mayor has ten of his people they will
get it and they distribute accordingly. Before they distribute they will
be raided by lncome Tax officials. “The game is about to end”… “Now destroy everything”.. “The game is about to end”… “Now destroy everything”.. “We have defeat everyone
in the game”… “Now its your victory”… Today con artist have robbed business
men by faking as lT officials. Since it’s all black money none of them lodged
any compliant, it’s about 100 to 200 crores. He is the one who did this! He gets
all criminals ideas like this. Our fate! He is a big
hero in Dharavi… lf Lalu becomes Mayor
then we can’t touch him. Just see his smartness Why didn’t you inform me? They had snatched our mobiles and
locked us, They took our money too. Fools! By looking at them you can tell if
they are originals or fake people! How can we judge sir one fellow
kept his gun on the table.. l thought lT officials
had also given guns. Great thinking! Victory to Lalu sir…Victory
to Lalu sir… l lost my pride, being in power l
couldn’t make my men win as a Mayor. lf I keep quite like this, then his
name will become famous in Mumbai. Slowly l will lose control on
Mumbai, l have to stop him.. You are doing a big mistake!
When he used you, You loved him. …but now he loves you,
but you are avoiding him. What that is love? l can understand
it but you’re unable to… Teach her wisely, if she understand
this why would l face all this. Who will love people who kills others.
They don’t know the valve of life.. Humans! Life! I don’ the value
of it, What are you eating? Fish! Tuna fish! There are 600 crores humans in this world
daily half of them catch fish and eat. they call it with
different names. Since you all kill millions offish
daily and eat them it’s not an issue.. but if accidently a shark eats a man you
guys creates a big issue out of it. lf a small shark bites a boy at the beach
you guys telecast in all channels. You guys make movies out
this issues Jaws 1 ,2,3,…. What yours are life not there’s? All rubbish…. Lot of people are trying to
kill me what about them? lf there is another life I would not
reborn as a human, They are killing here. This is my last life,
you won’t get me. come. stay with me! How can l stay
if you kill people daily? Why are you doing all this? Often terrorist
plant bombs to show their identity. Sometimes Lord Vinayaka drinks
milk to tell that l exist. lf Lord Vinayaka drinks milk
daily no one would feed him… To make people scare sometimes
we’ve to kill or drink milk. Go ahead I dont care But I cannot support
criminals like you lf you leave me l will become more
dangerous, Go ahead, l don’t care. You and your dad go to hell. We have to expand our business. Head office is here in Mumbai. We need branches all over India. We need offices in all
the cities and towns. l need 50 members in
each branch as my staff. Do you know who is our staff?
The local goons. These local goonds are
with local politicians . but they don’t get paid monthly ..but we pay them monthly..
Why 50 people? Just imagine! How 50 men walk together! Just imagine how 50 people chases
with the guns in their hands. To make a city in control
we need -50 people. All the settlements in the city has
to be done in our local offices. Where do you get the money and
how will you pay them salaries? They will earn themselves. No matter what business they do
they have to pay 2%. as commission. person who makes 1 lakh paying 2000/-
as a commission is not a big deal. We will support them and
solve there problems if any! Small people will give but what about big
people would they agree? They have to…. threaten all businessmen
by showing our guns. Our guns should be there
in all offices in India. Guns dont need agreements they have to pay us… No
matter whatever they do. Surya tax should be part of
sales and service taxes. I want all the gangsters
and rowdies under one room Whoever gets any problem they have to
come to us and we have to solve them. Be friendly with public, All the
bad people must fear by my name. Surya Bhai is not me!
lt’s a brand! Come! “Surya bhai has come”.. “He is the king”… “Surya bhai has come”.. “Anyone cannot
escape from him”… “Is there anyone who can
stop this corruption”… “He can destroy anything”… “The all game is about gun”… “Everything is in the
hands of Surya bhai”… “The all game is about gun”… “Everything is in the
hands of Surya bhai”… “Hey Surya Bhai”… “Just show it Surya Bhai”… “Come on show your power”… He is not an ordinary person,
and he’s not a criminal too. But criminal minded! He is organizing
crimes very carefully! People who thinks they can rule
this world will get these ideas. Who is he? Where
did he come from? Why is he doing all this?
l want him. Where are you? Why do care?
l am waiting for a taxi! Then you are not using my car?
Aeysha is using it. Okay listen to my requirement!
l want to see you now! l want to quarrel
with you, Come fast. Come and scold me. l won’t come! You don’t
know my range yet! lf I want I can kidnap you by the
taxi driver you get into. Okay do! Taxi! Let’s go! Where do want to go madam!
Juhu circle. Excuse me -50 thousand crores scam, Former
mayor Arun Gokule is absconding. First find out where he is? If police get
him l am gone and so does many others. He is very scary person he would reveal
everything, most likely Government will collapse. Kill everyone in his family! Who are you? Just finish them off No no try to be strict Hello! -Sir this is Surya! What Surya Bhai! Why
did you call me? Please don’t call me like that sir,
l am very small in front of you! Don’t act! What’s
the matter now? My department should
also pay you 2%.? Why are you after me instead
of the 50 crores scam. lf you promise me that you’ll drag all
the big people involved in this scam, I will handover Arun Gokule. Arun Gokule. We can’t find him how
did you get him? Rat can find another rat sir, l am
dropping him at your Varsova P.S. lt’s okay sir get down!
Don’t feel shy Morning sir! Morning! We got Arun Gokule Sir! He will bail out in 2 days sir. Everyone says that your name
will be first in the list What do you say? Surya handover
Arun Gokule to us. I dont understand one thing sir Why he is angry on you sir? l don’t know who he is?
l didn’t even see him! You know him sir! He was born in Chicago He is American citizen! Don’t you remember him? No. -18 years back when you were addressing a
public meeting a 14 years child stabbed you! Did you forgot? He even shot you with the gun. He is Surya! He is not an ordinary person! Dont miss him l know him very well one day
he will buy the whole Mumbai. You got tempted thinking
that he is rich kid! but l liked him knowing
that he is road side kid. But he betrayed me! He is in love with you Don’t spoil your relationship! He is very busy,
He might leave you …for every step he makes
he thinks -100 times You will not like
him in the world He will reach very high one
day you will see that. Good evening ladies
and gentleman Its a great honor for
me to be here today At the opening ceremony
of a business bank Let me first extend my first
warm welcome to all of you Thank you so much for being here One young man Surya opened a bank to
make our country move a step ahead. l wish young people like him
should enter into politics. …so that our country
will flourish l salute to the guts…. The person who robbed the bank has started
a bank and I came here as a chief guest. To hide the black money had
you started this bank? Yes sir, This is like Swiss bank in lndia,
You can hide white as well as black here. Lot of people doesn’t know where to hide
there money sir, hence I started this. l am happy that Mr. Surya is donating
-50 lakhs to the police department. I am feeling very proud
to announce this news Fantastic! …robbed public money
and donating it to us? lt’s not yours or mine sir, India has lot
of money whoever is capable will take it. lt’s not good days now sir. There is saying that God always
takes good people first. lt’s not true sir, people around
them will make them die fast. …You are strict officer sir but do you know how many
people in your department will talk bad about you? Public will not like officers who are
strict sir. They like lose officers… To be frank Surya Looking at you closely. l
am losing my anger my on sometimes I feel that I don’t have
a person like you in my department The guts you have l did
not see in anyone! But you are on the wrong track No sir I am on the right track Sir I don’t know wheater you had observed it from
past 3 months murders and kidnaps have reduced Crime rate have gone down. lf you want you can
check your records! People do crime if
they are hungry! l am paying them regularly. Please request your department to raise
salaries Sir. because they are not enough Do you think your
salary is enough? Police who protect our
country don’t get paid people who rob this country
has crores of rupees! Please cooperate with me sir let snatch from
rich people and distribute to poor people. But one thing sir… I am not interested in money I am interested in power Surya I like you a lot! l am happy that you had supported
my candidate Mr. Lalu. Whenever you come to Delhi meet me. lf you
want anything from Delhi let me know! What do you want for your Delhi? What? Do you want Delhi or not? Do you want to
rule Delhi or not? Yes l want to, What will you do? ln future elections
your party must win. You rule the country, l will
bear the elections expenses. How much you can spend? Any MP will
not spend his money in the election. l will give everything! you know how
many seats are there? …do you know how much it
will cost for one seat? ..on an average if you spend 20 crores for a seat it
will cost you 10 thousand crores, do you know that? You lost your mind! Last election in Ahmedabad
60 crores has spent 50 in Jaipur… 35 in Jaisalmer… Jabalpur, Kanpur,
Kolkatta,Hyderabad,Chennai, Rajkot… Panaji, Nasik… Bangalore, Cochi, Udipi… So many expenses
in this states… Why are you comparing
Chandigarh and Laksyadeep? Recently in South 250
crores has spent. Always you won’t get
vote for 500 rupees! Sometimes you have
to spend 5000 too. lt’s the prestige.. How much it will cost at the
election no one can judge.. Sir how much will you
give as a party fund? Do you know how much they spend
personally for the election? They spend all their wealth 2
years before election begins! Last time 25 thousand
crores has spent! Now the expense have increased so
let assume another 25% increase! This time 40 thousand crores
will be spent for election! l will give everything! Use your influence and provide me with
25 helicopters! Why do you need them? To distribute money…
bloody fool…. Talk to your high command
and tell about me.. Sir I don’t need
anything from Delhi! l will give you Delhi…
-Great! Wonderful! “My beauty” “My youthness”… “My magic”.. “Everyone becomes crazy”… “Everyone is Uncontrollable
by my gesture”… “We love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “We wanna bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “Without any fear who
loves me a lot”… “We love bad boys”… “We wanna bad boys”… “God knows what happens if
he feels shy from me”… “Everytime I feel thirsty
for you my beloved”… “I am like lightning and he
is like thunder for me”… “He spreads on like magic”… “We both will mind
our own business”… “Everytimes he attacks
on my heart”… “We love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “Boys”… “I am all yours my beloved”… “I am all yours my beloved”… “The one who loves me can
bear my attitude”… “The one who can
make his queen”.. “The one who loves me lot”… “The one who can make me
dance on his gestures”… “Who can steal me”… “The one who can
steal my lips…” “We will just emotional
blackmail”… “We love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “Bad boys”… “We love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”…”We
love bad boys”… “We love bad boys”…”We
love bad boys”… “Bad boys”… Where is your father? Why did you come?
Where is he? What are you doing to him? Dady Dady! Dady! Dady! Don’t leave Jaydev! After Gokule’s death
no one can touch me! lf I kill Surya before election,
l can peacefully do the oath. Jaydev Pawar, 14th prime
minister of this country… l also cried like you! At the age of 14 I
cried more than you! My parents are residents of
America, l was born there! My father is a big
business man there. He came with all his wealth to
do something for his Village! He met a local leader there. His name was Javdev Pawar! He said he will start a trust and took
all the money and killed my parents! He stabbed them to death! He rascal didn’t
even spare my mother l begged police immensely! No one bothered about it. Not only in the eyes of god… I understood I wont get justice I asked you to go from here l thought why did my
parents have come here! l became an orphan. l had no food to eat, everyone would kick me
like a dog while sleeping on the streets! I was ashamed l got fed up with the system
of this country and people! l became alone! …120 crores are one side and
I am alone on the other side! l wanted to play with
those 120 crores! That’s why l read about
people and selfishness! Here there is no morals no rules lf I feel like stabbing
someone l would do it. lf someone tries to do
injustice punish him highway! l can’t see him.. …but I wanted to take
revenge on the God too… l don’t like your candidates specially that
Raipur guy is waste fellow and Mehaboob Nagar Write… Give me a pen! We have to change every candidates of
Bokaro, Ajmer, Ranchi,Patna, Udipi… How can we invest on these candidates who
doesn’t have character? Change them. Run away…Run away… “Life is like a journey”… “Run away..Run away…” For each settlements I need 100 crores in
one months’ time I need 100 settlements! Open all the pending case… ..if they don’t approach you!
you go to them.. “Come on lets go”… “Life is like a journey”… Collect whatever you can, we don’t need
much we need only 30 thousand crores! Porbandar opponent candidate
is very powerful! Talk to Surya and make him
not to contest in election “Run away..Run away…” Do you know that if politician has a second
setup he cannot contest in the election? Yes Bhai Jaydev has a second setup
and she has a child! …talk to her and tell her that we
would give half of Jaydev’s property. Make the DNA test
and call the press! Yes Jaydev is my husband, we got married -5
years back and we have a 3 year old boy. Here is the DNA certificate. Jaidav lost eligibility to be a
politician because of DNA test… Elections are in a week, I spent 120
crores, How could you remove me now, What do you want me to do, we will
lose party prestige because of you government is filled with scandals,
it is filled with second setups… not only Jaidev, everyone in that party
has illegal wives and illegal children… what is this, are they making the country
bigger or their family bigger… “Run away”… This is my place You get lost… “Run away”… there are 75 news reporters, give every
news reporter a car as a gift… every newspaper and every news channel
should talk nicely about us… most of the people are favoring the new
party, since they are fed with the old ones.. we should also take control
of exit poll survey There is hope of getting 80%
vote to the opposition party l need programs that bring
fever to the party… Bhima Shankar Shukla will
be the prime minister We are free from corruption if we give money five days before
they will get drunk and forget, so given money the
night before… we will make sure that Goddess Lakshmi will
flow in the air the day before the elections… everyone say that money is not
permanent only people are permanent… but here people are dying but
nothing happens to money… give away the money
before the people die… ‘Run away”… This is my place You get lost… Hello where. Okay! Naseer! -Yes sir! there is rigging happening at
Bhiwandi, go take care of that… Shakil! Naseer! -Yes Bhai! take care of the elections, l will
be back, do not come behind me… ‘Run away”… how come you did not bring any weapons,
l will use the ones that you have… What? what? you stabbed me, shot me ,
but still and satisfied.. why are you staring at me like
that when l am hitting you… l should have killed you that day,
but good happened to me that day with that sympathy, I won as an
M.L.A and became so popular… l want to become a P.M., but you
swallowed me like a snake… elections are going on
all over the county, I wanted to be a P.M., but you made
me disqualify for r the elections… why you had so
much against me… do you think I am living
with rage on you… l met so many people like
you, one at each stage… it just happened that l met you again in my
life, killing you is not a big deal for me… what could you do… enough of hitting, tell
me where is Chithra… Chitra is not here,
we killed her… No No please! l was just joking, Chitra is alive, six
people died because of yourjoke… you should neverjoke
in a time like this… you know that I will come here
only when if you bring Chitra… but you do not know what I
will do after l come here… yes I do not know, that is why l
called you show me what you can do… l want to see your range, l want to
see everything about you, show me… Since you are so eager,
what would stop me… your history will end today… you will not exist to speak and no one
will be around to talk about you… just kill him… load the gun… show me Chitra by the time
l finish the balance… after that I will not even
ask you where Chithra is?. I will kill you in
the same order.. l will kill, l will kill her… l will kill her Leave him! why are you like this! for the first
time l felt scared of dying… do anything to me,
leave her alone… what can l do to you
except to kill you… l want see you dying, I want
to shoot you with a gun… No No! go ahead shoot me… do you want to shoot me or do
you want me to shoot myself? go ahead shoot
yourself, go ahead… No Surya No Surya! No Surya! Dont do like this Surya No Surya! No! No! No! Surya! Surya! Surya! Surya! l usually do business with everyone and
succeed, but with you l failed,… l love you if you think l am still cheating
you, no one lies while dying… do not say that, nothing
will happen to you.. did bullet pierced your body or my
body, my love is true, you will live. if l die it’s well and
good, lf I live… l will rule lndia… India’s 14th P.M., Mr. Gurudev Patel
is about to take an oath tomorrow… immediately after
taking an oath… he will be meeting the famous businessman
Surya Gawarikar in Mumbai… he worked very hard to develop
Surya Exports and lmports… the Prime Minister is coming
today to visit him… what message do you
give to youth… l am saying this because you asked
me to Life is a battle field… God put all of us
in a war zone… Be Alert! Protect yourself! keep a goal in life and do
anything to achieve it… if you want to sing , sing with focus if
you want to study, study with focus… the people who have no goal in
life die as fast as you can because there is
no use with you. remember one thing, that there
is no one greater than you… do whatever you feel like and do not listen
to anyone especially to a human being… if you target is 10 miles
aim for the 11th mile.. if you beat someone,
they should be blocked! Come on! Don’t try to enter into my
place or else l will go crazy. This is my place You get lost…


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