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Non-Actors Learn To Cry On Command

– Hello, I’m Anthony Abeson. I’m an acting coach. I’ve been doing it for,
wow, over 30 years. Today we’re gonna be working
with a few non-actors. We’re gonna give them
emotional result pressure. We’ve created one line. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean
to get so emotional,” which is pretty clearly a demand that you get emotional. Just to make it even more diabolical, we’re gonna ask them
to first try to produce that emotional result
without any help from me. – Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. Red leather, yellow leather. (sighs) – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional. – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional. (loud thudding) – Sorry, I didn’t mean
to get so emotional. – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional. – I really didn’t mean
to get that emotional. (coughs softly) – I didn’t mean to get so emotional. (laughs) This is so awkward! – [Anthony] So who’s the most
important person in your life? You don’t even have to say who it is. – Okay. – I’m from New York City, so paying bills is a big thing for me. Just being able to pay
my rent and my bills, so I guess that’d be really
sad if I couldn’t do that. – [Anthony] Would you tell me
a little bit about your mom? – My mother is a teacher,
or was a teacher. She’s a retired teacher now. – [Anthony] Do you love her? – Yes. – As a kid, the idea of having to give the love of a dog away is just really sad. – [Anthony] So could you picture
them over here somewhere. And could you just very softly
say to them, “I love you”? – I love you. – I love you, mom. – [Anthony] Did you ever have a dog? – I did. – [Anthony] What was his name? – His name was Dude. – [Anthony] What kind of dog? – He was a little Corgi,
Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Ate nothing but cheeseburgers
and chicken nuggets. – [Anthony] What happened to him? – My parents had to put him down while I was working at a music festival. – [Anthony] What would
be the scariest thing about being homeless? – I’d be afraid of being beaten up, or getting taken advantage
of by people on the street. – [Anthony] I’d like you to
picture a really scary guy who’s looking at you. Do you worry about them? – Yes. – [Anthony] Would you
just worry about them for a moment, please? (suspenseful synthesizer music) – It’s intense. – [Anthony] And he’s coming closer to you. And he’s a big, huge, scary guy. – [Jade] Mm-hm. – Dude, I miss you. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for you. And that I was so close. But, yeah, that you
had to pass without me. (melancholic guitar music) I’m sorry that your last years you didn’t get to see much of me. But I love you. – [Anthony] What could happen
to them that you worry about? There they are in their coffin and would you just very
softly say goodbye? – Goodbye. I love you. – [Anthony] Say the line, “I’m sorry. “I didn’t mean to get so emotional.” – I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get so emotional. – Sorry. I didn’t mean to get emotional. – I’m sorry, I didn’t
mean to get so emotional. – I’m sorry, I didn’t
mean to get so emotional. – [Anthony] You started
to believe a little bit? – [Benjamin] Mm-hm. – [Anthony] Remember no bad juju. – [Benjamin] Mm-hm. – It really took me back
to this sensational place of feeling the weight of his paws and feeling how his belly felt that it really kinda allowed
me to connect with that moment. – I’m more in touch with
my feelings right now. Just thoughts of different
images, different smells. – I really felt helpless. Yeah, with no family, no friends, and that is completely the
opposite of everything that I am.


  1. Markinpuff Author

    Don’t believe any of it most great actors and actresses are complete Narcissist. That’s what makes them great. Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing if you want to be an actor.

  2. Stephen MK Author

    I manage to make myself cry … and at first I thought I was heartless because I couldn't cry, but it seems that I manage to do it only by watching this video.

  3. Shalini Vishnudev Author

    if we as actors start using this technique in Indian TV shows , looking at the number of times we have to cry we will fall in depression , this was no technique to cry it was a way to feed sad

  4. Slider 27 Author

    This does not seem to work for me. I did not even cry at my own grandma funeral. Although I held back some tiers. I did love her so much I just don’t seem to cry. When I was little I held back tiers bc I was always made fun of to cry. Rights know all I do is make a sad face and look in to a fan.

  5. Radek Piskorski Author

    I wonder if I could ever believe anything an actor said to me in real life or trust how they react. Would you ever be sure that Meryl Streep's reactions to you are real? How would you even know?!

  6. not my eggs! minyoongixbtspleasethankyou Author

    I cry on command by flicking my tongue up into my throat, and the spit goes up my eyes with a little force. I “cry” it’s kinda gross but it works.

  7. Caitlyn Campolo Author

    I don’t need techniques, my hormones are permanently fucked up from having baby even a year and a half later 😂 I can cry just looking at a picture of a baby

  8. blak47100 Author

    I can do this easily within seconds. Just put your mind to a sad topic then memorize a sad song, like “The Way” from Zack Hemsey. Then think about that topic and also try to play that song in your head at the exact same time, it’s easy.

  9. Julianna Schrader Author

    the dog one got to me because my doggy that I had since I was about 3 1/2 had to be put down back in January
    I still remember the last sad grunt (or I guess just like a stressed sigh) before she went completely still. They always talk about still bodies in books and I didn't realize how accurate it was before then. It was like still water or still air…everything just like blanked and all there was, was her last face she would ever make and my endless sobbing. On top of that, I had winter formal that night so like, can you imagine?

  10. Jude Khalil Author

    I know how to do this already and I’ve never took acting classes or anything and I’m not that interested in acting but I can produce tears on command (just stare for as long as possible and after you can’t do it anymore, blink and a tear will fall down! Keep repeating this process it gets much easier each time! Once you have your tears ready, think of something that makes you sad)

  11. Aubre Foster Author

    The befores and afters of the lines were so different. The emotional ones were so genuine! I’ve always wanted to know how you’d help an actor cry besides cosmetics

  12. oHei Author

    There’s no room for fake crying in acting. You can’t just put some tear drop in your eye, blink a little bit, and make a sad voice. The trick to crying on command and to have a convincing performance is to actually cry and feel the pain you or your character feels. You have to become the character. Everybody cries and we all have sad moments. When you watch a movie and a (good) actor cries that’s not fake. Those are real emotions and real tears and a real performance.

  13. Lore Celain Author

    Acting is connecting to all the emotions in your life, and displaying them to the big screen. And letting the audience see you go back and taking them out again


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