1. Not Available Author

    Cops fucking enjoyed watching him bleed out. Well I learned today that cops are cowards, and will only help other pigs instead of civilians.

  2. joey453389 Author

    i feel as if this could of been over with sooner than it was.. they got no snipers? these dudes was in the open and they dont have a sniper set up

  3. David 8719 Author

    Lol armor piercing Ammo the media are stupid they are regular Ammo just happens to go through the best of cops

    Because those vest are rated for pistol rounds such as 9mm 45 acp 357 magnum

    Those vest are not rated to stop rifle rounds such as the ak 47 or a 308 rounds

  4. 13R^D Author

    The cop severs his spine at the same moment he takes his own life? More like that cop walked up to his dead body and pumped a round into him out of anger and rage. Some payback.

    A meal modest Irani… That funny.

  5. Badfinger Author

    Stupid person : I just don’t understand why the police department has to have military style weapons and equipment? There is just no reason for it…..Dumbass

  6. David Ford Author

    HAVE YOU ever HEARD OF RPG WEAPONS????? —-> It was so EASY to destroy these killers!!!!…. Body armers are a JOKE for RPG weapons!!!! Police force MUST IT! Just in case! The IRANIAN police have it and use it against criminals!!!! IRAN has nothing to do with the very negative Islam!!! Signed: The United Imperial States of IRAN! We love the USA!

  7. C D Author

    Ahhhh Fucking clips…. what it’s so hard about calling a magazine a magazine. If you want to make yourself sound like a dumbass who knows nothing about what you’re talking about, call it a clip. Public service announcement, a clip is a little strip of metal that ten rounds slid onto. It’s only purpose is packaging.

  8. Grey Bayles Author

    "An H&K 91 Assault Rifle, illegally modified to be fully automatic"
    yeah okay you know what assault rifles are right
    "including armor piercing ammo, the kind that can penetrate cars"
    oh cool you mean like bullets
    Nitpicking concluded.

  9. Brady Neal Author

    He was mad because he lost? Are you kidding me? That wasn't a loss, they kicked pig ass and made history! If there was a criminal hall of fame, they'd be in it!

  10. Yogie Author

    @21:04 Did this fucking piece of shit really use the word "cower"!? You wanna stand in front of those armor piercing rounds you stupid fuck?

  11. Henry Kater Author

    At the same time that police all over the world are being criticised for using military hardware, the criminals are getting more military hardware. I don't believe they had armour piercing rounds. Your standard military ammunition (7.62mm) goes through car metal like butter. They simply had military gear where the cops didn't. An army squad would have eliminated them in a few minutes.

  12. Enzo Prosciutto Author

    The dispatch said it's the worst thing that can happen if a pig gets shot. So its more Important when a pig gets shot then a civilian? So Much for protect and serve.

  13. Yekkt Author

    They shot him 29 times in the legs with rifles and he kept fighting that´s an information for all the morons that can´t help but to write under police shooting videos why they have not shot to his legs.

  14. LayarYT 21 Author

    "his family accused a police of letting bleed to death"
    Yeah right if this animal my family i will never call them a human being and i would be so shame, i hope they family at least apologize for the victim.

  15. Mike Cruickshanks Author

    So your police training kicked in and it all came back? You mean when someone is shooting at you with aotomatic weapons you should hide behind a cement wall? Seems to me that that is just human instinct moron.

  16. Rob Soruco Author

    Wait what?….Armor piercing ammo? C'mon man…more Hollywood dramatizing…. best you can get with the small arms is barrier blind, which just lesson any barrier that would alter the bullet trajectory, regular small arms ball ammo, goes through vehicles and glass. Soft armor never has stopped rifle fire!

  17. Terry Waters Author

    I'd have more respect for the cops if they didn't lie about letting the guy bleed out. There's no reason EMS shouldn't have been there 2 minutes after the second shooter was cuffed. I guarantee you every other person wounded received timely treatment. Just admit it, that's all.

  18. mik dahl Author

    policve had NO control what so ever! and they kept pushing the emil and larry which made them shoot! so the real idiot5s in this is the police who thinks they are heros! and the disillusional idea that you are a hero for putting your own life ont he line for rich peoples money… morons! thats stupid!


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