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Now In Theaters: The Circle, How to Be a Latin Lover, Sleight | Weekend Ticket

Here are this week’s Top Movies – At the circle we can finally realize our potential. A young woman becomes embroiled in a tech company’s privacy invading experiments in “The Circle”. – Does this really seem okay to you? *I’m watching you* – I knew how to work it better than anyone In “How to be a Latin Lover” an ageing lothario learns the real meaning of family. – I don’t know how to undress a woman with my eyes. – This guy right? – What’s your name?
– Holly. – You can grab it, Holly. A street magician uses every trick up his sleeve to find his kidnapped sister in “Sleight”. – These barriers only exist if you let them. See what’s hot in theaters with this week’s anticipation. [music] So, what’s your weekend to get going to be? Let us know by commenting See you next time on weekend ticket [music]


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