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Official Trailer | ‘Always Be My Maybe’ | Gerald Anderson, Arci Muñoz | Star Cinema

Trace, I love you. We’ve been together for five years now. And I’m finally ready, to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me? I don’t want to marry you. Wait… what My boss won’t be able to come. He just asked me to hand this to you. He thanks you for everything. Are you really over him? For real? Yes… Prove it by hitting on somebody here. Excuse me? Can you light me up? I don’t smoke. Oh, me neither! I’m sure you drink. Waiter! I’ll buy him a drink! Watch this. Don’t fall for their tricks! Don’t be their victims! What happened to you here? My douche pseudo ex-boyfriend dumped me! Why do you still have a picture of your ex? Those are memories! Is this your ex? Come on! Together, we shall replace our ex lovers! Operation: Charm Check! Who the hell invented Valentine’s Day? I’ll have him killed. What’s a perfect date for you? Something well thought of… Right? Something well planned. For you… You’re together almost everyday! Of course it will lead to that, right? Beautiful, right? So what’s your plan now? Nothing! We’ll just continue the friendship. If you really want pursue him, you better DTR. DTR?! Define The Relationship. You love him? Love already? Can I just… …like her for now? This 2016, love-sick victims are not allowed! Gerald Anderson and Arci Munoz! If we’re a real couple, I won’t let you leave me. This is just pretend, okay? Just pretend… Always Be My Maybe HOPE-lessly devoted, cough syrup, EXPECTorant! Directed by Dan Villegas I… …love… …you. I love you more. Kidding! February 24 in cinemas!


  1. ashtimarz Author

    Napanood ko na to BUT GUYS CAN SOMEONE VERIFY THE POOL SCENE.. parang di ko maalala na pinalabas yan? Ang meron lang yung sa beach diba pero di naman nagtanggal si Arci ng cover up eh.. Anong yun scene yun?

  2. clint john yambao Author

    This is worth the watch. I'm hoping that I can get all the titles of their soundtrack. Gusto ko makuha title nung sa bed scene. ❤️

  3. Angela Dela Cuesta Author

    omg! may english subtitle na??!!! wow! sana lahat ng clips ng abs pati na din yung mga teleserye nila may subtitle din para madaming dayuhan na makainteres.

    btw, guys what does "pa-fall" mean? ngayun ko lg kasi narinig yun dito sa movie na to. is it like a new coined word of 2016?

  4. Waldo Carvajal Author

    this movie is nice and entertaining, with kilig factor din at the same time and kay arci na newbie shes damn hot and mgaling sya actually yung character nya na witty and funny thumbs up! with twist ng mga act ni kakay maeentertain ka tlga

  5. Joe Black Author

    Pretty funny and entertaining in the first chapter/storylines of the movie, then very predictable and shitty ending. It's a same old romantic comedy ending. Arci is definitely hot, though

  6. Joseph Angeles Author

    lol Never seen any Filipino celebrity wear a Red Sox cap before. Not to be rude, but I'm not that surprised that anyone of them mostly wear a Yankees cap more than a Sox cap I believe. Words can't explain about this coz I'm from Boston! GO SOX!!!!!

  7. LilBig Jervie Author

    Looks like Gerald is doing very well in his solo career and to the people who are saying that Gerald is losing popularity without Kim Chiu are wrong.

  8. serpin Author

    ¿La peli es tailandesa o filipina o de qué país es?
    Por los apellidos de origen español, creo que la peli es filipina. Aunque no estoy seguro.

  9. Albert Teng Author

    Just saw it last night, ok yung first 45 minutes then it went boring. Boring kasi same situation, inulit lang yung circumstance. We get it already. Then the ending was so predictable. Parang tinamad na mag isip yung writer. Geralds acting was ok though kulang ng depth, same facial expressions throughout. Arci is a revelation. Ok sya sa comedy and she's hot


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