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Omari Hardwick Shares Advice To Actors Trying To Break Into Hollywood

Film Courage: I get so nervous… Omari Hardwick: You get nervous? I thought we [the actors] were the ones who
are supposed to be nervous? Film Courage: Yeah. Omari Hardwick: Ground yourself. Grab onto something. Film Courage: Good idea. I will. Omari Hardwick: There you go. Film Courage: Omari, for other actors watching
your career right now you are making it look very easy, which I know you’ve talked about
how it has not been easy for you. But you’re in SHOT CALLER movie, you’re
on the show POWER and you have all these projects in the works. Let’s talk about the hypothetical LA friend
that a lot of us have who is a talented, hard working actor but they can’t get in a room
because they are not represented by the right agency. What’s your advice for that person? Omari Hardwick: Great way to start an interview,
first of all. That’s interesting because tonight (for
example) I am inviting friends who got off the Hollywood Dream Bus with me. Who never were necessarily able to execute
anything. You know it’s interesting because they will
be at the screening tonight for this film [SHOT CALLER with Omari Hardwick as Kutcher]
and it’s one of those things where we don’t have the same level in common in conversation
as we once had because life has happened for me differently. I had to really check in with myself in terms
of the team personality in me thought that (and I’ve always been a part of sports)
everybody that got off the dream bus with me and what I mean by that is around the same
month that you get off the Dream Bus and you come to LA or New York to make things happen
you get a collective of friends and y’all start to run the audition circuit and slowly
certain people’s pace slows down and others keep going. My big thing is always (to the people that
I am inviting tonight and to as you said those aspiring actors), my wisdom and advice was
always first and foremost, if you can wake up without wanting to do this…you have one
morning where you wake up and go “Oh…I don’t really want to do this.” I would say get out because it’s way too
difficult! Somebody could ask me are there moments of
that being defined as being discouraged and I will go No…everybody is discouraged. Everybody calls home and goes “I don’t
know if I should become a rocket scientist or as a woman if I should continue in this
world of men and corporate spectrums or law or medicine or what have you. People all get discouraged including myself
and asking Mom and Dad if I should come back home (very early in my journey out here). But I think in terms of the representation
part I decided to not (and this is really my wisdom to them) to not really worry about
it. My thought was it looked like it was easier
for me than it was because I really pressed hard at the craft, the work, the acting classes,
making sure that I was in martial arts classes if I could add that to the repertoire box
or the box of tools that I could dig into if I needed to work on the piano because one
day I could play a character where I play the piano. Just work on the craft and don’t necessarily
worry about the representation. It will find you. The right agent will find you. The right manager. But now am I struggling in terms of wanting
even bigger out of my career while there are people not where I’m at going “You look
like you made it?” I don’t know what ‘make it’ is? I’m satisfied. I am so humbled and thankful to God that I’m
where I am at but it’s always more and so if you focus on the more being attained by
making sure that you do more for yourself, then I don’t necessarily think that the
representation should matter. Again, I think they definitely will always
find you. Film Courage: Excellent. Thank you. Wow! Omari Hardwick: Thank you!


  1. Keith Witcher Author

    Omari Hardwick is a good actor. It's a joke to me that he's never been the leading role on the big screen in a lot of movies. He's had some small parts on the big screen. But he deserves to have leading roles at movie theaters. He shouldn't be having small parts in movies. That's a joke. He also shouldn't be doing straight to video movies and cable tv shows. I'm pissed off that Omari's Dark Blue tv show got cancelled on TNT network after 2 seasons. That show was very good. Dark Blue should've lasted about 8-9 years. It's one of the best cop shows of all time. Dylan McDermott who was Omari's cop boss on Dark Blue is a good actor. I got 2 pictures of Dark Blue on my Facebook page. I'm happy for Omari that he's had a successful tv show with Power. I hope Power lasts for a long time. But I wanna say fuck you to the stupid movie directors who won't put Omari in leading roles at movie theaters. Omari is better than a lot of black men actors on the big screen at movie theaters LOL. Hollywood keeps showing the same black men on the big screen like Denzel Washington, Morgan Freeman, Samuel Jackson, Larry Fishburne, Don Cheadle, Morris Chestnut, Larenz Tate, Taye Diggs and Terrence Howard. Can Omari get some love on the big screen in a lot of movies? It's a joke to me that Cuba Gooding Jr and his brother Omar Gooding can't get on the big screen at movie theaters. Cuba did several movies back in the day that were on the big screen. Now he's been doing straight to video movies for a long time. I like most of the straight to video movies Cuba has done. But he should get back on the big screen. He's only 49 years old. I think the only movie Omar Gooding has been in on the big screen is Baby Boy with Tyrese Gibson, Ving Rhames, Taraji Henson and music rapper Snoop Dogg. Omar is a good actor. Since I mentioned Ving Rhames, he's another one that has been doing straight to video movies for awhile. He deserves to be on the big screen at movie theaters. He's done some big screen movies back in the day. He does the voiceover for Arby's restaurant commercials. Omari Hardwick and Cuba Gooding Jr did a straight to video movie called Linewatch. That's a good movie. Sharon Leal, Evan Ross(he's the son of r&b music legend Diana Ross)and music rapper AMG are in Linewatch too.

  2. Keith Witcher Author

    It's a shame that Omari had to struggle while he was young trying to be a actor. He said he used to be homeless for awhile in Los Angeles. That's terrible. I bet if he had been a white man. He wouldn't have been homeless trying to be a actor. It makes me mad that Hollywood continues to be racist towards black people who are actors. Black men and black women actors gotta be homeless and working part time jobs trying to be successful actors. Fuck Hollywood and fuck movie directors for ignoring black people. Omari is 43 years old. He should've had leading roles on the big screen when he was in his 20's. It's disturbing that since he's gotten older. He finally has some success with Power television show. Who knows how long Power will last. Omari will have to be struggling again to get leading roles on the big screen and television when Power gets cancelled. If Power gets cancelled in the future. Omari should quit acting and get a job. If I was a black actor in my 20's struggling to get leading roles on the big screen. I would've quit acting. I would've gotten a job. So many black people get mad about not being successful in Hollywood. I admire them for not giving up. And continuing to chase their dreams of being successful actors. But the reality is most black people will never be successful. And be on the big screen at movie theaters. A lot of them will get stuck with doing straight to video movies and cable television shows that black people will never watch. Maybe it's possible that black people get paid good money to do straight to video movies and cable television shows. I hope they get paid good money because these actors work long hours. But they could be making big money if they were at movie theaters in leading roles. Cuba Gooding Jr, Larry Fishburne and Ving Rhames are the few black men who have done a lot of straight to video movies.

  3. Robtaevious Madden Author

    Man i needed this. I randomly came across this video but I’m glad I did. So encouraging especially to me as a young actor trying to make it out here.

  4. K Swa Author

    Truly understand when he talks about the group your with is landing auditions and yes you feel good for them , but you start to second guess. That’s a huge obstacle in this line of work. Personally I️ feel you have to go hard in whatever you do. You never know until you try but it’s defiantly a rollercoaster. I️ wish all the Luck to my fellow actors!

  5. kaydope14 Author

    Great and amazing actor. I love the intelligence and wisdom that this brother has because it’s cool seeing a very articulate man being able to show different aspects of him. Definitely a great of example of a intelligent talented and creative black man that i look up too. I wish you so much success and positivity Mr.Omari

  6. NegraNomada Author

    The quality of this channel always impresses me. The incredible interviewers, questions and quality. Happy to be subbed to you! I learn a lot.

  7. July713 X Author

    Work on ur craft! Leave the rest to the universe. I read Hoffman and Hackman thought the same. They didn't think they would go anywhere at least Hoffman didn't.

  8. TwelveGates Author

    Here's a link to a great book called "On My Way to Hollywood". Whether you're trying to be an actor, singer, dancer, musician or model, this book will you plenty of insight. All the best to you in your endeavours!


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