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Once Upon A Time In Hollywood: Everything You Need To Know

it’s time for the 9th film by the
legendary Quentin Tarantino which could be his second to last movie I guess time
will tell with a budget of around 90 million
dollars the comedy-drama Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is filled with a-list
Hollywood talent and of course we can expect blood violence and lots of
swearing don’t act surprised it is a Tarantino movie my name is Georgia
welcome to all time movies and today I will tell you everything you need to
know before watching Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
written and directed by Tarantino this movie is about actor Rick Dalton played
by Leonardo DiCaprio and his stunt double cliff booth
played by Brad Pitt’s they are both striving for Fame and success in
Hollywood towards the end of the golden era in 1969 this was also the same year
as the Manson family’s Tate’s LaBianca murders and they play a prominent role
in the film both DiCaprio and Pitt have worked with
Tarantino before on different movies Django Unchained and inglorious basterds
the cast includes acting legends like Kurt Russell and Michael Madsen who of
course are not new to Tarantino Russell starred in death Proof Madsen in
Reservoir Dogs Kill Bill and both of them in the hateful eight Luke Perry
plays real-life actor Wayne Monza you probably remember Perry from Beverly
Hills 90210 but if you’re a naughties baby you will know him as Archie starred
in Riverdale sadly Luke passed away in March 2019
before ever getting to see the film and the one and only Al Pacino plays
DiCaprio’s agents Regina’s been in so many films that you should know who he
is even though the story in the lead characters are fictional the film
includes many real-life people and events from 1969 Margot Robbie plays
Sharon Tate’s who is a model and up-and-coming actress
during the late 1960s she was married to director Roman Polanski played by
Raphael sucker offer and they were awaiting their first baby but on the 9th
of August 1969 she was brutally murdered by the Manson Family in her home
together with three friends Polanski was in London at the time working on his
next project when he received the terrible news Tate was also
eight-and-a-half months pregnant when she got stabbed to death the legendary
Bruce Stern who also worked with Tarantino on the hateful eight and
Django Unchained is playing Jorge spun the owner of the
ranch where the Manson Family stayed in 1969 spawn was blind in 80 years old
the Manson family didn’t have much money so Manson ordered his female family
members to have sex with spawn to get cheaper rent during replaced actor Burt
Reynolds who has cast a spawn but sadly died from a heart attack before he
started filming Durnan Reynolds knew each other having worked together on
projects like hard ground and 12 o’clock high Charles Manson is played by Damon
Harriman who also plays him in the Netflix series mind hunter if you’re
interested in murder stories and of mist who Manson was he’s arguably the most
infamous serial killer that became a symbol for evil after starting a cults
that he brainwashed into killing people the college was called the Manson Family
where he was seen as a new Jesus and believed in the helter skelter scenario
which is briefly about believing a war would arise from the racial tension
between blacks and whites this was the underlying motive of the crimes they
committed Manson taught his theory to his family as well as how to kill people
many members of the family portrayed in this movie Austin Butler aka chase and
CW’s arrow plays Tex who is one of the four members who committed the
tate-labianca murders Dakota Fanning plays linette’s from aka squeaky who
wasn’t present at the crime scene however she was the de facto liaison
between the Manson family and the media during the trial Lena Dunham known from
HBO’s girls plays Katherine Sher who lied in court by accusing another member
Linda Kasabian of being the ringleader instead of Manson which is obviously not
true in the UK Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has an 18 certificates because
of blood violence and strong language which really isn’t that surprising the
big question is since we know that Tarantino likes to right the wrongs of
history like he did in inglorious basterds where Hitler gets killed before
d-day will Tarantino serve justice to Manson and his family in an even gory
away than history this movie was meant to be produced by the weinstein company
like most previous Tarantino movies but when Harvey Weinstein was accused of
sexually assaulting hundreds of women Tarantino ended their partnership and
sent his scripts elsewhere except for Disney that’s why this is the first
Tarantino movie produced by Sony Pictures the cinematography is by Robert
Richardson who worked with Tarantino on kale bill and glorious bastards
Tarantino is known for his soundtracks and Mary Ramos is back as his music
supervisor marking her tenth at least collaboration with Tarantino the film
was shot in LA of course interestingly it uses no CGI
or green-screen to create the Hollywood of 1969
everything you see in the movie is real they did renovate some buildings to make
them look like they used to Tarantino isn’t the biggest man of VFX
which he is expressed in many interviews the movie premiered in kanne in May 2019
and it received a seven-minute standing ovation
despite that huge reaction the first comments from critics were a little mix
between brilliance and not as good as expected the main criticism was that the
tone was too light for it to really take off as a result there are rumors that
Tarantino my tree cut the movie before it’s the at record release although
since he went on a two-month holiday after its can premiere it’s likely it
won’t change much from its 2 and a half hour original version once upon a time
in Hollywood hits u.s. cinemas on the 26th of July and lands in the UK on the
14th of August the movie was originally intended to premiere on the 9th of
August because that would have been the 50th anniversary of the tate-labianca
murders but the release was moved forwards to get more summer playtime
ultimately it’s all about the dollar dollar bills y’all are you excited for
this movie do you think Tarantino will only do ten films let me know in the
comments below for now I’ve been Georgia you’ve been watching all time movies and
I’ll see you next time


  1. Zenuserne Author

    Omg that 0:49 is same locations from Fast and furious 2009 that number 4 movie while that it happen to Letty was drive crash by en others evil driver that crash into her so he roll over in the car..

  2. Gene jordan Author

    Manson and his Family…how quaint for the 1960's. In 2019…it took Manson and his "family" to kill as many people as it now takes a disgruntled 18yo to kill in just 5 minutes. Manson was a amateur.

  3. Satlink Pager Author

    Tarantino's has taken liberties with historical reality . Last night we were told the ending but it's good.My brother lived and worked across from Spahn at Iverson in 1969. He was contacted several times for his photos of Spahn from 1969-70 . He said they did a great job of recreating Spahn Ranch at Corriganville . It's the major 3 Rd act scene where it all goes down. Can't tell you. Go see movie


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