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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood REVIEW (Half Spoilers)

First off, I just want to say that it’s no fun to have to make a review like this.


  1. Beyond The Trailer Author

    For everyone saying the Pitt / Bruce Lee fight was a dream, you're incorrect. That was Pitt remembering WHY Kurt Russell won't let him on set anymore. The distinction is that when Pitt drops Leo off, and Leo says Kurt Russell won't hire Pitt, that's for the Western he's shooting with Timothy Olyphant. The flashback is for the Green Hornet show, which Leo mentions to Pacino he did a guest spot on. Pitt is the stunt double for Leo on Green Hornet, where Bruce Lee was the co-star as Kato, which is why Pitt calls him Kato during the scene and Lee is wearing his classic Kato chauffeur uniform from the show. So again, Pitt is remembering the last time Kurt Russell allowed him on set. So when he snaps out of the flashback, he shrugs because he understands why Russell won't hire him back after that.

  2. Pro-Tips Author

    I usually agree with everything you say, Grace. Not this time. Your review was weird! Brad Pitt was an antihero in this movie. He may have killed his wife but this wasn't a judgement of his attitude towards women, or Tarantino's. It was a sketchy Tarantino character like any you've seen before. The biggest complaint I have for the movie was the pace of the first 2 acts.

  3. Angelique Juliette Author

    This review was way off base and ridiculous. At no point watching the movie, did I feel like I was in "danger" are you out of your mind? The child actress was trying to comfort Dicaprio's character who was upset, it wasn't a red flag. Are you really mad at the dirty feet and snoring? are you kidding me?

  4. Blaze 361 Author

    OK so basically you didn't like the film because it isn't a revenge fantasy about women,
    From the start I think everyone knew it was about Hollywood and the legacy film has and always will have. Plus I will 100% garuntee that if it was just men being fucking ripped apart by Brad Pitt in the end you'd have no issue with it and say it's classic tarantino style

  5. Henry Chavez Author

    Just saw this movie and I think QT had a missed opportunity to make Sharon Tate a badass mama bear and be the one who kills the mansion family murderersNOW that would have been a true Hollywood revenge film. 😏😉👍

  6. Chris Prestipino Author

    “It’s painful to watch” no, this review was painful to listen to. Baseless speculation and passing of opinion as fact is impressive though.

  7. ashdoginc Author

    Terrible review. Fine if Grace doesn't like it, but it's clear she doesn't understand the movie. Objectification of women? Hang on… didn't Brad Pitt take off his shirt? Anyway if you want a more balanced review, click on Stuckman's, Flickpick or something.

  8. Adele Thomas Author

    Whats with clapping at the end of films in the US? No one does that here in Australia. Using that to judge an entire movie is odd. Can't you just enjoy a movie and leave quietly?

  9. super sayajin jedi Author

    Ok Grace I watched it and its brilliant. It's a tottaly not a PC film. Its projecting to you some of our dirty and stereotypical thoughts. The lille girl kneeling on Leo's feet, is just very innocent, but he's showing us as viewers as do you like to see only shes sitting or your dirty mind goes to a dirty place? It's a very clever movie playing with your mind as pre established hollywood stereotypes. Girls are always pretty, never shoot, clean, lovely, innocent, 8f soneone killed his wife, cant also have a good or interesting fun story to follow.. blacks and whites etc.
    The film was actually challenging thoughts and reviews like this review and I think it did a great job. Doesnt mean what its showing is good. It's just challenging you and laugh at it. That was the while point. Plus, completely destroying Mansons family reputation. Make them a laughing stock and destroying their image.

  10. PBR Street Gang Author

    Could Bill in Kill Bill be loosely based on Charles Manson?..they both send out 3 young Women and a Man to kill on their behalfand are both Svengali/cult like figures

  11. Cinemat Meme company Author

    Jeez… this is the worst review you've made. So cringey… unsubs
    It's a comedy movie in the end, and my whole audience laughed, it was fun. Also, BOTH men and women snore…

  12. Jason King Dominus Author

    It wasn’t a good movie and the depiction of Roman Polanksi was shocking but the Bruce Lee scene was a jewel in an otherwise rambling and aimless film.

  13. Sondre Hansen Author

    Is it possible to take back a view of a video @youtube? I don't want this person profiting of me accidentally clicking on this shit show of insanity.

  14. kbg12ila Author

    How did you not get it. By the end it was clear this was a fairytale about Hollywood. It was such a beautiful movie. To me it's one of my favourite Tarantino movies.

  15. Bruce Wayne Author

    I see, that nothing has changed on this channel :/
    EDIT: whAt ArE yOu TrYiNg To SaY hErE, tArAnTiNo?! Has to be a meme at this point. Maybe he's actually no trying to say anything with some of the choices 😉

  16. Robert Grant Author

    I think the point of showing Pitt probably killed his wife was just to establish the part of his character which would allow him to attack the female murderers so brutally. If we see him as a good guy then we can't really marry that up with the events at the end of the film.

  17. warrcc c Author

    I feel that Tarantino is sick to put vaginas in a pedestal, and yes, i agree with him that women are sometimes dirty bitches. The film overall was a bad film, but that approach to women was very fine by me.

  18. strictlystarlight Author

    I thought the movie was good. However the portrayal of the murderers at the end was not to my taste. They murdered other people that was overshadowed in this movie. I don’t know if I feel the twist was a good idea

  19. Federico S Author

    For me seeing Tate snoring made her more endearing. Don’t see what the problem is with the dirty feet or the hair in the armpits either. Don’t see any objectification either (aside for the Pitt scene in the roof, which is fine by me). Tate is portayed as a talented innocent angel, in part as an homage but also to generate dread about what is going to happen to her.

  20. Ponette Author

    I too am ambivlilant about this movie. Pitt was radiant. Leo amazing. I was disturbed by LC scenes with that lil actress. I felt so much subtext to those scenes it creeped me out. In a way, along with all the other messages QT wanted to convey- I took the ending as a love letter to ST.

  21. Craig Myers Author

    After such an inept review, maybe you should rename your YouTube page to Beyond the Joke. Sounds like you've got an unwarranted axe to grind with Tarantino there Grace. Think I'll stick with reviewers who don't have hang-ups about women snoring.

  22. Funk O'Matic Author

    saw it…enjoy it…n for those having a problem with lack of woman voices in it…the story is NOT about sharon tate… it's about..n being told from the two main MALE protagonists' points of view…
    the finale works for me much better than the similar type preceding it in Inglourious Basterds…

  23. Funk O'Matic Author

    wait…how is that wife killing in boats related to natalie wood again…? different time..n that's NOT what that whole thing's about.. 😖😖😤😤🤦🏻‍♂️🙄

  24. Nerd Incorporated Author

    The title is Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
    This movie is a fairy tale
    It over-exaggerates real history and isn't supposed to be taken seriously

  25. eugenia Eugenia Author

    Wow! I feel so sad for you having this perspective. You should watch it again! I think it's a great movie and that alternate ending to such a tragedy is so satisfying to watch!

  26. Bruno Cabral Author

    The problem with this film was the advertising. I didn't know about Sharon Tate real fate, and now that I know it, the ending has a total different impact. But the initial 2/3 of the movie is still unnecessary.

  27. altoidyoda Author

    Considering how shocking you found a child touching someone’s knee, I guess I’m not that surprised you found the rest of the movie so offensive. The interpretations are super strange though.
    Also there’s actually no evidence that Brad Pitt killed his wife because we’re intentionally not supposed to know. There’s no evidence for or against it. The only thing that matters is that people think he did.

  28. Sithgirl2719 Author

    I'm so dissapointed on this film, I love tarantinos films, but this movie I felt he didn't know what to do with this, he wanted to do a decaying actor. Who did spaghetti westerns,, and another movie of the mansons family killings… It was a lame film according to his own standards

  29. Nic P Author

    I feel blah about this movie….not a Tarantino fan but i am a Leo fan. But not even that could make me want to see this film. It comes off like its for a Hollywood elite instead of audience enjoyment

  30. Robert Ace Author

    Boy, it is terrible that Q T is on the way out. With such a huge amount of so-called stars and his pedigree, I am glad I didn't see this one. As far as the "feet" situation, obvious QT has a foot fetish as seen with Uma in PF.

  31. Marco M. Author

    As a fan of Grace, I'm disgusted by what she's saying.

    This film is literally the opposite of objectification! Tarantino is showing us the natural aspects of humans that we shouldn't look negatively at: armpit hair, snoring, dirty feet. This is what humans look like in real life. We should be celebrating the fact that Hollywood, which is known for its abstract idea of perfect women, made one of the most accurately natural and human movies ever!

  32. Cieran Aherne Author

    Had never thought of any of this when I watched it, but you really opened it up for me. The things you were saying – especially about the Manson murders and the implication that Tate had something to do with her own murder – made a lot sense. Great video with great points.

  33. Leo No Author

    This film should never have been made. Because of the way Sharon Tate was murdered and because the disgusting murderer is still alive. This disgusting killer is a star in his prison. Through this movie he gets even more fame.

  34. Thanasis Ouzounis Author

    I like how everybody attacks Grace but no one mentions the killed his wife part, which is a true and bothered me as well while I was watching the movie. Like are we making a hero out of someone who killed his wife? Thats inhumane and at the very least misogynistic…

  35. jedi on board Author

    Seen the film 3 times,,, " 3rd times a charm " ,,,, best film ive ever seen,,, very well written. Love the way,, in most films,, you jump from getting in a car to getting home,, here,,, your with the driver ,,, listening to the songs on the radio,,, your part of it… love it. The ending was WHAT !!!!!,,, but seeing it again and again,, its just a brilliant way to tell,,,, a different view of what might of happened… As for Brad,,, his best ever,,, he can do humour so good…. love to see a spin off about Cliff booth. I loved this film,, . perfect.

  36. Sanchez The Manchez Author

    Long way to go for women's rights? Yeeeaaah white women are THE most priviledged class in America bar none. Especially when it comes to marriage laws and family court judgements.

  37. Supreme Leader George Author

    This movie was good 👍. Great? No. Good yes. Where you come out with women rights and discussing a movie (key word Movie) which is supposed to be taking place in 1969 and its a Tarintino movie at that. Enjoy the movie for what it is, a movie. Leave the women rights talk for another platform.


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