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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Trailer #2 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

I’m Rick Dalton. It’s my pleasure Mr. Schwartz. Call me Marvin. Put ‘er there. That’s Your son? No, that’s my stunt double, Cliff Booth. Last night we watched a Rick Dalton double feature. All the shooting I love that stuff. You know, the killing. A lot of killing. Anybody order fried sauerkraut? You an actor? No, I’m a stuntman. So, you still with Rick, huh? Still here. You can do anything you want to him. I hired you to be an actor, Rick. Not a TV cowboy. You’re better than that. Line? Cut! Embarass yourself like that in front of all those goddamn people. Alright, what’s the matter partner? It’s official old buddy. I’m a has-been. Here I am flat on my ass and who do
I got living next door to me? I’m Sharon Tate. I’m in the movie. You’re in this? That’s me. I play Miss Carlston. The klutz. Charlie’s gonna dig you. In this town It can all change like that. Hey! You’re Rick f-ing Dalton.
Don’t you forget it.


  1. J V Author

    Is it just me or is Brad Pitts stuntman character seem a lot like Donald (shorty)Shea who was actually murdered by Charles Manson and his followers..knowing Tarantino it could be a possibility!

  2. FAD Author

    I Saw the movie, It was amazing…
    Maybe Tarantino's best (and that is saying a lot). Although I thought the movie had not one but two leads, both DiCaprio and Pitt.
    Pitt gives probably the best performance of the movie. DiCaprio excellent as usual. Best movie of 2019 so far… especially with that Tarantinoesque twist-ending

  3. REZA7XZ Author

    For all those who say brad pitt and di caprio in a same movie

    guys the director is TARANTINO and no matter who are the actors

  4. Charles Price Author

    Hollywood must be digging. They're spending more and more, and getting less and less, with bigger and bigger stars, producing egos on a rampage for egotistical reasons. That's Entertainment? They lost the touch when they lost writers who could write stories that made us connect. They just don't get it. It's not that hard. Just be human, which they are not.

  5. Francis O'Toole Author

    Bruce lee trains Sharon Tate and when the Mason family members come to her home they get their asses kicked kill bill style, Then Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio characters join up with Bruce Lee head down to Spahn Ranch and finish Manson and the rest of the family off. Hopefully

  6. Carson Betancourt Author

    So how many award winning actors do you want in this movie?
    Tarantino: Yes, also bring back Bruce lee from the dead.

  7. The Joker Author

    I think Pitt and DiCaprio will kill the Manson Family and rescue Sharon Tate at the End of the Movie . So tarantino Style against real history …Hollywood Will Never die and Tate is going to survive. What do you Guys think ?

  8. svjim1 Author

    Plenty of retro-references that the kiddies haven't got a clue about. Maybe they can use their smartphones for a little historical research..OMG!

  9. Blair Kilgallon Author

    I love that Tarantino has a tendency to cast actors he's worked with in the past. Its like a club. Its always great to see who's coming back. And then every now and then there's a new big name and its like "Welcome to The Tarantino Club!"

  10. Koka Kola Author

    Dear people wondering how this film will end,

    Satan here (In disguise as Koka Kola). I tempt you all to look up the ending to this film on Wikipedia, and find out for yourselves how it ends, and then you will have the knowledge (Just like Eve eating the apple). That is all. Satan….. out.

  11. Damian Prusik Author

    Well, this way looked so and not otherwise, but sometimes it is worth waiting longer . My life sometimes looked like movie .

  12. SpeakEasy DoorMan Author

    Neil Diamond so appropriate
    25 cent gasoline

    Jimmie Hendricks Led Zeppelin, the clatter of Volks Wagens driving down the street
    God damn good looking real women

    I can smell the 60's again……..[sigh]

  13. RA 53 Author

    So do u all think that Manson is gonna play on Pitt's character feelings on being 2nd fiddle to DiCaprio's character and convince him to join the family or be involved in Sharon Tate's murder.

  14. Marie Miller Author

    you can not do a 1969 movie about LA and not put the troubadour club in it i remember as a teen hanging out on santa monica blvd watching the cars run the strip i lived in topanga about 2 miles from ventura and topanga blvd ,, i would not return to the people's republic of commiefornia with a gun to my head not now its all all gone i guess that's the point of the flick

  15. Amanda M Author

    I just got back from a 2 week vacation in Hollywood so I'm extra excited for this!! We had dinners at Musso and Frank and El Coyote, both so amazing.

  16. Robert Vaughn Author

    "I read the other day where I have magical powers…you cant believe what you read in the press. I ain't got no magical powers, mystical trips and all that kind of crap…Yeah, it's kind of silly…I got Witches and Devils." – Charlie Manson

  17. Damian Author

    00:45 – Get your bare feet off the dash lady, this is not a JetBlue flight.

    Edit- holy smokes, this trailer is filled with spoilers. A lot of the fun of a Quentin Tarantino movie is the exposition and pacing. Without any context, this trailer gives away far too many details. Whatever.

  18. Hatter Author

    a member of the Manson Family (i forget what one, all i know is it was one of the main girls) actually went to my high school

    she was a cheerleader… i think

  19. Rolando Mîchel Author

    Sorry kids, but my FAVOURITE character was the badass Pitbull! Reminded me a lot of my girl, CoCo… 60 lbs. of muscle and bone crushing teeth.


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