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One 2 Ka 4 | Full Movie | Now Available in HD

One two.. is four.. One two.. is four.. You are so young.. You are so young.. Champak..
I have told you so many times. Don’t put the bed
in front of the stairs. I get hurt every morning,
while going to the bathroom. Good morning, papa. It is nine O’clock
and you didn’t wake me up? Late again,
you are late for school once again. I am late for the office once again.
– Forget it, papa. What difference does it make? The police always come late,
after everything is done. Is it? Who told this to you? This is what happens
in the movies all the time. You remote. This is not a picture,
this is real life. In real life,
all of us are very brave. And we face all obstacles with guts. Our papa is a hero even in real life,
isn’t it? Our papa is a great papa! What is this?
You peed on me once again. Why do you do all this? Papa, not on you,
I peed in my knickers. But you were sitting on me, isn’t it? Come on now,
quickly, we are late for school. But papa. We have a holiday today. For what? Today is the happy
birthday of our principal. Is it? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? Is it? You are a liar. Champak, did you die? Pick the phone. You are sleeping like a hog, get up. Why aren’t you lifting the phone? The phone is ringing since an hour. I am having a bath
in the bathroom. Hello. Hello? Hello? What is the departure
time of the Frontier Mail? What? What is the departure
time of the Frontier Mail? Madam, this is my house,
not the railway enquiry counter. Over and out. Hey, there is a limit to insolence. Don’t take that phone
girl’s anger on me. And I am not insolent,
you are insolent. You have kicked me
twice since morning. Because the devils
who learn from sticks.. ..will never ever listen to words.
I will kick you once again. Tell me something,
why don’t you go away from here? You said that you will
stay here for seven days. It is seven months today. It isn’t seven months,
it is six months. Yes, yes. I know. It is six months. To hell with six months,
you are here since six months. Get lost from here. – I will go. The producer has promised me. I will sign his movie and go away. I am hearing since six months that.. ..the producer has promised you.
Till when will I tolerate you? – What is your problem? I am not staying here for free.
I take care of your house. What the hell do you take care off? Ever since you have
come home you have burnt.. ..three blankets and two
pillows with your cigarettes. You made all the cups, plates and.. ..bowls of the house into an ashtray. This is your mistake.
If you are a smart person.. a couple of ashtrays
and keep it at home. Who has told you no?
If you want the money, tell me. I will give you the money.
Did I tell refuse you? Why? Why should I buy ashtrays? I don’t smoke..
I don’t smoke.. I don’t smoke.. But you should keep it for the guests. Hit me! Hit me! Shoot! Shoot! I will shoot you today. See, Champak.
I agree that we are friends. We used to study together in college. Not together, not together.
– Let me complete what I say. I know that you saved me from ragging. But you had three hundred
rupees for it too. How much did I ask you for?
Five hundred. How much did you give me?
Three hundred. Two hundred are still to be given. But what is the use? Who will give me the money for the.. ..ragging and nagging that you are.. ..doing to me since six months?
And I don’t want them too. Because I have decided, I cannot.. ..tolerate your presence in my house. This is my house,
I want to live alone. I want to be alone here.
I want my privacy. You won’t get your privacy.
You are a police officer. You are a public servant. And a public servant doesn’t
have privacy in their life. It will be now. See, Champak. I am taking the duplicate
key of this house while going. And see, Champak.
When I come back.. you take your.. ..harmonium and drum and
guitar and get lost from here. And close the door of the
house tightly when you leave. Okay? Good bye. Tell me something.
What should I prepare for the night? Bitter gourd or ‘Tinde’? Neither do I want a bitter
gourd and nor ‘Tinde’. Should I get the food
from the restaurant? Oh! Shut up! I will have him killed
in an encounter. He loves me a lot. Naughty boy. Homework means homework, child. You want to become a dancer,
I know that. You keep dancing all the day,
but you should study too. Okay. What is the matter, Liar,
why are you not drinking the milk? Papa, shall I give this
milk to the Lord Ganesha? Why? – That magic
had occurred that day. It will occur today too.
I love the Lord Ganesha. I love Lord Ganesha too. Baby, but you have
to drink the milk now. He has come. See. The detergent will wash. Come on, Javedbhai.. Hey, the zip has stuck up here. Be careful, Javedbhai.
There shouldn’t be any problem. It’s not mine. This breaker’s
knicker zip has stuck up. They always have something
or the other stuck up. Oh !ph Pah, papa!
– It is done. It is done. Relax. Hello, uncle. Hi. Greetings, Javedbhai. Come on. Papa has called you upstairs. Then why are you saying it in stereo? Come on. Are you still stuck
up with the small devils? Oh! What happened? Nothing. I think that
I have missed a stair. Where did you miss any stair? You came tumbling down every stair. You, sons of devils..! – Arun! Sorry, Javedbhai. I was telling you.. ..why don’t you put all
of them in the boarding school? I didn’t borne children
to put them in boarding schools. Why do people borne four children? Not four.
Three. One of them is my cousins’. He kept the kid for
three months and went away He hasn’t come back since three years. Why don’t you give
the child to him now? He has given birth to two more now. I am thinking to bring them here too.
You know how much I love kids. Does your entire family
keep giving birth to children? Hey.. If your parents didn’t
give birth to you.. ..even you wouldn’t be on this earth,
understood? Whom do you kick? Come here! He is very mischievous nowadays. Hey, constable,
put me down, put me down. You will understand
when I slap you once. Don’t call me a constable. Your
Father will be constable, understood? God knows why this constable
is kept in the police force. He always keeps instigating you. One doesn’t speak like
this about elders, son. Papa. He wants us to be away from you. We will not go to the boarding school. It isn’t important to
go to the boarding school. But you will go to school, isn’t it? Take care of Chhotu.
See that he eats on time. Uncle, are you in the police Force?
– Yes, child. Look at the state of the country.
All because of you. – Hey.. Hey.. meet me outside. You fatso..
you fatso.. Come here.. fatso.. “I will come to God,
tearing my vest..” “Goddess, help me..
breaking the roof.” ‘Oh the one with the tiger,
the one with light.. ..please show yourself
to me.” Please take the cassette. What will I do with so many cassettes? Sir, one cassette is useful to you. The rest,
whether you want to hear or not.. ..give it to your girlfriend. Who is this country
ghee with Javedbhai? Hello.. hi.. beloved..
chant the name of the Goddess. That’s enough,
that’s enough, by the way.. ..have you ever tried
your hand at singing? Sir, what can I say?
The business of music is not good. Or else, I would have three
or four cassettes in the market. Is it? – With Daler Mehndi.
Do you want to hear it? – No. Doesn’t matter. Javedbhai, who is this time pass? Who is this young man? He is handsome. Is he your younger brother? Yes, he is something like
a younger brother. He is unmarried. We are looking out for a girl for him. To take care of his house and family.
– Oh! Javedbhai.. come on.. we have to go.. Oh, constable.. Shall I come to look
after your empty house? I know 150 items to cook in Chinese,
Punjabi and Mughlai. And I know 200 hymnals to the goddess. See. Please let go of my hand. Oh no! Girls in our Haryana
don’t leave the hands.. ..that they have once held,
till the time.. ..the hand doesn’t
fall around their waists. Yes, we are searching
someone like this.. Let go of my hand..
let go of my hand.. – I left it. What is this? He is blushing and has dimples.. ..just like he is some
Ricky Martin smiling. One two three.. Count the miracles of the Goddess. One two three.. Count the miracles of the Goddess.
– What is this? Come on, Javedbhai. She will drive me crazy. Come on. You should have a woman like this. Sir, I will meet you next week.
Call your Ricky Martin. He has good dimples. Javedbhai.. Who was this girl? I have
seen you talking to her before too. Forget about the girl.
Did you prepare KKB’s file? What file, Javedbhai? Everybody knows what
a big drug dealer he is. But every time that we raid him,
he escapes. He has some big connections. I know. I know. But we need proof to apprehend him. Good morning sir. – Morning. Some big fish is with him.
– What big fish? I want to catch all
of them red handed. With proof.
– What is all this about proof? There is just one cure for this KKB.
Encounter. Encounter..
encounter.. I want him alive. I will give you one slap,
you will reach directly to Delhi. Relax, Javedbhai.
I stay here.. in Bandra. Joke.. Listen to your senior! Which goods are you
talking about, Shetty? I don’t know anything. Don’t lie, you wretch.
Six kilos of our goods.. ..were stolen from a truck yesterday. You kept that hidden
here all through the night. You sent it somewhere in the morning? Tell me. Where have you hidden it? I am telling you the truth,
nothing like this happened. I swear.
– Is it? Javedbhai.. Keys.. Quickly..
Rahul.. Rajat.. Varun.. move it.. Bipasha.. walkie talkie.. Sawant. – Yes?
– Take unit seven to the terrace. Yes, I am Javed here.. Arun, you come with me.
Where are you, Arun? Come on, let’s move, boys. Give me this child. Give it to me. No.. mummy..
mummy.. – What do you want? I want a car, a police car.
With a red light. And a driver too.
With a uniform. Come on. Or else.. this child.. come on.. I will shoot him.
Don’t move. – Go back. Don’t move..
or else.. I will shoot him. You won’t do anything like this.
Just drop the gun. No, Javed. You are wrong. I am wrong? You are my junior. You will do as I tell you.
– Yes, I know that you are my senior. But it doesn’t mean that
I will do what you tell me to. Stop this fighting.
– Now, just get out of here. I will not go from here.
– What did you say? Don’t touch me or else.
– Or else, what? Or else.. – Nothing.
Otherwise what?. – Nothing, Javedbhai. Come on.. come on.. come on.. Everyone..
move it.. move it.. move it.. He is gone. Good. Javedbhai.. look at this. This is a time bomb.
It’s timed out. Let’s get out! Don’t be adamant.
Like that. There were two people. Two. – No, Javedbhai,
there was just one man there. And he’s dead, up there. Don’t be adamant. I am telling you. There were two people there. Javedbhai, you have become old now. Therefore,
you get confused very quickly. See. There was only one man up there. And as it, I cannot see anyone here. Javedbhai.. – There were two. Old. That’s what I am saying too. – Run! Hey, fatso.. cannot you see? You ruined my car! Where have you come from? I don’t know anything. All officers are not like Me.
Answer nicely. Are you not able to understand? JD.. Oh, JD. I will take care of this. Javedbhai, should I try it? I know Tamil.
I was posted in the south. Don’t hit me. Don’t hit me. Speaks in Hindi.. Amitabh Bachchan.. Relax.. relax.. Didn’t I tell you?
Not all officers are like me. Therefore tell me whatever you know. If I testify against KKB,
you will protect me, isn’t it? I am there isn’t it? Don’t worry. Arun.. Arun.. Why are you shouting?
What is the matter? What is so important?
Today is a holiday. You will come to find out
when you go there, isn’t it? Hey.. what are you doing inside?
Go out. Go out. Sorry. – Fool. And what is there in your hand? This is a radish. You radish, go out!
Where are you taking this radish? That Javedbhai has called for it.
– Okay. You stay out. But going there.. ..we will have to tolerate
that loose change too, isn’t it? What? Do we have to take
something for the children? No.. we don’t have to take
anything for the children.. You fool.. go out. I hate those kids. Should something be taken
for the kids.. – Arun.. Do you bathe naked? – Yes.. You came in once again?
Go out! Go out! – Sorry.. sorry.. Fools. Don’t leave me alone!
Did you go out? – Yes. – Stay there. Good. Quickly. It is late for the picnic. What happened? – Uncle Arun. We will have to make
this constable run away. Or else, our picnic is gone.
– But how? I have such an idea.. He will keep break dancing
the whole day without music. I have brought itching
power from school. So, we will meet,
itching, after the break. Javedbhai! What is it? What is it? Go! Greetings, Javedbhai. Greetings,
you are forgetting something. It is my birthday today. It is your birthday today? 23rd.. Twenty third December. How could I forget it?
I am a fool. – That is true. I am telling you the truth. Actually.. I remembered it till yesterday night. I don’t know how I
forgot it in the morning. That means you have brains too!
Good news. Shut up. – But I haven’t
come empty handed. I got the flowers as well as the fool. Happy birthday, Javedbhai – Thank you. Idiot. Why didn’t you tell me?
Here, Javedbhai. Here, embrace me. No, papa. No. – No, papa, no. Happy birthday.
– Oh no! Papa has it too. What are you doing today? It is actually a holiday today. I was thinking of going
to the office and work a bit. You move around a bit, you are hyper. You stay like me.
Relaxed. – Okay, just a minute. You are moving so much,
and you tell me to relax. Come on.
It seems that it is hot in here. Everything will be
all right when we go out. Yes, you go. I will come. No, papa. We won’t take him with us. Yes, I will not come with them.
– Why? My children, why? What is the problem if Arun comes? No, papa. That isn’t needed.
You go and change your shirt. What have you applied on the shirt? Arun, I will come after
changing the shirt. – Yes, okay. Hey.. what is this? Move.. move.. Why are you laughing? Do something. You want to remove the itch?
– Yes. – Put some cow dung. Go inside and bring some water. Go! Move.. Move.. “It is the day to dance and sing,
it is the day to enjoy.” “It is the day to move ahead in fun.” “It is the day to dance and sing,
it is the day to enjoy.” “It is the day to move ahead in fun.” “Your birthday and this scene,
there is enjoyment everywhere.” “My heart tells you
to have my life too!” “I am happy too.. but listen.” “My life is fulfilled due to you.” “I am happy too.. but listen.” “My life is fulfilled due to you.” “My life is intoxicated
by your friendship.” “It is the day to dance and sing.” “ is the day to enjoy.” “It is the day to move ahead in fun.” “I cannot live with you,
you cannot live without me.” “Then, why are you afraid of these?” “Our friendship is worth more than
our life, but your army is heavy.” “This is a train, come on to Panvel.” “This is my state..” “Your train is very dangerous.” “On this train..” “Let us go towards these clouds.” “From far or near, see..
my life is with them.” “It is a garden.” “Your sparks seem
too beautiful to me too.’ “Our game is a train,
come on to Panvel.” “These people and your friendship.” “My life is colorful because of them.
I will remember your friendship.” “It is the day to dance and sing,
it is the day to enjoy.” “It is the day to move ahead in fun.” “It is the day to dance and sing,
it is the day to enjoy.” “It is the day to move ahead in fun.” Hello, sir, I am Ramaswami here. There is to be a big
drug deal in KKB’s club today. KKB will be there too. I will keep the phone now. Hands up! I am a respected and honest
citizen of this society. What all is this, yes? JD.. if you meet
someone as respected.. ..and honest person
like him on the road.. ..what will you do? Sawant, what do you say? Me? Javedbhai.. Yes, Arun, you too. Thank you. Hey.. Do you have a matchstick? Now, shall I put it in your hole? Please let me put it.
See, nothing will happen. You wretch. Smoking is injurious to health. Sir.. Sir.. look at this. Rajender.. – Yes, sir? Other than naked pictures of girls.. you keep an eye
on the drug stocks too? Yes sir. – What do you mean? I mean.. I keep an eye. Two out of fifty people
in Mumbai have AIDS. Okay?
– Yes. Yes, sir. I understood. Concentrate. This is great. I heard for the first time that.. gets AIDS by watching pictures. Sawant, give me KKB
associate’s file, please. Okay, just a moment. Javedbhai.. I am bored. Come on. We will go
somewhere and kill someone. Javedbhai,
I cannot sit here like this. I need some action. Come on, let’s go. What is it?
– Come on, let’s go. Sit down. Javedbhai..
take your salary the accounts.. about to be closed now,
then tomorrow or day after.. Hey, stop him,
Sawant, I am in a lot of debt. Javedbhai, see you later.
– Come on, uncle. Come on, uncle. Hey, what come on uncle,
I came before you here. I came in the line before you.
– Hey, I came in the line before you. Hey, Sawant. I will kick you once..
okay, one second. Okay, I have an idea.
We will have a fist fight. The one who wins,
he will take the salary first. Okay.
– Okay. – Fair. What is this going on?
– Just a minute. We will take this between here.
– Yes, okay. You broke the mirror. Two hundred.. ..rupees for the mirror,
go you will not get your salary today. Go! – Sorry, uncle. Please don’t be angry.
You will have a heart attack. I will cut hundred rupees
from both of your salaries. Okay. Cut it the next time.
– Here is your money. – Thank you. And here is your money. – Thank you. Come on! Hey, what is it? Get lost from here! Out! Hey policeman,
where is your constable? That youth of yours, my Ricky Martin. He is having food in a restaurant. Eating is in the
profession of a constable. You tell me. Is he all right for me? Yes. He is all right. He is all right. Don’t worry.
Don’t worry at all. All the best. Wow, she looks so beautiful. Hey, constable. What are you doing?
Are you eating the food all alone? I cannot see your inspector anywhere. I am not a constable. Hey, how will you
be strong and healthy.. ..if you eat such plain and dry food? Look at my grandpa now. He is ninety years old. Just last year,
he married the third time. Ask me why? – Why? Because he used to eat ‘Khichdi’.
He used to eat ‘Khichdi’. My grandfather used to say.
There are four friends for ‘Khichdi’. Curd, Papad and pickle. – Okay, okay. What is this? I will come to your house
to cook food from tomorrow. No, there isn’t any
need to come to my house. As it is, my house is very far away.. My house is nearby. We will make ‘Khichdi’
and Papad together. You will get a tight slap. You fool. Cannot you see? I am sitting with the
Police commissioner of India. Hey, what are you saying? Why? Didn’t you bring your card?
– Police commissioner! Hey, don’t laugh. If he gets angry.. ..he will just give you a body slam. If he gets angry, he will
ruin all of you. You don’t know him. He will remind you
of your mother’s milk. He will get up.
He will roar and get up. And see, he will hit you a lot,
what happened? Get up. Get up! Are you asleep?
Get up. Get up. Get up. Who told you to get up?
I was joking. See, constable. A tall and fat person
is coming this side. Please take care of
my dignity if not yours. It seems that he will catch
my plaits and hit me a lot. Please save me. Hail to the Goddess! See? Did you see that? I did tell
you that I will handle it all alone. Who told you to meddle in the fight? What happened?
Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Look at this! Who did this? Who did this? I did it myself.
I took the fork and poked myself. See. You should take
care in the fights. Don’t worry. My grandpa used to say..
– What did he say? That if you apply turmeric
over the wound.. – Your grandpa! I have removed it, isn’t it? ‘Khichdi’ some times
and turmeric sometimes! But..
– You have made me crazy. But..
– Shut up. Shut up. – Okay. Listen to me.
– What is it? What is it now? Give me my bag please.
– This bag now.. I will throw it! Come here. Hatred is the first step to love,
isn’t it? I don’t know. I just came on duty. Champak.. Champak.. Champak.. Champak.. Silent.. silent.. Silent! Silent! Listen.. listen…
– The bullet.. Move.. move.. What did you do? They were singing so well.
You broke the whole tempo. I will break your head.
This is my house, not some music hall. You know that I don’t like children. Even then, you brought them inside. Give me my cap.
– Yes, take it. Hey, don’t throw it.
Yes take this out too. – Take this. Take this too.
– Don’t throw it. Yes, strip. Strip. Take this shirt.
And get out from here. Go! You fool. Bringing kids into my house and you.. What happened now? They are slum children,
the poor children. They move around
without any objective. I thought that I
would bring them here.. ..and channel their energy
and I would have time pass too. You got my house too? Hey, what happened to your hand? Nothing. He asks me
what happened to my hand. And your gait is different too. Thank God that I am alive. Or else, you would be sing songs.. ..on the roads like this. Like this. Keeping in mind all
the proofs and witnesses.. ..the court decides
that all the accusations.. ..against KKB are false
and the court allows his bail. And till the case isn’t done with.. ..the court orders
him not to leave Mumbai. Who was he? – Ramaswami.. Sir, He is my brother.
– Where is he now? Sir, in the club. – Please forgive
him, sir. I will make him understand. Please, sir. He is my brother. Sir.. He is my brother. Sir please.. Why you did that, poor boy? Sir.. please sir..
he is my brother, sir. – Move. Why you did that? Why you did that, you poor boy? Why you did that? Tell me. Tell me. Why you did that? Tell me. Tell me. Hurry up. Hurry up. As you all know. Even after strong
security an important.. ..witness of the police was killed. And the TV and newspaper people.. ..and the media are asking questions. Mr. Diwakar, being a CBI chief,
this is your responsibility. What do you think? Sir. I have read the Ramaswami case. And I hope that what I say,
will not go out of this room. Sir, I think that someone from our.. ..department is hand in
glove with the drug dealers. Do you suspect anyone? Not really, sir. But my investigations are going on. Whoever in the department
is responsible for this.. ..they should be caught immediately. I will give you my report
with all evidences pretty soon. Good.. Okay. You were talking about
some investigation, sir? I have a plan,
which I have to work out now. Sir. Javed.. Javed.. I remember your first
day in office when I see you. And I am very happy to see that.. ..same excitement in you even today. Okay, tell me. How is your family?
– Good. – And the small one? The young one has grown up. Did you leave smoking or not? Of course, sir, five minutes ago. Naughty.. KKB killed my brother.
I won’t spare him. I worked eight years for him. I took two bullets in my chest too. I will give you all the
information you need, sir. Finish KKB. I will be satisfied. Take this. This is my phone number. If you find anything out, call me. Okay, sir. Come on,
chawl women, make your figures. One.. and one.. – And two.. and two.. And three.. four.. five.. And three.. four.. five.. Back.. front.. back front.. Champabai.. belly in.. and out.. Sir.. I am teaching
aerobics to the girls. Aerobics.. yes, I understood. If you want to make your body,
come in too. Stop.. you here too! See, where there is moon,
there will be moon light. And where the plates are,
the bowls will be there too. And where you are, I will be there. Lay your hand down.
Lay your hand down. Or else I..
– What will you do? What will you do? Tell me what you will do. Give me my keys back, or else.. Oh! You look like Dharmendra in anger. See, sir has held my hand. See. No.. no..
not me.. – See. He has held my hand.. “Deal with your heart..
deal with your heart.” “Look into my eyes..
look into my eyes.. my friend..” “My beloved..” “This is the age of love,
why are you acting?” “Listen to this, my friend.” “Listen to this, my friend.” “Wait beloved..” “Wait beloved..” “Where are you going?
Taking my heart away..” “Play the game of the heart,
look into my eyes.” “My beloved..” “My beloved.” “Crazy.. I am not crazy.” “It is difficult that
my heart will be dealt to you.” “I won’t give my heart to anyone.” “This is my heart, not a toy.” “You didn’t understand me,
my beloved.” “I will challenge
the whole world for you.” “Play the game of the heart,
look into my eyes.” “My beloved..” “My beloved.” “There were girls beautiful
than you in this world.” “I will die, I will finish off.” “I will give this life to you.” “Life is just of two days.
Go with anyone.” “It is the problem of the heart.” “It just wants to be with you,
o beloved.” “This is the age of love.. – What?” “You don’t know it..
listen.. beloved..” “Listen, beloved.” “Listen, beloved” – Hello.
– How are you? “Listen, beloved” Hey.. Bipasha.. – Yes, sir? Weigh this. – Yes, sir. Sir, 19. And the second. Sir, 19. Give me the packets. Where is Rajender?
– He hasn’t come since morning, sir. Okay. Sir, what is shocking
is that I had weighed every.. ..packet of this consignment
with my own hands. I had labeled them. And today, instead of drugs,
there is sugar in it. I think that we should
take some action. Wait, Javed,
we shouldn’t do anything in haste. But sir, we will have to act hastily. Because this is the handiwork of.. ..someone in the department.
– I agree. And I also agree that this
isn’t the work of just one person. Whoever is doing this
about drugs in the department.. ..they shouldn’t come
to know about our suspicions. Or else, we will never
come to the whole link. I need forty eight hours sir. I will come with a proper report.
– I trust you, Javed. JD.. Something personal. Excuse us.
– No problem man, no problem. Talk if you want to.
Give me a cigarette. He is all yours. How’s the family? – Cool. Children, school?
– first class. Thanks. Where were you, since morning? I was here. I came a bit late. I don’t feel well.
I feel like blood pressure. Did anything get lost
from the stock room? Is lost? I don’t know! Javedbhai.. Wait.. I am coming. I am not talking about that stock. I am talking about this. Don’t talk to me, Javedbhai.
– Who is talking? I understand everything.
I understand. Some secret investigation
is going on between you. And that too, without telling me. Do it. Do your secret investigations. I will go and sit in
the parking lot outside, okay? Understand.. – I understand.
I understand everything. Don’t say another word.
Go, go and win your Paramveer medal. Go around with six to
seven medals on your lapel. And I will go there
on the republic day parade.. ..and clap for my partner, come on! Yes! Buck up, Javedbhai, yes! Gone. Have I ever hidden anything from you? Who is there other than you for me? I will tell you when I know anything. What is the need to be
angry on such a small matter? Relax. Relax. And then the flutist
starts playing the flute. He plays the flute in such a way.. ..that how many ever mice were.. ..there in that village,
they come out.. ..of their houses and
holes and follow them. What after that? After that.. Those many mice behind
him and he is ahead.. And then he took them away.. That means.. just like our mummy? Tell us where our mummy is.
– You don’t tell us at all. Please papa, tell us. Please.
– Come on out. I will tell you. See that? That star? She is your mother. Wherever you go,
she will be with you. Good night, mummy. Hello?
– Hello, Arun? Arun, this is an emergency. What happened? He is coming to sell
drugs in Lokhandwala. See, I cannot contact Javedbhai. I think that someone will
have to bring him personally. You bring him along while you arrive.
– Okay. I will bring him. Javedbhai..
– I am coming. Quickly.. Change and come quickly. What happened? Sawant had called up.
It is an emergency. You come down.
I will tell you. I am coming. Come on, Javedbhai! Javedbhai! What happened?
– Sawant called up and told us that.. ..there is some drug deal going on.. the third warehouse
in Lokhandwala. Then, why didn’t they call me?
we can connect to you. You come with us quickly now.
– Sorry, papa. We put the receiver away
before listening to the story. Your children are great too. There is such a serious
thing going on here.. ..and you children!
All the time, jokes and jokes. Doesn’t matter, child.
– Come on quickly, Javedbhai. Telling them will be useless. It is your love that
has spoilt them. Come on. Take care.
Be careful. Take care of him. Papa.. We are sorry, papa. Everybody check your guns. Guns checked, we are ready to move.
– We are going in. Arun be careful. – Yes? Have you worn a jacket?
– I have worn this one, leather. Not a leather one, a bullet proof.
Here. Take this. Come on, boys. Come on. Sawant.. come in, Sawant.
Sawant, you come from the front. I am going from the back.
JD is with me. Now! You came at the right time.
I didn’t have bullets. I think we have wiped out. You? Come on.. come on.. Give me the body count..
– Javedbhai.. Javedbhai.. Do you read me? – Get the ambulance.. Do you read me? Javedbhai.. You are old now. You have grown old. And what is this?
You have killed just two? I must have killed eight
or then up there all by myself. And now,
for this month, our personal.. ..body count is me
twenty and you twelve. Hey, where twelve? Two of them recovered
in the hospital. Isn’t it? Javedbhai.. It is good that you came. I couldn’t bear to tell the children. Papa.. papa.. papa.. papa.. Papa.. papa.. papa.. papa.. Papa.. papa.. papa.. papa.. Papa.. papa.. papa.. papa.. What happened? What happened to papa? Something happened to papa. Tell me, sister, please.. tell me. Tell me. Sir.. It is as if I lost a brother. What will happen of his children? Tell me if I can do anything? I stay in Chickoowadi here, nearby. Please don’t think
that you are alone, sir. I will take care. I will have to take care. Get up, uncle. Come here. What do you want? Are you hungry?
– I want to change my clothes. Where do you want to go
after changing your clothes? What happened, child?
Did you wet your bedding? – See. And knickers too. Doesn’t matter,
I will change your clothes right away. Where are your clothes?
– In the cupboard. And where is the cupboard?
– Where the clothes are. Champak, please look at this. You prepare milk,
I will change her clothes. Come on, child. Okay? – Here. Lier..
– Don’t drink this milk. Why? – Because he
has prepared this milk. Come. I will give you the milk. Yes?
– Arun, if you are not too busy.. ..could you come here
for a moment, please? Okay. I will be there, okay. Arun, Javed came to me a few days ago. And he gave me this letter.
He told me.. ..that if anything happens to him.. ..I should open it,
read it and give it to you. He loved you a lot.
He gave everything he had to you. What did he have? His biggest assets
were his three children. He has given them to you. Children? He has given their
responsibility to you. He has given their
responsibility to you. It will be better
if you leave your house.. ..and shift to Javed’s
house and look after them. Hey constable, if you parents
didn’t give birth to you.. ..even you wouldn’t be in this world,
understood? I hope you are all right. No sir. No, Bipasha. At this place.. I cannot
keep Javedbhai’s children like this. Then, what will you do? Sir, what will happen
of these children now? If I can do anything, please tell me. I stay here nearby, in Chickoowadi. Who will teach us aerobics now,
daughter? Aunty.. no.. no.. Please don’t cry, don’t cry. I am not marrying and going away. We have just come
to know each other now. It will take some time to marry. Hey, what are you
talking about marriage? I am taking her for the children. You have children too? Yes. I mean.. no. they are not mine.
They are Javedbhai’s! Come on, quickly, take all this away.
What are you doing? Everyone is bidding me good bye.
– I know.. – What are you doing? Let me take my flowers.
– Take them. – My baggage too. Take this baggage.
– Give me this baggage. Aunty, come to meet
me every Sunday. – Bye. Come on, is this a bike
or a broken down thing? Don’t call my bike
a broken down thing. What is this going on?
– Please be careful. Hold this,
sir, what is this going on? – Get it. There is some problem.
– Therefore, I called you. Are you the police or me? I am the police,
but I cannot handle them. In our Haryana,
people drink and do like this. Hey, what is this going on? This means that the children
have stared drinking too? They are not children,
they are devils. Champak.. Why are these children
throwing these utensils? The children are on a hunger strike. Yes, so why are the children
throwing the utensils? Till the time you are in this house.. ..the children will
not be eating food. Hail to the Goddess! Yes, so all of you are angry with sir. Then, throw him away,
why are you throwing the utensils? First, all of us will
throw him out together. What? What are you saying?
I will give you a slap. What have you done to my children? Your. Your children? Ganges and Jamuna
is flowing from his nose. Come, my child, come. You are elder. Why do you make them.. ..hold hunger strikes
for such a stone hearted man? No. come,
my beloved, my blue, my green, come.. I will pray to the Goddess
Vaishnodevi for them today. I can see anything.
I cannot see tears in children’s eyes. We will talk in private. Inside. Okay? And yes, till the time
we don’t come from inside.. ..I want all the
utensils in their place. Or else, I will give you another one.. Why are you moving?
Sit straight. – Come on, sister. From where did you get this deer? What can I tell you
where I got this deer from? See, I am your uncle’s said sister. That means,
I am your aunty, understood? Yes. – Now,
you give me time of a week. By that time, I will send
this Arun far from Patiyala too. But aunty.. See, if you want to say buts and all,
I am going. Look at this return ticket,
I have kept it carefully. Give me the answer.
– Okay, done. Does done mean a yes or no? Yes? Yes! So, say like this in English. Congratulations,
the children have accepted it. Yes? We people from Haryana
are something different. You didn’t understand, isn’t it? When we
haven’t understood it, how will you? Come on, take my plait out.
– What? My plait is stuck in the blouse,
come on, take it out. Why are you trembling?
Have you not seen youth in the city? When your wife comes in the future,
what will you do? – Shut up! Shut up! Here. I said thank you. It’s all right. Hey.. give me the blanket. Let me sleep. Fatso.. The roof fell down,
the roof fell down! Sir, what are you doing in my bed That too, without my permit?
And that too in the good night? No, I was feeling cold.
What are you doing? So, you came here
to take warmth from me? Is this your culture
or is it a Maruti car? Hey.. what are you saying? Actually, I came out in the night. I couldn’t see, so that..
that.. – Yes, tell me. Let go of my neck. I slipped on him and fell down. I slipped on him and fell down. That is what I am telling you.
You are a very fallen man. If you’d fall a bit more,
I would have been ruined. What are you saying?
– Get up from here. I can get up only if you get up. Yes, this is correct too. See, I am trying to make you
understand. Nothing has happened. Nothing has happened? Nothing would have happened to you. But if something would
have happened I would have.. .been impregnated.
What would I say if people.. ..would ask who the father was? He came
to take the blanket and gave me a child? What are you talking about? You could have knocked
at the door before coming in. It is the room of A spinster girl. It isn’t some Punjab
Mail that anyone.. ..can just come inside or go out. Isn’t it? Isn’t it? – You are right,
I committed a mistake. But actually.. actually I thought.. ..that you would be tired
after working the whole day. Therefore,
I didn’t want to trouble you.. knocking the door unreasonably. Did you really think like that?
– Yes. For my sake!
– Yes… Forgive me sir. Forgive me.
I will never do this again. Sorry sir.. Quiet….. Now. If you say,
I won’t say anything. My sweetheart. Sir is freezing! “I’ve put on this blanket
in which your name is written!” Good night. Come on get up. The sun is risen.
Don’t you have to go to the fields. Put off the TV.
Why have you switched on the… farmer’s programme
early in the morning. Is this the way to wake me up.
– Not to wake you up… but to make sleep run away! Come
on get up. I have to wash clothes. Have to wash clothes, why are
you taking them off from now. Let go. My dear… I’ve not caught you yet.
When you feel shy… you look like Lord Krishna.
Alright I’ll let go…. So how is it sir?
– Very nice. I am asking about tea.
– That is also good. Taste and see first. It looks good so it
must tasting good too. Good. Its not made of Jaggery.
In Haryana we put sugar. Come on now. I’ll take
out the clothes and we’ll bathe! Together? Listen I’ll take out clothes from
your cupboard and you go have a bath. You should have said this. You are becoming very
romantic early in the morning. Sir…. Sir…
O no he’s gone… Stop. What’s the matter? Sir bring two kilos of potatoes. Don’t forget to bring coriander,
chillies and ginger. Alright… I kilo tomatoes. Alright… Gourd, bitter gourd too…. All right. Don’t scream. Another thing. – Now what? Go on. See you later. Come on sit down.
What are you looking at? Work, Rita. Sit. Never seen bags? Here are the tomatoes,
spinach… lime. Where is the lime? I had bought them. What are you doing? – Just a minute,
I can’t find the lime. Arun. – Sir. What is all this?
– Vegetables sir. Are these the police
head quarters or the market. Everyone was laughing at you.
Where did you get this from? Wholesale market.
– Why? Its cheaper there sir. Do one thing.
From tomorrow get it for me too. My wife is always hounding
me about this. Here take this. Two kilos ladies fingers two
kilo brinjals and one gourd for me! From today I am giving
you a new partner named Sawant. Yes, sir.
– Is it okay to you? – Right, sir. Hey.. he is here. Come on sir.
Food is ready in Home Sweet Home. I have made very good brinjals.
– Talk softly. The children too
will come down shouting. The children won’t come
they gone to sleep ages back. They have gone to sleep. Yes they eaten and
even digested their food. Now they won’t get up.
– No. Only in the morning. Where’s Champak? He’s gone to a party to sing songs. That means no one will disturb us. No one will….. No. We are all alone. O God. – Listen come here. I have to say something.
– Yes do say so. For the first time…. O Goddess even for me
its the first time… Speak up. You won’t feel bad…
– No I will feel very nice. You’ll like it. – Yes. Listen can you sit quietly
for just ten minutes. What I was thinking
and what you have said! From the time I have come
to this house I am desperate… to get ten minutes of peace.
– But I am quiet since a long. I know that, but please.
– Alright then….. The food is getting
cold what about that? That! “The silence has started mumbling” “The loneliness has started smiling” “This amazing breeze
speaks out that . . .” “Tell me your state of heart” “Don’t cover it from your friend” “I feel shy when I listen to that” “The silence has started mumbling” “The loneliness has started smiling” “This amazing breeze
speaks out that . . .” “Tell me your state of heart” “Don’t cover it from your friend” “I feel shy when I listen to that” “Who is he, about whom I dream” “A new life is getting
added in my breath” “I remember of someone” “Every now and then in this breeze” “Someone’s words
are enclosed in my lips” 1″Day and night,
there Lies a shadow in my eyes” “The silence has started mumbling” “The loneliness has started smiling” “This journey of hearts” “It was just a casual one” “There is no destiny my love” “But still it’s fortunate” “Your vision has made my life bloom” “The silence has started mumbling” “The loneliness has started smiling” “Say bye with some shy my friend” “This moment of union
should never go bye” “This pleasant night
is for our sake only” “I’m made up only for your sake” “The slowly you near me,
my breath stops” “The silence has started mumbling” “The loneliness has started smiling” Make me wear the shoe properly. He’s not your constable. Just tie this. – Go pick up the phone. I am going.
So much work how to do at one time. Wait. Hail Mother Goddess! Hello. Stop saying hello and
Hi Instead say… Hail Goddess. Hail O Goddess! – Yes, that’s correct. Now tell me what is it?
– When does the frontier mail go? When does the frontier mail leave? Well I have to think, because from
the last 5 years even I haven’t gone. Just hold. I’ll find out and tell you. Sir… – Yes what is it? Take out the car quickly.
I have to go to the station. Why, what’s the matter? Some poor chap has rung
up four times since morning… that when does the frontier mail go.
I’ll go and find out. Why should you find out?
Are you a spy? Children come on now. To complete the Javed Khan Mission… I have appointed an under cover cop. He is an officer of this department. He will work with the drug Mafia.
He will inform us at every stage. Besides me no one else
knows anything about him. New partner, if you make
fun of my vegetables I’ll kill you. You’ve become serious! Welcome, abode. Do well. Okay, thank you. Tell me if you need anything. Documents, reports.
Potatoes, small gourd, cabbage. Flamingo club! Are you a member of the club? I’ll make you a permanent
member of the Tihar Prison. Where is your boss? – He is not here. I’ll wait for him. Get me liquor. Get up. Are you his wife? No. – Should I ring up your wife? Sorry, sir. Shoo! Go! Come on! Here’s your drink. Any more, sir? KKV! Go! “There is only
intoxication in the eyes.” “There is only
intoxication in the eyes.” “This is the intoxication
of my love to you.” “What is there in your heart?” “This heart is crazy.” “This is the intoxication
of your charms.” “You have said this..” “Come to your senses.” “I am very near you.” “You know what I am..” “Lovers like you,
I have lots of them.” “How can I listen to this?” “I won’t join hands with
one who doesn’t know to love.” “There is just
intoxication in my eyes.” “Beloved,
you are beautiful, you are my life.” “Understand this, you are my life.” “I am very beautiful,
there is a lot of craze for me.” “And, it’s my praise on every lip.” “Don’t break my heart like this,
you will repent one day.” “The day my love makes you yearn,
you will run to me.” “There is just
intoxication in my eyes.” Thank you. Thank you. Excuse me. – What excuse me? What are you doing here? Who is he?
– What are you asking who I am? You have changed your clothes.. ..and are doing part time job here? Excuse me.. talk from some distance. You are dancing here and
have left my children alone? Who is he? Security.. throw him out. Yes, call them.
Call the security. – Don’t touch me. Don’t touch me.
– What are you speaking in English? Stop it. Hey, how did you come inside?
– Go.. go out. KKB.. A dog, a wretch.. and what for B? Everything else. What is the girl doing here? Leave the girl, I won’t spare you. Why are you staring at me? Why are you staring at me? Why are you staring at me? What do you think? If Javedbhai is dead,
I will leave you? I will kill all of you. Do you have a warrant? You want a warrant? You are asking for a warrant? No. I don’t have it, then? Then? I came to warn you. What will you do? Take him away! Take him away! Throw him away!
– So what if I don’t have a warrant? This man has made
me difficult to live. Champak.. Where is she? Everyone come out! Why didn’t anyone ask
her where she is going? Where has she gone? Whom did we let go where? Whom
are you talking about? I am here.. I am not asking about you..
– “My beloved has come back.. oh God..!” Come here. How did you reach home so soon? And these clothes..
How did you change these clothes? Sir, don’t shout on me. I am a woman, I will raise my hand.
– Hands down, look here. You had worn contact lenses, isn’t it? You were wearing lenses, isn’t it? What kind of contract? I didn’t
make any contract to live here. Don’t lie to me. What were you doing in that club? I don’t go to clubs or anything… ..this isn’t what I have been taught. I swear to Kapil Dev.
– Kapil Dev’s swear.. You hit me? He hits me!
If this is the state before marriage.. ..what will happen after marriage? Shut up.. stop your rubbish.. shut up. Shut up. I will take you to prison.. ..and put you under third degree,
understood? Yes, I am not educated, or else.. ..even I would have had a degree!
– I will give you one.. What happened to you?
Sister was with us since morning. Yes, she ate food with
us and played a game. And then,
we saw the top ten on TV too. Ask me what the song number four was. Ask me.. And then I will say..
it was that one.. I asked her, how is she.. how is she..
– Shut up. Enough of your songs. I saw her in that
club with my own eyes. Am I mad? Am I blind?
Am I crazy? – Yes, of course. Hey, silent.
And what has happened to you? She must be someone else.
Every beautiful girl is similar. I will give you one now!
– This is not right. Don’t give me this false rubbish. The story of the twin
brothers and sisters. Ram and Shyam, Sita and Geeta. Then she will be that
Sita there and she.. Hey, tell me, what is your name? No, I will not tell you.
– Tell me what your name is.. No, you will hit me.
me what your name is. Geeta.. Come to the police station, you will
be hit and.. you will tell the truth. Yes, take me. I am not scared. My uncle was a constable in Haryana. He used to say..
present your self.. present yourself. Sister will not go anywhere.
She will stay here. Now, nobody will speak in between. I had seen her in the club,
means I had seen her. That’s it! Even we had seen you going with papa. Even we suspect that you killed papa. Are you a killer then? Tell me. Yes, Arun. You are suspecting without any reason. Why will the kids tell lies? Come on up. Uncle.. Sister was with us. She says a lot,
we don’t understand anything. But we like it.
Please don’t scold her. Please, uncle. No.. ..I didn’t kill Javedbhai. Please don’t worry.
I will take care of everything. Thank you, thank you very much sir.
– Hi. Good morning – Hi! What was for you? ‘Tinda and Paalak’.. And you.. potatoes and cabbage. Rita, was there anything for you?
– Nothing. Okay. Hi. Hey, Tony, I didn’t get the MULI,
eat onion, come on. Hey.. hey.. Come here.. come here. What are you doing here? Don’t you have a tongue in your mouth? Sawant.. – Arun! Search him.
Search him. – Don’t create a scene. Don’t touch me. This is my area. Stand straight. We saw him somewhere. His photo came in the newspaper. He was handcuffed, like a scared cat. Cat.. Don’t you know how to read? See. It is written there. No smoking. Smoking is not allowed. Throw your cigarette. Rascal, you smoke! Huh! If you smoke here the next time.. ..I will take your guts out,
understood? Arun.. Arun stop it.
And come here. – Did you get it or.. Come on, get lost from here. Are you crazy, Arun? – Yes, sir. Aren’t you ashamed
of such hooliganism? No, sir. You idiot, Mr.
KKB just came to give your gun back. Thank you, sir. Praise him that he didn’t report you. What report, sir? Going into his property
without any permission. Did you go to his Flamingo
club last night? – Yes, sir. With whose permission did you go? Why did you go? – Excuse me, sir.
It is my mistake, sir. Arun tried to beep me a lot of times. But I was in a party,
I didn’t take his beep. It is not his fault. – I warn you. You will stay away from
the Flamingo club. – Yes, sir. Now, go back and behave yourself. Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir. – Yes? Your.. sir. Hey, Sawant.. You lied for me up there,
thanks for that. Why are you thanking me?
I am your partner. I can even give my life for you,
my friend. Your recipe for a bitter
gourd was very good. Hi, boys. What is the matter?
How are you? – Cool. Hey, you don’t come
to the gym nowadays? Javedbhai, isn’t he a cool partner? Whatever files Javedbhai
had prepared against KKB.. ..I want a copy of each of them.. Hello. Yes, just a minute.
Sir, it is a phone for you. Get them to me. Hello. Sir, the cost of the
onions is thirty rupees. Geeta.. Geeta.. I am in the office. Tell me what the matter is. The thing is,
I sold your police uniform.. ..and bought some utensils.
– You sold my police uniform? Sold the police uniform?
I will cut the money. Don’t cut it now, cut it later. If I don’t cut it now,
how will I prepare the brinjals? I am not talking to you.
You speak about the work, I have come for the work.
– You keep quiet for sometime. No, you keep speaking. While coming, get five
kilos of onions from the market. Okay, I will bring five kilos onions. Okay, bye. Bye will not do. You will
have to say hail to the Goddess. Hail to the Goddess.
– Yes, this is good. Geeta, didn’t I tell you once that.. Arun sir,
I am Ramaswami’s brother, Muthu. Yes, tell me. Sir, tonight sir,
at the Flamingo club. Rave party. Many people will come. The goods will be exchanged. Okay. Sir. I will keep it, sir. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. One and two is four.. Everybody down. Everyone raise their hands. You too, Geeta. Hey, I am speaking to you. Geeta. Yes, you. Raise your hands. Okay. One, or both? Arun.. Arun, I have checked here,
I didn’t get anything. Look closely. I am telling you, there is nothing
here. – Look at it nicely, damn it. They didn’t get anything.
The dogs of police understand. But these police men don’t understand. You brought a warrant,
did you get anything? Shoot me, kill me. If you tell me,
should I line up all these people? Come on. Get lost. Get lost! Hurry up! Stop it. Stop it. Stop it, KKV! These policemen come
to every party and trouble us. Darling, why don’t
you give them something? You are correct. Take this. Now, go. No, Arun. No. control.
Relax, Arun. – Let go of my hand. Come on, friends.
Why are you worrying? Let’s enjoy.. One two is four.. one two is four.. One two is four.. one two is four.. Move.. – Enjoy, sir. Enjoy, sir. Are you telling me to enjoy?
I will give you one. Hey, get away from here,
what is your problem? Relax! Leave this place. Hey you, get moving. Hello? – Hello, hi, beloved,
say hail to the Goddess. – Geeta. First you tell me, who are
you and where are you speaking from? Shut up.. shut up..
shut up.. – What is the matter? I don’t understand
what inside there Geeta. What is the one two
and four going on in life? Forget it,
we will go and have one drink. One drink..
– No, I will go home. – One drink. Didn’t I tell you? I don’t
want a drink, I want to go home? I have told her so many times.
hi over the phone. What? Hello and hi? Then, our leader said Bihari
Babu said.. – What did he say? We will speak and we will shout.
We will break the chairs, what else! Wow! Listen.. tell us.. Will you come to the parliament? What will I do coming
to the parliament? Hey, stop this. Stop this nonsense. Take this band and
all and get lost from here. What are you doing?
This is what I earn with. If this is what I earn with,
play it in the train. You will earn some money too.
It won’t work here. See, sir.
This song will break the records. You don’t speak in between. How many times have I told
you how to speak over the phone? Don’t you know anything
else except singing songs? There is only noise
in this house all 24 hours. But this will not do now.
This is a house. This is not an orphanage. I haven’t opened a free home for you,
understood? – Understood? Didn’t I tell that
if anyone acts smart.. Sir.. what are you doing? What will you do? Huh? Will you hit a child? Make a FIR? Make a charge sheet? Put him through third
degree and put him in prison? Or will you simply just hang him? What else can you do? You cannot love. You don’t know to befriend children. What do you want? If you are worried,
all of us should we worried? You cannot see us happy? What is your problem?
– Champak brother.. Sir, why do you take
your anger on someone else? We understand that you are angry. But these are children. You are the one who
has to make them smile.. ..and take care of them. And then, you scolded
them and called them orphans? You think.
Did you do right with the children? I am sorry. “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “I committed a mistake,
forget it, friends.” “Bite your tongue, friends..
take something spicy..” “I committed a mistake,
forget it, friends.” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “See there is some problem.” “Reading your eyes,
why does my heart beat?” “The tiger came..” “Run..” “Legs up and head down.. run!” “This small house
is a palace of tomorrow.” “See, how the color is changing.” “See, how the color is changing.” “This dream will be true, let it go.” “Dance.. and let us sing..” “This dream will be true, let it go.” “Dance.. and let us sing..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “Oh! I remember what someone said.” “The young and mature
hearts meet and do work.” “If anyone.. is left..” “Quickly.. they will meet.” “This shouldn’t be
that they repent then..” “Let it be..” “Let it be..” “Let it be..” “That’s okay..
that’s okay.. let it be.” “It happens.. let it be..” “I am sorry, my dear.. let it be..” “It happens.. forget it.. let it be..” “That’s okay..
that’s okay.. let it be.” “It happens.. let it be..” Come on,
chiller party, get ready quickly. You are late for the school
and I am late for the office. Hey, Champak. – Yes? Take this light bill,
and pay it today itself. Why don’t you do all
this work in the night? You do it in the morning
and waste my time too. I am late in the office
everyday because of you.. There are some more bills. This
is the ration bill. – Give it to me.. This is the bill for
the children’s things. This is the bill for
the harmonium repairing. Anything else? – This much is enough.
– This much is enough? He gives me such bills while going.. ..and he says that
this much is enough. While going, take another list too. What is this list about? This is the list of the creditors,
it is a normal list. A normal list?
You gave me a ten page list.. ..and you say that
it is a common list? And what is this?
Two thousand rupees for milk? Do these children drink milk,
or do they bathe in milk? Four children are growing up,
they will drink milk, isn’t it? I tell you, bring five
liters for me from next month. The doctor has told me
to take care of my health. Yes, see. He is being so weak.
– Yes, he is so weak. I tell you, you eat some
curd with me morning and evening. Yes, you keep eating. You eat like crazy people,
and I pay bills like crazy. Look at this. The grocery
bill is six thousand rupees. How much do you people
from Haryana eat? It is all the grace of God. What grace? And what about the Ajanta
Ellora picnic I want to go to? Hey, no Ajanta Ellora picnic?
No picnic or anything. What happened to you? Hey, constable.
Give me three thousand rupees. Three thousand rupees
for Ajanta and Ellora? There is nothing in Ajanta and Ellora. All the buildings are
ramshackle and ruined. I have an idea. You look
at the photo in some history book. Come.. No, sir. There shouldn’t be any.. ..miserliness in the
studies of the children. It is about history,
I failed four times myself. Ask me why? – Why? Because I didn’t go for picnics. Now, I won’t let my history
repeat with these kids. Then what should I do?
Where should I bring the money from? Should I leave my police job? Should I turn into
a thief or a dacoit?. What should I do?. Oh! Don’t worry.
Tell me. I will search for some job. I will prepare pickles
and snacks in the whole locality. You just come up to
help me on the terrace. To make the snacks! Don’t worry. I will take care of it. Come on, sit up. Bye. Sit up, where are
you going into the wheel? Bye. Bye. Mother, please take care of him. Yes, or else, who will pay the bills? Yes. – Yes. This home loan money was
to be cut from the next month. What will I do in this? At least give me the whole salary. I do whatever I am ordered to do. Hey, Vishnu. Are you crazy? Why are you shouting
at the cashier uncle? What should I do then? Every month is the same tension. I don’t know where to manage it from. Arun.. ..please help me. I am sorry.
Even I have such money problems now.. No, I don’t need money.
Do this for me.. With those ruffians,
shoot me in the encounter too. At least, after my death,
my family will get a lakh. Hey. What are you saying? Come on. Everything will be all right.
Come on, go ahead. Everything will be all right,
what do you know? I know. Arun.. the commissioner
has called you. – Yes, okay. We have got three months
extension on human grounds. But after that,
you will have to empty the flat. I will have to empty the flat, sir? If Javed’s children had grown up.. ..we would have given
a job to one of them.. ..and the flat would
be allotted to them. But it isn’t like that. But they will grow up one day, sir.. Yes, by the way.. The government has allotted.. lakh as
compensation for the kids. Yes sir, then.. give that. But it will take some time.
You know the system. I know, sir. Take this. – What is this? The notice for the flat. Notice? Here.. slowly.. Keep it in this tempo. Here. Yes, take this. Take care. What are you doing here? Come on, the new house is very good. Come on, we will take your teddy too. Good boy. Come on. Come on,
Chhoti, what are you doing here? Everyone is waiting. But mummy is here. She is coming too. Come on. Oh Aurangzeb,
keep the harmonium nicely. Or else, the whole film
industry will be shut down. Hey! Hey! Sorry.. Hey! Come on, children. Come on! Yes! Come on kids. Move on. So, children. This is your new house. If this is your new house,
what about the old one? And here.. just two steps from here..
we have our kitchen. The chicken in the kitchen,
it is already present. This is the most interesting
area of the house. I mean.. it can be anything. It isn’t anything as yet,
but it can be anything, multipurpose. Hey, he is fooling a lot. And now,
you haven’t seen anything as yet. Come. Please come. We have kept everything here together. Compact. This is our common bathroom. Sir, is there someone here already? No, it must be the plumber. Champak.. The landlord has kept chicken
in this house after we left. Look.. The chicken has given
eggs in my bathroom. And that too, without asking you. Exactly! And you know my anger. No. If I get angry once..
– But what he must have felt.. If I get angry, I will take the Gun.
– No, see.. what I think is.. He must have thought that
we don’t give the rent. – I? At least the chicken are giving eggs? I don’t give rent.. No, what I am trying to say..
– I work hard and.. Sir.. it is nothing to worry about. I know 110 items which
can be made from eggs. Egg scramble. Egg soup, Egg sweets! Egg soup.. – Egg curd too. What happened to you? I sat down on two Gifts of nature. We don’t want to live
in this poultry farm. Come on. Hey, no. where are you going? Wait. You haven’t seen the
best part of this house. Up there too.
It is very clean up there. Duplex.. Tell them, Champak..
– Yes, it is first class. Up. Yes, it is very good. – Come on. We will see it if he
is saying about it so much. I will put a lift
if you have come now. It is so clean.. We don’t want to stay here.
It is so dirty here. It is stinking here. Where did you bring all these from? Don’t worry. We will shampoo these chicken. We will clean them tomorrow
and then perfume them. Then, they won’t stink. No, we don’t want to live here.
Between the chicken. We are going now.
– No.. no.. wait. Where will you go? See.. Give me two minutes. I will set everything all right.
Just give me two minutes. Champak.. play your music.. It doesn’t matter. Whether one has place
in the house or not.. There should be place in your heart. Why are you giving me false promises? Javedbhai must have
thought so much about them. And I am giving them
such a rotten upbringing. Don’t think too much, sir. Is the love that
you give them any less? If any neighboring girl looks at it,
she will go crazy. Today, even some chicken
embarrassed when they saw you. I swear to Kapil Dev.
Come on, smile now. What should I smile about? This house was all
right till I lived alone. But now, with the children.. no.. If there were a couple of rooms,
it would be good. if there was a bathroom A reading room. – No. Is this a house?
This is a roof. It should be clean. It would have been so
good if it was by the sea side. Yes, the sea side. Below the blue skies,
like a sand dune.. And? Flowers in the garden,
and butterflies with the flowers. A small lake behind.
What else is needed? Anything else.. You would come into the garden..
in a tunic.. ..and would be reading
Mayapuri sitting on a chair. And you? I would be wearing a saree
and preparing hot snacks for you. And then? And then I.. What? Sir, look at this pose first. Look at it’s walls. – Yes. Now, you will go crazy
looking at this room. And sir, this is the
house’s swimming pool. The reflection of the
house is in the swimming pool. Is it? Yes, sir. Look at it.
Go inside and look at it nicely. – We are doing that. And here,
you don’t have any tensions too. No electric tensions,
no society tensions. And then, 24 hours water connection.. Does the water flow from
the roof all twenty four hours? No. Not from the roof, from the tap! Thank you.
We heard it, we will see now. Yes, see it.
See it nicely. I am standing outside. The children will be
so happy seeing this house. Yes, they will dance with happiness. But from where will I
bring money to buy this place? There are the children on
one side and my problems on another. And I am there on another side. Geeta, you start anywhere. Look at the place, and the situation. The situation is correct
and the place is nice too. Even then, you are so far.
Come closer. Geeta.. Please.. Sir.. forget about money. So what if you are not rich?
You have a heart. What do you yearn for in life? You have our love in your life. I am with you. “No gold, no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “Why do you worry?
I am there for you.” “No gold, no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “Why do you worry?
I am there for you.” “No gold, no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “Why do you worry?
I am there for you.” “But my beloved, in the world..” “I have some other ambitions
than love in my life too. “For you and me..” “No gold, “No silver “But in this world..
– My dear..” “Some objective..
– In life..” “Nothing except love for you..” “For you..” “I am love..
you are love.. accept it, beloved.” “There is nothing in this world,
except you and me.” “I accept it,
there is just love in this world.” “What can I do,
my heart had something else in it.” “All of it is wrong,
accept it, beloved.” “There isn’t anything
in life except love.” “Come on, why are we
arguing?” “Love is the truth.” “Will you do it?” “You will love me,
I will love you.” “No gold, no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “Why do you worry?
i am there for you.” “Yes, for me” “No gold, “No silver “No gold, no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “Why do you worry?
i am there for you.” “Don’t look at the loving
heart with this look.” “You are such an archer,
rectify your arrow.” “He is very smart,
the one who is my beloved.” “I am his prey, who is my prey.” “Show me your tresses,
let me lose myself in their aroma.” “I will shine with the
moon lit beauty of your form.” “Come on,
we will fall in love like this.” “The yearning lips,
why shouldn’t they meet like this?” “Beloved..” “I yearn for you..” “Beloved..” “I yearn for you.. for me. “No gold,
no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “No gold,
no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “No gold,
no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “No gold,
no worries.” “No silver, no worries.” “No gold “No silver “No gold “No silver Just a minute. Hello. Arun.. – I am Sawant here. Yes, tell me? It is bad news. What happened? God bole committed suicide. When? – Yesterday night. You are coming, isn’t it? All of us are going to his house. Yes. I am coming. I am coming. What happened? – Come on. Oh god! My child.. What did I know? That he like this.. What could I do? Tell them, Arun.. I didn’t force him.. people now.. Relax man. One day, this bribe will eat everyone. All honest people will die like this. Not any longer. I know. I know. I have talked to some officers.
And he was saying that.. Excuse me.. Why darling? Why? Why did you come without knocking? For champagne. For the guests. See, someone is knocking. See. Down. Everybody. Down. Hey, I am telling you.
Sit down. Sit down. You wretch, hands up, sit down.. Come on!
Didn’t I tell you not to move? Take this. Take this. Come on there.. Get up. Get up.
Get up, you wretch. Get up. Come on, tie his hands, come on! Tell me.
Where is the money of the deal? Tell me, where is the money? Tell me, where is it? Or else, I will break your teeth. Come on. Put it in the bag, come on. Don’t move.. Quick, put all the money.. What are you speaking about? Come on. My money! Here.. You speak a lot. Down.. Down.. Wow.. This is our new house. This is our drawing room. This is our kitchen without chickens. And this is our terrace garden. Come this side. I will show you more. New and clean. Wow! Didn’t everyone like it? This is your bedroom,
the children’s bedroom. Uncle, I love you. – Thank you! And come here,
this is the master bedroom. Our bedroom. Constable, where did
you buy such a big house from? Did you take a bribe,
or were you promoted? Oh! Arun!
What is all this? Children come here! Look at this. Where did you get money
to buy such a huge house from? Tell me. Tell me at least. Geeta.. Didn’t the children
say that I am Santa Claus? Then, Santa Claus gets everything. You won’t understand.
Santa Claus doesn’t exist in Haryana. Hey, don’t go into the water, Don’t eat the fish..
don’t eat the fish.. ..come here.. Mr. Joshi.
Do you know what you are saying? Yes. Sir. Javed’s death and the drugs racket. To reach to the bottom of it all.. ..we will have to
take such strict actions. Please grant me the permission. But to arrest a honest and committed.. wrongly,
can damage the morale.. ..of all the officers
and disgust them. I know sir, but I have strong proof. If I am wrong, I am ready to resign. Okay, go ahead. Good morning, uncle. – Good morning. Hey, it is nine and nobody woke me up? See if anyone jumps on my stomach.. ..the next time, I will hit them. Will you hit us on the back then? Silent. Hey, Shani, she is sleeping till now. Didn’t anyone wake her up?
Hey. Come on.. Where is Geeta? Sister has gone out since morning. Where did she go in the morning?
Come on, lift her. Where has she kept
the keys to the almirah? Champak.. where has Geeta
kept the key to the almirah? I have told her so many times.. ..not keep my jacket in the almirah. I have to wear it and go everyday. And if she does want to do that,
let her keep her veil out. I will wear that and go. Will you be late for office?
That Geeta? I am late for the
office everyday everyday. And my motorcycle
keys are in the jacket. How will I go now? Champak.. Hello Hi, Say hail to the Goddess. First you tell me,
where have you called from? And who are you? Why did you call? First you tell me,
where have you called from? And who are you? Why did you call? Geeta.. Champak.. what is this? Geeta.. Geeta. Good morning, sir. You people here.. In the morning.. Arun, we have a search
warrant for your house. A search warrant, for my house? In context with the drugs
disappearing from the store room. Then why are you searching my house? Sawant.. search it. If you really didn’t do anything.. ..then you will not be afraid.
– Who is afraid, sir? Search it, JD. You suspect me, sir. Me? Hey, what are you doing? Go away. Hey, don’t touch the children’s toys. Relax. Let them do their work..
Let them do their work. JD.. just stop it. – See it properly. Tell them, they are touching
the children’s things. Check it. Cocaine? – Jesus Christ.. We found the drugs, sir. These are not mine, sir.
– Arun, you are under arrest. We found these drugs in your presence. These are the drugs which
are missing from the store room. No, sir. This is not done sir. I think that this
is a plan to trap him. Sawant is right, sir. A few moments before you came.. ..I was searching for the
almirah keys below this bedding. That.. Geeta had kept them somewhere.. I am telling the truth, sir. I am sorry, Arun. Say whatever.. want to in the presence
of the enquiry commission. Arrest him. Arun uncle.. Sawant uncle.. Please tell them. Arun uncle hasn’t done anything. Don’t worry,
I will take care of everything. Please. Uncle will come back, okay?
Don’t worry. The first charge. On the morning of 17th January 2001.. ..packets of heroin an cocaine were.. ..found from the officer Arun’s house. These were the same packets.. ..which had disappeared
from our store room. Evidence number three. Officer Arun Verma.. ..where did these drug
packets come in your house? Honorable jury members, I don’t.. ..know anything about these drugs. This is a plan to trap me. The other charge is.. That the officer
Arun Verma is working.. a informer for the drug lord KKB. Do you have any proof for this? Yes, sir. He brought a
house in a posh colony recently. Where did he get the
money for the house from? Actually sir. I had to take the house due to the.. ..children, Javedbhai’s children. I took the house on rent
on some leave and license.. ..and by accumulating
money from here and there. The commissioner
knows about my problems. Okay. The witness Mr. Narayandas
Aneja be called. Estate agent. Did you sell a house to Mr.
Arun Verma in Santa Cruz W? Yes. He is a very lucky person.
The estate market is very tight. Where does one get such a house.. such a locality
for fifteen lakhs? Mr. Arun. You are lying to the department. This apartment hasn’t
been bought on rent. It has been bought outright
in fifteen lakh rupees. Looking at your salary.. From where did you manage this money? Arun, questions are being asked.. will have to answer them. Let the person from
our department be called.. ..who works for the drug
mafia as a sting operator. Call witness number 2. Geeta Chaudhari. What do you work in the department as? I am a secret agent
for the department. I used to give information about.. ..KKB to the Special
branch officer Javed Abbas. And once Javed Abbas was killed.. ..I was posted in KKB’s club,
Flamengo. To find out which officer comes.. meet KKB in his
club from out department. And what did you find out? After six months,
on the night of fifteenth January.. ..we had planned to
catch a huge drug deal. With which a big
plan would be unveiled. But at the last time..
at the last time.. There was a robbery,
and our mission was left unfinished. Who committed this robbery? Tell us, who committed this robbery? Officer Arun Verma. How do you know that the
officer committed this robbery? By his voice and the
way he threw the money on me. Miss. Geeta. Can I ask you the
relation between you two? I love Arun, sir. But whatever I saw,
whatever I know.. Telling that is my duty. Arun..
– Yes. Do you want to say anything? No, sir. Decide whatever you want to. On the charges of
betraying the department.. ..and on the charge of
robbing the Flamengo club.. ..and listening to
officer Arun’s witness.. ..the department has decided that.. ..till the time the
official enquiry against.. ..the officer Arun isn’t complete.. ..he is suspended from the duty. You people can understand..
why I did like this? Champak.. Take the children inside. Didn’t you hear it?
Take the children inside. Children, come on. You want to hear the truth, isn’t it? Yes, I hid it from you that I worked.. KKB’s club for the department. Because I wanted to reach
till Javedbhai’s killer. I wanted to know who
is them in the department. If you wouldn’t come
there and steal that.., then all this
wouldn’t have happened. What was the need to.. Need? What was the need! You didn’t know what
was the need for me? I had to look after these children,
I needed that. I wanted to buy a house for them,
this was my need. But you don’t see all that,
you see just my robbery. Because you.. You are just a honest officer. Where are your handcuffs?
You didn’t bring them to arrest me? You couldn’t lie to the department? Where is your medal?
– Stop it, Arun. Don’t worry.
You will get it on 26th January.. the India gate. Because you arrested the
biggest criminal in the world. Stop it, Arun. I am a criminal. I will show you.. a criminal behaves
with a woman. – Stop! What was my fault? What was my fault? And what was my fault? I started loving you in this game? See in my eyes and tell me. That I didn’t love you? Answer me, Arun. Javedbhai,
tell me if you have some information. I will tell you when
the right time comes. That time. That means you don’t trust me,
isn’t it? You don’t trust me? I will tell you whenever I find out. Now, don’t be angry
on such a small matter. Whenever I asked you,
you told me to keep silent. I cannot see any way. What should I do? What should I do? Arun? You are here? Who gave you the
address to this place? Why? Duty over and friendship over? No.. not like that. Did you buy the new
flat for sister-in-law? No.. this is just time pass.. You know it is eighteen years. Will you have some? No, you will have a lot. What is this? – Tell me.. How do the drugs go
out of the store room? What do I know? – Tell me! Who kept drugs in my house? I didn’t keep them, I don’t know..
– Tell me. What was Javedbhai speaking
to you about in the cabin? Tell me! What was he enquiring about? I don’t know who killed Javedbhai! What did you say? – I mean.. What did you say? Tell me, or else I will kill you. Let me go. Tell me, Let me go. Tell me, who killed Javedbhai? Tell me!
I will tell you. I will tell you. I did this drugs work on JD’s saying. Because he was blackmailing me. If I wouldn’t do all this,
then he would.. ..have told everything to my wife. And then..
there are a lot of people in this. Till the top. The day Javedbhai was killed.. He had found everything
else in a false encounter. The drugs in your house.. JD or someone else
would have kept them.. I don’t know. I don’t know. If you tell me.. I am ready to testify against
him in a false encounter. Let me go.
Let me go.. please let me go. Okay. I leave you. I will tell you what to do. Yes, sir. Excuse me, sir. Hello? Hello Geeta, I am Arun here. Hello? – I don’t have much time. I have found out who
kept the drugs in our house. And I have even found out that.. ..Javedbhai was killed. I need your help. I am going to JD’s
house to take his word. Arun, listen to me.. you.. What happened? Arun is going to JD’s
house in Javedbhai’s case. He wants him to testify. He wants the department to help him. Even if you stop me.. You can go, Geeta. But keep me informed. Yes, sir. Have you come? This was bound to happen one day. Till how long would we have hidden it? That Javed came to find out all of it. He was blabbering, and I killed him. But I will not go alone. If I go, I will take everyone. What are you doing? Damn it.. JD.. yes.. tell me.. Who killed you.. yes.. tell me.. who killed you? Shit.. Damn it! Before I could make JD speak..
he killed him. Before you came here,
did you tell anyone that you are here? No. When I was speaking
to you over the phone.. ..there was someone around you.
– There wasn’t anyone. Just me and the commissioner. Commissioner. Only the commissioner can do all this. He has had JD killed. I already suspected him. Before that murderer
kills someone else.. ..I will kill him.
I will kill him! I will kill him! Arun.. Arun..
wait.. don’t be in such a haste. And then, I am with you, isn’t it? You are with me? I know how you are with me. If you really want to help me,
go and guard the children. And don’t go alone there. Go and take everyone with you. Hello, Sawant. I am Geeta here. Yes, tell me. Arun has gone to question
the commissioner. He is very angry. You please go home and
look after the children. I will reach there in a moment. But Geeta, are you all right? Yes, I am all right. See.. Arun has told you to
take care of the children. I will call you and tell
everything to you later. Okay? Yes, Geeta.
I will take care of the children. Don’t worry. Don’t worry. What are you doing, Arun?
Stop it, I say. What was JD about to tell me?
What was the secret? Tell me, sir.
What was the cost of your conscience? Come to your senses, Arun! I wasn’t in my senses before this. I have come to my senses now. Tell me, who was with you in this? Tell me! Believe me.. I don’t know anything, Arun. I don’t believe anyone anymore. Tell me. Sir. I had killed JD. Arun came there somehow and.. And Arun was saved. What could I do? It was raining. I tried but he escaped. What is funny is that he
has given the children to me. And he suspects the commissioner. Keep the children with us. They are our everything.
Our Visa, our passport. Okay! That Arun was saved.. Don’t worry. He may try whatever. He is being trapped in his own trap. Javed’s death. The drug deal. And the commissioner’s attack. All of it will be thrust
upon him and he will be arrested. Till that time, I will go
on my official tour and I will.. ..bring the whole drug consignment.. ..without any hassles
in a government aero plane. KKB.. you have made me a partner.. ..and has made the
whole department your men. Come on..
come on.. let’s go to the airport. You go inside. Sir, it is good that
I met you at home. You.. why did you come here? Sir. I need your help.
Arun has gone berserk. I know.. he thinks that
the commissioner had JD killed? Sir, how did you find
out that JD was killed? We got the message right now that.. Silent. Silent.. you cheated me.. What was this girl doing in my club! Catch her! Hurry up! You ruined the whole game. You bloody idiot.
We have got to go and get her. You have cheated me!
– Come on, let’s go. You say that you aren’t with them. This means that the whole department.. ..will just sit with
their hands folded.. ..and we won’t even know that.. We have found out. The chief is hand in glove with KKB. What are you saying? Are you mad? Sir, I went to the chief’s
house to ask for help. Before me, KKB was there. He has threatened to kill me. Oh my God,
that means we are already too late. Why? He has sanctioned a
plane from the government.. go out of the country.
– When? Today, in an hour. Come on. – Very nice. Go go go.. Hurry up. Quickly.. quickly.. Have a drink. No. – Quickly.. quickly.. Idiot! Sir.. There is a vehicle
charging towards us. What? I have better plan. What? What is the plan? The CBI chief at my gun point..
and I am free. Come here! You idiot! If anyone acts smart,
I will kill him. I will kill him! KKB, let the chief go!
Otherwise, I will shoot. Don’t go, or else, I will shoot him. Let him go, KKB. No! I will kill him..
– Drop your gun, KKB. I will kill him! – Don’t shoot him. Damn it! You.. you. You are policeman! You can’t kill me! You can’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Come. No, no, no. no. Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! I am not a criminal! Friends! I am all right. I am all right. If you kill me, how will
you find out who killed Javed? Tell me! I will tell you. I will tell you. I will tell you. I will tell you. A person from your
department killed Javed. He killed Javedbhai.. our Javedbhai.. And he is defaming
the police department. Let’s go from here. It isn’t good for the
children to look at all this. Police man! This was the man.. who killed Javed.. They cannot digest anything. They shat.. they shat.. We were four. Out of four..
Then JD left there were three.. ..then the chief went, we were two.. Then there was just one.. just one! But.. the children are just four.. Tell me.. what is four minus one,
son.. tell me. – Arun uncle.. Sawant.. let go of the child.. Hey.. No smartness. Hey.. No smartness. I will kill him. Go.. go to the plane
and bring the suitcase.. What are you staring at?
Go and bring it! Yes, I killed Javedbhai..
I killed him. Good bye, Sawant.
You came at the right time. There weren’t any bullets. Sawant.. you? We raided on our risk
and he would win the medal. We would do everything
and he would become famous? Come here, children.
Look at this. One day I thought.. I was very honest. Very honest. I went and met the chief. But.. Javedbhai was a thorn.
He left. You will have to go too. Come on.. get the money.. get it. What are you staring it? Bring it! Come on.. get lost.. Geeta sister.. Under the Indian penal code.. In the charge of killing
the officer Javed Khan.. Me Aman Verma and his family.. Sentence you to death. Come on. After losing such a
true officer like Javed.. ..I don’t want to lose you. Welcome back to the department. Thank you, sir. This money. Which was given to
you by the orphanage.. ..the Father Baptista gave it. He said that no good
deed can be done by bad money. To fulfill the rest of the amount.. ..the department has
requested for a salary cut. The whole department is proud of you. Thank you, sir. Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, sir. Congratulations, sir.
Keep it up.



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    आपके सपने पुरे हो सकते हैं
    चाहे वह कितने ही बड़े क्यों ना हो ।

    अब मेरा पहला सवाल उन लोगों से है जिन्हें जब बिजनेस प्लान दिखाया जाता है तो वो कोई बहाना बना लेते है ।

    *बहाना : समय नही है*।

    मेरा सवाल: 25-30 हजार की नौकरी में किसी के इतने गुलाम बन गए हो कि 2-4 लाख कमाके अपने सपने पूरे करने की फुरसत नही है।

    *बहाना : प्रोडक्ट महंगे है*।

    मेरा सवाल : इतने सालों से बाजार के सस्ते प्रोडक्ट इस्तेमाल कर रहे हो फिर भी बच्चा या बीवी जब कोई चीज मांगती है तो कहते हो अगले महीने लेंगे ….और टालते रहते हो …..जब सस्ते समान से पैसा बचा रहे हो तो फिर जिंदगी में compromice क्यों कर रहे हो, खुद को कब तक बेवकूफ बनाओगे ?

    *बहाना : फलाने से नही हुआ*।

    मेरा सवाल : किसी का बच्चा स्कूल में फेल हो जाता है तो क्या तुम अपने बच्चे को पढ़ाना छोड़ देते हो या किसी ने शादी की और तलाक हो गया तो फिर तो आपने शादी ही नही की होगी ?

    *बहाना : मुझे जरूरत नही है*।

    मेरा सवाल : अंदर से बनियान फट रही है तब कहते हो अंदर कौन देखता है चलेगी ……दुकान में 2000 की शर्ट पसंद आती है तो दुकानदार से कहते ऐसी क्वालिटी की 500 की रेंज में दिखाओ…..10-20₹ की सब्जी ख़रीदते वक्त भाव ताव करके बेचारे गरीब का खून चूसते हो और मिर्ची धनिया फ्री में मांगते हो…….सोचो फिर भी जरूरत नही है ?

    *बहाना : मुझे चेन/MLM/नेटवर्क मार्केटिंग में इंटरेस्ट नही है*।

    मेरा सवाल : जब कोई मूवी देखते हो अच्छी लगती है तो 10 लोगों को बताते हो , किसी को paytm, bhim etc मोबाइल एप्प डाउनलोड करके 50₹ मिलते हो तो सारे व्हाट्सअप कॉन्टेक्ट्स को दिनभर मेसेज करते हो ..तब तो चेन बनाना अच्छा लगता है ?

    बहाना : यह मेरी फील्ड का काम नही , लोग क्या कहेंगे ?

    मेरा सवाल : मा बाप के लाखों रुपये लगा के जब इंजीनियरिंग, MBA फलाना ढिमका करके जब उस फील्ड की नौकरी नही मिलती तो कोई भी नौकरी करने को तैयार हो जाते हो …तब फिकर नही होती कि यह मेरी फील्ड की नही है लोग क्या कहेंगे ?

    *बहाना : मैं जुड़ा था पैसे नही आये इसलिए अब नही करना*।

    मेरा सवाल : जीवन के 20-22 साल और लाखों रुपये लगाकर बैचलर/मास्टर डिग्री लेकर जब 15 हजार की भी नौकरी नही मिलती तो कॉलेज स्कूल में जाके शिकायत क्यों नही करते हो ? किसी कंपनी के ऑफिस में अपनी डिग्री देकर घर बैठ जाओ और बिना काम किये महीने की तनख्वाह क्यों नही मांगते हो ?

    भाईसाब आपको लगता है कि बहाना बनाकर आपने मुझे मना कर दिया तो इसमें मेरा क्या गया ? क्योंकि मैं तो अपनी पसन्द के लोग ढूंढ रहा हूँ और मुझे मिल भी रहे है लेकिन आपका क्या ?….जिंदगी के 25-30-35-40 साल बीत गए खुद को बेवकूफ बनाते बनाते और कितना बनाओगे ?

    बातें थोड़ी कड़वी है लेकिन हकीकत तो यही है कि आखिर आपकी जिंदगी की जिम्मेदारी कोई और क्यों लेगा यदि आप खुद लेने को तैयार नही हो तो ?

    मुझे पता है कि मैं 10 लोगो से बात करूंगा तो 10 के 10 "हाँ" कभी नही कहेंगे लेकिन मैं यह भी जानता हूं कि 10 के 10 "ना" भी कभी नही कहेंगे ।

    मेरा काम बताना था सो मैंने आपको एक वेहतरीन अवसर के संवंध में बताया है अब निर्णय आपका है क्योंकि जीवन भी आपका ही है परिवार भी आपका ही है तो निर्णय भी आपको ही करना होगा कि आपको उनको कैसा भविष्य देना है ।

    Wish You Wellth

    🙏 आपके द्वारा आज लिया गया एक निर्णय आपके कल को सुंदर बना सकता है 🙏 फ्री-फ्री जोइनिंग Vestige
    पल्सन समझ मे आया हो तो आप हमें Whatsaap के जरिये संपर्क कर सकते हैं।
    मेरा Whatsaap नो:-6203614814👍


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