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Only 3 Asian Actors Have Won An Oscar…Ever

(audience clapping) – And the Oscar goes to. – [Narrator] In the 89-year
history of the Academy Awards there’ve been over 1500
acting nominations. Of those, only 16 nominations
have recognized Asian actors. You heard that right. 16 ever in history of
the Oscars and humankind. Four of those nominations
went to the same person, Sir Ben Kingsley. Kingsley won best actor
for his role in Gandhi. And only two other Asian actors have received the coveted statue, Miyoshi Umeki and Haing S. Ngor. Oh, and an Asian woman has
never won best actress. Merle Oberon is the only
nominee in this category. That was in 1935. She was the Academy’s
first Asian nominee ever. 82 years later, Dev Patel
brings the total number of individual actor nominations to 13. – Do you have any idea what it’s like knowing my
real brother and mother spend every day of their
lives looking for me? – [Narrator] So, that’s
three wins and 13 nominees in 89 years. But this lack of representation extends to the rest of Hollywood. – Noble ladies, kind gentlemen. Pleased to introduce myself. – [Narrator] The film
industry has a long tradition of casting white actors in Asian roles. – I share your taste in women, Targutai. But not in blood. Farewell, Tartar woman. – [Narrator] And while it may seem like things have gotten better opportunities for Asian actors
continue to be whitewashed in favor of Tilda Swinton
in Doctor Strange, Emma Stone in Aloha, Scarlett Johansson in Ghost in the Shell, or the Good Guys in the last Airbender. You get the picture. But the world we see in films
should reflect the real world. In the words of one of
Hollywood’s few Asian voiced Asian body characters. – We’ve got a long way to go. (epic music)


  1. terrainnoob Author

    And the Asian film awards that represent a predominantly Asian audience didn't nominate a single Caucasian actor.Can we stop letting emotion override common sense please? It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to understand the cultural dynamics at play here. Movies are a business When you adapt a movie for a specific region you cast the main character to look like the majority of the ticket buying audience. When china adapts a European folk tale into a movie, guess what. It takes place in the east and has a Chinese protagonist. You cater to your audience. Articles like this that suggest some sort of deliberate malicious bias only serve to cause division and animosity, and do no good for anyone.

  2. Last Name First Name Author

    Huffington Post making something about race once again…. Don't you people ever learn? Americans are outright sick of your identity politics and your horrible news which does nothing but talk about race. You people are so sickening, no wonder the fake news outlets are going down the drain. We can't stand you people anymore, you do not represent the American people. You only represent white liberals who live high on the hog in cities like New York, Boston, and Chicago and college students who don't know anything about the real world and are indoctrinated by their liberal professors whom were most likely hippies back in the 60's and would spit in the faces of American soldiers who just got home from Vietnam and were not their by their own choosing. You people need to stop it with these racial division tactics, how do you sleep at night knowing that all you do is cause Americans to turn on each other knowing full well the information you spew is toxic and will cause one of your whacked out liberal looney followers to beat some guy in public to a bloody pulp simply for wearing something on it in support of Donald Trump. You and your followers are the minority. Americans in reality do not think like you. Most white American Christians do not walk down the street, see a black guy, and think anything horrible about them. None of my friends or family who support Trump have ever committed any act of hatred toward any minority, nor do we ever think about it ourselves Asians really don't deserve an Oscar so we should do everything in our power to make sure Asians barely ever get an Oscar. For you people to post a video like this and infer that there is some sort of conspiracy within the Oscar's that keeps Asians from getting them makes you a bunch of sour assholes. You guys don't ever stop with the race baiting, it seriously needs to stop. You guys are literally fomenting hatred and creating stories which form a dialogue amongst the people which causes them to hate each other. You do not deserve to have a platform if this is all you are going to do. This goes for all liberal news outlets, you are all fake news, you are all equally worthless not only to me, but to countless of others…. Good day to you, you fucking losers.

  3. NewGardner Author

    This topic should only exist for Black Americans because they've been here just as long as white Americans. Therefore, the Oscar's are based on American actors/actresses who only have this country to claim as home. That almost doesn't sound quite right but, things seem to be based on percentile of population. Not saying that's politically correct either. phooey!

  4. Alec Perdeau Author

    Last year was nothing but virtue signaling about not enough blacks. This year it's Asians. I'm Latino, will get offended on my behalf next? My people are low enough on the oppression scale right?

  5. Toxic-Pop Author

    I think a better question is where are all the white actors in Asian movies ? Surprise, surprise there are more white actors in America. That's why there are more white Oscar winners. I thought you Asians were good a math.

  6. Doomgis Author

    ….why is this surprising, they're like 5% of the population, and they're usually doing more important things like being doctors or engineers or something. whats the problem again?

  7. Insert Name Here Author

    Maybe there are less Asian actors and actresses because thier parents don't want them to pursue a career where most of the time, you're working as a waiter or a barista waiting for your next role.

  8. Paolo Benedetti Author

    You guys really like to bitch and moan about whitewashing but don't bitch about yellow and blackwashing. Please Huffington Post if you aren't willing to put up and call out hypocrisy and even your own hypocrisy then shut the fuck up.

  9. Louis XIV (aka 1685Violin) Author

    Why are you complaining about whitewashing when there have been plenty of films that have "blackwashed" such as "Annie", "Spiderman", and "The Wizard of Oz". If you say those were progressive, please screw off. This is a blatant double standard. Quite complaining about whitewashing especially when you fail to account on the fact that Asian Americans have different career choices.
    And screw off if you say I have white privilege, I'm not white and I don't consider myself oppressed.

  10. AC Riddick Author

    When you call out Bollywood for not having diversity, then say something. When you go to the China & Japan and complain of their lack of diversity, then speak. When you call out Mexican/Latin countries movies for lack of diversity then speak. When you call out African countries movies for lack of diversity then speak. America is the only place people state that needs to divesify. Huffington Post has shown its racism one more time, they are the new KKK.

  11. Gentleman Nemesis Author

    The last airbender? Really? You're mad that it didn't have Asians? It was a shit movie, what Asian actor wants to be in a shit movie?

    Also Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, your argument is invalid.

  12. Stacey Gardner Author

    How long are you and idiots like going to keep pushing this crap until you wise and learn that's not racism that things are the way the are? The more you focus on things like this as you are, the more you will convince that you and the entire huffington post staff are racist

  13. Nick Tylosaur Author

    Dude, that's retarded. The director of Dr. Strange stated why he didn't make the character Asian, he didn't want to anger the Chinese. The character was Tibetan, you can't just throw any Asian in a role just because of where it takes place or because you want more Asians. Oscars are (supposed to be) given to actors who play convincing and interesting roles, not to least white person.

  14. Captain McDog Author

    What is "Asian-bodied" as apposed to simply Asian? Are there disembodied Asians running around, or floating, out there?

    Are you going to do a video about that racist article that got a South African branch of an American "news" website in trouble? I hear their editor had to resign after defending the article which late turned out to be a troll who wrote racist stuff knowing it'd accepted since it was racism against the right target. You should do a video on that.

  15. bxsicbxwse Author

    I like how when most people think about asians they thing of Chinese or Japanese people and more info for this shit story.. no south asian has ever won these Chinese/ Japanese people are asian but they don't represent south Asians and if u wanna do sumat ask the people to cast them don't make a big ass deal on yt cuz ur gunna get hate matey

  16. Paul Skye Kahawaty Author

    Did you include Israeli actor Chaim Topol (Fiddler in the Roof), the first nominee for Actor in the Leading Role. Also, if you were to include half Asians Merle Oberon and Ben Kingsley, then why didn't you include half Armenian Cher, who won for Moonstruck?


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