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Onward Official Teaser Trailer

Morning! GNOME:
Hey, get back to work! IAN LIGHTFOOT:
Hey Mom! Stop it! Ick!
Blazey, down! Sorry I didn’t get a
chance to walk her. Oh, bad dragon,
back to your lair! ♪♪ BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
Come dear brother, our destiny awaits! Ok! I’m comin’,
I’m comin’. I see you’ve brought
sustenance for our adventure! Nope, it’s garbage
for the trash can… and you left the lid off! Aaah, shoo!
Get outta here! Shoo! Get!
Ugh, gross! Ugh, unicorns. ♪♪ BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
We are going on a grand and
glorious quest. IAN LIGHTFOOT:
It’s not a quest, it’s just a really fast
and strange errand. BARLEY LIGHTFOOT:
It’s totally a quest.



    Mire una copia de full metal alchemist, que basura y según esta inspirado en su vida…. En su vida viendo full metal alchemist, tremendo plagio que te acabas de hacer pixar y a los que le guste esto me dan pena es co dicen el que no conoce a dios ( full metal alchemist) a cualquier santo le resa ( onward : edward) jajajaja ojala se lleven una tremenda demanda por plagio , adiós y solo voy a decir : Basura

  2. jjsdl Author

    this is gonna make me cry. and not like in a Monsters Inc. era way, but in a Inside Out era way. Two different kinds of tears. but desperately needed.

  3. Shizu Nikymura Author

    Primero plagearon a kimba y ahora Fullmetal Alchemist son un asco si quieren buenas ideas piensen ustedes mismos no tienen porque flagear una obra tan buena como Fullmetal Alchemist y encima de todo decir que esta basada en hechos de la vida del creador si van a flagear al menos digan la verdad personas como ustedes sin cerebro no valen nada

  4. Colin DeWacht Author

    Pixar made a lot of movies about Toys, Bugs and Insects, Monsters, Fish and Sea Creatures, Superheroes, Automobiles, Rats, Robots, Grandpas and Floating Houses, Scotsman, Emotions, Dinosaurs, Skeletons and now Elves and Fairy Tales.

  5. Alexandru von Carstein Zarovich Author

    I swear that the honk of that car was the ringing tone/theme song from the darl tower electronic prop from the Dungeons & Dragons Dark tower board game, but either way, I'm looking forward to this

  6. Brian Rose Author

    So, is this where “The Blip” took Quill & Parker. Are they in the Multiverse? Or are they inside “The Blip” Planet. Or The Planet Of “The Blip”?

  7. Anthony Herrera Author

    Manticora y no quimera , gema feñix por no decir piedra filosofal …. Su hermano tiene un problema con la magia y le pasa algo a su cuerpo traer a su viejo pero sólo la mitad ….. Baia baia estoy me huele a ya tu sabes no kimba ..

  8. boi wowly dopty doo my 2nd chanel Author

    Disney: were taking tom holland

    Marvel: why

    Disney: so then he can be the roll of the main character in our new movie onward

  9. caitie Hayes Author

    Me: Mum what do unicorns eat

    Mum:I don’t know um….. food

    Me:um…. well this unicorn eats trash

    Mum*slaps forehead * mumbles dum child it’s not real

    Me having common sense:o :l


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