Oscars 2017 Review: Academy Awards Awards – Best Picture Chaos, Moonlight Upsets La La Land!

what’s going on guys last night the biggest night in Hollywood the 89th Academy Awards that means it’s time for the screen junkies recap show the fifth annual grouchy’s it was a night full of glamour with old friends reuniting Ryan Gosling terrifying unsuspecting tourists Chrissy Teigen takin a nap cookie wanting cookies and the most controversial ending since The Sopranos join me as we recap the highs and lows of this year’s Academy Awards and if you think we’re just going to gloss over that insane ending you’re not today’s episode is brought to you by the uncarrier introducing t-mobile 1-all unlimited all-in first up one of our favorites the BuzzFeed tip of the night the nominees are Nicole Kidman’s weird flipper clap Mel Gibson’s variety of awkward and/or crazy faces and the winner is Denzel Washington’s fu face to Casey Affleck one of the first people who contact was Senza washington and i just meant it’s nice the first time thank you there’s nothing like being told by a guy with a disheveled man but holding your Oscars that he met you today and he’s a really big fan Denzel wasn’t having it ladies and gentlemen this is the why are you doing this award the nominees are random clips of Javier Bardem watching The Bridges of Madison County lin-manuel miranda is doing his hamilton rap sing before songs that he had no role in as a performer he only wrote some music and the winner is Viola Davis first you brought up corpses and grave robbing and your acceptance you know there’s one place that all the people with the greatest potential are gathered and that’s the graveyard and then you apply only actors are capable of understanding people we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life without journalists or therapists teachers parents or square writers who wrote the words that your character said Viola Davis love your performance and senses but the award so many shows the gravity of the season why are you doing this this next one has been years in the making it’s the John Travolta inappropriate touching award named for serial inappropriate touch her John Travolta the nominees are Jimmy Kimmel lifting adorable child Sonny Pilar Milana star Oh leak ravallo getting hit with a flag and the winner is the tour bus guy kissing everyone’s hand this guy got very up close and personal with some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and then he goes into hands an Oscar winner a camera to take a selfie for him not with him for him dude respect I wouldn’t have the balls to do that nice is up whoo this next one’s a doozy it’s the different cultures or weird award the winner is Jimmy Kimmel for feeling it necessary to make fun of the following names when your name is Mahalo what do you name the kid you can’t go with like a me real simple my name is URI what your name’s Euler II rise with jewelry well I know it rhymes with jewelry wow that’s some name what’s your name my name is Patrick see that’s a name all right all right names huh people sure do have different ones sometimes this is the surprise of the night award the nominees are Oh Jay Simpson indirectly winning an Oscar Academy Award winner Suicide Squad that seems weird to say landing the DCE you and Oscar before the MCU that’s right look it up I know we did just how tiny this guy al Garcia Bernal is in real life due to standing next to someone who as of last year was at the age of 17 still super tiny and the winner is of course it’s the colossal train wreck that ended this show it was such a massive disaster who we’ve created our own special subset of grouchy’s called the for the best of the end of the 2017 oestrus an academy I hope for your sake that this is not an annual event because likes first up the here follows this sword award it goes to Warren Beatty who saw that something was really off about the card that he pulled out of the envelope pretended to be too old to read it then in an act worthy of the red wedding hands his friend Faye Dunaway the card lalala throwing her under the bus harder than speeds Jack Traven Bravo Clyde this is the conspiracy theory award because what’s a disaster without a conspiracy theory sure Emma Stone claims she had the Best Actress envelope with her the whole time but who is she really covering up for journey down the rabbit hole with me who was the last person we saw with the Best Actress envelope this before it made its way into warren beatty’s hand cuz that’s right leonardo dicaprio yes leo the man snubbed by the academy so long and so hard that he had to eat raw bison liver and jump in a frozen lake just to get over the hump and riddle me this what is real been doing the past year since he won nothing no I’ll tell you what he was up to meticulously planning his revenge biding his time until the moment was right for him to like like a cobra swapping out the Best Actress for the Best Picture envelope in a final fu to the show that effed him up so many times for me next up on the n DS the glass act award the nominees are Jimmy Kimmel for definitely taking the blame for the situation and finding some humor in the movie personally I blame Steve Harvey for this the la-la-land producer who helped everyone cut to the chase and flat out said we lost we lost by the way the winner is Jordan Horowitz the la-la-land producer who and what had to be one of the most crushing public disappointments of his or anyone’s life had the Grayson boys to say he’d be happy to give the Oscar in his hands to moonlight I’m going to be really proud to hand this to my friends for moonlight yes that were me I would just unleash a profanity-laced tirade and just run to the exit moonlight you guys won Best Picture this is not a joke Jordan Horowitz you sir are a class act this one is the sillier saying there’s a chance award this one goes to the eight other nominees for Best Picture who upon finding out there been a mistake no there’s a mistake had they’re dashed hopes briefly reignited everyone’s talking about moonlight shocking win but let’s not forget about those poor producers of movies like this lion or hell or high-water that for one brief shining moment thought wait maybe I really did win there’s a mistake only to find out enough hopefully you spilled it in the first year were two movies were announced as Best Picture neither of them with you you double log this is the best cinematography award with all due respect to the actual winner line of Sangren the cameraman who captured the close-up of lala land producer Jordan Horowitz holding up the envelope with the real winner was the best cameraman in the building last night Congrats nameless crew member your work will live on and useless montages of moments from past ceremonies for decades of austere shows to come and I bet it’s getting a lot of retweets oh boy it’s the you had one job award this award goes to Bryan Cullinan and Martha Ruiz the accountants in charge of the envelopes for the Oscars in a story published just a couple of days ago they themselves describe their jobs as handing the envelopes to someone and making sure they’re getting the right envelopes and the contents in them are accurate come on you had one job if Warren Beatty doesn’t have the wrong envelope moonlight wins cleanly and we’d all be talking about this Halle Berry’s weird there and how orange Alicia vikander was and now the final award of the evening that n DS reaction of the night award if you want to see how 10 movie lovers genuinely reacted to one of the biggest screw-ups in Oscar history look no further than this clip from our live watch party last night what started as a routine wrap up to our Oscar watch party soon turned into absolute chaos if you want to have a good time go back and watch each person’s individual reaction you’re gonna see joy anger shock heartbreak surprise all the things we love about the Oscars wrapped into a neat package of what the hell did we just witness that’s it for the N DS and the grouchy so what were your favorite moments of the Academy Award who got snubbed tell us in the comments section below we want to know I want to thank you for watching screen junkies I’m Hal Rudnick hit me up on Twitter bye-bye we’d like to thank our sponsor t-mobile t-mobile one is all unlimited all-in switch today hey guys did you know that this n card works with your phone now click the boxes below to watch more screen junkies videos and click the screen junkies logo to subscribe and get this show and more

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