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Our First LUXURY Movie Theater in MEXICO!

Hey guys, I’m Maddie and I’m drinking a
margarita. This is the biggest most full margarita I’ve ever seen in my life.
This was 71 pesos here at Cinépolis VIP. VIP. I don’t think that’s V. VIP. Hola amigos from the movies! I’m Maddie I’m Jordan. And we are Tangerine Travels.
Today, we are doing the other side of the movie experience, the one that was so
popularly recommended to us, the VIP experience here in Mexico. We are in
Guadalajara, specifically I think in Zapopon. Although the last movie theater that we went to was an upscale movie theater
according to Google maps and according to our opinions, this one, what do you think?
It’s pretty nice so far. At least where we’re sitting right now, this is a private lounge
for just those going to VIP movies. One downside of
being in the VIP section is all the concessions are a bit more expensive
than they are out in the peasant area. We were peasants last time. We’re usually peasants. You walk
into Cinépolis and they have a separate VIP section. We have a separate
line completely than all the other ticket booths. The kiosks, I don’t think
you can buy the VIP tickets there. You have to go to this other line that’s
down a different hallway and it says Cinépolis VIP.
The tickets are 153 pesos each. And what that gets you is a whole separate
section. So where we’re sitting right now is a private area, you show them your
ticket, you go down a hallway, there’s a bunch of couches and lounge chairs. You
have a bar in here where you can get drinks, and then there are only four
movie theaters that I think are going to have reclining seats, but at least we
know that people are going to come up to your chair and serve you food. They
served us a margarita right here, we didn’t even have to move, at all. So now
we’re waiting for a few hours for our movie to start. Any other things that you
noticed differences between the U.S.? From the other Cinépolis, the regular classic version?
I mean from here in the VIP section to out there not in the VIP section, it’s a lot more tranquil in here, much quieter, faster service. So it does seem like a whole lot
nicer and at least the fact that we have private bathrooms that are really nice
and clean, and aren’t available to the rest of the mall. It makes this like
already it seems like a little bit more of a VIP deal, but you are paying for it, so
that’s the trade-off. And we will show you what the inside of the theater looks
like soon as they let us in. Now that we’re inside the theater, it is super loud
and we can’t talk about enough to explain anything to you so I’ll just tell you afterwards. So we just got out of the movie. What was
your experience like there, what’d you think of it? This wasn’t what I was expecting, considering we thought that the other movie theater was a really nice fancy high-end theater, I kind of expected
that this was going to be like the nicest movie experience I’ve ever had. and if I’m being totally honest, uh
maybe my expectations were set too high. Or maybe people built it up more than it should have been? I don’t know. I would rather go to the other theater and pay a little less money. What did you think? What about the food, maybe? What did you think about the food? We ordered a margarita and it wasn’t
very good. It tasted like they put a lot of salt it in. A lot of salt and blended it all together. The popcorn was pretty good And they brought hot sauce with it. We
got to try hot sauce on popcorn for the very first time ever, it was pretty awesome!
Yeah it was it was really good, I liked that. We ordered these ribs. It was like a combo, we wanted to at least try out the food. Generally we don’t order food at a movie theater. Even back in
the U.S. that was kind of an extraordinary treat to do but we wanted to get the
full experience and make the comparison so
we got this combo it had like french fries, ribs, and chicken strips? I have no idea what those were. When the ribs came out it was like fake bones.
With like a hotdog on it. Molded like sausage hotdog and then they put barbecue sauce
on it. So they called that ribs. I don’t know, maybe that’s normal
here in Mexico and that’s just not what we’re used to, but to call them ribs, and to serve
that, and charge what they did kind of didn’t quite match up. With the food
altogether, we got, this combo plate and that was 185 pesos, large popcorn with just
butter, so that’s kind of the classic version with 60, and then you got a large
refresco (soft drink) a Coca-Cola, and that was 50 pesos. In total, we paid about 600 pesos for
the experience. I would much prefer the 150 pesos at the
other place. All this being said, we don’t mean to offend anyone who really enjoys
going to an experience like this because it is a nice experience. But, if we’re comparing the two and being completely honest, we would just rather pay less money and
enjoy the exact same popcorn and maybe just eat right before we come or eat ice
cream afterwards like we did before. If we’re comparing this
similar like reclining seeds service at your chair in the US, I think
it’s not quite as nice in terms of the food that they’re serving and the quality of drinks. Although it is
significantly cheaper than what you would pay in the US. To buy the same stuff we
would be spending $80, for one movie. So this is way way way cheaper and you’re
still getting the reclining seats, They’re bringing all the stuff to you,
but for Mexico, of the two that we’ve done I think the winner, in our humble opinion,
goes to regular Cinépolis. Are there other VIPs theatres that you like better
than galerías here in Zapopan? Let us know down in the comments. We’re always happy to hear your
feedback, thoughts, suggestions. Did we just totally mess this all up or something?
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  1. Francisco Zarabozo Author

    You really need to try Cinemex Platino (much better than Cinépolis VIP). And when you do, ask the waiter for a Tamarindo Mezcal Martini. You'll love it! 🙂

  2. Francisco Zarabozo Author

    What I appreciate a lot more in VIP theaters is: 1) I hate feeling close to strangers and hearing them chat, or worse, smelling their occasional gas or BO. In VIP theaters you are far enough from other people. 2) If I'm going to be sitting for 2 hours, I very much prefer the comfort of VIP chairs, which is way better than the seats on regular theaters. 3) Most parents don't waste their money on taking children to VIP theaters. That alone is worth the cost to me. 4) Having food and alcohol delivered to my seat is a great plus.

  3. Sergio Durán Author

    You should try Cinemex premium, it is like a middle ground between the normal and VIP experiences, you buy food at the soda fountain or café but the sits are way better and the screen is bigger than regular Cinemex

  4. Vlad Pallares Author

    VIP its nice by nioght, when you are very tired, other than that, I agree with you, i rather use the regular cinepolis. And no, there are not other vip options in the whole country. Nice review!

  5. Rosa Maria Santos Author

    Since I went to the VIP Salas we never went back to the regular ones. I love going to Cinépolis VIP because we eat dinner a combo and using our frequent customers and get free points which mean savings, 2X1 and more bonuses🤗

  6. Ana Vázquez Author

    I also prefer regular theater. I also don't like 3D or 4D – and Centro Magno is the best movie theater you could have picked, to me it is the best cinema listing from the city. They have the art room, there's always subtitled movies, and all festivals get there (ambulante, festival de cine judio, tour de cine frances, konichiwa, festival internacional de cine de guadalajara, and so on) and not to mention, they regularly have foreign movies too (regardless of movie festivals). The bad thing is that the rest of the mall is boring ):

  7. Solovino Juntoseva Author

    Great job guys… you're showing Americans Mexico is not what they think it is. Most Americans don't know Mexico has the 15th largest economy. Unfortunately, something that is true is wealth inequality.

  8. Andy's DS Golden Nuggets Author

    No, those ribs are not normal, is just a marketing thing, you pay more and feel pampered, but still getting shitty products lol
    Oh if you go to mexico city, visit satelite's (estado de mexico) eat all restaurant BTK (la butaca) their ribs and wings are delicious and they have 6 different flavors, I don't know if BTK have other restaurants across Mexico, I just know the ones from edo mex.

  9. JMRG GRMJ Author

    When they first introduced the concept the food was way better, but now they have cheapen the ingredients and the overall preparation, the menu is also less varied, now is mostly for the seats but for a while now I choose to the “normal” option is more what you get for what you pay.

  10. Berto Author

    Hola Tangerine Travels. A mí me gustan más las salas y el servicio de VIP Andares. Y de comer, un Pretzel relleno de queso crema con helado de vainilla. Espero que sigan disfrutando de mi ciudad Guadalajara. Saludos y abrazos a ambos.

  11. AxL ChnZ Author

    I agree! The normal movie experience is better the VIP. I guess to try it once or twice, it's fine, but nothing beats normal movie theaters.

  12. Carlos Escarcega Author

    You can buy your tickets at regular price with the fan club of Cinépolis, they give you 6 tickets on the second level and 12 at the third level. You need to accumulate visits to Escalade into each level

  13. TheRayInPV Author

    VIP movie experience is over-hyped. No one goes to the movies to lay down, waiters, or booze and pay a crap load more. So, I do get you didn't enjoy it as much as you thought you would. Save $400 pesos and go to the regular theater.

  14. Yevs Author

    The fun part (or not) is that in Cinepolis VIP the experience it's always different, 'cause sometimes food and its taste, quality service and such varies from city to city. I've been in Cinépolis VIP in Cancún, Saltillo or Monterrey and so far, best service and food is in Monterrey.
    Also, this experience might not be for everyone, as nowadays people like to stay at home and watch movies on their laptops. I think that cinemas offer a different experience even if its not a luxury cinema, compare to how you normally enjoy a movie at home.

  15. Aida Lopez Author

    The nicest movie theater experience is in Cinemex platino in Punto Sao Paulo mall. Better service, better food and way better popcorn. They even have cheeto popcorn

  16. Alejandra Fernandez de la Garza Author

    It’s not like that in all the countries of Mexico there are bad and good places it depends we’re you go

  17. Julio Soriano Author

    Honestamente me sorprendió mucho que este tipo de salas no existan de forma regular en todo el mundo (en México si no mal recuerdo tiene más de 20 años) pero cuando fui a otros países y por mi trabajo hable con extranjeros me dijeron que no existen, ya poco a poco se tienen en varias partes del mundo pero creo tiene mucho que ver en la necesidad de mantener a la gente en las salas pues se pensó que con la entrada de tecnologías para los hogares iban a desaparecer los cines

  18. Dawn Smoke Author

    good for a 'treat' once in awhile i guess…those lounge chairs…how about popcorn ? just buttered and salted and medium bag … how much ? hate my movies being disturbed or distraction happening…hmmmm…love movie theaters…guess i'll have to get used to noise and interruptions …

  19. Javier P A Author

    En realidad se dejaron llevar por los sitios más publicitados; aquí en GDL las salas más concurridas por los amantes del cine son la sala del Instituto cultural Cabañas y el Cine Foro de la U de G, que siempre son de mucho ambiente y entusiasmo de auténticos cinéfilos.

  20. Sergeant Hunter Author

    Actually this reminds me of the palladium in some way. I’m glad Mexico upgraded in the past years because over 20 years ago last one I went nothing looked like this

  21. Peter Paz Author

    I watch movies VIP style every day. I stream for free on the internet, lie in a full-size bed, have a food tray with my drink and popcorn, sandwich or desired food, and have ZERO interruptions—-or other moviegoers talking, or lighting up the theater with their phones while they check their Facebook account.

  22. Brandon Valdez Author

    Cinemex charges you like 36 pesos for a ticket, and if you go there on Tuesdays it is 18 pesos lol one dollar, pretty decent for 18 pesos.

  23. Luis Lizarraga Author

    Dont be cheap, the prices in here are far cheapper than in the US its common sense here the minimun wedge a DAY is like 79 pesos MXN and in US and average of 10 dollars FOR HOUR in a cheap day working in McDonald's you get like 2000 pesos MXN… But hey I get It so just use the common sense and do not buy food in the movies.

  24. vegabotain Author

    The vip is good for a one time adventure, but it really makes more sense to save the extra money and go to a regular one in my opinion 🙂

  25. Tomas Anzua Author

    Tengo como 20años que no piso un cine de esos pero si en uno de tierra y con las vacas en un lado y me cobran unos 20 pesos y con un frío que para que les cuento asta salgo todo entumido pero muy buenas películas me la pasó de lo más lindo ok

  26. Kaiser Wilhelm VII Author

    My advice for you two "is to drink heavily"…, no I'm just kidding lol! A little Animal House humor!
    In the early 90's a girlfriend and I went to Puerto Vallarta and had a great time, romantic and no problems!
    I like your yt vlogs and if I had a fun, easy going (hopefully) girl partner that was like you, I also would travel the most "iinexpensive" world(s)!
    Unfortunately, I was taking care of my ill Mother here in swampland Florida (I'm orig from tax hell NJ), and she just passed on and I'm one of the middle class IT tech workers that have been downsized and outsourced to india or wherever, leaving me broke! (Hey I need a rich girlfriend that can spank me and be my "sugar-momma", lol)!!! I'm in shock and mourning at this time!

    My opinions on travel are;
    A.) Dress and look like a spanish person from area or visiting from ussa, disguise yourselves clothing, or spray tan on face and arms like actors, or mention you know local policia or drug lord, of the area! (Do your research)!!! Ha Ha lol!!! Or I like this one, get temp badass tattoos on both of you and a goattee for him, and dress like badass bikers and act tough and growl when speaking spanish, ha ha ha!!!!!#!# Then you can forego the fake tans!!!##/
    B.) Be dropped of by a policia station in area your going!
    C.) Get to know expats that speak Spanish and know the area. Look up local expats online b4 your going into local area.
    D.) Also, somehow make friends with a local group or an honest mexican family in any areas so they can either pick you up or show you around, say you want to learn area or more Spanish!
    (you can even give them any financial tips instead of others as comp)!!!!!!!!
    And having a local TRUSTWORTHY GUIDE or family around is really the best way to travel!!! In my opinion!!!
    E.) Your learning the tourist trap hardway in my opinion, so use common sense peripheral observation skills (like a girl walking alone late nite) and don't be naive about your surroundings!!! Anyone coming into your space too friendly or not, don't trust anyone, F them!!!
    F.) Assume the best of humanoids, but prep for worst!!! F them all!!!!
    G.) I guess your using a smartphone to video the shit that happens, makes you look like naive tourists, but maybe invest in body cams like cops do, or better yet video sunglasses or Bluetooth looking ear cameras, both of you can even wear two on each ear and download end of day!!! Less obvious and still gets all your surrounding actions and always get the nite vision ones to see the faces and license plates of everything dealing in your surroundings!!! Edit and upload videos at end of day
    I personally would get some self-defense stuff like; electric guitar cow prodder, stun device, tear gas can or nasty hairspray, or HOT SAUCE in a tanning sprayer, or a local pocket size souvenir machete or Bowie sized knife (if using these; take all their money and leave them naked OR chop their heads off (making an example, of course)!!! You can't go into battle or the "danger zone"(Top Gun), with out being PREPARED OF YOUR AREA!!!! RESEARCH, REARCH, RESEARCH!!!#÷%%=%

    I read the "International Living" magazine and their other one they publish on making a living overseas as a global EXPAT (I'M SO SICK OF THE USSA, THAT'S ANOTHER STORY, so I'm jealous and immobile, (no money) to make the move to travel the world bc I would still need to make money somehow! So for now, I just follow on yt others that ARE ABLE OR WILLING to just do it (Nike ad)!!! If and when I can figure out a way of making money, then I'm gone from here, even temporarily or for good!!! I have a Hungarian background and can move back there but I'm not crazy about my own kind as well either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They'll rip you off in Budapest just like in Mexico (any tourist traps against visitors who don't speak their language fluently or that seem out of place), F THEM TOO!!!!!!!!///^&&&#"/#/%_€*!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not moralistic but I hate when people get taken advantage of by crooks in any country!!!!!#÷%_"/€:^%'"

    This country (ussa) is also turning into a third-world, Invasion Of Privacy "nazi/communist police state" shithole, in the name of terrorism or drug wars or just population control…, and having to leave here to a third-world country for "personal freedom, liberties and privacy" seems like ironic joke…!!!!

    That's it for now…, my ranting is temporarily done!
    Do some visits to parts of the country that has some or a lot of EXPATS…, SO I CAN GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE ALIVE…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Worldatmyfingertips7 Author

    Ah! My beautiful Guadalajara city, In 2001 I lived there for 6 months and I used to go to Plaza millenium cinemas very often. This video brings back good memories.

  28. Carlos Giron Author

    I just started watching your videos. Found them by coincidence and glad I did. Going thru cabin fever here in WI. Really gets me thru these cold days. I really appreciate your honesty and information. Jordan and Maddie make a great couple and Laska completes the family. I'm originally from Guatemala so I can appreciate some of what you are experiencing Oaxaca is similar. I wish you well in your travels. Thanks for the video getaways. Love Maddie's "gong that bell".

  29. mjc 427 Author

    I would have to say the VIP looks worth it to me, if you keep doing these video's Mexico may end up building their own wall to keep American's out.

  30. Progfan2010 Author

    Those theaters are nice and comfortable but the food is expensive given the size of the dishes and the actual flavour. Try finding the special offers in particular days of the week and particular theaters. In my city there's a cinemex that has regular tickets at $25 Pesos on Wednesdays and has a soda-popcorn combo for about $90. Plus, with the special customer card you can pay $15 pesos to refill your soda and popcorn (each) once…and usually they accept a secod refill. And I don't think it's a cheap thing to do. If we're going to watch a movie, why not do it on Wednesday?

  31. Art Marquez Author

    Yo, I heard you can get Montizumas Revenge from the frozen margaritas. Or any drink with ice. Have either of you gotten sick since you started your adventure or have you been good all this time? I guess that would be my biggest fear of Traveling down south.

  32. jorgeatanasio Author

    In general, if you compare this VIP experience with ANY Movie Theater in the US, Cinepois VIP is WAY better for less money from "tip to toe". In Cinepolis VIP you get great sound, big screen, waiters to order food and get it all the way to your seat (no lines), an incredibly comfortable individual leather reclinable couch, what more could you ask for…??!!!, I mean come one…!, and for only 8 dollars.
    I remember paying like 7 dollars to see "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" (Dec, 2017) in a horrible old movie theater in Joplin, Missouri, and also paying like 12 dollars for a bucket of popcorn and a soda, it was a complete rip off…!!!, and you were not satisfied with Cinepolis VIP…???!!!.
    I have to say that this time, your opinion is completely deceiving people watching this video. Cinepolis VIP is THE BEST Movie Theater Experience anyone can have in the whole continent. Period..!.

  33. Pat B Author

    I like a local theater that has tables (like a counter) you can sit at and order food like pizza before the movie and they bring it to your table during the movie, you can still get a pitcher of soda pop for a couple bucks, the only thing better is the drive-in but they run movies a month late if you need to see it right away. I can sit in my comfy leather seat or turn the "burban around and throw a single mattress on the roof of the truck and watch the movie with no obstructions.


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