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P Se PM Tak | Full Movie | Meenakshi Dixit, Inrajeet Soni, Bharat Jadhav

Stupid. Why don’t pay the weekly
payment to the police? These greedy people take two
months money in advance. Even then they are not satisfied. Speak up.. come on. Where is he? I caught you. Don’t run.
– Leave me. You are the famous Anarkali
of this place. Let me go. Leave me. Come with me to prison.
Do some social work there. Sir, why there? We will do it here.
– Really? Sir. Really. Inamdar.
– Yes sir. Did you find Anarkali or not? I am searching for her. Go and find her. Don’t look here and there.
Find her. Stupid. Hello. Yes sir. Alright sir.
It will be done. It will be done. How many raids should
be done in one night? One more raid. Why did you become a police man? Come here. Inamdar.
– Yes sir. – What are you doing? I am searching for Anarkali. You liar. You donkey. You monkey. Couldn’t you wait for
her in the lock-up? Go. Shoot the man. Go you fool. Inamdar. Why are you laughing? Stop it. It’s over. Let’s go. Kasturi fooled the inspector. Go to Satara. Being my sister
you are doing prostitution. I will keep you.
Kasturi, did you forget? How is it? This cap is a problem. Come here. Catch me. Call Shanti. Shanti.. Anand’s sister.. who is a
prostitute. Call her quickly. Nandu.
– Everyone’s friend. Nandu.
– Everyone’s friend. Nandu
– Everyone’s friend. They took her too. Where?
– Everyone’s friend. What? A raid took place? What are you doing? Police? Get lost. A raid took place at her place too. Because of this election. These leaders will clean the
whole city in one day. Do it. Die. What should I do? Kasturi.. – What is it?
– Do you have some money? I am hungry. I have. I have a million with me. I have hidden it here. Even I am hungry. Crowd of people are coming. Don’t worry. Everyone is eating. Bye. Is he staring? Who?
– That. Fair one. Go. Go and speak to him. You sit here. What is it?
– She is good. Just for Rs.200. What?
– No. No. Sir, look. Once. No. Sir. No. No. No. Hey, 150. 100. Am I bad in 100? Get lost. It’s my bad luck. Let’s go. Let’s eat something in the canteen.
– How? Don’t worry. I will handle the canteen fellow.
Come with me. Hey. Hey. Hey.
– Hey. Bring two burgers with green chili. Bring it.
– Shut up! It seems he is a new waiter. This is not our order. We know your status.
– Hey! – Hey! That man told me to give it to you. Sir. Sir. Please say two
plates extra. Please! Please! He is a great man. Are you mad? Not now. Where are you? Come here quickly.
– Speak to him. Come here. What is it? How is she? What do you mean?
– Did you like her? What? – Take her for Rs.200.
She is very beautiful. What a nice car? You are very rich. Very rich. This raid is lucky for us. Right? Is it?
– Yes. You are great. What are you doing? Oh! Hey, really. It was our raid. Even then we are lucky. Shut up. What are you talking? I will make him so happy..
so happy. Like Anarkali. I will have only one customer. He will buy a house for me. Right, sir? Am I right? Tell me, sir.
– House? Anarkali, what is a house.. ..I will keep you in a bungalow.
Bungalow. Is it? Bungalow. Really? Sir, can I put on the music? Yes. Play it. It is your car. Really? Oh no. This one is a police man too. My luck always goes in a circle
and gets stuck up. Come on. Get down, Anarkali. Listen.
Until the election is over don’t.. prostitution here. Got it? Okay.
Who will feed me? Your father? Hey, what did you say? Should I put you in the lock up? Why are you staring? You are very proud of your beauty. Within a year it will fade. If you haven’t got AIDS
yet you will have it. This was written in your fate.
Go away! Stupid. What is it? Sir. I haven’t got AIDS yet. But you will surely get it. That too from your wife. Rasik, run. Shut up.
– Run. Run. She robbed my product. Throw it down. Throw it down.
– Stop! Come, you are using bad words
for my boss. Come on. Hey, let your boss go to hell. I will make you dance in such
a manner that you will fall. What will you make us dance?
He is making us dance. The most affluent rich man
of this city. Hey! Did you hear the name of Mr. Vaman? O God! Is it some minister? Vaman means a big politician. The biggest politician
of Maharashtra. Our Chief minister
works as he says. But Mr. Vaman has no children. He has a niece. He loves her a lot. Rajan is having an affair
with his niece. Next month both of them will
be getting married. Now tell me will Rajan
fall for you? No. With whom did you pick up a fight? I didn’t know about it. He has trapped such
a big personality. Collector, please come in. Sit down. Pandurang. Yes. Order a cold drink for
Mr. Kelkar. – Yes sir. Rajan, for you.
– Give it. Wow!
– Rasik. Look. It’s 1000 rupees notes. Your tender will be passed. Wow, make me a policeman
in my next life. Please! He will surely make you one.
He surely listens to us. He made you a dealer now. And me, Anarkali. Nonsense. Hello. Rajan. Watch it.
Your wedding will be so grand. Not only the female
politicians but.. ..all male politicians
will watch it. Let this bi-election get over. This election is stuck like
a bone in my throat. We were winning easily. But Jadeja is from the opposition. He went and joined Pandu.
– Forget about him. We will have to stop Jadeja
somehow. – Yes. Yes. But. Who will stop him? There is one person who
will do this magic. Mr. Vaman.
– Yes, Mr. Rajan. If you say it will make
our point strong. Alright. I will speak. Yes Somdutt. Hello. What? Tomorrow? Vaman himself. Okay. Alright. Alright. Mr. Vaman has done his magic. What? – Mr. Vaman is coming as
a chief guest in tomorrow’s.. ..general wedding held
by the women cell. Great. That’s great. The president is Jadeja. Jadeja and Mr. Vaman will speak. Yes. Mr. Vaman will make him agree. That’s great. It’s great news. The stage must be surrounded.
– Sir. Mr. Vaman is here.
He called you urgently. Is it?
– There is no one inside. What?
– There is no one. But I. You. Alright. It’s you. It’s for that. Why didn’t you come last night? I am not your servant. That your press the
remote and I come. You are a servant. My uncle’s.. ..biggest servant. Don’t you know.. ..why you are getting
married to me? Okay. Alright. We won’t get married. But I want to marry. I can’t wait any longer. If only we could marry today. Let’s marry. Where 100 weddings
are taking place.. more can be added to it. Are you mad? The wedding of Mr. Vaman’s niece.. ..with these poor people. So disgusting. My wedding will be very grand. Jadeja is stupid. He changed at the last moment. He messaged that I am not well,
I can’t come. Look. What does he think?
He will win by doing this. I say Mr. Vaman, suspend the
rogue from the party. Don’t dismiss Shyamrao. I knew he wouldn’t come. What? You knew. Then you will have a
solution for this. Not one but 1000 solutions. I have got many Jadeja’s to book.
It is not the first time. I have the solution to
any other problem too. I will show you tonight. Thank you. I can find my own solution. Giri. Stop touching my ass. What? How can I touch it? My hands are here.
– What do you want to say? That Mr. Vaman was touching it. Who me? How dare you joke like this? You do bad actions and I am blamed. My hands were here. Even my hands are here. You can see it. Shyamrao,
his hands are also in the front. It’s a shame. We are in a big crisis and you
are thinking of these things. Say sorry. But Mr. Vaman.. You both are standing beside her. I am so far. Shut up. – You always say my hands
are longer than the law. Yes. If is longer than the
law then touch the law. Say sorry. I am sorry, Anuradha. It’s alright. Don’t worry about Jadeja,
I will take care of him. Come on to attend the wedding.
Come on. Absolutely. Mr. Vaman,
you put us in a fix sometimes. Okay. I can’t control myself
when I see a woman. What is this? Lok Bandhu has kept two trucks
and opened an exhibition. He will talk against you and
influence the people. If you say, should I arrest him?
– No. I will handle it. Shake your hand today.
Tomorrow we will shake you. Where is my garland? Forget the garland. Wearing a
garland doesn’t make you win. Hello brothers and sisters. Take this. Adjust with this today. It is a great privileged for us. On the occasion of this general
wedding ceremony. Mr. Vaman himself.. here to bless us. It is a lie. A grave lie. Brothers and sisters. Mr. Vaman is here.. ..not to bless you. But has come here to
appease Jadeja. Who has left his party
with 40 MLA’s. Your..
– Giri. Brothers, this argument must end. He is trying to influence you. I will tell you the truth. The truth is. The truth is what Mr. Lok
Bandhu said. I have come here to appease Jadeja. I want to ask the people of Satara. Don’t two brothers have differences? Don’t they quarrel? But as an elder brother
isn’t it my.. ..duty to forgive my
younger brother. So love remains between
two brothers. There are no problems.
Let the nation grow. Tell me am I wrong? No. No. Brothers, the point Mr. Vaman
is speaking about.. ..he is selling that same nation
and eating up the money. Mr. Vaman is getting
his niece married.. month in this city.. ..grandly. So? – The government’s money
in billions and millions.. ..will be wasted like water.
The money that is yours and mine. Look.
– The list of VIP. VVIP list. It is more than 10,000. Will you vote for Mr. Vaman’s
party? No. No. Down with Mr. Vaman.
Down with Mr. Vaman. Down with Mr. Vaman. Down with Mr. Vaman.
– Calm down. Calm down. It is very shameful. It is very shameful. You know me since so many years. That stupid. Idiot. He is giving bad words.
– You are listening to him. Am I so lowly? So lowly that.. ..I will waste your money
just like that. This man was right
only in one point. He is giving me bad words.
– Doesn’t matter. – 10,000 guests. They are none other. It is you.
– Great. Great. The wedding here is
not of 100 pairs. It is the wedding of 101 pairs. And that 101th pair is.. niece Rashmi and
Inspector Rajan. Wow! Wow! Wow! Mr. Vaman. Hail to Mr. Vaman! Hail to Mr. Vaman. Hail to Mr. Vaman. Rashmi. Listen to me Rashmi. Rashmi. Try to understand me, Rashmi. Oh god, what am I hearing! Rashmi ran away. Yes.
Now even god can’t bring her back. What to do now? Mr. Vaman said it in
front of the people. What if the wedding
doesn’t take place? Wait. Wait. There are many girls in the ashram. We will give money to someone and.
– ..ask her to sit for the wedding. We will hide her face with flowers.
No one will find out. No. What are you saying? Giri, the girls here are
very sentimental. So what? – We will take vows
at the wedding. – True. What if she doesn’t leave
me after marriage? Correct. Correct. And if the opposition
comes to know then.. ..another problem will be created. What to do? How do we get a girl
who will do what we want? She shouldn’t be from here. Should be on her own.
She should look like Rashmi. Who will get ready to
marry in five minutes. Where will we get such a girl? From the lock up. Enough. You had three plates already. Do you know how much they
are shouting? Come soon. Give the money quickly. You will get it. Mr. Rajan will
give the money. – Mr. Rajan. If Mr. Rajan shows
his true colors.. ..then I will show my colors too. He will stand lonely as a groom. Come on, get ready. Mr. Vaman’s
niece is getting married. The media is there. We have come here.
We are watching the wedding. Cover your face. What?
– Hey. Cover your face. Stop there. Now garland each other
with fire as witness. Go behind. Just a moment. The deal was for 2000. Are you mad? 2000 for a wedding. Are you giving 2000? Or should I go?
– NO. I am giving. Hey. Sir. Sir. Let the wedding get over once.
Then watch it. I will keep you in
prison all your life. Is it? Then take this. Look, don’t act with me. Now garland each other. What are you looking at? It’s you, Kasturi. Enjoy this moment.
Look at yourself. We won’t get this opportunity
again in life. Rajan.
– Rajan. She’s good. Sir. Enough. Look. Even you. Look at him. Pray to him. You had to put Vaman to shame.
You glorified him. You should have glorified
me with 40.. ..MLA’s there you put me to shame. The list was over.
There was no issue. – Issue. But you cleared my issue. I will take care. I will take care. What did you take care of? Music. Jadeja, Shyamrao will get
the license of the stage. Guarantee.
– License. But this will be a big lie.
– So? What happened?
This is real politics. Tell lies. Openly. Tell it
in front of everyone. Say with pride but say
it in such a manner.. ..that people go crazy for you. What did you say, Mister? Jadeja, I will make you the C.M.
– Nonsense. Will I become a C.M now?
– Forget about being the C.M. Think of the stage. You promised me.. ..that I will get this license. If that doesn’t happens then
our relationship is over. Mukund. Don’t worry. I am there. I will use all my resources
for this stage. Hello India.
I am Vicky Nair from Zee News. The whole of Maharashtra
waited for this day. Today Mr. Vaman and Jadeja.. ..have united. Now they are
going to meet each other. I am very happy that.. ..Jadeja is once again in our party. One more thing. The tenders of special
economic cell are open. The tender will be
given to the one.. ..whose tender will be the lowest
and that is Shyamrao. I fully trust you. I told you fulfill my demand.
Didn’t you understand? Jadeja, have patience. Where? I am sorry for the
misunderstanding. The tender is given to Shyamrao. You showed your colors.
– Let’s go. – No. Wait. Wait. Since when I am telling you. You are making me say
the name purposely. Now tell me say it. You are not getting the license.
He is getting it. Hail to Vamanrao. Hail to Vamanrao. This is cheating. This license has already
been given to me. When?
– Yesterday. – It’s a lie. Stop this dirty politics. Vaman.
– Shyamrao. – For Jadeja.. didn’t value our
friendship of years. Watch how I deal with you. Shyamrao.
– I will spend money like water. But I won’t let you
win the election. Shyamrao.
– I know all your vices. This deal will prove a
disaster to you. You are a greedy man.
– Shyamrao. – What are you saying? Hail to Vamanrao! Hail to Vamanrao! Wait there. Why are you disturbing us?
– Sorry sir. But where should I take them? All the rooms are full.
– Let them use my bedroom. How many more are coming?
– At least a 100. In my daughter’s room. Bathroom. And if needed send them
to the toilet. But don’t disturb me. Got it? Go.
– Yes sir. Let’s go. Let’s go. Editor,
the whole reel will be over. But the stories of Vaman’s
scams will not end. Write it in your newspaper.
– Write it. And look at this. That Rajan.. ..the girl that he married.. ..she is not Rashmi. But a prostitute. Oh my god! Oh my god!
– Do you know? A big scam for you. Big scandal.
– What? What? Vaman wants a woman every night. This can be a big scandal. My bedroom. Bedroom. Okay. Okay. Sir.
– Come. Come. Shyamrao, tell me one thing. What are all these prostitutes
doing here? So that not one is left
for that Mukund Desai? Now it is his duty to arrange
for the night. Which was earlier mine. Not only Satara but I
collected all the.. ..prostitutes of the
whole district. So that he doesn’t get even one.
– Wow. What revenge. Yes. Come soon. Where is she?
Get her out. Shayamrao’s men went there
before us at every place. I knew. I knew this would happen. I will go mad. I will go mad. There is not even one in
the whole district. Oh no. There is one. There is one. And not even Shyamrao’s
men can touch her. Who is it? Tell me quickly. I am ready to pay any amount
for her. Where is she? Really. She is great. Did you come here for some
special customer? Is he very sexy? Pass. Pass. Top class. Be quick. Do you know how much is
the deal for tonight? How much?
– Try to guess. I haven’t seen more than 1000. Ten times more. So much? It may be the first night. Look. I can give it right now if..
– What? Tell me. Tell me. I didn’t mean that. Why not? After all I am your wife. Right? I am your wife, right? I am your wife. That was an act. You were the solution. Do you like me? You like me, right? I. Won’t you touch me? Look.
Liking is something else and.. ..a person like you.. ..even if I die. Leave me. What are you doing? I told you many times that
I am not your husband. Rashmi, you? Wow. That’s great. Really? You are a good actor. You acted so well before her. Rashmi, don’t trust her at all. I had told you on the phone about
her. She is not leaving me. That is you who took my place
at the general wedding. You haven’t removed
these clothes yet. She considered this false
game as reality. Oh no. You were saying that she is. See. She is a prostitute. Even you are a prostitute. Only difference is the rate. How dare you?
You are comparing yourself to me. You don’t know who I am.
Fool! I am my uncle’s niece. I can deal with your uncle. Rajan.
– If I give up the secret. He will come here and
make a deal with me. Leave her. You have to go somewhere.
Come along. Come, come on. I am going away with this problem. Give me the money or
I won’t go anywhere. I won’t give you any money
until you leave. Once the work is over imprison
her again. – Stupid. I earn the money and he keeps it. He is making me work for free. He married me yesterday and
now he is selling me. Do you think I am your property? Stupid. Policeman. Hey, where are you taking me? Tell me.
– Sit down quietly. Stupid. Your customer has changed. You have no other option
than to agree. You will get good money. What do you mean by good money? I mean you will get as much
as Rajan was saying. Leave it.
I always repented in the dark. Get lost! Get more. Thank you friend.
Thank you very much. Go away. Go. Rajan was giving 10,000
for a night. Exactly. I swear. When your rate is 200. Really. That is true. Now you want 20,000
for one night. Exactly.
– Meaning. You didn’t understand. Look. You said to go to circuit house. I will get 10,000
for work there. He said to stay here the whole
night and not to do any work. Another 10,000
for another work. Did you understand?
How it’s 20,000. She is smart.
– A player. Sir. My business is such. The game is for fun. And excitement. Sir, am I right? Got it. Look at her attitude.
She will give anyone pain. Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! What? You gave a brilliant idea. Sorry. The work that we are going
to tell you for that. The food is over. Leave the food. Tell me. – Do you
know how much I will pay you? How much? A billion. A billion? No need of going anywhere. I got it. Not to go to Mr. Vaman. I won’t go ever.
I won’t ever go. Okay. Hey, you must go. You must go. And do something that
his senses wake up. The animal inside him.. ..should come out.
– All your charms. Show everything. Just dazzle him. And we will video
shoot all of this. This will be shown in all
the channels of India. Done.
– Done. – Done. To trap someone.. very easy for me, Shyam. But I have terms and conditions.
– Terms and conditions. I will trap someone else too. And you must shoot his video too. Whose? Inspector Rajan. “Oh god. My heat!” “Is given to you.” “My beloved.” “My beloved. It’s my fate.” “Touch me with love.” “I will swing in your arms.” “The heart is restless.” “I am anxious.” “I beckon you.” “I am in love.” “You too give me your heart.” “You can’t escape.” “You too give me your heart.” “You can’t escape.” “We will be oblivious.” “Let the passion be kindled.” “Satiate the desire.” “Let the passion be kindled.” “Satiate the desire.” “Let the age not pass..” “ solitude.” “Listen to me.” “Caress me.” “Don’t stop yourself.” “Let’s get oblivious.” Oh yeah. “Hey my heart!” Quick. Quick. Hey, he is not moving. Something is wrong. Kasturi, go and check. Go. Our shooting is over,
let him stand. Once he gets tired
he will sit down. Is he tired? Not breathing.
– Not moving. – Not breathing. My god. He is dead. Oh my god! Such a big scandal.
Shoot. Shoot. Run. Run. Just a moment! Where is Kasturi?
– Hey. Vaman. Vaman. Oh my god! Rajan. My love. I won’t spare you. Vaman is dead.
But he put you in a fix. I have a video of you and
him enjoying. Wait. Wait. Do you know how much money
I got for this? A billion. Look. Look. I will get all the money
out of you. Wait. Great. Best night. This is the best night of my life. Best night.
I will get best night out of you. Wait. Wait. Hello. Yes sir. Yes Mr. Purushottam. Sir. Sir. Mr. Vaman. The doctors are saying
there is no chance. After death.. ..destruction.
Everything is on video. Yes. That girl is in their custody. She is a prostitute. Yes sir. Both the work should
be done. Both. Yes sir. We’re lucky that he’s coming here. Look.
We have to do two things quickly. Number one. We will say.. ..that Mr. Vaman is alive. Though the opposition will
say that he is dead. Dead. Secondly, this video is fake. Fake. Even the dance of that girl. Listen. This girl is our main agenda. Try and find that girl. Put it on red alert. Use as much police as
you want but that.. ..girl should be here
until morning. You too have it, Rasik. Enjoy it. We are so lucky. Am I right? Police.
The police is searching for us. Rasik, run.
It’s the question of a billion. Can’t you see while walking?
– Sorry sir. He is the same one. Wait. Look here.
– Yes sir. I have seen you somewhere. Come on, sir. You married me
in the morning. – With you? Yes. In the general wedding. Among those 100 couples
one pair was ours. She is my wife. Say hello to sir. Bless me.
– Alright. Wait. I have seen you somewhere too. Lock up.
– Forget the lock up, sir. Who?
– President. – So what. In the bus. What happened about the bus?
– On the seat. – What on the seat? A woman was disguised as a man.
– What? But how do you know? She was talking in her sleep. Did you get it? Sir, she was taking her name too. Kishori. Something as Kishori. Not Kishori but Kasturi.
– Yes sir. Right. Now she won’t be spared. Catch her. Catch her. Good job. Thank you. Say hello to Rasik. And don’t
forget your Anarkali. – Alright. It will be in vain. Will you come quietly or should
I shoot once more? My fate.. ..goes in a circle and stop’s
at the red light. We have got a surprising
news on email. That Indian Congress
People Socialist.. ..Democratic Sector Party,
the member.. ..Mr. Vamanrao Ganpatrao Nimbakar
has passed away suddenly. We have got the pictures
of his death. – Hey! The headquarters of
the ruling party.. ..has completely denied this news. We have found a video tape which.. ..has Mr. Vaman’s dirty pictures. We will show that tape after.. ..investigating its authenticity. We’ve done it. Giri.
– Yes. No one knows that I have come here. No. No. – They will understand
that surely there is a crisis. We just kept staring. But I won’t. Hmm?
– Right. We need that.
– Wow! What a brilliant idea, sir? Who is he? He..
he is the businessman Mukund Desai. You are doomed. What?
– He is Jadeja’s man. Jadeja is with us. Jadea can never be with me.
– He is with us. He is waiting to see
when I am thrown.. ..out and he becomes the C.M. Remove him out. It is not needed. I will go on my own. But before leaving I will surely
tell you one thing. You are surely frightened, weak. Listen. You are just any C.M. What is he saying? Wait. Wait. Do you have the guts of
scolding me again? Not once. But 1000 times.
– What? Shake hands. I liked it when you scolded me. Don’t worry sir.
I will scold you every day. Let this channel be doomed. Look at this dance. Vaman is on video. Oh no. Oh no. What to do, sir? Children. Old people. Family.
All are watching it. The media has crossed its limit. What is left? Look,
how he is interested in the girl? Vaman has done this all his life. What is this? The same girl. Did you marry her? Whom did you marry? A prostitute. Sir, this is a long and
complicated story. How can we get it now? Complicate. This. Who will solve this
complication now? Rajan. Tell me this much.. your wedding snap.. ..what is this girl doing? This wedding is true.
But this bride is fake. Rashmi ran away at the last moment. So we had to make this
girl sit in her place. I got it. I got it. I have a great idea. This wedding picture will help us. Sir. Sir. What do you mean?
– I mean.. ..the girl in the picture. That is Vaman’s niece Rashmi. No. No. – I know she is a
prostitute who takes Rs. 200. But today onwards she is Rashmi. She married Rajan in front of
so many thousands of people. She garland him and
also took the vows. Right. Now tell me. If this girl is Vaman’s
niece Rashmi. Then can he do such dirty things.. ..with a daughter like niece? Which was shown in the video? That’s why.. and this video. This is false. This is false. Sir, I can’t do it. Think about it once.
– Think of it. Speak one by one. Sir, we have only one question. This girl who takes Rs. 200..
suddenly.. can she become Vaman’s niece? Why not?
– What? No. I agree. Rashmi was in America for
the last two or three years. But she was staying here since
20 years. Everyone knows her. Who is included in everyone? Everyone means her parents,
her friends, her college friends. Everyone. Everyone will say
in the press conference. Kasturi is Rashmi. All her certificates,
birth certificates.. ..driving license.. ..passport,
Aadhar card will be made overnight. Check and mate.
– What? You have thought it well. You are a master. Master. Rajan. Now your role is important. If Kasturi is Rashmi then she is
your wife from here on. Okay. What?
What are you saying? A prostitute. Whether she takes 200 or two million. Now on she is your wife until
the elections are over. Okay. Now don’t argue with the
Chief Minister. Please! Quick. Quick. What are you doing here? Yes. You didn’t feel anything
while taking the money. To take a billion.. takes time, my dear. My dear. You changed very quickly. Who will give the rest of the
money? Your dad. – Shut up. The remaining money isn’t here
but at the police station. I want it right now. Bring it. Sweet.
Sweet. Ma’am, this is your sweet. We will get your money. First give me the money. Then I will do the work.
– Take your Rs.12,000. Hey, I am not anyone’s daughter.
Got it? I am a prostitute. I know it. The real thing is.. ..whether I am ready to take
Rashmi’s place or not. Another 12,000 for that. Accepted. Let me finish what I am saying. 12,000. One day. Accepted. – Why are you saying
accepted like a new bride? You will forget it later. When will I get the money? Every day before the work begins. The whole sum together. Now tell me. Accepted. You accepted it. So even I am ready to
become his bride. Accept it. Surprise.
Surprise. Surprise. Breaking news. The ruling party has changed
today’s press conference.. ..into a debate, under pressure
from the opposition. Live. Now the question
is what is the truth. Brothers and sisters. Mr. Vaman.. like a godfather
to this state. And the most favorite minister
of the people. He is blamed so badly.. ..that he is flirting
with his niece. Oh no. Oh no. I can’t even say it. He dirtied our 5000
year old culture. This is a lie. Where is Rashmi? Why haven’t you got her out? Why are you hiding her? Calm down. Calm down. Brothers. If you want.. ..that the girl comes here. Then she will surely come. But brothers.. is not our insult. It will be his. His. Friends,
such a dirty girl can’t be Rashmi. I.. am with Lokmand. Lokmand! Jadeja, you are welcome. Hello! Hello! Her style and attitude proves.. ..that she is a prostitute. She is a prostitute.
– No. No. I am stylish. As I have lived in America. I was a model.
I used to do cat walk. Like this. Like this. Satara, how is it? This is the voice of the people. Our country is because
of those people. Can’t be anyone beside him.
– Great! Giri, I am with you.
– Jadeja? What are you doing? Why are you clapping? She is a prostitute. Her reality is.. watch it. What will you show, Lothu?
– Lothu. Even my wife didn’t call
me that until now. Is it? She is not your wife.
She is a prostitute. Since the last four years the
prostitute den that she works in.. ..I will call the aunt from there. Anandi,
please come on the stage quickly. Hello people. Listen from her. What is the truth? I am Anandi,
house number 13, Goodworks, Pune. He is our regular client. I know everything about
this Kasturi. She is a prostitute
since she was 15. I bailed her out from a lockup
in Pune four years ago. Yes. Since then she is with me. Rustom, isn’t it true? You are right, Anandi. Since the time I became an agent. I have seen her at Anandi’s place. Uncle, where are you going? I don’t want to hear
such dirty talks. You must listen. It increases
your general knowledge. Sit down.
– No. Stop this acting. Now I believe that such
a lowly woman.. ..can’t be Rashmi. I agree with Lok Bandu completely. Jadeja, you are welcome again. I don’t understand anything. Hubby. Hubby.
– What is this? She is your wife. Go. People are watching. I.. I am watching. I am watching how people
are blaming my wife. She.. is being called a prostitute. In reality she doesn’t even
know what is this business. Absolutely. I agree that I was working. I used to do night shifts too. I used to work hard. But I ask.. earn a living with your body.. it a sin? No. No. Lokhu?
– No. What do you say husband? No. Absolutely not. I am proud of you. Proud of you. My love for you has grown. Yes.
– Really? How much has it grown?
I want to see. Kiss me and show. Why not? Even I love my husband. Even I will kiss him. Watch our love. It is fixed for her.
– I told you. Watch how pure their love is. Did you see, now you may believe it? That she is our Rashmi. Yes. We believe. This is Rashmi. Rashmi. A goddess. What are you saying?
What is wrong with you? Stupid. Take your money.
You will go to hell. You will rot.
You want me to tell lies. Rashmi, I will pray to god that
you have a good married life. Go away.
– I am leaving. Calm down. Rashmi. Rashmi.
– Rashmi. Rashmi!
– Hey. This is the voice of the people. I.. am with the people. These
people make you tell lies. Forgive me.
– No. No. Rashmi. Rashmi. Rashmi. Now the people want to listen
to your decision. No. No. No. The audience is right. Vaman’s niece can be Rashmi. Brother, today Rashmi.. ..has united all our
political parties. Really she is a wonderful woman. If Mr. Vaman was here. He would be so proud of his niece. You mean to say if he was here. Here. – Here or there. What
difference does it make? May god rest his soul..
– In peace. It means Mr. Vaman is no more.
Brothers and sisters. You just heard that
Mr. Vaman is dead. No. No. He isn’t dead. Mr. Vaman isn’t dead. He can never die. Why?
– As he is immortal. – Alright. If he is immortal then call
him here. – Call him. The people want to see him.
Call him. He can’t come here today. Mukund Desai is here. Mr. Vaman will inaugurate it.
Will he come there or not? Answer. – Speak up. – The
people want proof. Speak up. Speak up. You want proof.
– Yes. Alright.
– Perfect. Your..
– What? What? What are you doing? Mr. Vaman will come there.
Walk around. Shake hands, cut the ribbon
and also give a speech. Listen to it then. Brothers, tomorrow will
be an interesting day. Let’s see how a corpse will
inaugurate a function. Mr. Vaman will inaugurate
the function. Cut the ribbon. He’ll also give a speech.
Okay, sir. I was listening.
I was listening to everything. What should I do with you all? When one problem ends
other faces you. How?
How will a dead man inaugurate? Tell me. Impossible. Girl, why did you need to
talk nonsense there? We were not talking about the past. When a prostitute.. considered Rashmi
by the whole of India. I thought,
clear accounts in 500 rupees. I can’t agree. I can’t agree.
– Rajan. Pay her and send her away. Get out. Okay sir. Come on. Come on. Yes. Yes. Come on. How do we get out of this trouble? How? How? You had told me that
you will scold me. Yes. Absolutely. I can do it. Then scold me? Hey, you stupid man. You have so much money even
then you are not satisfied. A C.M. Like you.. ..should be beaten up. Yes. Yes. Beat me. Beat me. Should I beat you?
– Yes. Beat me. The harder you hit me,
the better idea will I get. Beat me. Even you. Me? You are the C.M. Beat me. Please beat me. Hit me. You start. I got a brilliant idea. Go and announce in tomorrow’s
function.. ..Chief Minister Purushotam
Joshi is arriving. What is the idea? Call up BB Atomic research centre. And call the chief scientist
Krishna Murthy. Sir. Sir, listen to me. Sir. Sir, I am a scientist of
atomic research. I am not god. I can make atomic bomb for you.
Plutonium bomb. I can send you to the moon.
I can send you to Mars. But.. To bring life to a dead man.
It’s impossible. You are misunderstanding me. Oh! I misunderstood.
Thank god, I misunderstood. Sir, please explain again. You don’t have to bring
the dead man to life. In fact you have to
make him walk, sit. Make him shake hands with people. Inauguration.
And make him speak for five minutes. That’s all you have to do. Just so much. Alright sir. You forgot the most
important thing. What?
– He is a dead man. Dead man. No scientist in the world. Can do this work. But you will do it. – How?
– Krishnamurthy, you will do it. You have taken grant from the
government since years. Is it? Everything comes from abroad. You have to bring a dead man
to life for half an hour. Can’t you do it? I will shut down your
research centre. Remember it.
You have only today to decide. Sir. Sir. Sir, is it possible. Only 24 hours. Deducting six hours from it. How can she be Rashmi?
While I am Rashmi. Answer me. Tell me if she is Rashmi.
Then who the hell am I? Rashmi, this is just an act. We’ve to do it. Here she comes. To show her rights. He’s upset. Rashmi.
– Let’s go, darling. I don’t enjoy sleeping alone. It’s a habit since years. Come on.
– Shut up. You are my wife.
But only name sake. If I was name sake.. ..then why were you sticking
to me on the stage. That was just a pretence. Stop talking nonsense
and go to sleep. Go. She is right.
Since the time this drama began. You have changed. Not only you, everyone has changed. Today. Today that.. Such a act of his. Who? Who did what to you? That Jadeja. On the pretext of meeting me,
he was hugging me. Looking at me. I won’t spare that Jadeja. But you don’t worry. I am with you. Yes darling,
this happens with me daily. You don’t say anything then. After all I am your wife. Will you go or not? I know. I know. You are happy. You can touch me. You can love
too. But with me.. – Shut up. Don’t talk nonsense, Kasturi. Do you think everyone is like you? Rashmi, let’s go from here. Just a moment. Tell me one thing truthfully. Listen..
– No. No. Why are you listening to her talks? She wants our relationship
to break. In reality she is in love with me. She thinks that even I love her. You are right. I trusted you. I got emotional. Everybody at stand by.
Check motion control. Check okay.
– What did you do for okay? The test is negative. Fix the wire of battery number 79A. It’s done. Not that one. But that one. Below the hand. Left. Battery number 79A. Yes. Section A, ready. Ready. Stand by. Position.
Will you check the height? Body, move forward. Mr. Vaman has started walking. Mr. Vaman is coming to shake hands. Shake hands. Oh! He is not holding my
hands but my weapon. He’s pressing it hard.
– Listen. I am in trouble. Do something. About turn. Keep it up. Go. What are you doing, Krishnamurthy?
I will be useless forever. Move forward. Hands up. Body, wait.. just a minute. Mr. C.M, is everything alright? Krishnamurthy, do something.
Krishnamurthy, do something. Mr. Vaman. Stop it. Krishnamurthy, do something. I am sorry.
Not Krishnamurthy. Halt. Halt. Krishnamurthy, it’s very late.
– Don’t worry. Sir, Sir. Not me. Body, back to position. Oh, I am sorry. Sorry. It’s bad..
– Sir. Now ready for the pieces. How will the dead body speak? Just a moment. Just a moment. Do you have Mr. Vaman’s voice?
– Mr. Vaman’s voice? Mr. Vaman is dead, right?
– Thank you for the information. He will move around dead. He will cut the ribbon. He will give a speech though dead. But who will speak in his voice. We didn’t think about it. Purshottam. Mr. Vaman. What are you doing there? Go.
Go and get some buttermilk for me. Oh, yes sir.
– We were talking about your voice. Where did the voice come from? You join the duty at
two in the night. You have 12,000 in your pocket. Kasturi. Kasturi. You spoke
exactly in the same voice. Great. You solved our problem. Thank you. Mention not.
Thank you. Mention not. But I am going to sleep. As I have to leave tomorrow. Your trip is canceled. You will get what you want.
– Okay. I want a house in Satara. I will live there my whole life. It’s fate. Accepted. A good house and monthly
Rs.5000. Is it okay? You accepted it then even I agree.
Tell me what should I do? Okay. Ready. – Yes. – This
is the remote for speech. Whatever the body has to speak
is fed in its chip. Understood?
– I understand. Everything will be fine
if the remote is fine. The remote is working.
You should be in your senses. Okay. Killer. Killer. You have to kill someone. At least you have to shoot
him with six bullets. Who is it?
– Mr. Vamanrao. – Mr. Vamanrao? When he will be giving the speech? When I clean my face with
a white kerchief. Shoot him.
– Okay boss. Okay.
But keep the white kerchief ready. Okay.
– Okay. Listen. What is the use of shooting
a dead body? Mr. Vaman will be killed
before the people. So his death will be hidden.
– Because of Mr. Vamanrao.. ..I could never become a C.M.. ..nor will I ever
be able to be one. Even if he is alive,
he is equal to dead. I will blame Jadeja
for Vaman’s death. Vaman will die. Jadeja will
be a criminal all his life. Now we’ve to do it. Wait. I will smash this stupid C.M. Why did you call me again?
– Excuse me. What happened?
Why did you come back? You have to kill one more person.
– Who? Kasturi. After shooting Mr. Vaman. Don’t forget to keep
the white kerchief. No white kerchief.
No killing. Okay. Okay. – Why Kasturi?
– Why are you asking? You are right. When the real Rashmi is dead. Then what has that
fake Rashmi to do? Hail to Mr. Vaman! Here he comes. Hail to Mr. Vaman!
– Hail to Mr. Vaman! We request Mr. Vaman.. ..that he accepts salutation
from the minister here. Don’t spare Jadeja. Okay. Mr. Vaman. Traitor, you spread the news
of my death, right? More, more.
– Slap. You want to become the C.M.? The people won’t let you
become the C.M. At all. Am I telling the truth? Jadeja. Jadeja, Jadeja. Now Mr. Vaman.. ..will inaugurate the function. Killer. He is. What is happening to Mr. Vaman?
Which button did you press? I didn’t do anything.
Some wire has gone loose. The bullet hit the target. Why is he running? Will he keep running? Control him. How? What should I do?
– Do anything. Or the people will throw stones.
Sing patriotic songs. Quick. Why hasn’t he died yet? Attention. Attention. “Hey nation. Hey nation.” Let’s move ahead.
– Let me see now. What is wrong? Why isn’t he dead? – That’s great.
Front. Back. Left. Right. Patriotism is on all sides.
– Let me see now. He started dancing again.
– Kasturi, song number 2. Number 2. “Hey! Hey! Nation. Nation.” “Come on, giddy-up!” You’re mine. Funk it. He is still alive. What is your killer doing?
– God knows what he is waiting for. Show him the white kerchief. Kerchief?
– Yes. I lost my kerchief.
– Lost it. – Yes. Hello.
– Hey. Brother, bullet. Bullet. When will you shoot?
– He is not dying. Do one thing.
Show me the white kerchief. White kerchief is lost. I told you if there is
no white kerchief.. ..then there is no killing. Hey. Hey.
– Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
– Hey. Hey. – Hey. Hey. Hey. Hey.
– O God. Hey. Hey.
– Hey. Hey. – He is dancing again. “Rock and roll.” Oh.. He’s dancing. What should I do? “O beloved..” “Let’s rock and roll.” You can see all the white
kerchief’s. Now shoot. But we had spoken about
one white kerchief. Not so many kerchief’s. Okay. Will red do? But the charge will be double.
Is it okay? Alright. Agreed. Now shoot. Double charge.
– Wow! Wow! He stopped dancing.
But why isn’t he dying. Why don’t you shoot? No. No. Not at all. Now I
won’t shoot even once. Let me know where the problem is. Why aren’t the bullets working? Let me do one thing.
Let me shoot myself. One. Two. Three. Hello. Ready. Shoot when Mr. Vaman
starts speaking. Okay.
– Okay boss. Now I’ll do the destruction. Sing. Sing again. Sing anything.
– How much will I sing? – Wait. Anything. Dog and the cat.
– Dog and the cat? It will do. “Whoever it is please come.
Please come.” “We will befriend you.” “Come. Come.” Brother, you and here? Did you take a contract?
– Yes. Whose? Blood? Brother, who shot you?
Tell me the name. I shot myself.
– You shot yourself? Brother, you committed suicide. Brother, why? Why? Why? Why did you do it? Jade. Jadeja. You took Jadeja’s contract. Brother, I will kill Jadeja. Brother, I will kill him. Jadeja. – Jadeja is a big fool. You are a donkey..
– Tell it once more. Brother, tell me once more.
– Donkey. Brother. “Keep moving ahead.” “Let’s keep going.” Leave it. I will kill Mr. Vaman
with the machine gun. Look at this Jadeja. I will rectify my mistake. Someone killed Mr. Vaman.
Killed Mr. Vaman. Who is that? Why doesn’t he come out?
I’ll teach him a lesson. Kill us also. Kasturi, no one can save you.
– Shoot. I killed the one who gave
me the contract. I didn’t tell him to kill him. Kasturi, you won’t be spared. Oh my god! Mukund Desai is dead. I knew. I knew it. This was going to happen. Did you have a wholesale
deal with the killer? Giri, get aside.
– You are shooting a woman. If you have the guts then shoot me.
– Old man, take it. What difference does it make? Actually our success. Good one. How many will he kill? What are you doing?
– Who is speaking? Your father. Jadeja. Jadeja, you are next.
Good that you called. Wait there. Run. Run. The killer is there. Kill him. Oh my God!
This is truly catastrophic. This has never happened in
the history of India. The whole stage is full
of dead bodies. Brother, this is a big.. conspiracy. But friends. Mr. Vaman isn’t dead. But has given his life
for the country. That’s why I.. ..propose the name.. ..of Rashmi,
the niece of Mr. Vaman.. ..who is like a daughter to him.. ..for the post of Chief Minister. I’m doing this as there
is no one left. Friends, Rashmi will be our Chief
Minister from tomorrow. Hail to Rashmi! Hail to Rashmi! Hail to Rashmi! Kasturi as a Chief Minister. But I am Rashmi. I must be the Chief Minister. Rashmi. Rashmi. What is wrong with you, Rashmi? We have just got the
news that Rashmi.. the proposed Chief Minister. Congratulations.
– I am her husband. Wow! She loves her husband. Hail to Rashmi. Hail to Rashmi! Hail to Rashmi! After the murders at the inauguration
function.. ..was the most shameful act.. ..of the political history. Jadeja wanted Rashmi to be
his remote control but.. ..he had a face off. All his
MLA’s are supporting Rashmi. The C.M. has promised everyone
to give everyone top post. That too with an unusual condition. The condition is that
all the MLA’s.. ..will have to marry prostitutes. This is that place where you
will see prostitutes.. ..getting married in a general
wedding ceremony. We have to see how Mr. Jadeja
wins this situation. No. No. There is no other
way other than resigning. The people who made you Rashmi.. ..her parents,
relatives, college friends. All are ready to give
witness against you. Even Rashmi is supporting me. I don’t believe it. She hates you. That was the past. And for your kind information
we have got married. Don’t you believe it? Look. See it with your own eyes. Rashmi, you. He is your father’s age. How can you marry a
man half your age? That too.. to this womanizer. You couldn’t bear him touching you. Mr. Rajan,
even you couldn’t bear her. But she became a Chief Minister. You left me unconscious. The way you sold yourself,
even I did the same thing. He has promised me. That he said the real Rashmi. That is me. He will make me the Chief Minister.
– Absolutely. I will surely make you one.
– And this time.. ..the C.M will do what I wish. That’s why I have taken
the remote in my hand. By marrying. Rashmi, are you listening? If he is speaking like
this now then.. will he handle you later.
– Shut up, agent. – Shut up. What is your position?
What do you think? She will listen to you. You are an inspector who worked
for others all your life. Let it be. I want to speak to her. Who is sitting quiet? I am waiting for her last decision. Look. The real thing is that
the real Rashmi.. ..should have been the
Chief Minister. I didn’t want to be one. But..
– What? Money. Tell me how much do you
want? A million or more. I will give you five millions.
Is it okay? What? Are you speaking about the
post of a Chief Minister or.. ..some transfer of an inspector. Then tell me, how much do you want?
Try asking. I will do a deal with 25. Done.
– Done. Okay. Done.
– I didn’t say done. Then say it.
– Give me 100 millions. Even then no.
– You are making a mistake. 50 million is the last offer.
Then sorry. – 50 millions. Done. Done.
– Shut up, agent. Please. I am still that prostitute
who takes Rs. 200. After becoming the C.M. The whole world.. divided between agents
and prostitutes. I have seen so many things
in this world. So many businessmen. Big lawyers, IAS officers,
Policemen, Judge, Criminals. Everyone has a deal. Only one person doesn’t
make a deal. You’ve to pay for the deal. You.. ..are not the one to get scared. If you were god. I swear. I agree that a prostitute is
not capable of being a C.M. But is she capable? Are you capable? Is any elected
MLA capable of it? Is there anyone in the whole
state better than me? The.. ..society doesn’t give the chance
to the one who is capable. Tell me why should I vacate
the C.M’s seat. I won’t ever leave this seat. I wanted to get promotion on
the murder of 175 MLA’s. But you haven’t left
any way out for me. What do you mean? If one dead body can come to life.. ..then why not 175 dead bodies. I too was thinking. I have spoken to scientist
Krishnamurthy. In one night. I feel everyone is against me. And will make the real
Rashmi the C.M. Is this Tarachand chawl? Yes. It is. – Does Kasturi
Dhagadu Satpal lives here? So? Rajan Kunkude. Her husband. Don’t worry. We are from Siddhantwadi party. And also the members
of the Lok Sabha. We want Kasturi to stand
for Lok Sabha election. Really? Yes. Please come.
Kasu. Come in. Look who’s here. Please sit down. Don’t worry.
They are not customers. Tell us your joke. We want you to stand for.. ..the Lok Sabha election
through our party. What? That was a big joke. Who will vote for me?
– No. You aren’t aware. You are the favorite
in the whole country. She cleaned 175 MLA’s altogether. She will surely win for this reason
– Yes. In your leadership at the centre. We will be successful to
form the government. We want you to become
the Prime Minister. Yes.
– What? Did you hear?
– Yes. Listen to this. They want to make me
the Prime Minister. Why not? We will surely make
you the Prime Minister. Are you mad?
– No. She won’t listen. But you said on television. The ones who can run the country
aren’t given the opportunity. This is a big truth.
– Right. The least we can do is
to try for this truth. What else is left for
our discipline? Yes Kasu.
There is no harm in trying. At the most we will lose time. From P to PM. Hey! Hey! Always be with me. Will you vote for me? “We are truth. Please come.” “Eat money.” “We will not reform.” “No matter how hard you try.” “People are like bones.” “The heart is crazy.” “Our field is like lemon.” “Keep breaking it.” “We are dogs.” “Eat money.” “We will not reform.” “No matter how hard you try.” “What belongs to the people is
ours. Then consider it yours.” “Whether it is money or something
else. Consider it your own.” “Enjoy as long as you can.” “Cash on the chair.” “You will learn.” “No matter how much you try.” “We are dogs.” “Eaten whatever you can.” “We will not reform.” “No matter how hard you try.” “People are like dogs.” “Eat it well.” “Our field is like lemon.” “Squeeze it.” “We are dogs.” “Eat it well.” “We will not reform.” “No matter how hard you try.”



    poori jindagi men is se bakwaas film aaj tak nahin dekhi. jisne banaaya hai wo agar saamne aa jaaye to itnaa maarun usko ki uski saat pushten yaad kare.

  2. kazam abbas Author

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