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Paap Ki Kamai (HD) Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Thanga Magan | Dhanush, Samantha, Amy Jackson

‘I’ve fallen in love with ‘I Love’.’ “I love you.” ‘My heart says ‘Wow’.’ Hey! Hey, what are you doing? You’re pregnant. Don’t do all this.
Go set up the kitchen. It’s alright.
– Listen to me, go. Don’t lift anything heavy. Take care of my family.
– Where are you going? I was sacked from job alleging
that my father stole the file. I have no money, too. I need to find a job. So is it necessary for you
to find job today itself? I will find one only if
I start trying from today. Look…
– Just do me one favor. There’s no food at home. If you could bring some
food for mom and Jamuna. My mom has already
packed food for them. I’ll handle it, don’t worry.
– Thank you, buddy. Your profile is impressive. But why did you quit
your previous job? He’ll be home, come. Do you know what happened to my dad?
– No, I’ve no idea. Okay. Thank you.
– Okay. My dad…
– I know nothing about him. Okay, thanks. Are you drunk? Forgive me, Jamuna. Forgive me, Mom. I drank as I couldn’t take it. Is this our home? Is this our life? Is this how we’re going to live? We were not well-off before but we used to live a happy life. And now I’m unable to take good care
of the both of you, Mom. I’m unable to do anything for you. Please forgive me.
– What are you doing? Please forgive me, Mom. Forgive me. Mom. People are talking ill about dad, Mom. They say he looted money. I don’t understand what to do. So I got drunk. Jamuna, I got drunk.
– That’s alright. That’s alright.
– I’m so lucky to be married to you. I got drunk. ‘My name is Tarun.
My dad meant the world to me.’ ‘We were very happy.’ Dad, I drink beer. You drink everyday? No. Maybe once or twice a week. Don’t drink often, it’s bad. You guys are spoilt
watching such dirty films. How dare you bring
this into the house? Go give it back to the
person you got it from. Sorry, it’s my fault. Forget it. He must’ve watched
such films when he was young. As if we will stop watching it
because he refused. Dad might hear us. I heard you get them in 3 D now. Hurry up. The show is about to begin. ‘After my parents, there are only
two special people in my life.’ ‘My cousin Arvind
and my friend Manish.’ Arvind!
– Yes, Aunt! I’ve made pickle. Take it when you’re going home,
don’t forget. I’ll pick it in the evening. Let’s go. Quick.
– Don’t go triple-ride on the bike. What are you saying? ‘All this while, I’ve yelled at him,
I’ve also hit him.’ ‘Now that he’s got a job, if I speak to him affectionately,
he will think it’s for money.’ She’s a very good girl. I want a girl like her. What are you saying?
You can’t be choosy. – Come on. I’m okay with any kind of girl. You’re talking about marriage,
I’m talking about love. A girl would come into my life,
change my life, transform me. That’s a special feeling. So you will reform only when a girl
comes into our life? – Of course. I got it. Even you live in the same colony,
there is no beautiful girl here so the place looks so vacant. Turn on the television,
the movie is about to begin. Mom, give me water. Do you have pain in your hip? I strained my hip while
sweeping the floor. How did you broom?
– Is it a joke to you? I am asking you so seriously
and you ask if it’s a joke to me. Tarun, it’s your
dad’s birthday today, I was supposed to give offerings
at the temple but I couldn’t. Give offerings at the temple?
No chance. What about my image? You won’t go to temple
thinking what people will say? Don’t force me, Mom. Our friend went to temple
and we mocked at him. How are they connected?
– Mom, the match is about to begin. Fine, I’ll go.
You’re blackmailing me emotionally. But on one condition. Give me money for snacks.
– Okay. Your technique won’t
work all the time. You’re walking properly now? Tarun, I’m off.
– Where are you going? I’m not going to the temple. I’m off. Bye.
– I’m off, too. Where are you going?
– To give him company. Fine. Don’t make that face. I’ve known your technique
ever since childhood. Let go!
– Here you are. Take care.
– Let’s go. Okay.
– Come soon. What are you praying to God? Nothing. Just posing. You? Mobile phone, car, money. Even he’s my friend.
– Shut up. He’s a priest. You’ve come to make an offering? Yes. I’m here to offer prayers
for my dad. – What’s his name? His name is Vijay Raghavan.
– What’s his birth star? I don’t know. You don’t even know
your dad’s birth star? No, I don’t. Why? I am glad we came to the temple.
Decent looking girls come here. Yes, and I have chosen one. Who?
– Look over there. She’s my heroine. She? That’s Revathi.
She lives in my colony. I know. Why do you think
I come to your house often? I come for her.
– Crook. You will fail to woo her. She doesn’t even talk to anyone.
She’s very arrogant. In that case,
I’ve chosen another girl. Who is that?
– Look behind her. I saw her first so she’s mine. I will marry only her. You know you’re playing
comedian in this film. Look over there. We will find out who’s playing
comedian when I get that girl. Listen. Why is she so beautiful? I am sure she’s not single. By now, some bloke must’ve
wooed that beautiful girl. You feel so because you’re
not as good looking as me. But I am sure she still single. My heart says she has no boyfriend. Your comedy timing is great today. You stand no chance. She’s leaving. Whatever I say seems funny to you. The one in green dress is yours
and the one in orange is mine. That was a quick decision. Arvind needn’t know about this.
– Why? Because he is more handsome. Yes.
– Yes. Is that okay? Where are you going?
– To the temple. ‘To the temple?
He never visits temples.’ Where are you going?
– I am going to the shop. For what?
– To buy undergarment. I’ll go with you.
– No. I thought about it all night,
I’m okay with Revathi. You can have the white girl. Tell me now. Where are you going? I’m going to the temple.
Will you join me? You came to the temple thinking that girl would come at the
same time even today, right? Revathi comes to the temple everyday
at this time and so would she, simple. Now don’t teach me math. Where are you going?
– To the temple. Your comedy timing
has been great lately. Our friend Sanjay has our bat,
we’re going to collect it. Mom has sent flour,
I’ll give it to aunt and come. Listen. This is not a job for three. The two of us will get it.
– You eat pancakes. Yes, you eat pancakes. Bye.
– Let’s go fast. Do you know why we avoided him? Because he will tell his mother,
his mother would tell my mother, my mother will tell my father
and my father will inquire me. Eat while you eat. Tarun, your mother told me you’ve
been going to the temple everyday. Serve me hot rolled bread. You go to temple everyday? You didn’t know that? He doesn’t do anything without you. That’s right, he doesn’t do
anything without you. That’s a good thing. Arvind, what are your plans
after completing studies? I want to do business, like dad. Is he studying business? I’ve no idea about that. He must be doing something. But he roams around
in scooter all the time. Scooter! I took the scooter to work
but took the bus back home. What have you done?
– What’s the matter with you? Consult a good doctor.
Your memory is getting worse. You and Arvind go to my office
and get my scooter. No, I’ve to study. It’ll only take you half-an-hour.
Please. Go get it, Son. Why did you get upset?
I didn’t mean to hide it from you. I’ll tell you the truth. Mom forced me to go
to the temple that day. Something changed after going there. A sense of happiness, peace. I felt enlightened. I then developed a feeling to
visiting the temple everyday. If I told you, you’d make fun of me. So I didn’t tell you.
Stop. Dad’s office if here. Why are you lying to me? I’ll deal with you when
you get into trouble. Look, you should’ve said
something believable. – Shut up. He won’t get upset. Alright. Until when will
you only gaze at her? Talk to her. She’s above my status.
So I’m a little reluctant. You’re being so reluctant to
talk to a girl. You’re amazing. If I focus on such trivial matters,
how will I become successful? Why didn’t you attend the classes? I’d gone to the temple. So funny. No, I am not. One needs happiness,
peace and enlightenment. I won’t go to the temple anymore. Let it be.
– Why? You’ve attained salvation? Forget it. Let’s go up to the terrace
and drink some beer. No, I’m going to watch movie. With whom?
– With Gokul and his friends. Why would you go
with those boring guys? There’s a girl in the temple…
– It’s not like that. I’m going because he called me. See you later. Bye. Bye, Manish. He did that on purpose. Doesn’t make any difference.
We’re having fun without him. I am not sure if he loves you
as much as you love you him. Listen, I’m open about my feelings
and he’s not. So don’t talk like a fool. Stop!
– What? It’s the white girl. Go talk to her. This is your chance. No. – Need to get the little things right
only then you’ll become successful. Just ask for her name. She’ll either say her name or refuse. She won’t do anything more than that.
Go talk to her. Go. Hi. We’ve often met at the temple. What’s your name? Tell me. Do you know how many guys
follow me everyday? Do you know how many guys
try to talk to me? Do you know how many guys
ask for my number? If I were to give my number to everyone,
what does that make me? What made you ask my name? And he’s your friend, right? I am sure he must’ve
encouraged you to talk to me. Please go. You said she’ll either
say her name or refuse. She said everything
expect her name, right? – Yes. You idiot! I will…
– Alright, let it be. She’s very arrogant,
she won’t fall for you. That’s why I declined. Over here. Your comedy timing is incredible. You don’t stand a chance. Look over there.
What is she doing here? She’s must’ve come to meet Revathi. He’s followed me here too. What is she saying looking at us? I rather talk to him. Look, even I am handsome,
but will every other girl follow me? I even refuse to share
my phone number. What happened? Why are you laughing? You were being serious
but it sounded funny to me. Hey! Hey, what’s wrong with you?
Why are you following me? Are you mad?
– Listen up. Wait! I warned you not to
follow me, didn’t I? Aren’t you ashamed stalking a girl? Follow me again and
I’ll call the cops. Don’t follow me.
– He lives in this colony. ‘H’ Block. Look, I never followed you
nor I’d want to do so. But since you’re repeatedly
saying that I am following you, I want to follow and I will do so. I saw you at the temple four times, I asked for your name once,
and I spoke to you decently. But what did you say? ‘Do you know how many people follow me?’
And stuffs like that. Anyways, let me tell you something. You’re Revathi’s friend,
you’re no movie star. Stop being arrogant. But let me be honest. It’s not wrong for beautiful
girls to be arrogant. Let’s go, buddy. What? Hello, what’s your name?
– Why do you ask? I won’t ask your name again. Hema. Hema D’Souza. Hema, which ‘Dosa’? D’Souza.
– I see. What?
– I got it. It’s ‘Butter Masala Dosa’. What’s your name?
– What do you think of yourself? Hero. Is your father’s name Zero? She insulted you. Let it be. She’s my friend. Please don’t mind. Please.
– Fine. Awesome!
– Wow! Is she looking at me? Is he looking at me? What?
– Revathi is checking you out. Not he, his friend is checking you out. Shall I call the cops?
– Want the number? What?
– The cops’ number. I won’t give you my number. What’s wrong with you?
– Nothing. You could have rode with him, instead. Hey, stop!
– Is that okay? Can we go? You can’t enter with slippers.
– We’ll take them off, then. Let’s…
– Hello, shoes are allowed. Hello, give money and fix it up,
I can’t do it. And maintain your accounts details
and go meet the CA. There’s no need to pay the officer. Wait. Are you coming or going?
What’s going on? Do I ask you where you go?
– No, you don’t. Do I?
– No, you don’t. Then why do you ask me? Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Hello, pay attention. Don’t question me. You’re not afraid to
talk back to your dad. At his age,
he has many things to do and at our age, so do we. He shouldn’t interfere in my life
until I make a big mistake. He interferes all the time. My father misunderstands me. Your father is a good man
but he has terrible memory. The other day,
he kept calling me ‘Mustafa’. I just let it be. What can I do? I asked him to see
a doctor so many times, he won’t listen. And he works for the government
in the Income Tax department. Okay. When will she come? She must be some around.
At least buy me a beer. I’m getting bored here. I’ve lots of money with me today.
We will drink five beers each. We’ll drink and dance!
– Wow! Yeah! Let’s see the menu.
– Yeah, you’re correct. Hello, menu card. How do we spend all this money? Bloody fool. Everything costs 500 or 1000 rupees. This is priced at 20 bucks.
– That’s the water bottle. Look here, beer for Rs. 200. Give us two of this Rs. 200 beer.
– Two. What’s this? We ordered two beers,
he’s giving us only half beer. This won’t get us drunk.
– Whatever, just drink it. We’re not here to drink.
She hasn’t come yet. Don’t annoy me. There she is. Can I share your beer? Listen. Can I drink your beer? Be quiet.
– Please give me your beer. Please give me your beer.
– What are you doing? Here, drink it.
– Thanks. Where did she go? I don’t know.
– Let’s go find her. Show me your papers. Roaming around drunk with girls. Let’s go talk at the police station.
– He is… He’s our friend
Ramakanth’s father, right? Just watch me. Constable, seize that car.
– Sir… Greetings, sir.
– How are you, Tarun? Sir, I had some beer. No problem. Go.
– Can I go? What now? That girl is my friend. Shall I let go all of them? Hold the boys, I’ll take the girl. Okay.
– Thank you. Come here. Show me your license. Is it original? Out with the money. The insurance has lapsed. I’ll let you go after
your parents come. I’ll drop you home. The Assistant Commissioner will be here.
Go with him. You can trust me.
I don’t let down those who trust in me. What about your friend?
– He’ll walk home. Don’t I have any
dialogues in this scene? Even I trusted you. He’s going.
– Bye. Try to understand. What?
– You pick Revathi. Please. Please go.
– You should’ve told this to me before. Hi! You don’t drink? I saw you drink only juice.
– No, I don’t. Why?
– I don’t like it. Do you drink? What did you say?
– Do you drink beer? I drink occasionally. What do you do? What happened?
Did I brush against you? I mean, what do you do for a living? I’m a second year Bachelor of Commerce
from the arts college. And you? Bachelor of technology in architecture. You look like a White girl
but you visit temple everyday. My dad is British and
mom is a Brahmin. Mom would insist that I go to the
temple to preserve the culture. Will I have to wait at
the temple to talk to you? Okay, bye. Won’t even thank me? She didn’t even thank you? Don’t annoy me first
thing in the morning. Girls are like pancakes
and boys are the pan. People only enjoy the
taste of the pancake, they don’t care about the pan. What’s with the one liner?
– I thought it up a long time back, I was waiting for the
right time to say it. Very bad timing. Tarun. Come here. You come here.
– Very good. For Hema.
– Hema? Can you buy beer for Hema?
– Really? She told me she doesn’t drink. She’s been wanting to try it
ever since you asked her. Is it? You take rich boys to go clubbing and you need us to buy the beer? Fine, let it be.
– Wait. I will buy it.
– Where are you going? Stop. Drink. Beer price is rising because of you. Hey! It’s so bitter. You’re wasted the precious thing!
You idiot! She’s behaving like a donkey. My hair! Okay, I’m steady. I’m steady! Come. I think she’s high. You’re laughing for no reason. Are you okay, Hema? Take a good look at me.
Don’t I look okay? Yes. Shut up, hero’s friend! Even you’re heroine’s friend. Beat him too.
– Why did you hit me? Shut up! Shut up!
– You called her white girl. Look here. You look very decent. But you’ve done something very wrong. Over here.
– What did you do there? Do you know what you’ve done? What have I done, Hema? You’re disturbing me. You know how I feels? Feel!
– Come on, let’s go. Hit them tomorrow. Take her away.
– Wait! Why don’t you understand my feelings?
Idiot! – Let’s go! Stupid! Fool!
– Let’s go! That’s too much drama
just for half bottle of beer. Buddy.
– Yes. It’s fine that she slapped me. But between the slaps and curses, she was saying something. Am I right? Yes. She said you’re decent guy. You’re more decent than me. Alright?
– Okay. The point is not that. I’ve done something, something has happened. I’ve disturbed her. Does it mean…
Do you get it? You’re disturbing her.
– You don’t get it. Why is she staring at me? Hi.
– Tell her. If the heroine’s friend is not with her,
you must also not be here. Go away.
– I’m not going. Too much disturbance here.
Shall we go elsewhere? Hey! Sorry, I hit you yesterday. You hit me? No, you didn’t. But you mentioned something. About some disturbance,
about how you feel. Something about how you feel. Did I only say?
Didn’t I do anything? I lied, you actually hit me. I am seriously asking you, tell me. Whatever you said yesterday,
was it a lie? Or should I accept? Accept what? Whatever you said. What did I say? Catch me! Over here, I am over here.
– I used to play when I was a kid. I want to play again. What’s this?
– We’re going to Darjeeling. But what will I tell my parents? Happy first year love anniversary. What are you thinking? I’ve never hid anything
from dad and Arvind. Ever since Hema came into my life, it’s like Arvind is not
a part of my life now. It’s been a year since I met him. Even he doesn’t meet or call me. He knows we’re up to something. I thought I will introduce Hema to dad
and Arvind after we get back home and tell them everything. I’ll find a good job within a year
and marry Hema. After that, my parents, Hema, you, Arvind and aunt,
all of us will live happily. Surprised to see me here? Both of us study in the same college so even I’d come here. Arvind, I was about to… Stay right there,
I am listening to you. What’s the matter with you? Manish, do you know why
I’m not upset with you? The truth is…
– Stop it. Why are you hurting him?
– I’m being serious. Listen to me, I’m in love with a girl…
– Stop it. Enough.
I don’t want to hear anything more. You need him more than you need me. You should’ve spoken to me. How would you feel if I go outing
without your knowledge? I thought the two of you
were my world but I was so wrong. I’ll now find my own world. Don’t you even feel guilty? Tarun, you betrayed me. To be honest, you don’t deserve to be my friend. Tarun, I am going,
don’t ever show me your face again. Forget I was once your friend. You’re so late. Cut the cake fast. Do you like it? Cut the cake.
– You guys are so late. I am in a bad mood,
I will cut it later. Okay, come. I’ve got something for you. Why do you look so upset? It’s nothing. Okay, open my gift. What’s this? This is our dream house. This is the living room,
where we’ll hang out with our friends. This is the kitchen,
we will cook food here. And this… This is our master bedroom,
where you know… You know it, right? I do know. Go on. This is the balcony and this is the garden. Do you like it? Which is my parents’ room? They’ll live in the house
they live in now. Stop kidding. How could this be
our home if they don’t live here? I don’t see my parents’ room in this. Tarun, I made the plan for you and me. It’s my dream to live
like this with my husband. Okay, let that dream be. In that dream of yours,
I’ll draw a line. Here, it’s my parents’ room.
It’s all good now. Tarun, we will live in this house and your parents
in their current house. We’ll meet them every weekend. Will they stay alone during other days? Why are you fighting with me? My dad is 56 and my mom is 52. Did they abandon me when I was a kid? Do you expect me to abandon them now? I’m not asking you to abandon them. I’ll take good care of them, I’ll obey them, respect them. But it’s my dream to live
this way with my husband. How could you think
I’d leave my parents? I’m leaving mine. Why can’t you? Do this. You bring your parents, too. Let’s live together.
– Stop kidding. Try to be smart, okay? It just won’t work.
– Same, it just won’t work. How could you be so selfish
all of a sudden? Selfish? It’s my dream,
I’m not being selfish. I just told you how I wanted to live but for you, it’s all about you. What about me? What about my dreams? What’s all this life
and dream you speak of? No, it’s not possible. Why are you making it an issue? You’re asking me to leave my parents. That’s a small issue? I didn’t say that.
Stop making me look like the villain. You can tell me about the
kind of life you want to have but even I have dreams,
even I want to do something. But you don’t even want
to consider my dreams. You will start commanding
over me after we get married. I don’t want anything if you
want me to leave my parents. You don’t want anything? Answer me. Answer me. You don’t want even me?
– No! I rather die. ‘I tried really hard to pacify her but I failed to do so.’ ‘And I didn’t know
how one year passed by.’ Isn’t it beautiful? Take a look. Yes, it’s very nice. Greetings.
– Son, Arvind’s marriage has been fixed. I am glad one of you
is getting married. It’s happening very fast, that’s great. Arvind is doing well in his business. He likes the girl, too. After all, both have to live together. Tarun, you don’t talk to him. Are you still upset? Nothing of that sort. I’ll talk to him. Okay. I’ll be downstairs. He’s too much. We tried really hard. What was your fault? You fell in love with a girl
without his knowledge. Big deal. Arvind is running a business, he will settle down after marriage. But you are still hanging
around with this fatso. Your father said he’ll
get you job in his office. Take up the job. Even I want you to get married
and settle down. I don’t want to get married, Mom. I’ll go to work, tell dad. You mean it? Yes. Tell him. Alright, I’ll tell him right away. Shall I go with you?
– I am going to hell, come along. Wants to go with me. Let’s see his wedding invite. Why am so excited to see
his wedding invitation? Hi.
– Hi. You look very different. I didn’t know Arvind is your cousin. After we broke up,
I wasn’t interested in love marriage. My parents asked me to
get married and I said yes. I just found out that
Arvind is your cousin. Oh.
– I had to talk to you after that. We’re going to be a
part of the same family. There shouldn’t be anything
awkward between us. No such thing would happen. We have to move on. We have to move on. My cousin is a great guy.
You’ll be happy with him. Thanks. I’ll get going, then. Hold on. Did Arvind agree to leave his mother? That’s why we broke up. That’s not why we broke up, Tarun. Probably, you didn’t realize
why we broke up. It’s a shame. It’s the way you treated me. I’m leaving. Bye. You’re not able to take it. Let’s go somewhere else. Let’s go from here. ‘She’s not my girlfriend now,
she’s Arvind’s wife.’ ‘I gradually started to realize that.’ ‘I paid heed to my mother and joined father’s office.’ ‘My mom convinced me several times and made sure I get married.’ ‘God knows what’s right for us.’ ‘He was right and I found Jamuna in
the form of happiness.’ Give me. Don’t fall at my feet. Sit down. It’s quite peaceful in here, right?
– Yes. We should talk something. Yes. Well, ours is an arranged marriage,
we need to know each other. Did you like me when I first met you? Yes. If you say something apart from
‘yes’, I’d really feel good. I like you.
– What? I like you. And you? Yes.
– What does ‘yes’ mean? I thought I will do same as you now. You ask me something. Okay, I’ll ask. What does a husband mean to you? I mean…
Why do you need a husband? To take care of me, to feel safe, for security. And you? Why do you need a wife? I had a little brother,
we’d sleep next to each other. He’d put his arm around me,
I hated it and I’d always push it away. One day, I’d gone to school,
when I came back from school, I learnt that my brother
got killed in an accident. He was alive when I left in the
morning and was dead by evening, I couldn’t cope up with it. When I was asleep at night,
I dreamt of my brother. He said, ‘You always told me not to
put your hand around me, on whom will I put my hand on?’
I woke up, I was sweating profusely, I was really scared. Then, I started sleeping
next to my mother. But after I grew up, my dad said
I shouldn’t be sleeping beside mom. I started sleeping alone in the room but I had the same dream again, I used to wake up terrified. So I want a wife so that I can sleep with
my arm around her. That’s why I got married. I am bugging you, isn’t it?
– No, you’re not. Are you hungry? Yes. I’m leaving for work.
– Okay. Okay. Someone’s knocking. He will go away in sometime.
– Let me go. We’re back.
– Mother-in-law. Father-in-law, you’re back. You’re back soon.
– How are you, Daughter-in-law? Say something. Tarun, hurry up. You’re getting me late for work. Must you go to work?
– I’m coming, Dad. Hurry up. You’re screaming all the time. Hello. Okay, sir.
– Don’t forget to bring the file. Okay, sir. I’ll bring it over. Son.
– I’ll resign today. Move aside.
– I have an errand to run. I am getting late to work,
you take an auto rickshaw. What’s the hurry, Dad? Just take an auto rickshaw
this one day. ‘Everything was just fine.’ ‘One day, dad came home very worried.’ ‘He looked very disturbed.’
– I did bring it. We’d never seen him that way before.’ ‘He wouldn’t talk about it.’ ‘He covered up.’ Dad! Wear your shoes. Put them on. Tarun.
– What? Is my memory getting worse these days? Yes, but it’s normal for a person
to forget little things. Is it a small thing to forget
to put on your shoes? You only forgot to put on your shoes.
Why do you worry? No, I am not. Let’s see your aunt
on the way to the office. You go in, I’ll wait here. What happened? You look worried.
Did you both quarrel? Nothing of that sort,
it’s about something else. Let’s go. Okay, fine. Sir. Officer wants to see you. Bring me Mr. Devnath’s file. What happened, Dad?
What are you looking for? Son, I’d kept an
important file in the locker, I am not finding it.
– Where did you keep it? Did you forget it somewhere? I didn’t forget, you… You carry on, I’ll handle it.
– Don’t get worked up. Take your time, I’ll look for it, too. Dad, did you find the file? I’ve got a headache, I’m going home. You’re home. Where is Tarun? Am I in charge of him? Is he a child? He’s married! He’s a responsible boy! He’ll be home soon. Okay? Be careful with the file. Don’t forget. Don’t misplace it. Mother-in-law, he’s still
not returned from office. His phone is switched off. I’ve written the office number there, call up and check. Hello. Is Mr. Tarun there? He’s left, ma’am. He’s left?
– Yes. Thank you. She’s so worked up if
he’s late for just one day. Won’t to eat? Don’t know what happens to him. Your dad yelled at your mom. He’s worried because
a file at work is missing. Mom, did dad yell at you?
– Let it be. He is stressed about work. So he’ll yell at you?
– Let it be. Your wife got all worked up, go to her. He was so worried
because you were late. I will whack you.
– Oh, my God! Hey!
– Hey! Go away.
– I am going. Clean it properly. Father-in-law. Dear! He came home last week. He said he forgot
where he left the money. That’s not so. He said he misplaced a file, they said he stole it. Dear. Tell me. I feel dizzy.
– What? I feel dizzy. Lie down for some time,
you’ll be fine. Sir, come in. Sorry.
– Come in. Can we speak in private? Did he say something about a file? My dad is not a dishonest person. I know that very well. I can never talk wrong about him. But it’s my duty to ask you. Did he bring some bag? A bag? Which bag, sir? A bag of cash, did he get it?
– No, he didn’t. You mean, he brought
money by selling the file? It’s not like that.
I was just enquiring. If he has lost the file, he won’t get
his pension and provident fund and you will have
to quit the job, too. I know, sir. I’m really very sorry. If you need help, let me know. Okay, sir. Thanks. Bye, Tarun. Take care of your mother. Why didn’t you sleep? I think I’m pregnant. People say he committed suicide. There’s news on television
that he stole a file. People around are talking
strange things about him. So if you could please
vacate the house in a week. – Listen, where will we go after
vacating the house suddenly? Tarun…
– We’re paying the rent on time. I won’t be able to live in this house
even for one single moment without him. Let’s vacate the house. Let’s move into another house. Why did he do such a thing?
Was he facing any problem? He didn’t say anything to us. Jamuna, I made this for your brother, I’ll make another cup for your husband.
Don’t worry. Let’s move into another house. Is it okay? What do you think? ‘I lost my dad, the house, my job.’ ‘Everything has changed.’ We’ve become miserable. Why are you late today?
– Let’s go inside. Tarun, Jamuna hasn’t eaten,
she’s waiting for you. Go to her. Why have you still not eaten? Do you need to be reminded constantly
that you’re pregnant? Here, eat up. What happened? This can’t go on. We’re dependent on you. Do you know why I refused
to stay in that house? I’m sure you had your reasons. If we stayed there, had someone
said something or did something we couldn’t have told anything. I love everyone in your family, I respect all of them but I respect you first. Our child needs you first. So…
– I didn’t ask you anything. That’s what makes it so hard.
– My mom just lost her husband and I’m going to be a father. I am not happy at all. There’s no proper house for you to rest. That’s all right. I can’t stand this! I can’t take it! Sir, my dad was very close to you. Did he say anything to you
before he killed himself? No, he didn’t say anything. Did he say something about the file? Nothing at all. Dear.
– Yes. The baby just kicked. Feel it. Don’t misunderstand me. Our lives have changed drastically things are not the way
they were before. I understand that very well but we must cherish little joys. I’m unable to understand
as to why my dad did this. I am trying to find out the truth. He worked honestly for 25 years and people are calling him a thief. I have lost peace of mind
and happiness because of that. I can’t see the small joys around me. Forgive me if I’d hurt
your feelings unknowingly. No, it’s not like that.
– I’ll be right back. Listen! Wait a minute! Listen!
– Hey! Are you crazy?
You’re pregnant, you shouldn’t run. You didn’t eat as you
got upset with me, that’s why. I am not upset with you, Jamuna. Where would I go
getting upset with you? The way you left,
I thought you were upset. You’re my small joys, Jamuna. Am I right? Let’s go. What are you doing? Put me down. So what? You’re my wife. Don’t embarrass me.
– I want to talk to you in person. I want to talk to you in person.
– Greetings. I couldn’t say anything because
you enquired me in the office. I’ll be able to tell you
only what I know. I don’t know whether or not
your dad took the file but he said that the officer gave
him something and he misplaced it. ‘What happened?
Why are you so worried.’ ‘Sir, I don’t know
where I kept the money.’ ‘Money? What money?’ ‘I’m just babbling.’ ‘You just talked about money.
– I’ll see you later.’ ‘When I asked in detail,
he covered it up.’ Talk to the officer,
you’ll find some clarity. ‘Did he bring a bag?’ ‘A bag of cash, did he get it?’ Sit down. Tell me. How are you? Sir, did you give my father money which he misplaced? Sir, please tell me,
I won’t tell anyone about it. Please tell me what you know. 5 crores. 5 crores?
– Yes, 5 crores. ‘What are you doing? Hurry up!
– It’s almost done, sir.’ ‘Hello!’ ‘Raghavan.
– Yes, sir.’ ‘Could you come by to my place?
– Right now?’ ‘Yes, right now.’ ‘To your place?
– Yes.’ ‘I’ll be there in half-an-hour.
– Alright.’ ‘I need your favor.
-Tell me, sir.’ ‘Keep this bag safely for a few days.’ ‘Okay, sir. What’s in the bag?
– It has 5 crores in it.’ ‘Return it to me when I ask for it.’ ‘Sir, how could I keep so much money?’ ‘I get it. You’re an honest person but I can’t be like you.’ ‘This won’t be right for you.’ ‘I got a tip-off that the Central Bureau
of Investigation is raiding me tomorrow.’ ‘I can’t trust anybody now.’ ‘Keep it for me till then.
– It’s not right, sir.’ ‘Please, Raghavan.
– Sir…’ ‘If you don’t help me,
I’ll be arrested.’ ‘I will lose my respect, dignity.’ ‘My wife and kids
will be on the streets.’ ‘Please, Raghavan.’ ‘Okay, sir.’ I asked him for the money
after six months. ‘Where’s the money?
– Sir…’ ‘What happened, Raghavan?’ ‘The money…
– Yes, the money.’ ‘I don’t know where I kept it.’ ‘What did you say?’ ‘You don’t know where you kept it?’ ‘Sir, that’s not so.’ ‘I don’t remember where I kept it.’ ‘Raghavan.
– Sir.’ ‘A person can forget his pen,
a paper or wallet but how can forget 5 crores?’ ‘Sir, I don’t understand anything, sir.
– Me neither.’ ‘I gave you black money, and there’s no evidence
that I gave you that money nor is there evidence
that you have misplaced it.’ ‘Am I right?
– Sir, I don’t want that money, I just don’t remember where I kept it.’ ‘Okay, you may go.
– Sir?’ ‘You may go.’ ‘Watch out, Raghavan.’ ‘Big money is always trouble.’ ‘Recall properly, take your time.’ ‘But when you come tomorrow,
bring the money.’ Think for yourself. My father won’t steal, sir. That’s why I handed the money to him. Where’s my money, then? Dad said he misplaced a file. ‘Sir, the file is missing.’ ‘I searched for it thoroughly
but I couldn’t find it.’ ‘Yesterday, it was money
and it’s the file today.’ ‘That’s strange.’ ‘I remember very well, I swear I had kept it in my locker.’ ‘Where did it go, then?’ ‘You’re losing a lot
of things, Raghavan.’ ‘Do you know what the file is worth?’ ‘If we don’t get the file, not just you even your son would be arrested.’ ‘There will be only two
women in your house.’ ‘Have you ever realized as to
what would happen to them if the two of you end up in jail?’ ‘Anything could happen to them.’ ‘Sir, I had kept in my locker.’ ‘Raghavan, find the money first.’ ‘Once you find the money,
you’ll automatically find the file.’ ‘If you don’t find the file,
not just you, even your son will be arrested.’ ‘There will be only two
women in your house.’ Find the money first, you’ll automatically find the file. And I’ll get you your job back. ‘Am I forgetting things these days?’ How would I know? Only he must be knowing
where he kept it. And why are you troubling me?
– Why are you getting so worked up? Then what do you expect? Did my dad say something to you? You’re his son, if he hasn’t told you,
why would he tell me? Tarun, shall I say something
if you don’t mind? I can fulfill all the needs
of your family. Tell me what your needs are.
– Hey! Don’t talk rubbish. If you say that again, I’ll kill you. He made 50 crores by selling the file.
What if he brings the file tomorrow? As of now, I am wondering
where the money would be. If he brings the money, we’ll see. Don’t mind my asking. Tarun’s dad asked you
about the money that day and today, it’s Tarun.
What’s going on? Are you involved in this somehow? I’m in a bad mood now. Just go away.
– Why are you getting angry? I said leave me alone.
– Why can’t you tell me? I said leave me alone! I want an answer to my question. What is it that you can’t tell me? Look, I can’t tell you anything,
you’d then tell your ex-boyfriend. Why should I tell you? Ex-boyfriend?
– Don’t pretend. Isn’t Tarun your ex-boyfriend? How do you know? Who told you?
– I saw it all. And I also know it all. He used to avoid me
when he was dating you. ‘I followed him and
I saw the two of you.’ ‘I saw your beauty.’ ‘Why would he get the things
which I used to life?’ ‘And I could do nothing about it.’ But the two of you
broke up on your own. I wanted you in my life
so I sent my mother to ask your family
your hand in marriage and you became mine. Only mine. Mine forever. But why do you hate him? And what about his dad’s money?
– I took it! I’ve got the money. What will you do? Tell me. ‘Listen, there’s 5 crores in this bag.
– 5 crores? ‘Where did you get
so much money from?’ ‘This is my officer’s
unaccounted money.’ ‘He got a tip-off about
a raid at his house.’ ‘So he’s asked me to keep it
safely for a few days.’ ‘What if there’s trouble?’ ‘There won’t be any trouble, keep it.
– But why are you keeping it here?’ ‘I live in a quarters,
I can’t take this money home.’ ‘There was a robbery at the
neighborhood last week.’ ‘So I brought it here
because it would be safer.’ ‘I’ll get it back from you
when the Officer asks.’ ‘Until then keep it safely.’ ‘Okay. But don’t mention it to mom.
– Okay.’ ‘She’ll get scared if she finds out.
– I won’t tell anyone.’ ‘And you don’t mention
anything to Tarun or aunt or they’ll ask too many questions.’ ‘Keep it in mind.’ ‘I thought I’d use the money
for my business and return it but I never thought
he’d ask for it so soon.’ ‘The money I gave you,
the officer wants it back, get it.’ ‘What are you talking about?
What money?’ ‘The bag which I gave you
before your wedding, the one which the
officer had given me.’ ‘The black bag. You get it?’ ‘Go get it.’ ‘I have no idea what
you’re talking about.’ ‘You gave me a bag
before my wedding?’ ‘Which bag? No, you didn’t.’ ‘You didn’t give me any bag
with money in it.’ ‘Stop joking. Go get it.’ ‘I’m very serious.’ ‘You didn’t give me any bag.’ ‘There’s a limit to joke.’ ‘Get it.’ ‘What happened?’ ‘I had given my office money to him.’ ‘I gave it to him for safekeeping.’ ‘I’m asking the money back but he says
he doesn’t have any such money.’ ‘What’s this? Go get the money.’ ‘Mom, I have no idea
what he’s talking about.’ ‘He didn’t give me any money.’ ‘Uncle, had you given me money,
why would I deny?’ ‘What do you mean? You think I’m lying?
– Brother.’ ‘I am telling the truth.’ ‘You didn’t give me any
bag with money in it.’ ‘How could you raise
your hand on him?’ ‘He says you didn’t give it.’ ‘My son doesn’t lie.’ ‘My father is dead, does that mean anyone can barge
into my house and hit me?’ ‘Don’t get me wrong.’ ‘Your memory is weak, see a doctor.’ ‘I remember very clearly,
I did give you the money.’ ‘I remember.’ ‘You might’ve forgotten
where you kept it.’ ‘I thought it was done but he came with Tarun the next day.’ ‘I thought Tarun knew about it but his father had not
told him anything.’ ‘Arvind, if you’ve taken the money,
please give it back to me.’ ‘I beg of you.’ ‘Please give me the money
otherwise I will go mad.’ ‘Uncle, I don’t have the money.’ ‘Why are you troubling me?’ I didn’t want to use the money
immediately after he died. I wanted to invest the money in business
but Tarun comes and asks me now. Should I wait to spend the money?
– Are you a human or a monster? Why are you screaming? It’s not hard-earned money,
it’s someone’s black money. I’m ashamed of you.
– Where are you going? Wait! Where are you going?
– Leave my hand. Jamuna. How are you?
– I am fine. How are things at home?
– Just okay. How is Tarun? What do I say about him? He’s the same. He goes to work in the morning he returns only at night. My mother-in-law just sits
in one corner all day. Things are not the way they were. The laughter, the happiness, they are gone after
Tarun’s father died. No one knows what happened to him and why it happened. But he is not lively like before. He suppresses his pain within himself. He’s never harmed anyone. Nor he wanted bad
things happen to anyone. He wept like a child yesterday. Talking about us,
I made you cry, too. I pained you.
– Nothing of that sort. I shouldn’t have spoken about it.
I’m sorry. No. Listen to me. The person responsible
for Tarun’s father’s death is Arvind. Tarun’s father had given
the money to Arvind. I raised him like a son. Why did he do that? Mom, no.
– Leave me. Let me go.
– No, Mom. Let me go inside, I want to see him. I want to see him.
– No, Mom. I want to see him once, allow me.
– No, Mom. Please allow me.
– Calm down, Mom. I want to see his face. I want to see the face of the one
responsible for your father’s death. Don’t let him get away
with this, Tarun. I searched all over the house, I didn’t find the money. Arvind had brought these
documents to lease a plot. I don’t know anything about it. Hello, sir.
– Tell me. Arvind asked me to meet you. We’ll seal the deal tomorrow.
What now? We shall seal the deal
but he wanted us to go over the details. How many time do I have to tell you?
I’ve told you several times. Total investment, 1 crore. You’ll get returns of
5 to 10 lakh in a month. There are IT companies
and call centers around. It’s a booming locality. I’m giving it to you because
you’re paying it all in black money. We’re okay with the deal but where do we finalize the deal?
– Listen to me. I finalize the deals in
Shwetha Park family room. Be there at 7 AM. Shwetha Par. Okay, sir. But instead of 7 AM,
could you make it 9 AM? As it’s auspicious time.
– Okay. I’ll take your leave, sir. Don’t be surprised, you’ve come
to the right address. Sit down. Sit down. The person whom I considered as brother, as friend betrayed me. You shouldn’t have come here, there shouldn’t have
been money in your hand. Didn’t my father’s death
make any difference to you? My mother considered you as her son. I didn’t think your dad
would commit suicide. But I am need of this money now. Let us… Share the money between us. My father gave you the
money to keep it safely. You’re such a good man. No! Forgive me! I don’t care if you invested the
money in business or you splurged it but it’s true that my father
gave you the money. He loved you so much. How could you be so cruel? Hey! No! I’ll give you 24 hours, you have to return the money and
fall at my mother’s feet to apologize. If you’re late even by one minute… Hema! Hema! Hema! You blurted everything
to him, didn’t you? You wretched woman! I won’t tolerate if you hit me. I will revolt. Hey!
– What are you going to do? What are you going to do? You’re not loyal to your husband.
What kind of a woman are you! Look at yourself first and then point finger at me. He means more to you than me? Answer me! He’s more important to you? I can answer that question. But you’ll find it very humiliating. That’s really sad. To avoid further humiliation, return the remaining money. Did you understand? Dear. What is it?
– Come up here. Quick. Look over there.
– What? That man was pointing at our house. The money is in our house.
I’m scared. Don’t worry, I’ll talk to them. Relax, okay?
– Okay. Looking for me? You snatched the money
from me, didn’t you? I know how to get it back from you. Is that why you sent goons after me?
– No, I didn’t. I’ll snatch the money
from you on my own. Why do you speak like that’s
your hard earned money? Mend your ways. Money can make you a rich man and it can also bring you to streets. Mend your ways. I won’t spare you. Hello.
– ‘Shekhar here.’ ‘Your house is about to be raided.’
– What? ‘A raid.’
– A raid? ‘For Devnath’s file.’
– Why would the file be here? ‘I don’t know. Be careful.’ What happened? There’s going to raid
in our house for the file. The money! It’ll be done by evening.
– Listen, take this bag to your house.
– What happened? What’s happened?
– Nothing, Mom. Take it to your house. We’re from the Income Tax department. Here’s search warrant.
We have to search your house. Why don’t you believe us? We’re already devastated.
Why do you make it worse? Sorry for the trouble. Hello. – Tarun, what do you say
about the raid in your house? I know it’s your doing but it didn’t end the way you wanted. Oh! You must’ve hidden the
money in Manish’s house, right? Now I have to deal with Manish too. I told you I’d snatch
the money from you. Money chooses the worthy. Your family is not worthy. I suggest you quit this hero act
and try to save your family. Some men are born to win
and some are born to lose, and you were born to lose to me like you lost Hema to me. I tried really hard
but I couldn’t save the money. I’m sorry. Hello, Tarun here. ‘Tell me.’ Can I get the call records of the
past 15 days for a number? We work in the Income Tax department.
– Please try. I’ll get it in 15 minutes, don’t worry. His phone has been switched
off for the past 15 days. He’s turned it on just
to dial this numbers. You have paid 23 installments,
get the remaining money. What’s the matter with you?
How did outsiders learn about our deal? Why would I tell them? A man was here, he said you
sent him to collect details so I called him at 7 AM. How could you discuss
business with stranger? This is Hema’s number,
this is his mother’s number. He has called this
number several times. You could’ve phoned
and checked with me. Jen Builders. This is Jen Builders’ number. Anyways, I have brought the money. Is our deal on? The property is sold out
and you don’t seem trust worthy. I don’t know if this money
is white or black. Many people like you visit me,
I won’t deal with you. Call this number. Hello.
– ‘Hello, who is this?’ Sir, it’s about the money. ‘What money?’
– For the business. ‘Hello, what business?’ Sir, I have lots of money.
– ‘Who are you?’ I was given your number to contact you.
– ‘Who gave you?’ ‘What’s his name?’
– Well… ‘You’ve got the wrong number.
Hang up.’ Find out the address of this number. Hello, Hema darling!
What are you doing? Are you planning how to trap me? Tell me. Your plan was successful. He took away the money from me. You won’t bear to see your
ex-lover getting humiliated. Do you want to know
how dejected he is? Want to hear it? You want to hear him mourn? Wait. Hello. – Tarun, are you
mourning with your family? Hema is pained because of you. Want to hear it? Hema is right here,
she’s listening to everything. Arvind, hang up the phone. You’ll be embarrassed before her.
– You will embarrass me? How?
– I’m telling you again. Hang up the phone otherwise
your image will get tarnished. You will embarrass me? How? Listen to me carefully. I was born to win and
you were born to lose. Arvind, have you heard
the name Amardas? Sounds familiar, isn’t it?
– Hey! ‘I am looking for Mr. Amardas.’ ‘Who are you?
– I spoke to him over phone.’ ‘I am here to meet him.’ ‘Who are you?
Sir, my friend is missing.’ ‘I am enquiring people
to whom he last spoke.’ ‘I see. What’s his name?’ ‘His name is Tarun.
– I don’t know anyone by that name.’ ‘Oh, I see.’ ‘He mentioned your name.’ ‘My phone is out of credit.’ ‘Can I use your phone?’ ‘Take it.’ ‘Thank you, sir.’ ‘Actually, I got the name wrong.’ ‘His name is Arvind.’ ‘Hello, listen to me carefully.’ ‘Arvind is just my friend. That’s all.’ ‘There’s nothing between us.’ ‘I’m busy now. Get going.’ ‘Dad has told us not to
open the cupboard.’ ‘Let’s hide elsewhere.’ ‘I want to hide here.’ ‘Can I have some water?’ ‘What did you break?’ ‘Nothing happened.’ ‘Come on, run.’ ‘Come on, let’s go there.
– Let’s go.’ ‘Did he give you money or not?’ ‘Sir, he asked me to launder
the black money to white.’ ‘I just take a commission.’ Arvind, you took 1 crore
from my father by deceit but the remaining
4 crores is with me. No! It can’t be! I warned you not to embarrass
yourself before your wife but you didn’t listen. You said, ‘Money chooses the worthy
and your family is not worthy’. You’re my family, too. You lost the money. Tell me. Am I going to lose to you? You might be successful in
cheating an American, French, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, German, but it’s impossible
for you to defeat me. What happened?
Did you lose the money? You lost 4 crores? You were boasting having just
1 crore and you lost 4 crore. By the way, my ex- boyfriend
sounds great. He’s amazing. He put you to silence. “You were arrogant about money.” “My ex-friend put you to silence.” “You were arrogant about money.” Will you only talk about
our baby shower ceremony? Or will you also talk to the baby? Talk to him, he will hear you. Son, don’t trust your relatives. This is what you will teach him? I only told him what I learnt. I will take your leave. Take are, Jamuna.
– Hema, it’s so late, stay over and leave in the morning.
– No, I will handle, don’t stress. No problem. You’ll feel uncomfortable
in our house, carry on. No such thing. Stay over, let’s spend time together. Okay, I’ll stay. Why are you sleeping here?
There are mosquitoes here. Your girlfriend is
sleeping comfortable. Don’t worry. Nothing of that sort.
– Come on. You were prepping her bed
with so much care. One must be hospitable to guests. Look at me. Look at me. Don’t you love her? Don’t you have feelings for her?
– Don’t be crazy. You also didn’t refuse. I’m only in love with you. I know. I love you.
– Oh, my God. You said that for the first time.
– Even you didn’t say that to me ever. Love you. Wow! So romantic! I am hungry. You rather die than living like this. You talk like a madman
sitting alone in the room. I don’t know why I haven’t
told your mother about it. If she finds out that you were
responsible for her brother’s death… ‘Money can make you a rich man
and it can also bring you to streets.’ Arvind, you’re unable to figure out
whether it’s truth or lies? Everyone calls you madman, right? Is it true that you’ve
been talking to yourself? I think you need to
see a psychiatrist. Uncle! Uncle!
– Why did you do this? Have I ever let you down? No. You’ve brought my
family to the streets. You killed me. Come on! Come with me!
– No, Uncle! Come with me!
– Leave me! Let go of me! Tarun! Why did you do like this? We were so happy. We were not rich but there was harmony, peace,
we were together. Who is with you now? Was money more important
to you than us? Why did I take back the money from you?
Not for me nor to lead a happy life. I wanted to return the
money to the officer so that I prove that
my dad’s innocent. If the money is ruining you or
driving you mad then I don’t want it. I don’t want the money. Will it bring my father back? I’ll also give you the
rest of the money. You keep it. Bye. Forgive me, Aunt! I had lost my mind in
the greedy for money. I never thought uncle
would commit suicide. I would’ve started business
with that money and returned it later. After uncle died,
I didn’t know what to do. Forgive me, Aunt! Tarun, I’m so ashamed to face you. Forgive me! It all seemed right at that time,
but everything went wrong. I am wrong. Forgive me! Forgive me! Come in. Tarun! Come in. Have a seat. I have brought your money, sir. Will the file that went missing
in the office be recovered? Will I get back my job? I’ll get the money to
your house in the evening. Listen to me. Let’s make a deal. You keep the 5 crores. Because I’ve made
50 crores with the file. And I can’t give back 50 crores
and bring back the file nor can I give you back your job. Instead, keep the 5 crores with you. You can settle down and
our problem will get solved too. What are you thinking? Even if you slog all your life,
you’ll be able to earn only 1 crore. It’s a wonderful opportunity,
keep the money. Then why did you send men
to my house to recover the money? So that you don’t come
to me with the money. If you came with the money
then I’ll have to give the file. What do you say? You can settle down and my problem will get solved forever. You’re putting a price tag of
5 crores for my father’s life? Not everyone is after money.
– Why not? What’s greater than money? I want the file back by morning
and my job, too. Do you get it?
– Or what? You can’t do a thing to me. But I can destroy you. No one can destroy me.
Try your best. Has he lost it?
He’s refusing 5 crores. He won’t budge.
We must deal with him in an another way. Hello.
– Hello, listen. Come home fast. I’ve developed labor pain, your mother has gone to the temple.
– I’m coming. Hey! Stop! Come out! Come out!
– Don’t hit him! Don’t hit him!
– Trying to be a smarty! Dear! What do you think of yourself?
– Please! Beat him! Beat him! Beat him!
– Let go of him! Hello.
– You should’ve accepted the deal. You made a mistake. Tarun, I shouldn’t have let you go yesterday
but you got away. But you can’t get away the next time. Nothing will happen to me,
you will go to jail instead. What proof do you have against me? Turn on your television,
tune into the news. ‘Yes sir, I want to tell the truth.’ If I don’t tell the truth,
I’d feel guilty. My senior officer Mr. Prakash Kumar stole Mr. Devnath’s file and put the blame on Vijayraghavan. Unable to handle the accusation,
he committed suicide. Mr. Prakash Kumar got away. How do we believe what you say? I was an aide to everything. I’m an eye-witness. You’re wondering how
I pulled him to my side, right? Money is everything. Even I played the dirty
game of money with you, sir. I gave money to your aide
and turned him against you. Money is trouble. Goodbye! Vishwa, why did you do like this? Even I gave you money. Sir, you looted 50 crores
and gave me only 5 lakh but he gave me 5 crores. Even if I worked for you for life,
I wouldn’t make this much money. Bye! Wait! Wait up! You forgot your lunch. Thanks. Listen. What?
– Won’t you carry me home? You were pregnant then. If I carry you now,
what would people think? Walk back, okay? You forgot your lunch
intentionally, right? – No. You had the lunch with you,
why didn’t you give it to me?


  1. पप्पू रॉय Author

    Movi bahut hi achhi hai great
    Jo jo comment dekh kar movi dekhne ja rhe ho to dekh Lo 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. HD.SOFEK. মালয়েশিয়া প্রবাসি Author

    hero is best herons not good bat movies is best south movie all is best..from.🇧🇩🇧🇩..Live in..🇲🇾🇲🇾

  3. সুরের ভুবনে আমি। Author

    ছবি যেমন হোক, মজা আছে, বাংলা তেখল আর কে দেকলো।


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