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Pathologic 2 – Theater of Gorkhon Trailer | Pre-Order Now

Ladies and gentlemen! Please welcome… the outbreak! The Theatre is officially disbanded. As well as other conveniences: running water, access to your own children (who never leave their beloved Polyhedron, anyway), sewage, friendly smiles in the street, any respect for the institution of marriage, food, et cetera, et cetera. On the order of that big-city Bachelor, all theatrical costumes are to be handed out to orderlies. You know. Protection. By the way, obeying the orderlies is now mandatory, per current laws. Is that all? For now. The Town is doomed. Why bother with any of this? Oh… ladies and gentlemen! Please focus on your life aspirations. You have little more than a week now. Make sure your affairs are in order and do your best to pursue your dismal dreams.


  1. Amandi Author

    I have recently started making Pathologic videos and also uploading beautiful tracks from the game. If you want to hear my first go here:

  2. ZZmeyka Author

    Многогранник реально это смартфон своего времени, в нем "пропадают" дети

  3. Amandi Author

    I love that the Rat Prophet is back! He was one of the most underdeveloped characters in the original game, but yet so intriguing.

  4. evpenisen jeggings Author

    0:24 "any respect for the institution of marriage"
    really cool that they posted that today, a great day for gaming marriages #ProJared
    (Also love how the snark from the original kickstarter is showing thru here!!)

  5. Jacob Cone Author

    I'm coming back home, to one of my favourite games of all time, some of my favourite characters, and a town that feels almost like home…

  6. skipper Author

    Кста, странно что не Pathologic: Remake, по сути сюжет тот же, просто всё полностью переделано с нуля, прям как в RE2: Remake

  7. P. W. Author

    Well they revealed any „secret“ character in last trailers. It was one of interesting moments to meet them and to see how they look. Now I saw everything. Also they need to resolve the performance issues because the performance of the demo was actually bad and the leak of working environment like you can stay on fire without taking damage, you can jump on people, ect. is very unimmersive. Beside of that they need to be clear what do you actually buy — do you buy the whole game or it’s just a part of it and you will need to buy the other parts when they will arrive. So when do they plan to release the other characters? Fall 2020?

  8. Vyacheslav Spirin Author

    Не люблю делать предзаказы, но хочется поддержать хороший проект)

  9. 57Rye Author

    I played the demo. It was probably one of the most intriguing and exciting hours of playing a game i have ever had. Can't wait until the full version!

  10. Projektant Author

    Что за большая крыса размером с человека? Такого персонажа прежде не было.

  11. Куртуазный троглодит Author

    Есть 2 купона с 10% скидкой (которая суммируется с уже действующей скидкой, итого 20%). Обменяю на какое-нибудь барахло из вашего инвентаря, которое можно продать.

  12. Lorenaa Author

    I already preordered it 🙂 Sadly its not in german … I hope my school english is good enough xD I guess I will stream it on twitch 😀

  13. Masonic Melancholy Author

    I vaguely recall seeing this game around 2006 but I basically thought it up as a dream, but it's real.
    This game is actually real, it looks amazing; the compelling music just seems to draw me in deeper.
    I swear though, wasn't this game called "Plague Utopia" or something?
    Either way, I'm definitely getting this game. I hope console gamers can experience this game too.

  14. Reaper Author

    I just love how the theater is disbanded right after the metaphysical tutorial. It's a sneaky, practical excuse for why such 4th wall information isn't given to the actor (player) anymore.


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