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Paul Rudd Might Quit Acting | Between Two Ferns | Netflix Is A Joke

(mellow synth music) – What was that thing you
were complaining about, the Me Too Movement,
before we started rolling? What was that? – I wasn’t, no. I wasn’t complaining about that. – Oh, now you don’t wanna say anything, now that the cameras are going. Okay, I mean… Hi, welcome to another edition
of “Between Two Ferns.” My guest today is Paul Rudd. Thank you, Paul. – Thank you. – Some people have it all, looks, talent. How does it feel to only have looks? – Great. – I read that you might quit
acting and just disappear? – Where did you read that? – Right here, I wrote it down. Which do you prefer,
being in Marvel movies or being in stuff that
nobody’s ever heard of? – Being in Marvel movies. – I mean, do you go to
your acting coach and go, “I’ve gotta play a god damn
ant, what am I supposed to do?” – You lost me at acting coach. – Yeah, that seems about right. Do you have any tips for people
who have to interview you who are worried that they
might die of boredom? – Well, you could maybe
feign interest in me– – That’s all I do is feign. I’m not interested in you. I’m feigning right now. – Clearly. No, I got that outta the gate. – Okay, tell us how you got
your start in show business. – Um, well, I mean I– – I mean, can you just do it
without the ums and the pauses? Can you just like. (fingers snapping loudly) – I fucked my way to the top. – You fucked your way to the C-list. – Yeah. – I mean, most people try
to go a couple letters up. Up to the A. – I went right to the middle. – Yeah. What advice would you
give to a young actor who wants to hide his
Jewishness as well as you have? – But I’ve never really
tried to hide my Jewishness. – I’ve never really tried
to hide my Jewishness. – Yeah. – Jesus was Jewish and he didn’t hide it. – No, he put it out there
for everybody to see. He’s one of our best. – You practicing? – No, I’m not a practicing Jew. I’ve perfected it. – Do you have any advice
for aspiring young actors who want to become comedy-adjacent? – Comedy-adjacent? – Not comedy, but comedy’s neighbor. – I think I know what you’re saying. – Not necessarily invited
to comedy’s house, but sometimes you can come
over and borrow a cup of sugar. – I can hang out with comedy. – Yeah, yeah.
– At comedy’s house– – Just don’t do your comedy. – Well, yeah, get to know Will Ferrell. – Regarding your career, do you think it would be just as rewarding if you played roles that
weren’t forgettable? – When I’m taking on a role, I like to think that I’m trying, I’m making it memorable in some way. Is there anything that I have played that has been memorable to you? – Weren’t you in a commercial
for a bank, or something? I don’t do commercials. – I know. – Because, why do you know that? – Because I can’t imagine
any advertising company wanting you to try and sell their product. – Why? Anybody can do it, it’s friggin’ easy. – Hi, I’m Zach. Have you tried this Oykos yogurt? – If you’re gonna go with
that anti-Greek racist stuff, or wherever you’re going with this, your people are lucky that my people set the
bar for your people. – That you would even refer
to my people is offensive. – You just said that all Greeks
eat yogurt and fuck goats. You just said that. – I didn’t, I just said you. Not all Greeks, you eat
yogurt and fuck goats. Good luck with whoever you interview next. I sure it will go better than this. Or maybe not. – Even the way he walked
off was forgettable. Nobody will remember
that you just walked off, I promise you. Even if I leave it in
there, no one will remember. Especially if I leave it in the edit, no one will remember it. “Who was he just interviewing? “Was that just air, or was
that a collection of atoms “and matter of a human being “that doesn’t know what
the fuck is going on? “Is that what I just witnessed?” That’s probably what they would say. “Oh, I’ve seen that guy in a movie. “I remembered that I forgot about him.” See this? This air is 95% better than
what was occupying that chair. I’ll just talk to the chair then. Do you have any other projects going on? Fuck, what the fuck am I doing? (mellow synth music) “Between Two Ferns: The Movie,” it’s streaming now on Netflix. Hip-hip, line. – [Man] Hooray. – Hip-hip hooray.


  1. Rafi Ibn Ferdous Author

    This isn't old zack. His character awkward dumbness is missing. Total savage rant make him more like Jeff Ross here.
    Paul was great as usual.


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