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People Try Nude Projection Theater

(slow soothing music) – What really started to affect me was the first show that I did. The second night a woman
came up to me and said, “I saw you show last
night and I went home, “took off my clothes,
stood in front of a mirror “and felt better about myself.” When that happened, then I knew that I had to keep doing this, because it was not only having an affect on the people in the show, but on audiences feeling
better about themselves. And that’s just too important to pass up. (slow soothing music) – I am Jake Giszczynski,
I am 24 years old. – I’m Dominique Jackson, I am 22. We’re gonna be naked, they are going to be
projecting images and textures onto our naked bodies while
we tell a theatrical story. – [Voiceover] “Living Canvas”
is essentially an art form that uses the amazing
expressive capabilities of the human body combined with imagery to make a change in people, whether it’s the
performers or the audience. And that to me is very exciting. (slow soothing music) – [Dominique] Being here
with the way that my body is and not being afraid to just show that, I think is really important, I mean, I feel like it will instill
a sense of acceptance and just what I’ve gone through, and what I’ve taken my
body through thus far. – What we really strove
for it was body positivity, accepting our flaws for what they are. And we just tried in various
ways through movement, exploration, as we said earlier, to encompass that sort of emotion in what we were bringing to the stage. And in the end we brought it together with this really nice piece with colors that matched our personalities and little voiceover statements about us accepting who we are. – [Woman] I am scarred and whole, I am assertive and strong, I am just right. – [Man] I am ripped with creativity. – [Woman] Nature’s passion is my mirror. I’ve earned my marks. These are my tiger stripes. – [Man] I’ve embraced my unwashed masses. – [Woman] I was built to be me. – Just being part of that
group and seeing people be that comfortable and
vulnerable with each other was enlightening, it was really
enlightening and refreshing, and it made me feel a lot more comfortable with who I am, it’s an equalizer. – Yeah, it’s the great equalizer. You realize that everyone’s equal and everyone has the same hang-ups, and it’s nice to recognize
that in other people. (calm jazz music)


  1. Anko Ganbold Author

    I just feel like people are becoming too dreamy… i dont think someone with genuine struggles about beauty concepts will find this helpful. In fact it'll probably get worse after seeing distored amateur bodies flailing like a fish on a stage with light play… just my opinion on this.

  2. Noelle Borbu Author

    This video made me feel better about myself, but then I read some peoples comments. They weren't jokes, and it hurt me. Saying that overweight or fat people are lazy and there is no excuse for being overweight. Yes there can. There is a disease. I was afraid to not wear my sweatshirt in school at the beginning of the year, because I was afraid of people not being my friend anymore. I took it off, all was fine. Now, I sorta want to put it back on and hide my body. Thanks for nothing.

  3. Judy M. Author

    Taking your clothes off and dancing naked in front of an audience does not make you a stronger person. It's called a strip club but with like a deeper message behind it.

  4. brunettesweetie21 Author

    this would be cooler if the performers were actual dancers or acrobats of some sort.. not just super random people struggling to get into poses

  5. Nerdy Panda Author

    1) immature ignoramuses in comments

    2) yes this is art, not an excuse to get naked

    3) yes dumbasses black people can do this to the color of the paint won't change

  6. Nicole Schuster Author

    lol … ihr seid echt prüde! Nacktheit ist etwas natürliches und wenn mich sowas stört, dann klicke ich kein Video mit dem Hinweis im Titel. Ohman sind manche Kommentare dämlich.

  7. SolasRuinedMyLife Author

    buzzfeed is really starting to scare me. they've taken weird and hipster to whole new levels. i was kind of on edge with some of the other topics (like vagina weight lifting?) and this was the last straw. buzzfeed has a huge audience of people of all ages and mindsets and views. they should be more considerate of who might watch some of their weirder videos.

  8. tinysaro Author

    I know this is art, BUT WHAT WAS THAT GIRL DOING ON TOP OF THAT GUYS HEAD, AND WHY IS EVERYONE TOUCHING EACHOTHER IN PRIVATE PARTS. I know its art so don't you dare, but dude, that has gone too far. 0:17

  9. Emily Fear Author

    Art it getting stupider and stupider, I know some people won't agree and I get that, but seriously? I'm really happy they feel better about them selfs and that's great it's more than great, but I was tought (I can't spell) it's weird, but I'm happy they feel better about them selfs 🙂

  10. Aneles Zemog Author

    im ok with you loving your body having that whole self confidence thing, but feelingg all up on eachother in front of a bunch of people is just live dry humping

  11. Pokoirl YaSe Author

    I never understood this trend of people to show there bodies :/ as a man i don'see myself showin'my body to any girl but my wife … And of course i expect the same from her (and we never did) i'm not bashin'those people … I just don'get it … The only person supposed to make you accept your body and love it is your spouse/partner

  12. MrBklein31 Author

    I think this is a beautiful presentation and a great way to send a message with art. Some people get very upset at nudity, but in my opinion, we are all part of nature and nature is beautiful. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we consider our flaws that we fail to see that they are not flaws, rather they are beautiful details that make us unique. I would love to see this show come to the Art Institute in Chicago. If it did, I would be the first to buy tickets. Truly remarkable!

  13. ShamelessBroadway Author

    btw Yes light projections can be seen on PoC as well. Just have to intensify the hue. The light designers should be able to now how to make all types of people and objects well lit and vibrant if they're professional. To answer the questions in the comments

  14. feliisvulpes Author

    Before commenting, think about these few questions first.

    Why is this getting so much hate?
    Why is everybody being so fucking immature?
    Why does this so-called "humanity" always try to bring in the topic of sex wherever they go?
    What the hell is wrong with you people?

  15. Etothes Author

    For all the people that think they should be clothed or that this is gross I just want to say have fun with feeling insecure with your self and in turn your boring ass sex life.

  16. Lucy Stone Author

    hell no. and btw polish people arent dumb. why is every against the polish. lay off were not stupid bc we are polish we could be stupid bc of our surroundings.

  17. noder mark Author

    No way they are nude why the freakin blue sun would they think that being nude is cool. We spent 4 billion years evolving to an intelligent species and all for this. What type of drugs does it take to like this.

  18. Professional Aesthetics Author

    i wonder how hard it is to get rid of a boner in front of everybody while being naked, and being around other naked people o.0

  19. ToeBeanz Author

    I think this is great because it makes people feel good about themselves and helps them love their bodies. What's wrong with loving yourself and sharing that positivity?

  20. bill gates Author

    "Once she told me that, I knew I'd have to keep going. I mean, how else would I masturebate? That porn shits nothing compared to my body paint".

  21. C-Nug 27 Author

    I can't reply to you guys directly but where why swamp family at? ^_^ (my phone is kinda…. lets just say its not up to date with the times haha)

  22. Kylie O_O Author

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    I are panda
    I beautiful panda
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    I deserve panda
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    I good panda
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