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Pet Sematary (2019) – Trailer 2 – Paramount Pictures

(suspenseful music) – In the woods today Ellie discovered a charming little landmark. – [Ellie] The Pet Sematary. – Place to bury our pets to remember them. Might seem scary but it’s not. (suspenseful chord) Perfectly natural. Just like dying is natural. – The whole town’s been using
this place for generations. Folks make a kinda ritual out of it. (suspenseful chord) It’s not some campfire story. – I saw these in the trees up there. – They’re warnings. The locals tribes carved
them before they fled. (thunder claps) They fear that place. There’s something up there. (suspenseful chord) Something that dates way back. (wood crackling) Those woods belong to something else. Something. – That cat was dead. – [Old Man] That brings things back. – Church. (suspenseful music) (growling) – [Old Man] I know what
you’re thinking of doing. (screaming) But they don’t come back the same. – Daddy. (suspenseful chord) – Louis what’s going on? (whimpering) – Hug your daughter. (crying) (cat hissing) – I should have never
shown you that place. Your child is not the only
thing that will come back. – The barrier is broken. (suspenseful chord) (panting) (sighs) (suspenseful chord)
(screaming) (bones cracking) – We have a second chance. (bones cracking) – Sometimes dead is better. (cat purring) (laughing) (suspenseful chord) (screaming)


  1. Sun. flowerz Author

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  2. siji sanwilatin Author

    Is it just me or i feel my life is not the same again after watch horor movie. Like i am afraid to live and afraid to die. Like don't know what to do

  3. jake adams Author

    Soooo…I thought this movie was about a dog that killed a cat, and the cat came back to fuck with Doggo…buuuutttt guess not 🤭😳😲

  4. rebels yell Author

    Horrible fkn movie and shitty ending. Should of kept it the same with gage dying not the sister. Lost an hr in a half of doing something better the watching this movie

  5. New 52 Author

    Like seriously this is the first movie which is considered as a horror movie that i wasnt scared at all..and im not that asshole kind of person who lies by saying that he doesnt fear any horror movie and all that shit

  6. Brandyn Author

    Don't watch the entire fucking trailer then. If your just gonna bitch about it and whine. And the movie is an hour and 45 minuites not 3 minutes long. Fuck all people do is bitch about everything in today's world

  7. SheWolf Warrior Author

    😱😱😱 I’m not seeing this 😱😱😱😱😱😱 HALP ME I’M TERRIFIED

  8. bobby palimore Author

    What’s funny is I was watching the new Jacobs ladder trailer and reading the negative comments on why did they have to remake a classic movie but for this remake I’m not reading the same comments lol

  9. suuna Author

    I only got to the part where Church dies and I couldn't get any further because I'm a czy lover and it made me sad

    but the movie seems awesome :,^) too bad I'm too much of a wuss

  10. outlawfly Author

    Seems like they remake every single classic movie nowdays. No creativity, originality, innovation…Nothing. What a shitty generation to be alive in.

  11. Michael Menei Author

    Pointless cash grab only made only in response to IT's (Which was good btw IMO) success. Never needed to be made especially since the director and producers were too much of pussies to kill off a 2 year old unlike the original and book.

  12. Herodotus Author

    This movie is as bad as the old version. At least the director of the first Pet Sematary seems to have read the book. This one doesn't follow the plot at all. Neither of them is worth watching.

  13. Retro 1974522 Author

    Watched it today. Too far from original and the book. Poor character development. Only finished it so i didnt waste the rental. Stick with the book or tbe original. Way better. Skip this one entirely.

  14. Aaliyah Feacher Author

    I knew the new one was gonna find some way around killing Gage🤦🏽‍♀️. It’s what made the movie so unnerving but whatever.

  15. kat taylor Author

    As someone who watched this movie before I even saw the trailer, I have to say that all of the comments about the trailer being too revealing are SPOT ON. Seriously, just watch this, and maybe Google the basic plot of pet semetary. Bam! You've watched the movie.

  16. Luke Z Author

    Awesome movie, I will give this an A, not an A+.. this is a lot closer to the book then the original is. When I read the book, Jed across the street, was actually written, and portrayed to be a black man. Neither movie portrayed a black man across the way, and I can't figure out why, because it sounds just like a black guy in the book. Couple extra twist in this movie that makes the book a little bit more desirable to read to really find out what happened. I read it already a long time ago. In other words I'm very satisfied with this version. Unlike some of the other Stephen King movies that they killed.
    Who else has knowledge of Stephen King movies that they destroyed, including the series? I have one, it's the series Under the Dome. They destroyed that one!!

  17. sostekai Author

    This movie sucked the original was better blah blah blah all you ever say when a remake comes out 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴. I bet if this movie was released years ago as the original then you would all love it and if the original was released as this remake then you would hate the remake

  18. King Diamond Author

    Not even close so good as the original, Fred fit much better in than John, much better, i don't exactly keep acting so much best value, for me is maybe most important that actor fit in own role, that image, i don't like if not fit that image, image do it mostly all, what is so valueable watch, after that comes acting, but of course image do it most, it influence most, in my opinion, do i like or not.

  19. Fatima Aliyeva#2 Author

    I've read the book and it's not his daughter dying there. It's his son. And he dies while playing with his dad. He was running towards the road and the truck was coming. But his father (Luis) couldn't catch him. But here it's the daughter dying. I like how they changed the plot. But there's too much of the film here. It's like watching the whole thing.

  20. Aparajita Sutradhar Author

    I don't know how the original is but liked the story… Kinda different from other horror movies…plz suggest some other movies like this..

  21. Science Author

    sorry, but the original movie in 1988 with Fred Gynne WAS WAY CLOSER TO THE ORIGINAL BOOK. And therefore better for that reason. Where's the young boy in this remake? In the book THE YOUNG SON is killed by the Orinko truck…..NOT THE MAN'S DAUGHTER. And what's what these kids with the masks? Ok, maybe an interesting addition. But completely removing the young male son toddler from this remake means I won't watch it. Yes, the original movie left out some things too, like the old man's wife (that was still alive in the book)…..but that was minor. CHANGING THE YOUNG SON TO THE OLDER DAUGHTER, as the one who gets run over and then comes back as a zombie? Sorry…..won't fly. Stick to the book.

  22. Serban Author

    For those that say the ending sucked, think about the fact that the cycle is broken.As much as I understood from the book,there is nobody to know about what the Pet Sematary does anymore.(after the ending)

  23. vigilant_cat Author

    Guys you just showed the whole movie in the trailer literally. All the best moments. Thank god I watched only the first trailer before watching the movie.


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