Picture a world without domestic violence fundraiser

Hi I’m Jake Miller with friends
first photo on Logan Square today I want to tell you about my fundraiser picture
a world without domestic violence so now through the end of October any donation
of $100 or more to the Chicago battered women’s network will get you a family
best friend or pet photo session with me here at my studio in Logan Square so
while I tell you about what the network does I’m gonna put up some examples of
my work so that you can see what you get when you donate so let’s start with
statistics one in four women I said you heard that right one in four and one in
nine men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime that’s a
national statistic you can check my facts here in Chicago our 911 one
emergency department gets 500 phone calls a day related to this so it’s an
epidemic and it deserves our full attention so what the network does is
three really very helpful things they advocate in our courts and help people
get restraining orders even if they can’t afford an attorney they’ll provide
one pro bono so that’s fantastic it’s really useful they train our social
workers and how to recognize the signs which not so easy sometimes and they
train and staff a 24 hour hotline for domestic violence I’m actually gonna put
that number up on a screen right now if you are in a dangerous situation you
don’t have to be alone with it there’s support available for you there are
options there are resources even if you have children even if you have a pet and
you don’t know where you would go don’t be alone with this give that phone
number a call and give them a chance to help you so this is personal for me this
fundraiser because I’m a survivor myself it was personal to my mom too I would
love to tell you our story but I’m gonna save that for another video because
right now what’s urgent is the drama of my childhood is getting
replayed over and over again even as we speak right now so back to your family
for a minute what I mean by family isn’t just the native family you were born
into but your best friends your inner circle the people who answer the phone
when you call where you get your love and support from the people you call
brothers and sisters I believe those relationships are everything in this
life and they deserve to be celebrated and there’s no better way to do that
than with a family portrait session with me here in Logan Square so the network
does some fantastic work they deserve our support won’t you please donate
today and help them do what they do find the donate button on this fundraiser
share this fundraiser with your friends start talking about domestic violence
look up a couple of facts educate yourself let’s make it a conversation
instead of a big secret and thank you for watching

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