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Picture Box in Visual Basic

Hello in this Visual Basic programming tutorial I am going to show you the picture box component B. And guess what it does allow you to display a picture to go to the box go to picture Basquiat here. OK so we can even go to properties. And from here because like it or just click this little bit around here from your picture the image is already a ritual for selectees go to local resource import and mine is right here in the dark. Click open and click OK. OK muffing can load it. Yes. So if we’re to go to site much can stretch the image as we can see the new auto signs. You sent the message to them so you know do a few different properties. I’m going to do. True. I do. Lou seems like it actually booty’s the ratio so far I can see on resizing the zoom retains the actual ratio itself and you know exactly what we want. So it’s wonderful to see what we can say. We have know the image of G-2 on here. And if we go to the properties you can change basic properties you know some background color to those properties to do images. We can change the name as well which it isn’t. It would be referred to as in code. Well and you know Whorley a lot of the old stuff is basic properties that you can usually interact with. And I will say is the next task where I want you to do is obviously messing around with these properties but also try and go crazy with some of the properties programmatically. So and here maybe how important for example. And if you click the motor detect take the click and then do something with the image. Maybe make it invisible maybe change the background color. Go crazy maybe even change the size or have three buttons. Small Medium launched from really clicked the larger it makes the image big. When he kicks more he makes the image small. That’s it for the picture box component. Thanks for watching. I look forward to seeing you in the next tutorial.

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