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Picture Day Tips


  1. Cheshire of Cards Author

    When Michelle was saying if you need concealer for your dark circles and to use a salmon base color, does she mean eye shadow? Please answer soon since I have picture day in two days!!! 🙂

  2. WickedLilLadyXoX:) Author

    Can someone PLEASE tell me what concealer palette that was? And what rose lipstick brand that is!?! Seriously thank you so much if you answer!! 🙂

  3. King Kylee Author

    My school gives you the option to have blemishes erased for extra and I use that because I have broken blood vessels on my face. My school pictures are tomorrow

  4. Two singing superstars Author

    I have my picture day tomorrow. Like this if YOUR picture day is the day after you read this or the day you read this!

  5. DakoLofi Author

    I remember taking mine… She made us turn to a horrible angle… We all pretty much looked derpy in our Year book…. but now we just laugh at it.

  6. ang Author

    Aw you are so beautiful! I really loved this tutorial, thanks so much! I am sure it will help me so much! You just earned yourself another subscriber! (-^〇^-)

  7. Gladys Vargas Author

    "dont eat to much sodium" man i was studying for the test Tomorrow while eatching chips nd chicken lasagna nd root beer D:

  8. Amanda Lu Author

    Whenever I wear lipgloss or fix my hair people think that I'm a brat. :/ they say that I am too self centered even though the only days I wear lipgloss and fix my hair are picture day and events.

  9. Simmer Princess Author

    The problem for me is I hate my smile! It always looks ugly when I show my teeth because of the lines that come down from the corners of my mouth! I look like ventriloquist dummy!

  10. Haley Caldwell Author

    I miss this kind of Michelle Phan video. Her new videos just make me sad. She seems so corporate and she has this weird calmness that just isn't her. 🙁

  11. Mandy Author

    I just came from watching Michelle's latest video, and i hate to be the person who says this but…I miss the old Michelle! she used to be such a happy go lucky girl, now she looks like she is on tranquilizers all the time.

  12. Author

    picture tips: Hey there you have put great picture tips here. Good work.
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  13. Hamilton! At The Disco Author

    So umm… What do you do if you have glasses that relfect like a blue light when looking at a screen… I can't see without glasses so I can't just take them off. I have picture day tommorow :/

  14. Meagan Alexander Author

    My friend in 8th grade had such pale skin that on picture day, when the camera flashed, all that showed up in the yearbook photo were four black dots on a white background; two where his eyes were and two where his nostrils were.

  15. ty Author

    I have prom tommorow. I've pretty much done everything that she says not to do. I've literally eaten 3 cups of shrimp instant ramen out of stress. I want to kill myself.

  16. Victoria Torres Author

    I really hope that all of this works. Last year my picture was a complete FAILURE. I was moving and my eyes were closed. And now I'm stressed out about the pictures for this year. Wish me luck😭😭😔

  17. arianna Author

    I hope someone can answer this for me: my picture day is coming up and I wanna wear a full face of makeup. The thing is, idk if I'll have flashback. All the girls in last years yearbook didn't have flashback. Do they use a harsh flash for school photos?

  18. Bridgette Caldwell Author

    I'm so nervous for my picture I'd cuz last year mine turned out HORRIBLE I swear I've never seen a picture more ugly of me and I had to carry it around all year so embarrassing

  19. Bagus Nenda Wijaya Author

    hi, can I make a picture from your video to make an article for my fanpage ?. if i could, i will inviting the audience to subscribe your channel, because i like your videos here. thanks
    ill not forget to describe that, this channel is yours.
    sorry my english is bad..

  20. rkddksfl 920 Author

    I remember during picture day my guy classmates would always run to the bathroom, they'd always wet their hair and slick it back while us girls would help each other out with our uniforms, our hair and our face to make sure it'll look decent in the picture xD I hope this behavior doesn't change when we enter seventh grade


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