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Picture this: Robbie Rogers talks career, iconic blue hat

If you’ve ever been to any Baylor football
games then you’ve probably seen a man on the field with a camera and this blue hat. Well his story and the story behind the blue
hat is one you’ll definitely want to hear. “hey thats mine” Meet Robbie Rogers. He got his degree in photojournalism at the
University of Missouri, has spent time working with various newspapers
and today he is the Director of Photography and Video for Baylor University. Mr. Rogers has a love for sports photography
and journalism so his goal like many others in his field was to work for Sports Illustrated. “I started off simply dreaming about it and then I figured out a way to actually try to meet with some of the editors.” He got to meet with a few editors at a workshop
in San Antonio for an Olympic trial where he showed them his portfolio he had
been working on for 15 years but… “They told me it was awful. I did have the energy and whit about me to
say, “well if I ever make a good picture can I
send it to you?” And they said, “yeah sure.” So he then sent sports illustrated a post card with pictures he took every week until I finally got a call to do this one game in the middle of – sorry to say – no where North Alabama. From there they just kept calling every week.” And his photos made the cover of sports illustrated
two times. Including his photo at the Orange Bowl where
Tom Osborne and Nebraska won their first National Championship. While my dream was to work at Sports Illustrated,
I guess my greater dream was to work at the very top of my level everyday
and I’m glad I was able to do that.” Now what’s so special about his blue hat? Well besides the fact that its SPF95+ and
helps keeps him focused at games… “When I put this on I’m in the zone, I can
concentrate. Sometimes I wear ear-plugs but this is like blinders for a horse.” Most importantly his good friend Jerry M.
Wachter who was the scene photographer for 37 years of the Baltimore Orioles passed
away due to skin cancer. “During his final years I worked with him
and helped him out some and I just knew that this would cover me the same
way Jerry would want it to be.” Even though he has met many famous people
and has covered huge sports games Mr. Rogers said that you get to see amazing
things as a photojournalist but there is nothing more amazing than what’s
to come. “And that’s why I love being at this place.” “It’s the next picture that’s going to be
here.” For Lariat TV News, Im Elisabeth Tharp.

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