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Pictures Of The Same Girls You Won’t Believe

What Would You rate her like What The 10 Just give her like you think she’s Pretty like? 520 who do you think she’s Pretty Do you think she’s Pretty What do you think of her She’s okay alright She’s okay What do you think Gorgeous Gorgeous? Alright Well I don’t think you’re gonna believe me when i tell you this is the same girl oh? This is the same Girl can You believe It She’s so sexy smoke bro she’s Hella Backwards it’s called a Hexa tune That’s what the Heck’s a Imogen no a Hex a Chin What’s an Exigency you Know there’s a Double Check triple Check while you chew and then When they’re six is Exiting so there’s six chance So i don’t see you she has a long neck so like you know like you so people can Basically Make Very ugly Faces to A point where they don’t even look doing doing doing i probably Said ugly not dumb i know No, no, no you know it’s the worse this one Yes i is the worst you look like a Skeleton But like someone Get This man a Sandwich no that Makes Anyone look like? Yep i look the same as with the hugeness bro you do not like the same i your same with a Huge nose like This Yeah and Just Go super High and Go Up i can’t roll My nose is different We are doing yeah We’re doing you won’t believe this is the same person are you Ready Let’s go okay What do you think of This What do you think i would what do you think take her out to dinner Wrong Phil Yeah sure looks This girl looks Very Classy? She looks like She’s from like The seventies or sixties right Yeah? Yeah i take her you When a Girl version That’s her yeah come back well well do you Guys wanna see what she looks like? Yeah Yeah once he tries to make an Ugly face yes You Ready 3 2 1 Go That’s you That is the Loki Loki That’s you know i Kind of Miss how is it the same Girl No Just Let’s compare wow That’s Beautiful right Whoa beautiful Why Yeah the choose one if you have to choose one i’ll choose the one on the right Why She’s Kinky? The Personality Robots for you hey hey What would your Parents Always tell you when you made Bad Faces nothing no No you know that your Parents like They always tell you like the my own Everything Like That Know My name do You think this That’s repetitive face to Face you think is the permanent face the left so do you think She’s a Personality You Need a Turkey S some great person? Left Your own life Your average Nice Looking Girl i like her She look i Just Got a Shower Brush her hair then you want to see when she makes an Ugly face What Would she look? Like Three two One In the sidious Movie guy? Insidious Yeah Bro Us how we Need her she would make a Great after is like you know pretending to be your gofer i Would Yeah What does that Mean means i would take her out to dinner Fam What else we’re all like Yeah Crazy Like I don’t know how someone could can You Try to make It less you Need a Blow Dryer you Need a Blow Dryer okay no fam a Blow Dryer Puts Any mom or choo-choo true but like tried to do it without the blow Dryer i Don’t know wait time i look the same way When i wake up every morning yo compare side-by-Side Who Nailed It go on the left Looks like an instagram Model Oh i i like It i do not trust these Kind of Photos Why because She’s gonna Look like that no price She’s showing Half of her face i don’t trust Girls that do that I don’t trust Girls Who put pictures Up Half of Their Frog Down so the mother Fries Guys We Got a song for This girl While i feel like it’s gonna be hard behind me like Wall of the song hotel alright Girl the left she looks Educated You don’t Say Education How listen to my Ex-Girlfriend Finest Balls What do you think i would educate her education all right What do you think okay what about now This One Says time for a Snack I’m not down we’re revealing in five seconds four three Two one Yo Bro you Knows Funny like You take you’re on a date to a movie theater and then you Get rip Ow point you to Look Over you it’s her like this You Take Over like Yeah it’s gonna destroy what i’m so chin Though Like your chin disappear bamber no I’m actually gone Through This you can hug your chin Know about They See They’re still fold Cuz you’re fat but like Hers is completely gone you Know stop Licking list i think She’s like dude Like on the Rice Colors like alien for some no no I’m alright They Say If you take off the Glasses it’S a Whole different person There are right There i say i say Nay i Say They’re liars and then All of a Sudden Is it me oh I’m dumb down All The Way Which one the one above IS no the one on the right Just Strictly the one on the right no i remember That By Now anyone Zagat Knows i can Always move it it’s Jaidyn oh Luckily Chris Brown It’s an instagram video you so Hasty so how Does she do that When you tell a Joke we Make her laugh That’s the face she gets I’m never telling about? Funny Anthony i want to try this willie this is your boobs yes Anthony Looked out of it He’s Out Get Out Okay Get Out Fool You don’t bite your lip do you see you’re biting your lip yeah alrighty That Just Upper Lip as High as possible you can’t do that This Though Like It’s not Humanly Natural did i Just Say Humanly Natural The same is the same Girl she Knows how to do a possible controller she gave her a gel on the Left right You can tell from the Whole hey wanna go sue i mean i’m down my way Steal your man Oh What is this yo What you want YouR sexy Now Which one do you like more of That one i like how her lips twitches a Little Bit that look chv Sorry i was to lazy to writeeeeee Eyes Popped The Health Yeah but They’re so uh Green and Beautiful there she Just pop in your face Ready Three Two one Go i Try to put My Eggs i’ll bite Him How i think a Lot of first Down yo That Is no Get outta tender Either When she comes Out the picture on tinder reality Why she has a Spicy house it’s like an old Lady Have no, teeth we she has note yo look at her Eyes on the picture in the left though? she looks stunning What It’s her oh? It’s our Birth How is it guys bro this Is so good What Makeup does to you No That’s not even bro Should Wear Makeup on the pictures all right to you See this is What Angles and Facial Expressions Matter so much is Why i forgot Miss important i’m the birthday princess Yo are you sure the fish Should Be Labeled First Kiss When you’re ready to Get your first Kiss definitely a fish oh my good look Impossible she probably had a Boy if i had a Blow Dryer boy i go out Fan Girls Like These these don’t Go for us Just Saying you know ya Know Alright Next One We Got someone Else


  1. White Rose Author

    BF Love me please please
    GF I DO
    BF what do you tell my brother?
    GF that I have a great boyfriend
    BF b..but
    BF will we break up
    GF james

  2. Marie ::: Author

    Girl: what’s going on with you?
    Boy: I don’t know
    Girl: are you okay?
    Boy: yes, of course
    Girl: do you love me?
    Boy: I’m leaving
    Girl: answer my question then



  4. ~Zakiyaa~ Author

    I Wear glasses
    and whenever i take 'em off to do sports
    my whole class keeps on saying
    ''Yo, is that her? i thought she was in the other class''
    and i am like ''wha?''
    now i realise how much ppl look different without their glasses XD

  5. TheDemonic Spawn Author

    First mister father tal, how do I know it really is the same girl? And if it is, what has changed, is the after pic like a year later or like after something happened?

  6. Proeditor 2009 Author

    Boy: Why don't you love me?
    Girl: I do.
    Boy: Do you look at other boys?
    Girl: No!
    Boy: Will we get married?
    Girl: I hope so.
    Boy: Do you hope to break up?
    Girl: I love you !
    Boy: What do you tell other boys?
    Girl: That I have an amazing boyfriend.
    Boy: What did you want to tell me?
    Girl: James…
    Now read it backwards


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