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Polish cinema is strong. Thank you, Mr. Szulkin. Great scene – Multi Subs – HD

Subtitles arranged by Lo_Della – Where have you been?
– Doing my duty. They won’t plant
leaflets on Kraft any more. I talked to them.
Then I talked to that engineer. And I moved around those freaks
down there. The usual business. Leave the freaks alone! lt’s no longer a save-the mankind
play. lt’s saving our ass. You were to motivate that engineer
into reparing the dome mechanism. The shit dome covers all of us. If it falls apart,
they will die, as well as us. You and me! He refused in spite
of the consequences. This is no place
for human rights bullshit. He is the only guy who can
mend the dome stabilizing mechanism. You are a persuasion specialist and you’ve proved an asshole! I hope you reminded him that
there is minus 30 centigrades outside and radiation that can finish
everybody off in a few hours? His refusal has an element
of deliberate suicide and… …I guess I read him.
– And what’s the matter with you? Find your uniform overtight? You may join them
and die with them, but first you will force
him to do what he has to do. You shithead, you. But he believes that
his decision agrees with the faith of those two
thousand people who have come here. What decision and what faith?! What faith?! The escape into a myth, the escape from reality, the Ark faith! There are now not more
than 850 people left alive. The remainder have died
of cold, dirt and malnutrition. For none of them even thinks of
flushing up the jakes after crapping. If that prick fails
to change his sentiments, we will be all dead in a few weeks! We must exploit the faith
in the Ark for our ends. Am I declare myself a
priest and hand out opium? We gotta give them
somethin they will accept. Something unofficial. Something to mobilize them
and wrest them out of lethargy. And maybe then they would start
flushing up the jakes after crapping? What about the details? I don’t know…. Give me a time. Then fuck out,
fuck out! Go and build a
miraculous Ark for them. Make a conspiratorial Ark
for them, you! Fuck out! Yes, make a conspiratorial
Ark for them…

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  1. mabusestestament Author

    Thanks for your channel! I saw the Polish movie 'Mother Joan Of The Angels' (sorry for giving the English title) on dvd a while ago. Oh my goodness what a complete masterpiece that was.


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