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Portobello Road Market London Ottolenghi + Electric Cinema Notting Hill

LONODN Saturday / Market Day Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to London today I’ve
come to Notting Hill Notting Hill gate tube just there I’am headed down to portobello
Road it is a Saturday today the busiest day of the week here as you can see all these
people it is also the busiest day for Portobello Road Market so we will head down and take
a look at the market it is not the primary reason I’am here I’am here to visit the cinema
one of my favourite cinemas in London is in the middle of Portobello Road today in the
middle of Portobello Road market the Electric Cinema so I can’t share with you the film
well I can tell you what film I’am going to see but I can’t share with you any of the
movie but I can share a little of the cinema with you show you why it is my favourite cinema
now I’ve made plenty of videos and vlogs about Portobello Road market itself before so I’ll
try not to repeat myself but what I think I’ll do today before I head to the cinema
is show you a little of the market but also an area of the market that I think a lot of
visitors to the market will miss a lot of these tourists because it is a little a little
walk through what looks like I guess a council estate to Wesbourne grove I’am sure the luxury
boutique shops on Westbourne Grove will like me describing it as a council estate I’ll
try not to get run over so yeah we will head down to the market and then I’ll head down
to Westbourne Grove get some lunch Westbourne Grove is pretty popular with shoppers there
are a few luxury boutique shops down there and during the week ladies that lunch I wouldn’t
worry too much about Westbourne Grove if it is your first time visiting Portobello Road
market you’ve got your work cut out seeing everything the market has to offer in one
day but especially on a Saturday if your here during the week or you’ve been here before
then definitely worth popping down there check out some of the shops and the restaurants
and bars right this is the beginning of Portobello Road her I’ll try to capture the sign I think
today will be the busiest day Saturday but yeah here is the beginning Portobello Road
the market doesn’t start until we get a little way down just around the corner here there
is a load of pastel coloured homes that people will be photographing all day today the reason
the reason I’am here to go to the cinema The Electric Cinema is one of my favourites in
town it is not the biggest not the best in terms of technology they are in Leicester
Square where London’s movie premiers are held I think it is just one of the coolest the
cinema’s had mixed fortunes like the whole area and in recent years it was completely
refurbished back to its most glamorous well they probably made it more glamorous than
it has ever been they couldn’t do a lot with the cinema itself because it is protected
by English Heritage but what they did manage to do was get the shop next door open that
as the Electric diner and so the cinema can concentrate on being a cinema and use the
facilities of the diner and that means well the front of the stage and the original screen
well the hole the screen the came out of are there and the new screen pops out of the old
one the curtains go back before the movie starts a bigger screen now comes out which
is cool but yeah they’ve put in a bar next door so now you can get the cinema has a bar
at the back with full access to the restaurant kitchens so you can get amazing food but also
the bar at the back of the cinema they also do beers cocktails bottles of wine champagne
prosecco and instead of having seats cramped in it there is only about sixty seats all
leather arm chairs each with a foot stall so you can put your feet up and relax the
foot stalls open so you can put you stuff in there instead of on the floor and I think
there is cashmere blankets in each foot stall in case you get a little bit cold yeah it
is just super comfortable I’ll show you that when we get down there it is pretty cool that
is the reason I’am here the market all those people taking out checking out the pastel
coloured homes the market starts just here I think I’am going to pop into sister Jane
here and get a coffee the popular coffee shop in here is called the farm girl cafe if you
are looking for it look for the sister Jane signs it shares a yard with them you can’t
miss the sister Jane signs you can’t read the Farm Girl ones change of plans the queue
is massive I’am going to head down to Westbourne Grove it will be busy because it is Saturday
but it will be quieter than this so yeah we will head a little bit of the beaten path
of the market and I’ll get something to eat and drink down there the antiques section
starts just here then Westbourne Grove we will get to before the market the regular
market begins head down to Westbourne Grove and then back to the market back to the cinema
but yeah check it out this is the the real start of where the market stalls begin and
most of this end is antiques OK this is Westbourne grove and I’am going to pop down there and
get something to eat and drink it is a little bit quieter than well I’am hoping it is a
little bit quieter today than the market itself the antiques shops and the market stalls run
there but then really I think a lot of people don’t look down there or visit down there
because the market itself really starts getting going here so I think people get here and
are just excited to get over there but yeah we for now I’ve got to come back here anyway
and head down there because the cinema is down there but yeah I’am going to head down
Westbourne grove a little bit and I think I might go to yeah it is defiantly a bit quieter
down here the crowds already disappeared I think I might go to Ottolenghi’s which is
just there is like a four way cross roads down here with a church on one corner a lot
of luxury boutique stores down here restaurants bars but yeah there is a deli called Ottolenghi
just just round the corner and I’ll go and see what looks good in there it is owned by
I think it is owned by an Israeli and a Palestinian yeah and Israeli and a Palestinian so middle
eastern and I think they take a lot of their inspiration from the Mediterranean so yeah
well chefs take their inspiration from everywhere all around the world but I think when you
look at it it is yeah middle eastern guys taking inspiration from the Mediterranean
so yeah it is amazing food take away deli here they have got other restaurants and deli’s
around town but yeah check it out this is the main the main shopping part of Westbourne
Grove starts here it is mainly little luxury a lot of ladies fashion jewellers and accessories
check it out OK this here every direction you’ve got little boutique shops cafes bars
restaurants Rolls Royce’s it is that kind of place yeah there is some nice restaurants
up there I’am going to head you actually can’t see it from here it is just hidden behind
the building there Ottolenghi’s it is a take away deli actually they have got seating inside
but I’ve only ever been there for take away I’ll show you these two buildings over here
sort of pink and yellow I keep seeing these on social media people just like the the fancy
coloured shops right yeah this is what I’ve popped down here for Ottolenghi’s the queue
looks a lot shorter than that coffee shop I walked into at the start of the market OK
success I got some lunch I got some salad I’ll show you that in a second you have to
yeah the whole window full of cakes and sugary treats you have to walk past all that to get
to the the relatively healthy salads I went for the salad I nearly got a cake but yeah
they are renowned for their middle eastern and Mediterranean salads and stuff spring
is in the air so I thought I would get something healthy today lets go and take a seat lets
go and back to the market and have some lunch before I ht the cinema OK just there there
is some really there is a nice seating area I was going to show you what I had got sat
there a lot of people actually sat there eating food from Ottolenghi’s I opened the bag went
to do it and the guy sat next to me at the bench just started coughing uncontrollably
which like he was about to cough up a lung which to be honest I’d have just sat there
and eaten it if I wasn’t filming this but it will just I know that is all you will be
able to hear just this well it will sound like someone is dying so yeah I’am going to
pop back round the corner and where it will be equally noisy but a different kind of noise
and we will check it out round there at the market
in full swing I just see actually one of YouTube’s biggest vloggers well not the biggest one
of yeah one of London’s well a lot of them the weird thing is a lot of the big YouTubers
they live here they live in the nicer parts of town like this but very few of them actually
well luckily for me very few of them actually share any of it too busy filming themselves
and their own emotions of which they have very few This guy is pretty good I’am going
to eat my lunch and watch some live music OK lets try this food pretty good right I’am
going to tuck into this the butternut squash is really good I’am going to tuck into this
and have a look around the market a little bit more I’am sat in front of some Banksy
art work people are trying to photograph so I’am going to move and eat this and check
out some more of the market before I go to the cinema we will end up in street art photos
OK the market here at Portobello kind of transitions in terms of what is for sale so the start
where we began the Notting Hill gate end is kind of more antiques and reproduction antiques
and as you transition as you walk down it becomes more of a normal market OK in this
section of the market in the middle you transition from antiques at that end you’ve got the independent
designers more of them at that end it is a bit of a jumble but it generally transition
that way and here in the middle you’ve got the amazing smell of all the street food cooking
and some amazing street performers too and of coarse all the shops either side of the
road behind the market I’d definitely recommend a trip here they were awesome huh right back
to the market OK The Electric Cinema here on Portobello road next door there you have
the Electric diner there is Electric house the whole thing is owned operated by the Soho
House group so Electric House is a members club Soho House members and next door to those
two what we are here for the Electric Cinema so lets pop in and obviously it is a cinema
so I can’t film to much in there I certainly can’t film the film but I’ll show you why
it is my favourite one of my favourite cinemas in London OK lets check out the Electric Cinemas
bar and food menu while I’am waiting to go in I’am going to get something to drink the
bar at the back of the cinema serves soft drinks wine beer and champagne and also phenomenal
snacks the restaurant next door to the cinema the Electric diner is a stand alone restaurant
and bar but also serves as the cinemas kitchens so when you order the food in the cinema is
prepared in the restaurant and brought to you so your getting restaurant quality snacks
in the cinema the Electric Cinema is one the oldest working cinemas in the country first
opening back in nineteen ten and because it is so old parts are protected from significant
alteration by English Heritage so they couldn’t just put in a big screen so once the curtain
on the original screen goes back and the lights start to go down a bigger screen pops out
from the original frame work it is pretty cool to watch I’ll show you that in a moment
did I tell you what I’am here to watch I’am not sure if I did OK front row right in the
middle I’am here to watch on the big screen in 3D the latest King Kong movie Kong Skull
Island table bar at the back for food and drinks foot rest with my glasses on OK the
lights are going down in here so I’am not sure how much of this you will be able to
make out but on the foot rest are the 3D glasses now because this is such an old building it
can’t be fully air conditioned so inside the foot rests for winter are cashmere blankets
in case you get cold in the summer you will have no need for them it gets pretty warm
at the time of my visit it is opening weekend for this movie here in London the premiers
were earlier in the week and it opened to the public only yesterday I booked tickets
at the start of the week and all the screenings here are now sold out all weekend so if you
want to see a new movie a popular movie her definitely book tickets as early in advance
as you can especially if you want particular seats some movies you just know are going
to look so much better on the big screen with the phenomenal theatre surround sound and
in 3D and I think this is going to be one of them I watched an interview with the director
last week and he said the original script was set in 1917 or there about but his vision
was for King Kong meets apocalypse now set in the 1970’s and the studio let him do it
so I thought that sounded cool so here we are Saturday afternoon a few glasses of wine
and a big action adventure movie in the Electric cinema on London’s Portobello Road OK guys the film the film was cool the Electric
cinema one of my favourite cinemas in London definitely recommend that place obviously
I feel epic Hollywood action adventure movie on the big screen quite a bit of wine I’am
going to head home now call it a day I hope you enjoyed this I hope you enjoyed this trip
to Portobello Road the market where did we go Ottolenghi’s for lunch the market and a
brief look at the Electric Cinema so thanks for watching and until next time Toodles!
more street performance yeah I definitely recommend a trip to Portobello Toodles! OK
I’ve been making YouTube videos for a little while I forget how long in my early Portobello
road ones this property here featured in one of them I know it did I talked a little about
it a little about it said it would be fantastic when it was finished now I know I don’t know
how long ago that was just that it was a long time ago and it is still not finished it still
looks like it is going to be incredible when it is done though so if you could like and
subscribe maybe one day I could afford to move to Notting Hill probably not though I’ll
probably blow it on food and wine to be honest but anyway like and subscribe Toodles!


  1. Daniel Hammond Author

    I like Notting Hill, but I would like it a lot less if I actually lived there. Oh, those crowds! As a resident, they would drive me crazy!
    Mind you, that amazing cinema would make up for a lot of inconvenience! I loved the screen and I am so glad you were able to film it!
    Thank you for the video!

  2. angela x Author

    We did the whole Portobello road, Electric Cinema (beauty and the beast) and Diner for my birthday weekend 17th march, after watching one of your videos. The one with breakfast at the Tabernacle which sadly on that sat morning wasn't doing breakfast. We stayed at Paddington. It was a great weekend and we kept our eyes out for you hahah. Thanks for the idea. X

  3. Courtney Author

    I'm so happy I found your channel. I've always loved all things British. Been to London a few times now and that feeling has only enhanced. Thanks for filling the void in between visits! Toodles xo

  4. dbn52 Author

    At the beginning of the video there was a shop that had a tea pot on the front. Do you remember what the name of the place is? London seems like such a fun place.

  5. christopheles Author

    Haha..nothing says bon appetit like a dude coughing his head off whilst you try to grind on some salad. Good choice Robert! Great video again mate. Take care. See you in the summer!

  6. Peter Bradbury Author

    Thank you for an absolutely wonderful video. Will be staying in Notting Hill late September and can't wait to spend time on Portobello Rd. And go to the Electric Cinema.

  7. Sabina Agha Author

    What a charming cinema. Put it on my list for the summer to dos. I know you do a lot of walking , I'm visiting at the end of June and can't really walk tremendous distances due to being a dialysis patient. Can you rec the best way for me to get around. Should I rent a car? Utilize cabs? Stick to the tube with frequent rests? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Sandra Love Author

    I love this video, the quality was excellent, so clear and looking at those wonderful street scenes makes make want to move there. Thanks again for another entertaining video.

  9. Sara Finn Author

    We went here as recommended. It was great! Lots of stalls. We found the blue door & bookshop…from Notting hill. We had coffee at gales cafe & a sausage roll! They were delicious.Thank you for your video


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