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Posting Risky Instagram Pictures

NeNe Leakes is used to serving up shade
on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but lately she’s been serving up looks on IG. NeNe looks 50 and fabulous.>>Yes, she does.
>>As she should.>>After she posted a very revealing pic of herself in a black dress with a see
through top and no bra on on the Gram. Go on NeNe.>>Them all hang out.>>The picture got a lot of people’s attention, including her husband Gregg.
Now, according to E!News, Gregg wasn’t happy
about NeNe posting that racy pic, so she decided to delete it.
Now, however, NeNe did leave one sexy Gregg approved pic up, there it is.
>>Ooh.>>That’s it, he said that one was okay.>>Come on girl.>>Oof, that.>>So why would she delete it if it’s already been posted?
>>Because it was showing too much.>>Yeah, her husband->>But people already have seen it so.>>True, and people screenshot it like we did here and show it still, but you’re
just saying if it’s already out there it’s here.
>>It’s bad, it’s bad.>>I’ll tell you all, I know NeNe and we’re gonna be performing in
LA at the Microsoft Theater.>>[APPLAUSE]>>We’re going.>>Yes, yes.>>Thank you for that plug. But Gregg is a real OG.
>>Yes.>>Gregg one them old, old school.>>Very traditional man, yes.>>Very traditional, he don’t want everybody seeing his woman. So I can imagine him going,
NeNe, you gotta take that down cuz see that’s inappropriate.
>>I think she took it down as a respect towards him. Like, okay, I get it, it went out there, you didn’t like it.
>>Yeah.>>So now I’m gonna take it out, just to not rub it in his face.
>>Well why post it in the first place?>>I think she thought he would’ve been okay with it maybe?
>>They didn’t have a conversation.
>>Clearly.>>They’re in a relationship together, and Greg isn’t always the type to
knit pick everything she does, so when you hear your man
speak up about one thing, you’re like, alright do I really
need to make this a fight? No, let’s take it down, so I love that.
>>That’s why I’m divorced.>>[LAUGH]>>And that’s what->>You don’t have to ask.>>And I was gonna say, seriously? That is so true. I can’t date somebody who’s not gonna allow me to just celebrate my sexuality.
>>Be you, yes.>>If I feel sexy and you think I’m sexy, let me celebrate it, because I don’t
know how long this is gonna last.>>But would you do that, though? No!
If would I take the picture down?>>No, would you take the picture with your nipples out?
>>I have some good nipples. My panda eyes are nice.
>>[LAUGH]>>Yes I would. Yes.
[APPLAUSE]>>So then you need to marry somebody or date someone or be with somebody
who would be like, that’s hot.>>The only quesiton is, if you did that and
you really like the guy and he said, I’m not feeling comfortable,
would you take it down? I don’t know, because I’ve always been who
I am before, during, or after marriage. So you’re not gonna be surprised when you
dig, you know that if you see a panda eye, it’s gonna be a good one.
>>You not answering my question, Jamie!>>So therefore, no I don’t think so. I’m gonna whip.
>>Please take it down.>>What if he say I’m gonna break up with you?
>>And break up because I’m gonna find someone
who gonna appreciates the panda eye.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Maybe he appreciates it but he doesn’t want everybody else to see it.
>>But that’s okay, he needs to find someone for him. Its not a wrong answer by the way, the men
out there who don’t want their women to flaunt and share themselves for everybody
that’s okay, that’s good for them. No, I’m saying for me, I’m gonna find
somebody who wants me to be who I am at all times.
>>Would you do that?>>I just said I got a nice panda eye, yeah I would.
>>So yes she wuld post a picture like that and 2, she would let a guy leave
her if he asked her to take it down, she would only date somebody who would
be like yes girl, it looks amazing.>>Adrian understands, she gets it.>>I get it, I love it.>>[APPLAUSE]>>[APPLAUSE] I post whatever I want but if I think that a photo might super risky,
that my husband would have an issue with, I ask him and every singe time he’s like,
nah baby, you could have post it.>>I love that you said that because when my favorite post is right after you got married
>>Yeah>>It was in a beautiful lingerie shop.
>>Yeah.>>And I know Adrienne to be very comfortable with her body, very saucy and sexy
>>Yes yeah.>>And when she posted that, I knew that not only are you still the
same Ade, but Israel loves you the way he married you too.
>>But the point I wanna say it, she asked him first.
>>Yeah, I did ask. What I will say is-
>>That’s respect.>>But he knows who he married. Like he knows who I am-
>>But you still, asked him, that’s respect.
>>I respect, I did out of respect.>>[INAUDIBLE]


  1. suhourx Author

    I find it funny that people only see wearing less cloths is celebrating your body. People always try to make people uncomfortable that choose to cover up. Is this what world has become now? the less you wear the more acceptable it is.. such a sad mentality.

  2. Jesus Loves You Author

    I mean I know the Lord wouldnt approve of a pic thats showing a bit tooooo much. Its about what the Father in heaven approves of not you or any one else🙌

  3. LadyChaos101 Author

    What’s so hard to understand about jeannies argument. She wouldn’t be with someone who would have an issue with that in the first place

  4. S Wendell Author

    It's not about "being allowed" to post something it's about respect about privacy for your relationship. The world shouldn't see what the bedrooms does.

  5. Aleah Alaze Author

    I used to be like Jeannie until u realize if a guy don’t even say sumn about u posting naked pics does he really care about u lol

  6. Shae Davis Author

    I love Jeanie but she sound dumb as hell. You gone leave a dude cause he don't want the world to see you naked? You gone be single forever!

  7. Katherine Jennings Author

    Jeanie is obviously hurt about the ending of her marriage and in my opinion Jeanie seems off and slightly negative in regard to relationships. She never even thought about posted her nipples on Instagram when she was married to Freddy. She has lost the value of a relationships. She knows damn well a christian woman isn't suppose to be on IG showing her nipples….So I ask does Jeanie still define herself as being a christian woman?????????

  8. Filiprima Author

    Why did they keep asking Jeannie the same question over and over? Anyway, the way a person dresses is how they express themselves-I'm with Jeannie on this one, if a man has a problem with the way you express yourself i.e. your sexuality, he can get gone. He's not grown enough with those insecurities, an he should understand that woman is not a reflection of himself, but her own personhood.

  9. Filiprima Author

    Ooh, just finished the clip-I wish Loni didn't believe that women needed permission to express their sexuality however they desired-and we definitely don't need to give men input on what we should do with our bodies or how we should present them. We don't need the approval of the #MaleGaze.

    Also: do people really not know that breasts are not sexual organs?! They're literally just bags of fat.

  10. therese nakitende Author

  11. Jessie M Author

    Some men can be too controlling. As long as you're not posting pics totally butt naked, I don't think its wrong. Men be looking at porn all the time… yet want their women to be prim and proper little prudes. The double standard is real. Own your sexuality while you still can!

  12. Daniel Colon Author

    Men who truly care about their woman, doesn't want their woman putting her "panda eyes" or vag for the world to see. Aren't they for his/her eyes, not for the world to see? I would love my woman who had a beautiful pair and nice "panda eyes" but it's for a private setting not for the world to see…

  13. Pamela Johnson Author

    Matter of respecting your husband, nipples are not meant to be seen by the world especially if you’re married, show respect to your mate !!!

  14. Mariee M Author

    Jeannie , theres a difference between "embracing your sexuality" and showing your nipples to the world while you're married…men don't like hoes.

  15. Fay S Author

    a man that doesnt want the world to see his girl/wife aint an old school he just a lover who feel juealus or protiective like us women when we dont want our significnt other with other women.

  16. Bynthiaa Vargas Author

    honestly if my husband said take the picture down i would why cause my titties are his titties and at a certain age you shouldnt post a picture with you nipples showing nobody wanna see they mommas/gma nipples

  17. Harley Quinn Author

    There a a major difference between sexy and trashy. But sorry nene, that see through outfit was trashy. Greg is an Real Man, he hurry up and made sure nene deleted those pictures, he one of the very few real men, that does not want their women posting naked pictures on social media. Its clearly nene is going the kim k route, exposing her breast for attention. Also, as a mother of 2 sons, did she ever think of her sons before posting that picture? They probably are so embarrassed .

  18. Cabunoc Family Author

    Maybe I’m just old fashioned but I wouldn’t be comfortable letting world see everything. To me, I don’t see anything wrong with being sexy and loving your body.. I just don’t think you need to show the world every bit of you to celebrate yourself.


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